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Guest Blogger: Taylor was my idol

Lelan LeDoux, a staff sports writer for The Miami Hurricane, the University of Miami student newspaper, asked me if he could voice his thoughts on Sean Taylor. Lelan, who I see at football practices and basketball games, deserved his shot. And here it is...

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From the days when he laid his body on the line here at the U to his best performance in the NFL, Taylor was not just a football player, but an idol to me.

I was always inspired by how much heart he showed on the field. Any Hurricane fan would be heartened by his play. We will all remember the two interceptions he had against Ohio State in the 2002 BCS National Championship game during his sophomore year. We will remember the spectacular performances he had against rival Florida State and the game when he completely shut down Pittsburgh wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. We all know he tied a school record with ten interceptions in a season and was a finalist the Jim Thorpe award that year. We all know he was called “Meast” by his teammates because he was half man and half beast on the field. “Meast” was truly one of the best defensive backs in school history and was on his way to the top in the NFL.

Even though I’m not on the football team, Sean Taylor was the main reason why I came to the University of Miami—the main reason. Taylor was always an inspiration to me and I want to walk in the footsteps of this phenomenal athlete even though it won’t be in the same way on the football field.

For my senior high school senior pictures, I wore his jersey. I was always so anxious to turn watch the Redskins game just to see number 21 out there. Earlier this year I was shot and spent multiple days in the hospital. My situation occurred in a different way when one stray bullet of thirty-two fired struck me in the stomach. I thought my injury was difficult, but seeing what Taylor went through helped me put my injury in perspective. A massive amount of blood was lost due to the gunshot wound to his femoral artery in his upper thigh. Then he fell into a coma and he later couldn’t recover, though he showed signs of improvement. I was truly fortunate to survive my injury, but it breaks my heart not to see my idol pull through.

I had faith that this strong man was going to survive heading to sleep Monday night but there was still something in me that didn’t feel right. I was startled early Tuesday morning to know that the man touched me passed away.

I couldn’t stop myself from showing emotion knowing that this man was displaying progress in changing his life off the field for the better. I was proud not to hear Taylor’s name mentioned in any negative context for the past year and a half. The Hurricane nation was accustomed to hearing Taylor’s name associated with character issues and controversy, but since he has had his daughter, family and friends close to Taylor have said he matured immensely.

His maturity was shown drastically on and off the field. Taylor proved what type of player he had become when for he already had a career-high five interceptions in nine games before injuring his knee this season. He was on pace to appear in his second consecutive Pro Bowl.

But now it is all gone and it is completely shocking.

We will no longer see the bone-crushing hits on Sundays and intense attitude he brings to the game. In his finest season in his career, his life was taken. The Hurricane community will never forget the man who I found to my idol.

Lelan LeDoux may be contacted at l.ledoux@umiami.edu.


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Lelan, Great Post. Very touching and resonates in our hearts. RIP Sean T.

Lelan good luck and may we haer from you again.

Hurricane Fans, Monday morning at 11 am is our opportunity to show football fans across America that we truly care about the student-athletes who through hard work and dedication brought championship football to South Florida. Let's show all the Hurricane players and their families, that we care more about the lives of the athletes than about winning football games. Make a statement. Use a vacation day. Get to FIU on Monday to honor one of our own. Sean Taylor was perhaps the best football player to ever play football at the U. Ask yourself, If we were playing the Noles or the Gators could you make the time?

What is this mess about? Why is it that we are always the reason that something bad happens???

that time article is simpy PATHETIC, do not ever pick one of these garbage magazines ever, total garbage. If there is any way we can display our outrage to such vile, so-called journalism please let everyone know!!

I totally agree. That Time magazine piece was total b-llsh-t. Everytime something happens to a Miami player or former player, it has something to do with the so called "Miami Hurricanes culture". I believe what Antrell Rolle said, that there is jealous and envy of Miami players. This reporter mentioned the brawl from last year, but didn't state that Miami didn't start that brawl, FIU was talking about trouble during the whole weak. I notice that magazines didn't report about the Gators rap sheet within the past year. Crime happens around most college campus in the US. Everytime something happens at Miami, it's magnified heavily. I noticed the quote from the UCF Professor, he should shut his mouth and worry about UCF, because they have had a lot of kids robbed in thier apartments surrounding the campus, alot more incidents around UCF, than compared to Miami.
RIP Sean Taylor.
P.S. I still remember that int and rub back against Fla. State.

The hits just keep on coming. Sad. Very sad.

Don't forget the vigil on campus tomorrow! Lets show our love for Sean.

Sean Taylor will always be an iconic figure in Canes history. He played with that spirit and defiance we all admired about our student athletes. His attitude and ability should be an example to all about the fruits of hard work and the power of self belief. He will never be forgotten.

A fellow blogger had the idea to get Sean Taylor into the Ring of Honor....Lets get behind this!!!

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