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Courtside blog: UM 85, Marist 61 (F)

Hello from San Juan, Puerto Rico where the Canes' men's basketball team is set to take on Marist. Like we usually do on Saturdays for football, I'll take you through this hoops game with updates and observations.

For those of you at home, the game is being carried by ESPNU and is on locally at 1360 AM. WQAM's Josh Darrow and I are the only two Miami reporters here for the tournament. But it doesn't mean we can't have some fun and bring you Canes news. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts throughout the game and let me know what is going on in Miami. What are your worries and concerns with the football team this week? Too many I'm sure. 

- In case you missed it, Jack McClinton is starting at point guard today. Expect McClinton to play a lot of it in the early going this season. I spoke to coach Frank Haith who said that's the position McClinton wants to play most. Its also the position he'd be playing at the next level.
- Canes lead 1-0 after Brian Asbury makes 1 of 2 free throws. UM has a distinct size advantage. The Canes need to take advantage of it in this one.
- A Jack McClinton three-pointer with 17:40 to go gives the Canes a 4-0 lead. Anthony King already has two big blocks early in this game.
- Jimmy Graham, who looked bad in the opener, has played well so far early. He's got three offensive boards, 2 points and a huge block.
- In my conversation with coach Haith last night, he told me his goal this tournament is to get off to good starts in each game. And so far, UM has come out with the energy Haith has been looking for. If this is how this team can play this season in more than just spurts, they are going to win a lot more games and they aren't going to finish in last in the ACC.
- At 15:05, Dwayne Collins, Lance Hurdle, Ray Hicks and Adrian Thomas enter the game. The only starter who remains is McClinton.
- I'm really liking what I'm seeing from James Dews early on this season. He just hit a three-pointer to make it 15-4. But Dews is making a lot of plays defensively and when he does take shots he rarely misses. He's turning into the perfect compliment for Jack McClinton in the backcourt. Haith has wanted to get him in the starting lineup and get him starter minutes since the end of last season. You can see why.
- Dwayne Collins isn't starting. But he's finishing. He's got 6 points -- check that 8 points after a another basket while drawing a foul -- and is making his presence felt in the paint. The best part about it is he's not messing around. He's catching the ball, turning and scoring quickly. Sounds like he's listening to coaches.
- Have a break here with 3:41 to go in the half and the Canes leading 35-15. Big picture-wise, I know this Marist team doesn't have a lot of size. But what I like from this UM team is the chemistry I'm seeing. No selfish play. And guys have confidence they can score. Last year, I saw a lot of uncertainty before guys took shots. Like if there was no leader on the floor. You have to big leaders now in Anthony King and Jack McClinton. And you have nice sidekicks in James Dews and Dwayne Collins. And the team is playing good team defense. A lot of hustle plays.
- Dews, McClinton, King and Collins go into the break with eight points each.

- James Dews continues to impress. Another three-pointer. If he can continue to play like this, he's going to make it hard for Haith to take him out of the starting lineup.
- Lance Hurdle is starting to heat up. He's got back-to-back 3-pointers. Adrian Thomas follows with UM's third straight three-pointer to make it 60-31 with 11:26 left.
- Freshman Edwin Rios is fitting in nicely with this team so far. There's no question he's the best pure point guard. He's a great distributor. But what I like about Rios, who can also light it up, is that he's not being selfish. He's dishing the ball to his teammates and getting excited about it. He leads the team in assists today. Let's see if Rios can stay happy with his role.
- Even Fabio Nass is getting into the act with an offensive rebound over two guys and a putback. You know its a good day when Nass, the 11th guy in this rotation is contributing.
- Marist has gone on a little scoring run late bbeund guard Jay Gavin. The Red Foxes were pretty good last year with Jared Jordan. They won 25 games and beat Oklahoma State in the first round of the NIT. But this team isn't nearly as good. The thing is, they are still decent and Miami is dominating them like they should. That's what fans should take from this game.
- The Canes will move on in the winner's bracket and take on Virginia Commonwealth tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. VCU is coached by former Gators assistant and Miami High grad Anthony Grant. VCU upset Duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament last year. Should be a good game.


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Whats up Manny? How was the rum last night and the ocean brezze? You are making me jealous bro. I am up here wishing for warm weather on a chilly S. Carolina day.
Do you plan on comimg up for Clemson/Miami Hoops this year? They play here in Feb. I cant wait.
Let us know how Rios looks

Go Canes!!!!

Manny...keep the score and updates coming when you can! GO CANES!

Hey Manny. Watching the game on the U. Doesn't look like they enjoy basketball too much down there. I only see about 50 people in the stands. Why such a poor turnout?

Canes lead 21-10 here early. Rum was good RealCanesFan. Need more of it. Might send Randy Shannon and his staff some.

Q: Hey Manny. Watching the game on the U. Doesn't look like they enjoy basketball too much down there. I only see about 50 people in the stands. Why such a poor turnout? Posted by: PensacolaCane | November 15, 2007 at 12:16 PM

A: Thursday dude. People are working. I expect the night games to draw better though. The reason the conference tournament draws better is because fans from all schools usually stick around the whole day. Here, everyone is on the beach when their team isn't playing. Don't blame them.


Thanks for the link green

you're welcome

Do you not realize no one wanted this HC job last year except old dried up Criminals I mean Canes.

Posted by: Suge White | November 15, 2007 at 02:23 AM how do you know?

vegas-style slots at calder?

Suge, who are you? I mean, I've been watching these blogs for weeks and haven't seen you around until now. Are you a disgruntled USF or FIU fan or something? Maybe UCF? I woulnd't think you would be an FSU fan because you really have no grounds for saying anything (about the football team or criminals). And if you're a Gator fan, I wouldn't think you would even have a computer or know how to use one?!

Thanks Manny! Halftime! Watching the game on Gamecast.

view Coach Shannon's vatech presser

Another audio reminder. I had a few interesting interviews with a pair of UM football recruits, Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris and Chaminade linebacker Jordan Futch. Both interviews are available in our UM audio section (on our home page its the icon of the microphone) along with audio from Shannon's presser and whatever else I gather from my interviews.

ESPN's Bruce Feldman (Cane Mutiny author): "On Feb. 7, when football recruits signed official letters of intent to attend their chosen colleges, the recruiting Web site Rivals.com claimed a whopping 74.5 million page views, almost five times the number that MSNBC.com drew on its election night coverage a few months earlier." LANDSLIDE

a star is born ... NL Rookie of the Year Ryan Braun

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2007/11/game-day-blog-1.html#comment-89501454 well-written post, VaCanesFan ... but I disagree with your conclusion

The funny thing about Braun at UM was that he wasn't that good. I mean, he was good for a college player, but he wasn't an MLB all-star. That Brewers system either turned him into a stud or he got lucky for half a season. We'll see how good he is when everyone has a scouting report on him. It also helps that Fielder hits after him. Braun NEEDS to learn how to field better if he wants to stick around for a long time.

Go Canes. Nice to see a blowout for UM somewhere in that athletics!

You know what I hate? ... When the "U" gets a bad rap for everything while other schools do not even get a headline.

Here are some examples and with all these examples, please think about how the press would blow these events way out of proportion because it is the Canes:

What if Maurice Clarett would have been a Cane and done all those crimes?? They propobly would have taken the championship away from us.

What if Rhett Bomar the QB from Oklahoma played for UM and got caught taken money?

What if the shootings at Virginia Tech happened on the UM campus??? (god forbid) Coaches would have used that against us in recruiting.

What if Miami was 1-9 just like Notre Dame?

What if Reggie Bush played at the "U" and got caught taking cash him and his family??

sunsentinel's ted hutton: "FAU has posted an average home attendance this season of 15,741. For those who have been at all the games, I’m sure that number leaves you scratching your noggins. As in, were the first 5,000 fans who showed up given free invisibility cloaks thanks to Publix? ... FAU changed from using actual attendance to tickets sold. ... FIU reported an average attendance of 15,110 last year, and that kind of pushed The Suit over the edge, considering the Amber Kitties were drawing about the same number of fans per game as the number of players suspended after the OB Brawl. ... The NCAA requires that I-A teams average 15,000 in tickets sold per game to stay in I-A. Fail once in a two-year period and you go on probation, fail twice and you could be kicked down to I-AA." SMOKE & MIRRORS

Green are you like Rain Man
I dont think you ever write anything, you just copy and paste articles???

Are you a Robot???

A Realisst: seek and ye shall find ...

bullish on U basketball ... NO EXCUSES

I love greens posts. He is like Webcrawler all I have to do is go on this site and he has all the articles I need without surfing. I actually get SOME work done thanks to him.

Hurricane Hotline 7p-9p from the raucous rathskeller ... followed by the gridiron high school report

georgia bulldog monday on atlanta-based CSS ... hey Paul Dee, where's our day on our rinky-dink regional network that caters to the sec with its shoddy production and satellite unavailability? SECOND-CLASS

Disagree re: Ryan Braun. Braun was an outstanding hitter when he was here. The guy was drafted #5 overall after his junior year; yeah, there were expectations! Not to the level of what he put up this year, mind you, but I could definitely have seen him putting up these numbers by 2009 or 2010. He's just ahead of the curve.

His D does need a lot of work (same as when he was here), but there's never been any denying what he can do on offense.

Ryan Braun MLB's first Jewish Rookie of the Year


Hey Manny if you are staying at Condado Plaza, beautiful place by the way, you need to go have dinner right down the street at a place called Ropa Vieja, ask the concierge they'll let you know where is at, believe me you will not regret it, and if you do go get started with the Malanga soup, best soup I've ever had.


I am not a disgruntled fan of any schools. But I know UCF beat NC State and USF beat North Carolina and UM didn't. Also UM is average 7-6 last year and 5-5 this season. All you fans talk recruiting during the season cause you know your team stinks. Just admit Shannon hasn't recruited in 6 years and he isn't a good coach. UM sucks and that is a FACT!

Funny all you UM fans get angry with me but let Coach Shannon ride.

Suge White has to be the biggest retard on this blog. Seriously, I'm happy you have "the U" permanently etched into your head, but give it a rest. Shannon can't recruit? That's why he has at the moment the number 1 ranked incoming class by ESPN, and top 10 by rivals and scouts? If he can't coach explain to me how a defense he coached last year into the top 10 is currently not even in the top 25, with basically the same personnel?


Is there a chance that suge white is really Manny?? Because he shut up last night as soon as the Q&A started and then came back right after it was over

or is he just a little B*atch??

Miami gets the locals to commit for Football and Baseball. Where's all the local Basketball talent?

or Did RS beat his ass back in the day?? I don't know that dude is weird... From now on nobody answer this idiot back and maybe he'll go away!! Peace Suge Whine

Miami gets the locals to commit for Football and Baseball. Where's all the local Basketball talent?

Can anybody tell me which RV park Suge White lives in so I can come slash the tires on the family house?

Canester or should I say dildo,

First of all recruiting class are not judged until they are signed and have played a couple of seasons. Those sights rank classes this early so losers like you buy there service and have something to talk about.

And Randy as a Head Coach is 5-5 and getting worse loser. Or is this season Coker's fault too. After Oklahoma beat his brains in and he didn't adjust all game. Now an average Virginia team scores 40 on him. Randy coached several NFL #1 picks that is why his defensives were good. He played basic man coverage with athletes. I am so tired of fans and Randy blaming his QB's they don't play defense. Close to 100 points vs. Virginia & Oklahoma.
I think Virginia just scored again!!!


I actually have 22" rims and live in Orlando if you want to threaten me just give me your address and I will show up. We will see if your really a gangster or just another fake Maimi in the closet fag. Try me punk! Trust me I will see you in hell.


Who uses the word dude anymore loser. Another 80's cane fan who must have done drugs with all those former canes players.
Typical Loser!

ALL Canes' fans another loss is 3 days away! Loser scumbags

Sugar White T*ts stupid non-sensical posts are hilarious for all the wrong reasons. I really believe he must be some prepubescent white trash kid, that somehow made his way unto this blog. I mean honestly, kid, get a grip.

You didn't answer my question kid. If a Defense is ranked in the top 10, and the very next year when the DC leaves that very same defense isn't even in the top 25, then that means the DC may have had something to do with it.

You sit there and laugh at recruit rankings, but the truth is, these kids are being actively recruited by Shannon and it's making waves. It's funny how when the gayturds were having good recruiting seasons, all UF fans were cheering. Now that UM is having a better recruiting season, it's "stars don't count", or "doesn't mean anything." You're a putz, kid.

Even funnier is how you sit there and say the defense was only good because he was coaching first round players. Who recruited those kids again? This is the point where you attempt to remove your foot out of your mouth.

Thanks again for dropping by and showing how much you care. It's not every day a poster so utterly ruined by "the U" tells about it continuously on a blog.

LMAO. 22" rims?! Oh, I didn't know how gangsta you iz! I be str8 up skirred. Orlando in the hizzle.

LMAO, putz

"Suge White is Manny?" LMFAO....hahahahahahahahaha

Manny don't need no ferkin alias to say what he needs to say. He has his terrific blog to do that.

SW give it a rest. You can't touch Shannon. Just jump on the bandwagon when it gets better.

Suge save yourself!!! The garbage truck is comming and I hear is picking up all white trash, I dont think the(22")rims can save you, you are SOL... Look, We aren't able to fire RS,so we get the point. PEACE BRA

Fellow Canesters,

Has anyone else noticed that all of Suge's blogs contain something racist or gay? BAD ENOUGH YOU ARE A RACIST, BUT TO BE A GAY RACIST?!! THAT MAKES U A GAY-CIST!!

Suge is busy spreading Jiffy peanut butter on his little sack so his 2 yorkies named Urban and Bobby can lick his balls clean so he won' t have to bathe


I am back losers! 5-5 and Virginia Tech & BC are gonna beat you. Just think you have all off-season to blog. Starting in 2 weeks! 5-5 is average and in two weeks 5-7 is losing LOSERS!

So funny you think I am white trash but isn't Dade mostly ghettos and barrios. Too funny! Hey living in a crime riddled city is cool. wink wink! Oh waiy you all live on Star Island, right! Sure you do!

I am actually watch Mark Stoops' defense dominate Oregon, #2 Oregon! Remember 3 seasons ago Arizona's players revolted against there coach. Oh wait sounds familiar kinda like the Hurricanes did this weekend. Mark Stoops should of been named UM's HC. Remember UM's great defenses during Randy's DC days, yep stupid UM fans Mark Stoops was the DB coach. For you fans, the DB coach makes the calls and adjustments during games. WHAT WOULD OREGON DO TO UM IF VIRGINIA PUT 40 ON UM?

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