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Canes nab Gulliver linebacker

Gulliver Prep linebacker Brandon Marti has decided to switch his commitment from Wisconsin to the University of Miami. Marti, 6-foot, 196-pounds, called linebackers coach Michael Barrow moments ago to inform him of the news.

"I always said that if the Canes came around, I'd always have to give them a shot," Marti said. "I've always wanted to stay home and play for Miami. So, today, was just the day I made it official."

Marti becomes the sixth linebacker to commit to the Hurricanes, joining Dunnellon High's Lerentee McCray, Memphis' Antonio Harper, Homestead's Marcus Robinson, Northwestern's Sean Spence and Chaminade linebacker Jordan Futch. He is considered a two-star athlete by Rivals.com. This season, he led Gulliver in tackles and to the first round of the playoffs.

He said he would like to play weakside linebacker, a spot he played in Gulliver's final few games this season.

"I know a lot of those guys and I'm not afraid of coming in and competing," said Marti, who said he plans to enroll at UM in January and compete for playing in the spring. "I played with Marcus at Hammocks. I feel its going to be a great class and I'm definitely excited about joining it.

"My plan is to come in and get in the rotation and definitely start on special teams."

Marti is the 22nd player to commit to the program since last summer. The Hurricanes will also be receiving visits from highly-touted linebackers Arthur Brown and current N.C. State commitment Colby Jackson in the near future. Miami is looking to sign between 6 to 7 linebackers this fall.

McCray, 6-2, 200, and a 4-star rivals recruit, is the one linebacker many recruiting experts expect to Miami to lose before National Signing Day in February.


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Glad this season is finally over... It started out promising but then snowballed into a downward spiral.

The Players and Coaches were all accountable for what happened this year. I am not giving the coaches a free pass but they did not have a lot to work with. BTW, Kyle Wright is not a not good QB but he showed heart and some leadership towards the end of the year. I cannot say that for many other players on the team. Also how come the players do not know the basic fundamentals of football, like catching a pass, getting called for stupid penalties and being able to kicking a field goal.

Good riddance to some of the seniors and some juniors. Next year, will be a different year, new players, cultures and attitudes. They may not be good but anything is better than this year. We 'Canes fans just have to keep Hope Alive.

Hurricane Warning in '08

Where to start? the blue print for beating UM has been printed and everybody in the ACC accept Duke and FSU received a copy. Realizing that losing happens, it was difficult to watch the way the canes lost this year. I don't know if anybody checked out the Tom Osbourne press confrence but he described the Canes situation when he was talking about the way Nebraska lost this year. I think the blame has to go to all parties- coaches, players, play calling, attitude, etc. It may not be the right place for the canes recruits to be saying it but news flash...they were right on. Today it's hard to be a Cane but we stick with them when they are good so we need to stick with them when they aren't. Canes 08'

All the teams that beat us this year, and all the CANE HATERS can laugh now and enjoy those victories while they lasted, because what Randy Shannon is doing right now, alot of people can't see it. Look at the way he's recruiting Dade,Broward and Palm Beach counties. This hasn't been done in a very long time and thats why Miami fell off because over the years the very best in the tri-county area did not want to play for Larry Coker. Now as you can clearly see, Shannon has clearly locked up the South Florida area(the main ingredient for all those championship teams that we had). So just stay tuned and watch Randy do his thing because I garantee you that before it's all said and done, over the course of the next five years, many will tout Randy Shannon among the best who have coached at Miami. You heard it here first! Hurricane Warning 08


That is one thing that I do think screwed UM. Coker's recruitment philosophy of getting 5/4 stars players and skip a lot of local talent.

The start player for FSU Preston Parker and Patrick Robinson. The star defensive player for the gaiturs is Major Wright. For Duke it is T. Lewis.

We have a lot of players on the bench that ain't worth cr@p. We could have offered a lot of local talent just to keep a lock for the future.

And that is one thing that RS is doing 2/3 stars that other teams want. RS is saying "scr@w you".

Manny, you forgot Ramon Buchanon from Palm Bay, which would make Marti the 7th LB commit.

Buchanon is considered a strong safety. I left him out on purpose iamme.

Manny, Antonio Harper is 6-4 220 and is considered a possible defensive end prospect.

Recruiting without TALENT DEVELOPMENT is like buying a McD's and forgetting to build the damn building. Neither one makes a bit of difference and both are lost. Until the U spends money on a damn good HC and staff, the U can recruit all of So Fla and lock it down, these kids will not develop properly. Anyone see ANY development from the OL? The Receivers? Err...the dropsy corp? The QB's...anyone see any development without having to give Kirby a Xanax before each play? How about the DL...this is getting old. Randy recruited the D kids, yet this year they went completely backwards. Did they suddenly forget HOW to play? Confusion reigned supreme out there. It was the keystone cops. MNW would have shellacked them.

C'mon guys when are you going to stop giving Randy and his Boys a free pass. This season was HORRENDOUS, UM beat 3 teams that had a combined record of 4 and 32, (Marshall 3 wins, Duke 1 and FIU 0), and they got lucky at FSU. The last 3 games of the season, a time when you think the team will be ready, they got outscored 120-28. That is a SHAME. Not even during Coker worst year that ever happened and by the way he never lost 7 games in a season. Randy went 1-4 against real coaches (Sorry Seminoles' fans, FSU doesn't count since Bobby has been dead for a while and they have failed to tell you). He beat Franchione but he got manhandled by Butch, Chan, Al Groh and Frank Beammer. One more reality check, in the state of Florida they are ranked behind UF, USF, FSU, UCF and FAU.
With the exception of UF, UM has more talent than the other teams which leaves you the fact that this coaching staff is HORRIBLE. Another fact that should be noted is that the only player allowed to talk to the media is Derrick Morse who is constantly praising Randy and the staff. Anyway if we are to believe that by bringing all this recruits UM would be great, I have a question. Who's going to coach them

RS quote "We don't know how to finish games" & "It's tough, because we call defenses and we play the same defenses all day". Hey dumb*ss Mr. Shannon that is called coaching. Your kids, yes your kids you have been there for years (yes, coordinators recruit, the head coach just does the finishing) don't buy into you or your coaching staff's coaching. Cane fans RS will ruin whatever kids come in next year too. Wright was a big-time recruit, Phillips, Campbell & Gooden will be on NFL rosters & those kids didn't perform cause of your coaches.
Coach Callahan, I mean Coach Shannon when the new AD comes in he will realize it too. Keep reading the recruiting headlines & reading these dumb fans hopes on bias blogs.
UF, FSU, USF, UCF & maybe FAU will all be in bowls and UM isn't. Your big win was over a team (texas a&m) who coach just resigned. Add Marshall, Duke & FIU, three of the worse programs in college football to your resume, big wins. WINK WINK
Then I read your not gonna make changes to your staff. Damn you must have some pictures of the AD & President doing something bad for you to keep your job. But then again UM doesn't matter in college football.
Lastly, sign 7 linebackers in the same class, that should go over well in the locker room. Randy why didn't you recruit any linebackers the last 6 years or did Coker recruit all the present bums.
I hope the new AD has balls like Osborne. It would be nice to see UM & Nebraska back in the ship one day. Callahan, Shannon will be joining you soon.

Your soooooooo right! Apply for the AD job please your canes need help. Randy blows and at least you realize it.

Another Miami midget on the way. A 6' 196 lb linebacker? What?! Geez...dudes, com'on.
Don't we have enough small people on this team already?

Don't you little narrow minded fa*% see how important it is to have a QB that Oregon has lost it's last 2 games to unranked opponents without Dennis!!! They just lost UCLA, who lost to ND. What do you expect our coaches to do? Put in the back up? Their hands our tied. We can't even rotate our LB's or DL's, due to lack of personnel. Give the coaches the time to lay the foundation, because that's where we're starting from without a QB. Stop trying to over evaluate the coaching ability so much, and evaluate yourselves as fans. Are you true fans, or just fairweather bi%*hes. BTW, I guess $4 million / yr gets you 1 more victory.

Manny, what's wrong with this program (it's not just this year's team but, has been a problem for 4 years now!). We - the fans that post on this site - all have opinions and I am sure some are ex-players, or technically football savvy, or just very astute however; what do the insiders of coaching say are the problems? What would a Kosar/Griese/Kehoe/Olsen/Soldinger/Marino, etc. say? Why not interview several of these types and get some analytical answers. We the fans, can overstate the obvious reasons, usually from a 'too emotional' perspective. What would an intelligent, honest, non-biased, football 'insider' say is the reality of the problems and how to fix them. A pull no punches kind of insider? Obviously, no one from the current staff would do but, if you were to pick 3 of these sorts - give them time to study the subject - then interview them with pertinent, painful, probing, questions then maybe we'd have a clearer picture of what the 'real problems' are instead of everyone's lists of 50 reasons and no cohesive solutions. I'm sure you are busier than a 3 legged dog, and it's a daunting task I know but, it would be a huge boon to the 'Canes' fan's shattered psyche and a way to see if this current coaching staff is turning this leaky ship around or driving it further out to sea. Thank you for all of your hard work in the past!


That was Suge White's first of many, insightful, thoughts. Word of advice don't repsond to him. The guy obvioulsy has no life coming on to a U of Miami blog and talking a bunch of nonsense. Yes, Suge, nonsense! I don't care who you are or what you think...YOU CAN NOT judge any coach (however it is that coach got the position and wherever the heck it is that coach came from)after one season. He inherited a mess of a team from talent to mental attitude. Yes, he was on the staff last year but he didn't have final say. Let's see what he can do in three years. This is a first year head coach we are talking about. Yes a few are successful as first year coaches but majority are not. You live and you learn.
So, relax...go have a few more drinks then come talking your horse crap in three years if you are correct. Until then go to your teams blog and worry about the problems your team is having.

With that said...talk to you in three years! (or maybe not because if Shannon is successful I have a feeling you won't be back on here and if you do it'll be under some other name...because it does seem as if you can dish it but can't really take it!)

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!

Why are we going after this guy, he's undersized and plays in a smaller class, if we were going after other LB's why not go after the NW LB's? I know those guys have proven to be better.

Size really doesn’t matter in high school, because all these guy we add another 15-25lbs in college. Also this guy was a standout in Miami, and I think its a good pickup.

Savitza or Santa or Satan,

Whoever you are loser! Your team is 5-7 with wins over FIU (0-11), Duke (1-11) and Marshall (2-10) yep non-football scum-bag Savitza the future is so bright. You will start a freshamn against the Gators next year and the losing starts over. But then again with the Dophlins, Heat & FIU 5-7 is a great season. Savitza you know nothing except jocking RS, fag

This ia my take on your previous question.
What is this team good at?
Nothing, that is why RS is going to try his best at keeping this recruiting class together, he is, just as much as we are, banking the future of this team on next year's class, and with as much talent as there is in S.Fl. i don't see why NOT.

Here is my take on next year's roster. * designates a starter.

Jacory Harris*
Robert Marve
Taylor Cook, he'll be the answer at TE in 09
Cannon Smith

(bye, bye Kirby)

Javaris James*
Jerrell Mabry* FB
Craig Cooper
Shawnbrey Mcneil
Lee Chambers
Jamie Harper
Chris Zellner HB

Thank You Derron Thomas and George Timmons

Kayne Farquharson
Dajleon Farr TE
Dedrick Epps TE
Richard Gordon* TE
Ryan Hill
Sam Shields
Daniel Adderly
Leonard Hankerson
Jermaine Mckenzie
Thearon Collier
Aldarius Johnson*
Davon Johnson
Tommy Streeter*
Kendall Thompkins

Thanks Kahlil Jones

Tyrone Byrd
Reggie Youngblood
Chris Barney
Jason Fox*
Matt Pipho
Chris Rutledge
AJ Trump
Joel Figueroa*
Orlando Franklin*
Harland Gunn
Tyler Horn*
Ian Symonette*
Brandon Washington
Benjamin Jones
Terrell Kings
Matt Patchan

bye Chris Barney

Antonio Dixon* DT
Dwayne Hendricks
Eric Moncur*
Luqman Abdallah DT
Courtney Harris
Joe Joseph DT
Allen Bailey*
Josh Holmes DT
Adewale Ojomo
Chris Perry DT
Chaz Wahington DT
Steven Wesley
Marcos Fortson* DT
Jeremy Lewis DT
Micanor Regis DT
Andrew Smith

Colin McCarthy*
Darryl Sharpton
Demetri Stewart
Kylan Robinson
Jordan Futch DE in 09
Antonio Harper DE in 09
Lerentee McCray
Marcus Robinson*
Sean Spence*

Carlos Armour
Bruce Johnson
Randy Phillips
Lovon Ponder
Anthony Reddick
Chavez Grant
Damien Berry
Jared Campbell
Joseph Nicolas*
Demarcus VanDyke
Ramon Buchanon*
Patrick Johnson*
CJ Odom
Joe Wylie
Brandon Harris*
Victor Johnson
AJ Grant

Thank you Doug Wiggins And Tervaris Johnson

Matt Bosher new guy in 09
Jake Wieclaw

That's my 85 man roster for 2008


Marti has been tossed from 2 high schools and Futch was kicked out of Pace High School & got kicked off the Chaminade Football team. Yeah these kids are gonna do great next year.

bring back art kehoe...25years at the U...the missing key!!!!!


spence is not coming to UM. He has told people this provately and so we need to look another way.


Where did you hear that?

I hope all the freshman, sophmores, coaching staff and incoming recruits had that "sickening" feeling in their stomach's after the loss sitting in the locker room. And I hope they remember it and strive hard in the offseason so they will never have to experience that feeling again.

It was probably best that the 'Canes did not make a bowl this year. Hopefully it will make the team (players, coaches, etc.) hungrier next season.

Now coaches, go out there and recruit 'Canes type players and turn this program around.

Hurricane Warning '08

Hurricanes Warning 08? What a joke!

Shannon's Wins
Marshall 3-9
Duke 1-11
FIU 0-11
Texas A&M (fired there coach)
FSU (ok a little impreesive)

Yep I am sure the Gators & the ACC is scared!

did Coker recruit all the present bums

Posted by: Suge White | November 25, 2007 at 05:14 AM yes

Shannon's Wins
Texas A&M (fired there coach)

Posted by: Suge White | November 26, 2007 at 03:00 AM U > texas a & m > texas

You will start a freshamn against the Gators next year and the losing starts over.

Posted by: Suge White | November 25, 2007 at 03:34 PM
sophomore tim teablow disagrees ...

Not even during Coker worst year that ever happened and by the way he never lost 7 games in a season.

Posted by: Not-A-Happy-Cane | November 25, 2007 at 02:21 AM Larry lost 6 in '06 ...


Posted by: NORM 4 | November 25, 2007 at 09:23 PM
Donna Shalala is the best thing that's happened to the University of Miami ... love to hear what she's done you dislike ; )

What is this team good at?
Nothing, that is why RS is going to try his best at keeping this recruiting class together, he is, just as much as we are, banking the future of this team on next year's class, and with as much talent as there is in S.Fl. i don't see why NOT.

Posted by: CANES25 | November 25, 2007 at 03:50 PM persuasive post, CANES25

Randy blows and at least you realize it.

Posted by: Suge White | November 25, 2007 at 05:31 AM the blue chips disagree ...

Don't you little narrow minded fa*% see how important it is to have a QB

Posted by: Mannypi | November 25, 2007 at 06:52 AM bingo

i would like to see what comments from our president and AD have on our past football season, and what they see for the future of miami football. are they behind the program or what, i have not seen any comments from them. RS knows what it takes to be a champion, can he coach it, i think so, but time will tell, the canes did a great job at BC, they actually could have won, i was there, but also saw the dumbest play call, and dumbest pass with 52 seconds left in the half with miami on their own 5 yard line. is there an explanation for that call ? i have been a cane club member for years and was at miami during the george mira days, lean years then. you must have hope, still a cane fan, a lot of miami fans at the BC game, go canes !

herald's clark spencer: "Fewer than 2,000 fans watched FAU overpower FIU 55-23 in the sixth annual Shula Bowl." and you call yourselves division 1 ... in name only. MOCKERY

sunsentinel's ted hutton: "... the Owls definitely had more fans in the stands than the Amber Kit-ties ..."

sunsentinel's ted hutton: "The NCAA requires that I-A teams average 15,000 in tickets sold per game to stay in I-A. Fail once in a two-year period and you go on probation, fail twice and you could be kicked down to I-AA."

but for strongarming unsuspecting students through obscene athletic fees, both fledling football programs would go out of business ...

(typo) fledgling

herald's barry jackson: "WQAM general manager Joe Bell said he wants to hire Hank Goldberg's successor by mid-December, to start Jan. 1. ... WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray remains a candidate. ... Nanci Donnellan (known nationally as 'The Fabulous Sports Babe' when she worked for ESPN) is a candidate ..." the big zer0 & the fabulous sports pig ... is QAM out of their F'in mind?

(cont.) herald's barry jackson: "WQAM likes its UM football postgame host, Evan Cohen, but was given indications that he doesn't want to leave his afternoon-drive show at ESPN 760 in Palm Beach." SIMULCAST

(cont.) herald's barry jackson: "... Bell said the 9 p.m.-midnight show remains open ..." hire the beast already

green, 6 is not 7. Coker lost 6 however he won 60 and lost 15. RS lost 7 and is 5-7. For all of Coker's years RS was the defensive coordinator and a disturbing stat is the fact that every year they got worse and worse on defense. Since that Louisville game at the OB, UM has not been able to stop the tight end of the opposite team. How about instead of thinking that Randy is suffering from Larry's lack of recruiting (By the way RS was the recruiting coordinator the last few years) could we say that Larry might have been undermined by the inferior coaching of Randy Shannon.

In your other comment about DS you're absolutely right. UM Medical School ranked last year higher than ever before by more than 25%. Her job bringing world class Deans and Physicians is amazing. Just to put it in perspective, people are amazed that "The Rock", gave a 1M check to UM and he is to be commended for that, however more than 25 people (unknown to most fans) dished over more than 5 MILLION DOLLARS. I wish Randy and his staff of underachievers could do half as good as the President of UM.

UM's endowment rose to $741M ... CHA-CHING

green, 6 is not 7. Coker lost 6 however he won 60 and lost 15. RS lost 7 and is 5-7.

Posted by: Not-A-Happy-Cane | November 26, 2007 at 10:08 AM six of one, a half dozen of the other

For all of Coker's years RS was the defensive coordinator and a disturbing stat is the fact that every year they got worse and worse on defense.

Posted by: Not-A-Happy-Cane | November 26, 2007 at 10:08 AM
false. top 10 ... 5 of 6 years

By the way RS was the recruiting coordinator the last few years

Posted by: Not-A-Happy-Cane | November 26, 2007 at 10:08 AM false. Jeff Merk

chan gailey fired ... will U pursue proven defensive coordinator john tenuta?

2001 - 103 pts allowed.
2002 - 196
2003 - 248
2004 - 204
2005 - 171
2006 - 181

Jeff Merck ran operations. You know he never went into anybody's house. In recent blogs RS has mentioned to MN, all the players he was responsible for signing. What's the story here ?.

Have you ever heard him take responsibility for losing a game ?. When did you hear Larry said that such player (named him), lost a game or when did a player found out through the press that he had been demoted ?. When did he let other coaches critize players in the public eye the way Clint Hurtt does?

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