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Hurtt has message for recruits

On a night when the Hurricanes were embarrassed, UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt had a message for the many high school recruits in UM's losing lockerroom. And basically, it was this: Get your gear and get ready because you're going to play next season.

"I'd tell them hurry up and get in their mind right now that when they get here next spring or in the fall, hurry up and get your equipment fitted because they’re going to be on the field right away," Hurtt told me in a private moment.

"There’s a culture about this team we got to change. And we’re going to start with the guys with who we recruit. Not because we feel that they’re great players, but because of their mentality and the kind of players we’re recruiting. That’s the biggest thing for us and I would tell them, just make sure they hurry up and get to campus as soon as possible because they got to get fitted and ready to go. Because all of them are going to play.

I asked Hurtt why he believed these potential recruits could really changed the losing culture at UM.

"Everything is about evaluation in recruiting and the guys we’re evalutating we feel are bosses. Guys we feel are hogs, guys who are competitive. Guys, that come from winning programs and they understand what it takes to win. And that’s the reason they’re being recruited, not just because they’re great players because we believe they have a desire to win. Point blank."

It will be interesting to see what happens. UM's 48-0 loss was embarrassing. But in the brief conversations I had with recruits -- linebacker Jordan Futch and cornerback Brandon Harris (a target) -- they didn't seem to bothered. In fact, both seemed happy, like they were licking their chops and couldn't wait to get here next year. UM has to hope that feeling lasts long. The rest of the season is not going to get any easier.

Check back later tonight or early tomorrow for all of the audio I collected in the locker room including Shannon's press conference and thoughts from Darnell Jenkins, Kyle Wright, Derrick Morse and Calais Campbell.