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Courtside blog: UM 64, Providence 58 (F)

Checking in an hour before tipoff here from the Coliseo de Puerto Rico where the Canes will take on former Big East rival Providence in the championship game of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off.

I know most of you still have football on your minds. But I think its time to give it a rest. I didn't watch the 44-14 beat down Virginia Tech gave the Canes -- I saw the highlights. But I think we all knew what was going to happen. To me, there really isn't a need any more to talk X's and O's when it comes to this team. The bottomline is you should be looking forward to next year already. Even if UM wins at Boston College, there isn't much that is going to make you feel better about this season. 6-6? Another trip to Boise?

I'm not going to beat a dead horse and talk about what this team needs, what it lacks, what it needs to do to beat Boston College next weekend. I could sum it up one sentence: better defense, run for more than -2 yards and stop making so many turnovers.

I think the bigger issues are whether or not this team was let down by its coaching this season. Did Tim Walton do enough with this defense to give it a chance to be successful? Was Patrick Nix the right choice as offensive coordinator? Or were they both victims of the lack of talent on this team?  Could they have done more? Was Randy Shannon's approach of having players fight for the job every week too much for some of these players to handle? What has Randy learned about his approach? Those are the questions I'd like to try and answer when I get back to Miami next week, even if I'm not sure I'll find an answer. These too... who will be gone, player and coach wise?

The next few months are all going to be about recruiting and whether or not Randy Shannon and his staff can keep some of the young talented players they got commitments from this summer and if they can add a few more talented players. Then in the spring, it will be about how quickly this year's freshman can come along. I think UM will keep the majority of the recruits they've got. But the names to worry about are Patrick Johnson, Ramon Buchanon, Lerentee McCray and Marcus Robinson. The names on the fence to hope for: Arthur Brown, Brandon Harris, Matt Patchan, Tommy Streeter, Martavious Odoms, Jonathan Baldwin, Corey Liuget and T.J. Bryant. Those are some of the names you'll hear over the next couple months. Get acquianted. And then start thinking about 2008. Because 2007 doesn't mean much anymore. It hasn't since the final score at the OB said 48-0.

Me? I'm going to watch this basketball team. You should too. Tonight on ESPN2 Frank Haith's team will try to take another step forward. I'll take you through it with my thoughts. Tell me what you think. This is always an open forum.

- The biggest news early on is that Anthony King has drawn two quick fouls and leaves the game at the 17:18 mark. McClinton hit a three-pointer -- what else is new? -- to put UM up 5-2.
- Here's an amazing stat -- UM is trailing for the first time in the tournament. Dwain Williams' back-to-back three-pointers puts the Friars up 8-5.
- UM looks uncomfortbale with its offense. Providence is running the 2-3 zone on defense and it appears to be causing some indecision on Miami's part.
- We've hit a stagnant, scoreless run here. After McClinton's jumper made it 8-7 Providence with 15:16 to play, the teams haven't score in more than four minutes. Lot of turnovers and missed shots. UM is 3 of 10 from the field. Providence is 3 of 14.
- Not sure what UM's shooting percentage is in this game, but its got to be around the 20 percent range. Providence has caused a lot of trouble for UM by going small. Plus, the Canes are in foul trouble and lead that total 9-5. Losing King has certainly hurt.
- UM has decided to go small down 20-12 and is getting some results with James Dews, Brian Asbury, Edwin Rios, McClinton and Ray Hicks. A Dwayne Collins dunk and James Dews' three-pointer and free throw pulls UM to within 22-18 with 1:25 to go in the half. The question in the second half will be if Providence continues to dictate the pace of this game and if UM has to play small the rest of the way.
- Stats at the break are ugly for the Canes. UM shoots 28 percent from the field and piles up 9 turnovers. Providence didn't do much better, shooting 29 percent with 6 turnovers. Ugly basketball. Let's see if the return of the Anthony King has an effect. Miami finished the half with a small lineup that was effect. But its a game Providence thinks it can win.

- Anthony King returns and makes a difference. He gets to the line immediately. Eventually, Miami takes the lead 26-25 when Brian Asbury hits a three-pointer from the wing with 15:52 to play.
- The Canes are doing more stuff now against the zone to get Asbury involved, which is important. They're running him through the lane for catch and shoot opportunities. And they are still playing great defense.
- Another King jumper puts UM up 35-32. Canes playing much better now offensively -- despite having Jack McClinton on the bench. Rios has done a nice job at the point guard spot and had a nice pass inside to setup Ray Hicks, who eventually went to the line for a score. This is where having depth is paying off for Miami.
- And right when things start paying off for UM, Lance Hurdle and Edwin Rios turn the ball over on back-to-back possessions and Providence's Dwain Williams scores twice to put the Friars up 36-35. Jack McClinton is expected to check in now after this latest break.
- This is turning into the James-Dews' Williams show. Williams has scored 10 straight points. Dews has hit back-to-back three-pointers for UM to knot the score at 41.
- Got to commend Eddie Rios for the job he's doing at the point off the bench. UM's offense has been running nicely. And how about Anthony King? He's playing great -- 10 points in the second half and how many big rebounds has he had?
- What a ball game. McClinton is on the bench and UM is battling with Providence shot for shot here. Weyinmi Efejuku has been awesome off the bench for Providence here in the second half. This has really turned out to be a great championship game.


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Well it is about time! We are starting to question the coaching now! The only question is was Randy the right choice for this job. Hell NO

Well it is NOT the time to question whether Randy is the right coach for this team.


and next year when this "team" has players who work the games his way, we will all see the difference.

My source, one of the best, told me so!

So, is Randy the right choice for this job????


For the record, I never said anything about Randy not being the right choice for the job. Read what I wrote. I was talking about what his coordinators did this season.


No but you questioned whether the OC & DC were the right choices. Correct? Well my question was, is Randy the right choice. Which is NO. He hired these fools, he hired Hurtt & let him say stupud comments which makes this current team just give up. And for the record I believe he recruited at least 8 starters on this defense which looks like garbage. If it is coaching, talent or schemes RS is responsible! My comment never said you questioned RS, cause you never would. At least until he is fired.

Read my comment, it never said you questioned your boy Randy. Too funny when has UM football been over shadowed by UM basketball. lol

Oh next year they will listen to RS. Read Wright's quotes after the game he said the weren't expecting VA Tech to blitz so much. Even you dumb UM fans know Va Tech blitzes.
I can't wait till UM starts 22 freshman next year and wins the National Title. That always happens. lol

Read my comment, it never said you questioned your boy Randy. Posted by: Suge White | November 18, 2007 at 07:33 PM

I know Suge. Wanted to make sure people didn't take M's comments as if I had. Sometimes, people only respond to comments here. Trying to nip it.

hey manny navarro, tell 560's josh darrow to hire or simulcast 760's evan cohen for afternoon drive ...


In your honest opinion, do you think there will be staff changes in the off season? Simple yes or no is cool, we can do the particulars on Tuesday (live Q & A). Also what are your thoughts of Swasey? I've been cruising the different message boards today and people are taking shots at him as well as the other coaches.

Here is what I think.

1. Offensively, our problem is execution. I still believe in the coaches and the scheme, we just don't have enough play makers and we don't execute. Although, I do think Mosely will be gone after this year, his group just drops to many balls, you can't coach catch the ball be he will be a fall guy.

2. Defensively, we are lost. We have some guys that are decent talent, but we are super thin upfront. I do believe that more times than not, the guys aren't where they are supposed to be and suffer from communication problems on D. So I will say I think Walton has to go. The D seems to get progressively worse, so Shannon will have to take the D back or bring in an experience DC.

3. Special teams, non-existant. Same think as D, Pannunzio will be shown the door. Hopefully the new blood will bring some excitement back.

I commend Kyle. He made some bone head moves, but I can't question his heart. He tried. Well Legion, let's hope we keep the recruits together and hope that we get some more experience on the coaching staff. Here's to next year...

Go Canes!

Hey Manny,

I live outside Seattle, WA and will be here this year for the holidays. If Miami makes it Boise again I just might make the 8 hr drive or so. And freeze my rear end off watching the game and them struggling to score. But at least there's always Sun Valley nearby.

43-41 9m

45-41 8m

48-44 6m

50-46 5m

53-51 4m

53-53 3m

56-53 2m

59-53 1m


James Dews is starting to look amazing....

Anthony King can pass...who knew....

McClinton is ridiculous as always....



59-56 :50

60-56 :30

60-58 :20

62-58 :10


champions is right....

wow, whens the last time you saw our time have that kind of poise down the stretch?

Hey manny....what do you think this does for our confidence?

I don't know what sort of political statement Rios may have been wanting to make in the championship game tonight, but I think wearing the flag of the United States upside down on his uniform should result in corrective action taken against this individual. That was disgusting on national TV!

I think this offense is one playmaker away, and to me that playmaker is the kid out of Pennsylvania (Jonathan Baldwin). Hopefully, this kid pulls a shocker and chooses Miami, although I hear that the prospects from that area usually attend Pittsburgh. To agree with one of the posts above, this defensive line is thin, particularly the interior of the line. Imagine if Calais Campbell had a Wilfork type player on that side of the line to wreck shop with. I also think a less than dominant line contributes to less than stellar play from the line-backers and d-backs. It all starts up front Canesters, NO PRESSURE, NO PICKS, NO PENETRATION, YOUR LINEBACKERS GET EXPOSED!

I concur with a previous post who was disguested with the flag on Edwin Rios' uniform being upside down. I had to rewind to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. If wearing that flag correctly is such a burden, just don't play, he has a choice, he doesn't have to wear it.


No problem just making sure we understand eachother. Keep up the good work. I just wish RS would be exposed for he lack of head coaching ability. As a state of Florida guy he makes us all look bad. Think about it, it might only be UM & FIU home during the bowl season. UF, FSU, USF, UCF & maybe FAU will all make bowls. Blame the past recruiting (even though Randy did recruit) or whatever this team has gotten worse.

"I don't know what sort of political statement Rios may have been wanting to make in the championship game tonight, but I think wearing the flag of the United States upside down on his uniform should result in corrective action taken against this individual. That was disgusting on national TV!"

wasn't a statement; nike just messed up the unis.

CHAMPIONS! Great win by the team in a game they didn't play too well. Last year's team loses this game, no doubt.

proof that rios' flag was a nike mistake; here's his home uni from the previous games:


Think about it, it might only be UM & FIU home during the bowl season. UF, FSU, USF, UCF & maybe FAU will all make bowls.

Posted by: Suge White | November 18, 2007 at 11:10 PM APPLES & ORANGES ... unequal leagues: BCS League v. nonbcs league. Major League v. minor league. Premier League v. bush league.

Col (Ret) Ron Cox & SFC PAUL ROKLAN: the flag stands for freedom to dissent. if not, what are you defending?

O beautiful, for spacious skies,
for amber waves of grain,
for purple mountain majesties
above the fruited plain
America! America! god shed his grace on thee,
and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea -- America the beautiful

an announced crowd of 5,734 ; ) witnessed fui small potatoes 22nd straight loss. reportedly, ticket takers double swiped student IDs to inflate the paltry crowd. and you call yourself division 1 ... in name only. MOCKERY

sunsentinel's ted hutton: "The NCAA requires that I-A teams average 15,000 in tickets sold per game to stay in I-A. Fail once in a two-year period and you go on probation, fail twice and you could be kicked down to I-AA."

10 deep: King, Collins, McClinton, Asbury, Rios ... Graham, Hicks, Dews, Thomas, Hurdle ... bullish on U basketball

U v. bc (noon) conflicts with U v. morgan state (1p)

Congrat to The U Basketballers. Off to a great start!
Good luck to the U Football team. One more chance to finish the year with the same record as last season. Whatever!

NEW YORK (AP) -- Alex Rodriguez is headed back to the New York Yankees as the American League's Most Valuable Player. A-Rod won his third AL MVP award Monday ...

Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park

MLS Miami in 2010 or 2011?

MSNBC's Hardball College Tour with Chris Matthews rescheduled for early 2008

ESPN to televise U v. bc noon 11/24 ... OMG

basketballers have a chance because those young guys that have been beat up for 2 years are more experienced. you need juniors and seniors.

canes defense in the tank because the middle was gutted. no more atkins, brown, pata, beason, cook or davis. the guys playng now don't have it physically. lbers next year will be mccarthy, davis, cook comes back with a redhsirt, bailey and new recruits. thats how you get better.

baskets will prove you need patience something canes fans have none of.

if you think nix had something to work with on offense your blind. other than cooper and jenkins who were the playmakers?

ESPN.com leads with U ... BREAKTHROUGH

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