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Game day blog: N.C. State 19, UM 16 (OT)

Checking in from the OB where today as usual I'll blog live throughout the UM-N.C. State game. I'll share notes, thoughts as the game moves along and then recap later tonight with what I collect from the lockerroom. U do what U always do ... share your thoughts.

** Kirby Freeman got the start for UM. Guess my source knew what he was talking about. But don't be surprised if you see Kyle Wright come in at some point if things get really bad.

** There were a few pregame festivities including a tribute to the 1987 National Championship before the game. I saw Steve Walsh and Michael Irvin among others in attendance. Walsh even played a little catch with freshman quarterback Robert Marve. Too bad there is only about 34,621 people at the OB to soak it in.

** I didn't give a pregame prediction, but I'll do one now after the teams went 3-and-out on their first series. I think the Canes win 20-10.

** I know the game is on ESPNU and many of you don't have it. But for those of you who would like to listen to the game, WQAM (wqam.com) is broadcasting it on about an eight second delay.

NCST DRIVE (1st and 10 at NCST 20)
- After a first down run, N.C. State picks up 55 yards and moves to the UM 13 with :20 left in the quarter when quarterback Daniel Evans finds Darrell Blackman open down the middle of the field. Kenny Phillips eventually pushed him out bounds.
- So we'll go to the fourth quarter like we've done too often this season -- sweating and holding our breath.
- On 3rd down and 11, Evans lofts a pass to Darrell Davis that is well defended by Kenny Phillips. N.C. State then pulls back to within three when kicker Steven Hauschka connects on a 31-yard field goal from the same spot where Daren Daly made it 13-7. Drive: 7 plays, 68 yards, 1:58. UM 13, N.C. State 10.

UM DRIVE (1st and 10 at UM 20)
- Just saw this stat that blew me away. Canes have one completion -- that 84-yarder to Jenkins. Freeman is 1 of 10 with 2 interceptions. Miami eventually punts, Bosher gets off a 54-yarder, and Colin McCarthy comes through with a nice tackle to push Blackman out at the 36.

NCST (1st and 10 at NCST 36, 13:12 left)
- On first down, Euguen picks up 3 yards. Eugene eventually picks up a first down on third and short, moving the ball to the UM 47.
- Not that this is a shock, but the Canes defense is going to have to win this thing.
- After N.C. State moves inside the Canes' 30, Kenny Phillips comes through with a key tackle to stall the drive. Another Hauscka field goal -- this one from 35 yards -- ties the score at 13. UM 13, N.C. STATE 13.

UM (1st and 10 at the UM 20, 10:00)
- Following a five-yard penalty, James picks up 14 yards on a run off tackle on first down. On second down, Chris Rutledge is flagged for a false start. On the next play, Javarris James rumbles for a 10-yard gain up the middle and a first down.
- On first and 10 at the UM 34, James gets cut down for no gain. Looks like the Canes are content to run behind Derrick Morse.
- Well forget that. Kirby Freeman gets intercepted by Jeremy Gray on another horrible pass. Kirby got pressured and looked like he was going to throw it away. Gray standing on the sideline and basically minding his own business. Just caught the ball and stepped out of bounds with 7:36 left. CANES ARE IN TROUBLE...

And I'm going down to the field. Enjoy the rest of the game. Or try to.

Missed the first half of the third quarter because I was doing an important halftime interview. Thankfully, I didn't miss much. The Canes just missed a 41-yard field goal with 4:28 left in the quarter. I'll continue from here...

NCST DRIVE (1st and 10 at the NCST 24, 4:28)
- On first down, Evans throws a pass short to his receiver. On second down, John Dunlap drops an easy completion bringing up 3rd an 10.

UM DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 39, 3:40)
- It looked like another drive that was going to end in nothing. Then, Darnell Jenkins turned on the jets. He picked up 39 yards, running away from 2 guys to get down to the N.C. State 18. Then, when things look bad again -- there's that man -- Darnell Jenkins pulling in what looks like an amazing touchdown catch in the corner of the end zone. Was he in? The replay screen at the Orange Bowl shows... what replay screen?
- After further review... incomplete. Bah humbug. Canes will have to kick another field goal from 33-yards out and this time it goes through with 1:07 left. Daren Daly is now 2 of 3 in the game. Drive: 7 plays, 45 yards, 2:33. UM 13, N.C. STATE 7.

UM 1st Drive (1st and 10 at UM 26)
- Things didn't exactly go right on that first series. After Javarris James lost 12 yards on first down, there was a bad snap and bad pass by Freeman on what looked like a designed screen. Yikes.

NCST 1st Drive (1st and 10 at the NCST 41)
- After the Wolfpack get five yards on the ground on first down, safety Kenny Phillips and linebacker Colin McCarthy do a nice job on pass coverage to force the Wolfpack to punt.

UM 2nd Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 11, 12:02 left)
- On first down, Javarris looks good picking up 11 yards on a toss sweep. This one looked better than the first one. On the next play, though, James drops a screen pass. Eventually Miami is forced to punt when Freeman overthrows Dajleon Farr downfield. He was covered.
- Kyle Wright anyone?

NCST 2nd Drive (1st and 10 at the NCST 48)
- On first down, N.C. State picks up two on the ground with Jamelle Eugene. On next play he picks up five more to bring up a 3rd and 3. On third down, Eugene gets hit in the backfield by Colin McCarthy and Courtney Harris in the backfield for a loss.
- So far, UM's defense has done what it has supposed to do. The question now becomes can Miami's offense do anything with Freeman under center. Two of his first three passes have looked awful. The UM running game is going to have to win this game.

UM 3rd Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 15, 8:46 left)
- Wow, Derron Thomas makes an appearance in the backfield. Heard earlier this week that Graig Cooper had a pinkey injury, but Shannon said it wasn't serious. Wondering if Randy Shannon put him in the game because he's hungry.
- So far he looks like a genious. That was an amazing 54-yard run by Thomas, who zig-zagged his way through the N.C. State defense. UM is on the N.C. State 22.
- Javarris James comes back in and takes a sweep inside to the N.C. State 6 before Derron Thomas comes back in on first and goal.
- On the next play, Thomas picks up 2. After all that -- including a Kirby Freeman bizarre scramble and incompletion on third down, the Canes attempt a 22-yard field goal made by Daren Daly to take a 3-0 lead with 4:56 left. Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 3:50. UM 3, N.C. STATE 0.
By the way, Joel Figueroa was in at left guard that entire drive. Figueroa, a sophomore, has been doing really well in practice according to coach Jeff Stoutland.

NCST 3rd Drive (1st and 10 at NCST 31, 4:48)
- Another Wolfpack series begins with short gains on first and second down. On third and 1, N.C. State picks up a first down on a nice pass completion. But it's called back on an ineligible man downfield penalty. After another penalty on third down, N.C. Statequarterback Daniel Evans gets sacked by Colin McCarthy.
- Another nice series for the Canes defense. But N.C. State keeps shooting itself in the foot. Four penalties on third down so far. UM will get nice field position.

UM 4th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 40)
- Just figured out why Derron Thomas was in the game. Looks like Shawnbrey McNeal didn't dress to play. Not sure why. Eric Moncur is also not dressed and playing in the game. I'll have to find out why afterward.
- UM's drive meanwhile, fizzled and ended with an ugly Kirby Freeman interception. The pass was way overthrown and the N.C. State safety just fielded it like a punt at the N.C. State 20.

2nd QUARTER...
N.C. State 4th Drive (1st and 10 at the NCST 38)
- The Wolfpack pick up a first down on a 5-yard completion to John Dunlap. END OF THE 1st QUARTER
- On the first play of the second quarter Colin McCarthy comes through with another big play when he tackles a N.C. State running back for an 8-yard loss on a swing pass. Nice play.
- On third and 18, Evans is pressured and his pass to Marcus Stone is incomplete.
- It's been an ugly offensive game so far, except for that Derron Thomas run.

UM 5th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 14)
- Wow. I was half-way kidding when I talked about using the direct snap. But apparently Freeman isn't doing the job. Darnell Jenkins took the first two direct snaps and has lost 12 yards. On third down, sanity returns. Graig Cooper picks up 14 yards. But UM is forced to punt. Cooper by the way, passed Frank Gore for third on the all-time list for true freshman on that carry, his first of the game.

N.C. State 5th Drive (1st and 10 at the N.C. State 38, 12:09 left)
- Before the Wolfpack get started. Sebastian gets the crowd hyped with his rendition of the Soulja Boy dance in front of the west end zone.
- On first down, Glenn Sharpe has an interception go through his hands. All I got to say is Canes fans ought to thank their lucky stars N.C. State is horrible.
- On third and 16, Evans picks up the first down with his legs to keep the Wolfpack drive alive. Safety Kenny Phillips nearly got there in time to stop him though.
- After another NC. State third down completion, the Wolfpack kill themselves with another penalty -- this one holding.
- On 2nd and 15, Kenny Phillips misses a tackle in the middle of the field and tight end Marcus Stone picks up 26 yards down to the UM 19.
- Meanwhile on the sideline, Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright are playing catch. Not sure if that's a sign Wright might be warming up to get into the game.
- After N.C. State moved to within the UM 12, a third down pass is incomplete, bringing on a field goal attempt that is missed wide left by Steven Hauschka. UM catches a break and still leads 3-0.

UM's 6th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 20, 6:37)
- On first down, Cooper runs up the middle for a 6-yard gain. After another big loss on second down, Kirby Freeman finds a wide open -- and I mide wide open -- Darnell Jenkins downfield for an 84-yard touchdown pass. That's another big play for Darnell, who caught the ball at about the 40 and beat the N.C. State safety to the end zone. Drive: 3 plays, 80 yards, 1:22. UM 10, N.C. STATE 0.
UM has outscored its opponents at the OB 81-0 in the first half. And that touchdown came at a good time. The defense looks like its starting to get tired.

N.C. State 6th Drive (1st and 10 at the N.C. State 34)
- On first down, N.C. State loses two yards on a run. How did N.C. State beat Virginia again?
- On second down, Darrell Blackman gets open, beating Colin McCarthy on what looked like that same little play FSU used with Preston Parker to move the ball on the Canes. He picked up 14 yards and a first down
- On the next play, Eugene spins past UM's defense for a gain of 21. They're down to the UM 32.
- On first down, Eugene catches a short pass out of the backfield -- once again in the middle of the field -- and picks up 6 yards. The Wolfpack keep exposing the middle of the field. The Canes will have to make an adjustment.
- On third and 3, Hollywood Chaminade's John Dunlap picks up another first down with a catch over the middle.
- On second down, Owen Spencer catches another ball over the middle and sneaks past the UM defense into the end zone with 2:21 left. The play is being reviewed. And its overturned. Now N.C State has a first and goal at the 1-foot line.
- Daniel Evans ends up scoring on the next play anyway on a sneak with 2:04 left. Drive: 9 plays, 66 yards, 3:11. UM 10, N.C. STATE 7.

UM 7th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 20, 2:04)
- On first and 10, Derron Thomas gets stuffed at the line for no gain. On the next play, Thomas gets stuffed at the line again. UM fans are booing the play calling.
- On third down, Freeman lofts a jump ball downfield to Leggett that falls incomplete. But Leggett is whistled for offensive pass interference. Miami is forced to punt. Matt Bosher then gets off a 56-yard punt. N.C. State is probably going to take a knee with :10 left.


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blame Daly for missing 2 critical FGs

How the mighty have fallen.....in all sports.

Told you...GT without the OT. You know how bad it is when you have 3 and 6 and you run the ball. Kirby Freeman is lost. How sad it will be to be benched as a senior. That's where this is headed. Bye, bye Kirby...have a nice life selling used cars back in Texas.
Nice win over FSU tho... but there is just no excuse to lose to NC State and North Carolina. VT, BC, I can accept that. But GT, NCS and NC...that's pathetic...

2 weeks of preparation and this is the best this team can do?

Wow, i had NO IDEA what a difference Kyle Wright can make-- everyone here knows that if KW was in the game, we would be walking away probably 24-10...

KF looks so much worse than he did at the beginning of the year...

You can fault the rest of the team though-- Defense held them to 16 points-- pretty good, considering half those points were due to KF's interceptions. D didn't get any turnovers from NCS though-- disappointing...

But the offense had >300 yards rushing!!!! Any coach would take that and most likely know they can win the game...but it shows you how important the QB position truly is...

Daly choked big-time on that kick-- no excuses there....


Tie between Freeman and Daly...

19-13, NCS wins in ot...this shit sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite it all, I still can't wait until next football season @ the U

Think about this. If FSU turns the ball over a bit less, we might have gone 4-8 this year. Let's give Randy 2 more years before we judge him. He will either lead a resurgence or the U will be relegated to football oblivion as a small private school with academic standards. Nothing will change that now. The course is set so we may as well believe for now. He will learn a few things about head coaching from this year. We all learn on the job.

Invaluable as in "poor"

Give Randy a break. How do you expect to win football games with Kirby. Peolpe that bitch about Randy right now don't know the first thing about football. When you get to the college level you need to be able to throw. The rag arm QB we got had 1 competion and 3 ints. Lets see how thing play out in the next 2 to 3 years and then you can start your critisism of Shannon. Give the Blame where blame is due Coker, Kirby, Leget and the rest of Coker's losers.

Canes suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun playing in the dirt at the
county line stadium.

FIRE NIX!!! Play calling SUCKED!! Two fades to the endzone on the final possession??! No screens to get our speedy backs to the outside?!!?!?


1 for 14, 84 yards and 3 picks. I still can't believe what I just saw.

to think, U paid Larry Coker $2M/yr ...

to think, U paid Larry Coker $2M+ to go away ...

Robert Marve, Jacory Harris, I hope you guys are paying attention because it can't get any worse than this, it just can't. And like some guy posted earlier, they had two weeks to prepare, two weeks! What's Freeman doing in practice, perfecting his hand-off technique? Seriously, there isn't even one bread and butter passing play they can run? I can only imagine the frustration on the receivers' end having Freeman at center, and even then, I forget who our receivers are. Besides Jenkins, the rest of the guys are really just no good. Great D though.

That Kirby post was hilarious. Tatoo a U on my back...What a freak Freeman is. Dude needs to take a Xannie bout a 1/2 hour before game time to calm the F down. Geez o Pete. I guess I'll have to take Monday off now so I don't die of humiliation from all the Gator fans I work with. Thanks for ruining a beautiful Saturday afternoon fellas...Oh, by the way, that rumbling sound coming from south Florida are our verbal commitments packing their gear and heading north.

Canes suck!!!!!!!!!
All my stuff is going to the
salvation army, Patrick Nix sucks.
This program is a sinking ship.
There not even the Miami Hurricanes
anymore, they not even going to play
down here any more, all I have to
hold on to is the memories.

Coker, worst thing to happen to this program. Randy needs a copupld of years for sure. Kirby is not only in over his head, he is not a football player in Div. 1. He is slow mentally, has no arm, and I think he has some emotional issues, he looks depressed on the sidelines. He has no fun, what is the point of playing. So sad!

Nix didn't go 1-14. No matter what plays you call, if the execution fails then it's a bad play.


We will beat VT and BC trust me i know how this Bipolar coaching staff and team plays. We will come out with this us against the world game plan that will once again excite the Hurricane nation. Which i think is a coaching problem because we need to come out with that attitude every game. once again be more AGGRESSIVE. With the atheletes we have the U we should not be losing to the 2 worst teams in the ACC when we can easily out athelete them if we put them in position and let them go.


Only the pot-smokers, heavy alcoholics and psychotically deranged fans could have believed that we had a shot at dominating anything this year--

New coaches after a sh*tty 2006 season = REBUILDING YEAR

That means everyone is getting tested, schooled, and learning....including the coaches..

Make judgements about players and coaches in 2008...

For me, i just want to see improvements in parts of the team, and i saw something good today:

1) >300 yrds running the ball-- one day, that kind of O-line play and running will lead to championships...

Static performance/backsliding performance:

2) Defense was not as dominating as they can be... maybe NCS worked hard this week to protect their QB and they played well there. Also no picks or forced fumbles.... NCS knew this was their weakness and worked on it as well i'm sure...

3) Bosher did pooch any 27 yard punts... good.

4) Daly has a winner's attitude if you read his interview last week... but he chokes on the potential game winning kick...

Young kid, sometimes you have to taste how bitter losing is before you find the will to make the big plays...

5) Once again, recievers dropped CRUCIAL passes....

Coaching: i can't say much becuase they were relying in KF to at least keep the level that KW plays at-- but after 3 INT's-- Nix knew he was F*cked and need to rely on running the ball, and NCS knew that too...

So for them to rip 300 yrds is pretty admirable...

Guys, relax. give Randy 2 more years. Sometimes you have to get worse before you get better. He is trying to root out Coker's trash among the players, and these kids need to have the same OC for more than one year. We are rebuilding. We all know a healthy Wright or Marve would ahve won this game.

so much at stake ... this loss hurts

Hey, how about that Matt Bosher! 43 yards per punt, not bad.

Everyone honestly needs to chill out. We all knew this would be a rebuilding year. We don't have a QB, and who knows what would have happened if Marve was given some snaps this uear. Just bad luck that he got injured.

Realistically, we all got hopeful after the FSU game but lets remember that FSU is as bad as we are this year. I think all the true fans should just give Randy some time. He has mad props with recruiting, I think he can bring the right guys into this program. Remember when the Zooker got fired then 2-3years later UF wins a national champtionship with all his recruits.

Give the coaching staff time, they will reevaluate themselves after this year and make any necessary changes. Maybe bring in a Ken Dorsey.

Recruits will only feel stronger about coming to this school after this year. The D looks pretty solid, with some young studs, i.e. Colin "Colon" McCarthy Future Butkus Nominee.

Let's just accept whatever happens from hereon out and see how recruiting goes. Honestly, all we need ot do is win next week, there will be a ton of recruits there for that game. And we can win, Kyle will be back and Coop will be healthy, not to mention all the former Canes on the sidelines pumping these guys up!

What do you guys think, can we can the pity party?

U did not think we were going to when in OT with our horrible special teams all year if you did send me some of that stuff that U are smoking. Should have ended it in regulation.

Duvalcane...what are you smoking dude?
VT and BC are kick our ass.
I don't know about all
of you folks but this is bullshit.
I'm sick and tired of these kids playing their guts out and the coaching staff costing them games. The offensive play calling is dispicable. We can't mix in a freaking screen pass? A shuttle pass? Something safe? Patrick Nix is a moron.
How in the F**K do you get beat by a team
you coached just last year AT HOME! Then this? Com'on...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I feel so vindicated! Gosh it feels good to be missed. Na Na Na Na Na Na. I can't wait to play next week and everyone loves me for going 12/24 with 2 td's and 2 int's. Kirby is my bitch! No QB controversy here.

It just gets better each week...
This team ceases to amaze me.
Last year, it was Coker, the brawl and Brian Pata.
This year, it's our QB and special teams.
This team can't finish. We had this gane won
in regulation. Two missed FG's and another blown call by the ACC ref's.
The Karma has left the U...
We were better than this on probation.

Going forward I am no longer Kirby Freeman, you can call me "Kirby Coker". I have been hiding my true identity for years and now the truth is out. Larry Coker is my father.

Da U can suck my man-nuts

Da U can suck my hairy nuts

Da U can suck my brown sausage

Da U can suck my brown rosebud

DA U can suck my wrinkled snake


You are a little disturbing dude.

Da U can suck my shnizzled qwizzle

Finally, Da U can simply suck off!

This just in. Patrick Nix is not a member of Mensa.
My 10 year old has more imagination in my backyard playing touch than this guy.
I guess we now know what GT knew about Mr. Nix.

HOW in the HELL can you call your self a Qb and you can't complete more than 1 pass ... Kirby should have been a Running back... I'm still going to the Va game but I;m completly shocked and trying to convince myself I should'nt be ... UN FUC... REAL.

I hate riding kids, but Kirby Freeman is embrassing.

I was actually surprised Kirby didn't throw a pick in the end zone on those last two plays. And, I was surprised that we made the FG to tie. I expected Lucy to snatch the ball out from under me and land on my ass.
This team just can't close.
When it matters, we lose. VT,GT, Clemson, it doesn't matter who we play in those critical games. The U just plain CHOKES...AGAIN!

This didn't have to be a rebuilding year. This team should legitimately be 8-1. No reason at all for the losses to UNC, GT, and NCST.

If they were losing games by more than 7 points, then I would be content with a rebuilding year, but close losses and for the reasons they are losing....it's absolutely ridiculous.

After a bye week, to come out and have a QB not ready to compete, or not have confidence that the kid can complete a forward pass, he shouldn't be out there. After two weeks of practice, that's the best they can do? I question their coaching ability!

Shannon seriously needs to evaluate the jobs Walton and Nix have done this year. Nix gets a C from me, but Walton has a solid D, almost failing. You can't continually get beat by one play week after week after week.

Makes me wanna puke. This program is headed in the crapper. I don't care what all of you
bleeding hearts say. A freshman QB isn't going to come in here and be our savior.
It starts at the top. It starts with Randy Shannon's boss. Donna Shalala could give a rip about athletics...Higher academic standards are killing us. Guys like Neville Devine can't get in the U anymore. A 3.0 is better than a 4.3 in her eyes. 5-7. Thanks for coming. See ya next year.

What I don't understand is the following:

How did Kirby Freement get recruited by the U? He must have played against pansies in HS to put up numbers to draw the attention of the U. I am serious when I say that I honestly believe that the Southwest H.S. quaterback could have done better this game than Kirby (and that's not a knock on the S.W. kid, who is having a good year, so props to him). I wonder if Kirby call me Karla realizes how sorry he is? I agree with all your comments razorcane.

An excellent post Caneluvr...Two weeks to prep for this game and we come out looking like we took the week off.
That's on the coaches.
Randy Shannon scares the bejabbers out of me.

The Miami Hurricanes are killing us out here in Vegas. We had you guys by 11 today at game time.
We had you by 3 over GT. We had you by 7 at NC...
Are you guys trying to break us?

I just got home from that pig sty called the Ornage Bowl.
Hey 7! YOU SUCK!
The city of Miami needs to torch that place.
The Miami magic is gone from that heap.
Somebody grab the American flag on the way up to Dolphin Stadium.

OMG...did you just say that dude? Get a grip
you freakin' NECK. You live in Pahokie or something?

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