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Wednesday Practice Report

Good news regarding QB Kyle Wright's injured ankle could be on the horizon.  Coach Randy Shannon said  that Wright was able to complete three-fourths of Wednesday's practice work and could have a chance to play this Saturday if his health continues to improve.  Wright said he is still experiencing pain at times on his ankle and on his knee, but he will try his best to be ready for N.C. State.

- Freshman DB Doug Wiggins has not been with the team for almost a week, Coach Shannon said Wednesday.  Wiggins, who has been rumored to be interested in transferring, has been dealing with personal issues according to Shannon.  I'm still trying to reach Doug's high school coach, and hope to have more info later this evening.  Shannon said Wiggins is still on the team at Miami.

- I spoke with Freshman LB Allen Bailey about his role on the team this season.  Bailey, who was recruited as a linebacker, said he wants to continue to play at the linebacker spot, and is not yet ready or willing to move to the defensive line.

- I'll have audio interviews with Shannon, Wright, Bailey, Defensive Line Coach Clint Hurt, and Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke up on our site later this evening.


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Thanks, Manny. I hope Wiggins works through this.

Thanks Manny for the Update! Is kirby 100%
and what was the exact nature of his injury?
Bruised ribs or else???

Thanks, Manny. It's nice to finally learn something about Wiggins. I thought he was a ghost.

What a great week for a bye week too, Kyle and Kirby need it.

If the CANES become bowl elgible,which bowls would the CANES consider the most attractive?

yeah, it's nice to hear news about Wiggens.....just not this type of news

There's no place for crybabies on the Miami football team. I don't any of the details about Wiggins, but if he's worried about playing time, then play better! Otherwise, go to Louisville because that seems to be the place that's picking up the Miami throwaways.

Who can blame Doug Wiggins and Damien Berry for being pissed for lack of playing time, after all they can't suck no worse than the guys playing ahead of em. Besides, this is a rebuilding year so why not play everybody? And I really wish the coaches would stop judging these kids by how they practice. U have your good days then U have your bad, besides, U really can't measure someone's heart by how they practice. Just because Sheilds, D. Jenkins and Kayne may burn these guys in practice doesn't mean receivers from opposing teams are gonna burn these guys in a game cause they might not be as talented as Sheilds,Jenkins and Kayne. Imagine had Pete Carroll refused to play certain defensive players because they were showed-up in practice by Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Mike Williams and Wayne Jarrett! The entire defense would be benched! U never know what these guys are capable of till U give em a shot, cause from what i've seen so far this season the only person on defense that isn't ready for prime-time is Tim Walton! YO GREEN, CAN I GET AN AMEN?!!!

Wiggins and Berry need to chill out because they are only freshmen... I hope that these players continue to grow and play well... Outside of Wright going down, I think we are getting a little healthier as well... This team reminds me of the 99 team when they showed flashes here and there but were just too young... Whether we make a run or not for the ACC this season, I really like what Shannon is doing, especially in the attitude department... It is also vital that this team maintain some of those top recruits like Patrick Johnson, the Northwestern boys, and hope to add Tommy Streeter... We are building and next year we'll be back in the top 25, and 2009 could be the year... I'd love to shock the world though and get to the ACC championship... I'd love to beat VA Tech and crush BC's title hopes... I hate BC so much... That city has enough winning teams already between the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics... They don't deserve to have another freaking team making it to the championship...

hey canester-nip,while i respect your opinion,i'll take shannons strategy on how to evaluate who plays or not instead.he knows what it taked to make it happen on the game field,and that's by getting the best out of his players in practice.that's where u really see who is dedicated to the program and more times than not it translates into the game.yes u have the few guys that are just "gamers",but what kind of message are U sending ur young team if U start or play guys just because of ability and lack of hard work.that's how we got into this mess.coker had that mindset and it lead us to mediocrity.

Hey Joel, I agree that this team resembles the 99 team. For as much as we now idealize what Butch did at UM and the players he brought in, it wasn't always pretty.

Kenny Kelly was the QB (with Dorsey still buried on the bench). The Canes lost to Penn State, East Carolina and FSU (all in a row) and then got blown out at Va. Tech. EC really had our number. I remember being so frustrated after that loss, but look who was on that team.

QB 15 Kenny Kelly
TB 21 James Jackson
FB 18 Mondriel Fulcher
WR 87 Reggie Wayne
WR 6 Santana Moss
TE 88 Bubba Franks
Tackle 73 Joaquin Gonzalez
Guard 72 Richard Mercier
Center 68 Ty Wise
Guard 65 Martin Bibla
Tackle 77 Robert Hall
DE 90 Quincy Hipps
DT 92 Damione Lewis
DT 98 Matt Sweeney
DE 93 Mike Boireau
SLB 59 Mike Smith
MLB 52 Nate Webster
WLB 44 Dan Morgan
CB 27 M. Fitzgerald
CB 22 Leonard Myers
FS 7 Al Blades
SS 20 Ed Reed

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this move out of the OB doesn't kill the homefield advantage and drain the program. Maybe one day we'll look back at the 2007 roster and realize it was packed with future pro bowlers too.

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