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OB finale will be a night game

Hurricanes fans can rejoice. The final game played by the University of Miami at the Orange Bowl Nov. 10 against Virginia will be a 7:15 p.m. kickoff carried on either ESPN2 or ESPNU.

I know Canes fans have to be thrilled. There is nothing like a night game at the OB. It's definitely the best way to go out in my mind.

What are your thoughts?


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This is the night to have all the recruits here... The last hurrah!! If they dont leave impressed by that atmosphere, they dont deserve to be a cane!!

The OB is gonna be rocking!!!!!!!!!!!

That is GREAT news!! I can't wait!

I am going down for the last game. I am originally from South Florida and have bled orange and green all of my life. I cannot wait to see the Canes at the OB for the last time.


Im taking my seat home with me

Thanks for the Info Manny.

This will be great. This probably will be carried by ESPN.

It would be a shame for ESPN to hand that game down to ESPN2 or, even worse, ESPN U.

Night game at the OB WOoooo!

I hope it's on ESPN2 instead of Espnu. More fans get to see the last game in the OB.

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im a season ticket holder! and i must say its the best feelin in the world besides laying next to ya better half, i drive 3 hrs every home game, EVERY BODY DRESS IN FATIUGE, AND ORANGE SHIRTS PASS IT ON .... JUST LIVE THAT 80 'S FEELING...... WERE BACK!!!

I hope that everyone who has and does like UM will show up for that game. If they can't get into the game, they should at least tailgate for the atmosphere. This is a great moment to prove some people wrong who say UM doesnt have "real fans." It's a time to remember all the terrific and unforgetable games that have taken place in the OB over the decades. One thing I would like to see is the fans chant the names of the talented recruits who will be present for the Canes' finale in the OB. It'd be the perfect scene to nail down some on-the fence recruits. Go Canes!

Can we take our seats home with us? I dont think the FIU games will actually have real people in the stands...

Can we take our seats home with us? I dont think the FIU games will actually have real people in the stands...



Totally agree that games at the OB at night are way more magical than day games. There's nothing like standing on wobbly, plastic bleacher seats in the southeast section with evening showers pelting your shoulders and drunken college kids chanting "It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!" at night games.

I'm gonna rush the field after the game.....but I wish there were more games there because fk Joe Robbie Stadium

My thoughts...

Gameday better be there!!!! Why not 8pm??? ...or ESPNU, are you kidding? For everything we've done and been for ABC I think we're owed a little more respect.

Oh, and I'm taking my goddamn seats with me!!

As a Kid I was privileged to able to attend games at the O.P. and it enjoyable,but it is time to make a change

I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!

No better way to send off a tradition and history-filled stadium than with a night win and 80K people shaking the rafters. I can't wait!

i hope it doesn't air at all...who ever doesn't go to the game are not true hurricane fans, and in the same breath doesn't deserve to say good bye to the orange bowl. i hope it gets sold out and they have to add the extra 3000 seats at the east endzone! Rock the house Cane Fans!

to commemorate our Orange Bowl swan song, those ungrateful ESPN sons of bitches threaten U with banishment to TV siberia ... SHORT MEMORY

Lets start the rules for the final games.
2. We need to stand on every play on Defense.
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

Just got goosebumps thinking of how the last game at the ob is going to be.

Just a friendly FYI, the seats in the OB are attached by Torx screws, which have six grooves. They look like asterisks *. You will not be able to get them up with a regular screwdriver.

Does anyone know when they tear down the OB if fans can take parts of the stadium with them like seats, signs, etc??? Please let me know. Thanks

I am driving 8 hours to watch the Canes for the last time in the OB. Lets get the OB rocking on every play and make sure that VA goes home with a Loss. I hope that a lot of former players from the U that can make it will be at the game. I know Tex, Pats, Jets, Buc's are on bye's that week and Buf is playing at Mia that weekend. Hope to see some U support at the game. Lets rock the House at the OB on 10 Nov. See U at the game Rock "Dwayne Johnson" ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!!!!!!!!!

I think we should start emailing ESPN (though I'm not sure who to contact) about getting Gameday to come to the Orange Bowl's last game. Certain points to bring them there:

1. Miami's own history (the streak, three national title wins, FSU games, other huge games like UCLA in 98 or Notre Dame in 89, etc)

2. The Orange Bowl Classic and its importance to fans of the former Big 8 especially

3. 5 Super Bowls

4. Undefeated Dolphins, Chargers-Phins game

5. The complete lack of another compelling game that day. Louisville-WVU is a Thursday nighter, and unless they feel Auburn-Georgia or Michigan-Wisconsin or Arkansas-Tennessee or USC-Cal or BC-Maryland etc are a bigger story than the last game in the OB, why not? Heck, they attended a Grambling game once just to be different!

I mean maybe that goes beyond the scope of CFB but this will be the last significant football game played on that field ever. FIU's quest for its first win in three years doesn't count.

I'm upset I didn't think of buying tickets for this game, now the only ones left are 47$, and I may buy them...what's a college student to do...

i cant wait might get a chance to sit w/ the students :-D its great to be a boyfriend to the miami hurricane lol

Greatest. News. Ever.

Flying down from Seattle for the game. Season ticker holder from 88-96. Couldn't miss the swan song. Let's hope they bring back some of the energy of the past. It has been depressing seeing empty seats every time I tune into a game.

Going back to what "A Realisst" said, have they announced any information about auctioning pieces of the OB?

Anyone have a parking pass for sale for the UVA game?? I normally park in a cash lot, but will be having a HUGE tailgate and need the space provided in the big permit lots. willing to pay top dollar.

Driving Down from ATL for this one time cant miss date with the Grand ole Gal

Come one, come all. It's the last time you will ever be able to truly give Miami a home field advantage. Let's rock the OB one last time. That beautiful professional joint known as Dolphins Stadium will never really be home and will never be half as loud as the OB. This move sucks!

My wife and I are coming down from St Pete and her sister and her family are coming down from GA. The OB will be full and it's at night!?!?!?! AWESOME! I hope I don;t pass out by game time. LOL!

Where is the best place to tailgate for the VA game and what time does everyone start?Lets rock the OB.. I am driving 500 miles to watch Sebastian do the Superman in the OB one last time. ITS ALL ABOUT THE U....

This is the night to have all the recruits here... The last hurrah!! If they dont leave impressed by that atmosphere, they dont deserve to be a cane!!

Posted by: Crazycane | October 29, 2007 at 06:19 PM

I agree w/ you Crazycane...only thing is that even if they do experience that wild and frantic atmosphere, they won't be playing in it next year. That night can be as crazed as ever, but UM hasn't been able to use the OB as a selling point to recruits since that day it was determined that UM wouldn't call it home after this season. Even still GO Canes. (heard that Patchan would be at that game)

I have my eye on that "NCAA Record 58 Home Game Win Streak" sign that's in the corner of the field. I'll have to camp out in one of the bathroom stalls after the game and wait till the lights are off to take hat home w/ me. LOL... :-D

Damn we all must do something big after the game is over. Everyone should huddle up on the field or something. Im still trying to figure out whats worth taking, that wont get me dropped by the police on the way out.

It's going to be a sad sight to see the Canes no longer playing in the house of so many historic memories. I don'tthink Dolphin stadium will ever produce the home feild advantage that the OB gave the Canes. Perfect example: Miami Dolphins haven't had a real home field advantage when they left the OB in 1986. I have been going to Canes games since 1982 and the electricity will never be able to be reproduced. There is just a feeling you get walking through the turnstiles that wind up and down the OB with seventy year old steel rusting and the water dripping from above. To me it's going to be sad. The OB better be sold out if not the fans should be ashamed of themselves.GO CANES!!!!

Any way we can sneak out a goal post or 2?

I've been going there for more than 30 years,if they only had kept it up!It's beyond repair and sadly it's time to move on.Let's give it a fond farewell by going out with one last great game.GO CANES!!!!

Again many people have been asking these questions, can we take anything? They are going to tear down the old girl, and i want to keep something alive from her as well as many other Canes fans. I want to take a seat and anything i can get my hands on without getting arrested.

Nah guys, no way you'll be able to get by the cops with a seat in your arms... there's still events scheduled at the OB after this game is played (no matter how crappy they are - ie, FIU). I suggest stashing a seat somewhere and then picking it up later...bathroom, maybe? I doubt anyone would find it, considering how sparingly those stalls seem to be visited by maintenance workers...

Anyway, rock that OB, anyone who won't be there without an epic reason isn't a real fan. It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

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