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Tuesday practice report

Just got back in from the end of football practice and have some news to share. As Susan Miller Degnan reported her in story, quarterback Kyle Wright did not practice today. Kirby Freeman took most of the snaps under center.

Freeman told Susan in a prepractice interview that Wright was wearing a cast. Not good news for Canes fans considering Freeman is the only scholarship quarterback avaialable if Wright is seriously injured. According to Susan who spoke to Freeman, the third string quarterback is now Jake Byrne, a walk-on from Gulliver Prep who played safety in high school.

When coach Randy Shannon was asked about the QB situation, he said: “Kyle I don’t know when he’ll come back,” Shannon said before pausing. “He’ll be back next week. It’s an ankle. So, that’s about it. Don’t make no more about it.” When asked if Wright would play against North Carolina State, Shannon simply said: “He’ll be back next week.”

When asked if Wright would be the starting quarterback against N.C. State, Shannon said: "If Kyle's fine, he'll play. Right now it's just an ankle sprain, it's just isolated, secured. He should be ready by Sunday. He'll have what, four, five days off. He should be ready."

Byrne currently signals the offensive plays to the quarterback. When asked if Byrne might actually get into a game, Shannon said: "I'd have to think about it."

Freeman, who said his ribs are still sore, did practice Tuesday. He said it hurts him "a little" when he lifts his right arm. He did, however, say, he was able to make some crisp passes including the same one he said he completed to Darnell Jenkins before his game-winning touchdown pass to Dedrick Epps Saturday against FSU.

Some good news: Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon no longer has a huge cast on his injured left knee and was off to the side practicing on his own early Tuesday. I asked big Dix, who was wearing a small black brace, if he might be back in two weeks. His response: "I hope so." He was in much better spirits obviously. Shannon said Dixon is not ready to return yet. Defensive line coach Clint Hurtt told me it would be "a couple weeks," before Dixon is back.

As for other injured players...
* Eric Moncur was practicing on the side with the injured players. Moncur suffered a concussion in the third quarter of Saturday's win over FSU.
* Receiver Lance Leggett, who didn't fly to FSU was back out at practice. Shannon said Leggett is healthy enough to play but would have to compete for playing time.

The Canes will practice today and Wednesday before having the rest of the week off. Coaches are expected to travel around the state this weekend and visit potential recruits. Two guys Miami could be taking a serious look at: JUCO linebacker Kion Wilson and Jacksonville Trinity Christian running back Jamie Harper.

* According to Rivals.com, local Hialeah defensive end Corey Liuget committed to Illinois this weekend. He was a Canes target.
* Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson disspelled the rumors he's no longer committed to UM after an LSU recruiting website said he had opened things back up. "I'm telling some people what they want to hear – it's just they keep ragging me about it and they keep asking me the same old questions,"  Johnson told Canesport's Matt Shodell. "I'm starting not to like (the recruiting process)."
* As for Columbus High offensive tackle Mike Goodman, I spoke to him last Thursday and he told me he expects to pick a college soon. I just don't expect him to pick The U even though he said every school has a chance. Goodman has family in the Boston area and likes Boston College a lot.

I'll have more after practice.

* REMINDER: Our live Q&A tonight will be over at Canespace.com from 8 to 9 p.m. Please start leaving some questions here below.


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Hi Manny
What's the latest with Jacory? Is he enrolling in January?

we don't need Dixon as much for when we play NC State. but we will need him when we go against UVA. They stay committed to their run game.

Hi Manny - do you see a difference in the team (attitude/mentality) since Saturday's win over FSU?


Can you explain the deal with early enrollment (like the numbers, benefits, etc) and how it fits into the overall # of new faces on the roster next year?

What are the Canes' bowl prospects? (Best case is obv Orange Bowl as ACC champ, but what seems likely given a 7-5 or 8-4 finish?)

Hope those were shorter and more to your liking.

Hey Manny, How Does The Back-up Jake Byrne Look?? Could He Be A Shocker?? And I Heard That Spence, Forston And Jacory Are Enrolling In January IS It True?? Lastly, whats the latest on Davon Johnson.

Hi Manny,
Have you spoken to any of the commits since the FSU game?

How did the special teams improve so much in a week?

PS wear your flame proof underwear tonight!


1) Can Patrick Johnson also enroll early?
2) How does Ron Zook come into OUR neighborhood and take a kid that Randy wanted?


Great work as always! Does beating an unranked FSU really help recruiting, or does it just stop the bleeding was a result of losing the past two games? Secondly, do you think Supercoop is a top 25 RB in the country right now? Thanks!

Manny I also had a few questions about other recruits from So. Fla.
1) What is the status on Etienne Sabino?
2) Brandon Harris from Booker T Washington HS?
3) Karnell Hatcher from up in Palm Beach County?

Manny, thanks for all you do hitting the beat for us Hurricane fans. I've got a question for you:

Two thirds of the way through his maiden season at the helm, what do you see that's changed about The Randy, if anything, in the way he's handling himself?

How big was the FSU win on the recruiting front???

Hey Manny,

Thanks for all your extensive coverage of my favorite team on the face of the earth!

How much, do you think, UMiami's fickle fan base weighs into a blue-chip's decision to play ball for the U when he knows that he can go somewhere else and play to sell-out stadiums and football-crazed fans win or lose (Like Alabama, Florida, etc.)? What can Miami do to enhance fan support during the unsuccessful years?

Please clarify for me why Scout.com says Marcus Forston is now a "Soft Verbal." Do they make them that status when they choose to take visits? If there are any serious/non-serious commits, who would they be and why? I also read the assistant coaches are traveling this week to visit recruits across the state. Any idea as to who they are meeting with or trying to recruit? Any news on who is close to a committment? I'm beginning to worry after seeing so many great recruits go "Soft Verbal" on Scout and Rivals. Last question...which recruits are visiting anytime soon?

Thanks for the Q & A on Canespace tonight, Manny. Great info as always!

great info manny

Thanks for the Q and A over on canespace tonight Manny, you're post to the Cartel was priceless. Who knew you could bare the teeth like that?

Thanx for the Q&A on Canespace Manny. You da man! Holla at cha!

I found the following article on InsideTheU.com. If this article is true, this Cane player needs to be kicked out of the team.

The Stock Report
By: Christopher Stock

"Last week, a Hurricane, who will remain nameless (and don't ask me who it is), was seen at a high school football game wearing an FSU hat.

With all of the criticism LeBron James and Tom Brady have received for wearing hats of their home city’s competition, I figured this would be quite interesting.

While I have not talked to the Cane about why he was wearing an FSU hat with the big game coming up or during the season or at all, for that matter, I find it intriguing and disappointing.

Some people might not have a problem with it and think it’s not a big deal, but I’ve got to believe many would not like to see this."

what are the chance patrick johnson will sign with the U and will marcus forston enroll early also what are the rumors im hearing about deonte thompson leaving uf for the U

Manny, Do you or anyone else know the deal with Deonte Thompson Class (of 2007
High School Glades Central HS). Is he coming over to The U, from Florida?


Manny, Do you or Green or anyone else know the deal with Deonte Thompson Class of 2007
High School: Glades Central HS. Is he coming over to The U, from UofF?


Posted by: jasonsyd2 | October 21, 2007 at 10:04 AM the grimy gaturd gagged Deonte ... if they know ... lips are sealed ... otherwise, tampering accusations would ensue ... and a defection to their archrival would distract from the teablow heisman offensive ... harken back to Brock Berlin ... harken back to the cold war ; )

790 hires former Cane Michael Irvin.

Of 4,000 universities and 117 Division I football programs, only one is called The U -- Michael Irvin

since the controversial 2000 national championship, the criminole has lost 30 games! karma nailed the criminole : )

GREENSBORO, N.C. (theacc.com) - Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford announced today that production has begun on an educational video targeted towards elementary and middle school students, primarily young women, appropriately titled, "Life Lessons, On and Off the Court."

http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking_news/story/280509.html Miami's 49 modeling agencies ... maxim's #1 party city. pussycat, pussycat, I love you ...

http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/magazine/10/23/hurdle.phenom/ did ya know rockies manager Clint Hurdle signed his LOI with U ...

1,800+ responses since oct 1 ... that's more than the combined responses of ALL manny navarro blogs from aug 15 '06 - jul 20 '07 : ) 11 months : ) ON FIRE

since jul 23 '07, manny navarro's once-limp blog has elicited 5,300+ responses ... tripling the combined responses of ALL his blogs from aug 15 '06 - jul 20 '07 : ) 11 months : ) SPREAD LIKE FIRE

reportedly, select-a-seat at dolphin stadium in november ...

Hey Manny,

Since you don't feel like Goodman is coming to the "U" Who else on the offensive Line besides Patchen, are we in the running for? It's great that we have all these verbals on the defensive side of the ball, But don't you think with our biggest problem, being scoring points, don't we need a whole lot more ammo on the offensive side?

I'm somewhat skeptical of these highly rated high school football players. Miami, FSU, Florida, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Texas, Notre Dame . . . just to name a few schools that routinely sign highly ranked recruits. But none of those schools look that strong; none are undefeated. Miami, FSU, Notre Dame and Texas all look weak.

Kyle Wright was widely considered the best high-school quarterback in the country: so was Brock Berlin.

If I'm the coach, rankings have very little to do with whether a player is one I want.

I'm looking for talented, low-profile athletes with something to prove: players with bad attitudes; type A personalities who need to dominate highly ranked prima-donnas; players spoiling for a fight.

It takes a big man to cry. It takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

Manny you can't call Antonio Dixon "Big Dix" That is thee gayest sh*t I ever heard in a Canes Blog. That just doesn't work for me.

Alright Canes02 I'll stop using it.

Manny...nice work last night during the LIVE chat over at Canespace. U work hard to bring us the news we can use!

Enjoy the bye week and get some much needed rest and time off.

And don't worry, Kirby has this until Kyle gets back.

Manny you can't call Antonio Dixon "Big Dix" That is thee gayest sh*t I ever heard in a Canes Blog. That just doesn't work for me.

Posted by: Canes02 | October 24, 2007 at 03:19 PM gays root & play(ed) for your Canes. are you confused? closeted? homophobic?

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