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Wednesday's practice report

Back out here at Greentree Practice field where the Canes were having some fun today with what pretty much amounted to Oklahoma drills -- where a running back takes a pitch and tries to run downfield behind a few lineman and against a few defensive players.

There was definitely a lot of hard-hitting. With most of his assistants gone and out recruiting around the state, Randy Shannon, Patrick Nix and Tim Walton were the only coaches -- aside from grad assistants -- running things today. We got to see the first 25 minutes of practice. Shannon had a classic line today during the Oklahoma drills when he ripped into Derron Thomas with "You run that [bleeping] guy over god damn. Run that [bleeping bleep] over."

* Freshman Shawnbrey McNeal had a huge run, bowling over two UM defensive players that drew some big "Oooohs!" from his teammates.
* Safety Tervaris Johnson, who hasn't been on the field much, had a big hit on Derron Thomas on another carry.

The guys definitely looked like they were having fun. Unfortunately, we couldn't stick around to watch it all.

As for injury news, Kyle Wright was not out there again. I spoke to several people who told me Wright will miss the N.C. State game. Shannon said Tuesday he expects Wright will be back for Sunday's practice after his cast is removed. My sources tell me UM is realistically hoping Kyle will be back for the Virginia game. I guess we'll see what happens.