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Hurtt has message for recruits

On a night when the Hurricanes were embarrassed, UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt had a message for the many high school recruits in UM's losing lockerroom. And basically, it was this: Get your gear and get ready because you're going to play next season.

"I'd tell them hurry up and get in their mind right now that when they get here next spring or in the fall, hurry up and get your equipment fitted because they’re going to be on the field right away," Hurtt told me in a private moment.

"There’s a culture about this team we got to change. And we’re going to start with the guys with who we recruit. Not because we feel that they’re great players, but because of their mentality and the kind of players we’re recruiting. That’s the biggest thing for us and I would tell them, just make sure they hurry up and get to campus as soon as possible because they got to get fitted and ready to go. Because all of them are going to play.

I asked Hurtt why he believed these potential recruits could really changed the losing culture at UM.

"Everything is about evaluation in recruiting and the guys we’re evalutating we feel are bosses. Guys we feel are hogs, guys who are competitive. Guys, that come from winning programs and they understand what it takes to win. And that’s the reason they’re being recruited, not just because they’re great players because we believe they have a desire to win. Point blank."

It will be interesting to see what happens. UM's 48-0 loss was embarrassing. But in the brief conversations I had with recruits -- linebacker Jordan Futch and cornerback Brandon Harris (a target) -- they didn't seem to bothered. In fact, both seemed happy, like they were licking their chops and couldn't wait to get here next year. UM has to hope that feeling lasts long. The rest of the season is not going to get any easier.

Check back later tonight or early tomorrow for all of the audio I collected in the locker room including Shannon's press conference and thoughts from Darnell Jenkins, Kyle Wright, Derrick Morse and Calais Campbell.


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I wish we could drop everybody on the team and just start from scratch.

Hurtt - blow me!

Is this BS...or WHAT?

honestly, i am speechless for the first time in a long time. after watching Kirby puke on himself last week, i did not think it could get any worse this week. i mean, where can you go after a 1-14 performance and 3 picks? however, although kyle completed more than one pass, and there were some drops, this has to be the worse 2 QB's i have ever seen in my life. here is where my questions comes in; how can the U, quarterback U, not have anyone else on there roster who has ever quarterbacked at the pee wee football level? this is the U right? i mean Coker was a joke, but how can i watch north texas score 62 pts earlier in the day, their qb throws for 400+ yds, and then i have to watch this. i donate thousands of dollars a year to this school and we don't have anyone on the team that resembles a QB. how does this happen? jacorey, taylor, robert, cannon..can someone please come in here with a football IQ and make us competitive again? the hell with winning. just play the part of a qb. kyle and kirby should thank god for our educational system and the fact that they received a free 100,000 pass in life. you guys are the worse 2 qb's ever to wear the orange and green colors. i have no remorse for iether of you and you should be ashamed of yourselves. you 2 have single handly brought an entire program to their knees. if the 2 of you could have made a handful of plays over the last 3 years we would have 2 acc titles and 2 more bcs appearnaces. instead, we play on the blue turf in bowl games or we don't play in a bowl game period. pathetic. move on from here and disappear from our alumni and university. kirby, please don't come back. save yourself the embarassment. i feel our team is cursed with you wearing number 7. we have 3 possible future nfl backs to hand the ball from and you can't make the offense go. reggie ball was horrible and G Tech still scored 28 pts per game. its not coach Nix.

randy, keep doing your thing, clean house, start a new, and lets win some games. to the rest of the kids wearing uniforms on saturday; i am ashamed of your performance after the fumble recovery was over turned for the offsides call. have some moxy, this is the U..get it, or be gone!!!

What Hurtt told those recruits is a whole bunch of BS and they know it. They have good players at UM because I've played with them and against them in high school. But what UM needs to do is not go for the "big fish" recruits all the time because many of them are over rated.

If you think the only thing wrong with this team is at QB,what have you been watching for the last 5 years,the O-line got exposed in the ohio state game in 02 and has been average or below since then, receivers in 5 years parrish and sometimes moss.

I wish Lance Leggett would just go away!!!!

Kevin Beard wore #9 way better than you....u punk!!! How can u not catch and receive a free tuition to a University, A DISGRACE!!

THE U ... needs a QB to get us in the game.
Don't forget Wright played hurt ... I know its hard to tell, but its a fact.

My real critique is all that QB whining that came about a few years ago by these QBs & their dads ... remember? they threatened to quit if they didn't get to start or play alot.

Oh how reality is cruel ... THE U needs a QB to play & we have none ... who'd a thunk it??

That spiel to the recruits is just spin to not lose them ... BUT NO DOUBT they'll get a closer look than in the past.

Lastly, lets thank other BIG CONTRIBUTORS to our losses ... AD Dee & Prez Shalala ... broadcasters talked long how Shannon is under orders to LOSE THE SWAGGER & produce gentlemen. Hey beey-otches, thats management speak, NOT FOOTBALL which happens to be a gladiator sport.

Shannon appears to be a good man who can navigate coaching, recruiting, beey-otch management, AND get a decent QB. Sure hope so!!!

Go Canes!! Cheers, JerryD

The problem is not only QB. If coaches are aware that weakness is QB position; well minimize the mistakes they make.

I really can't see us win another game this year. VT and BC are tough for struggling Canes.

Hurtt is trying to save some recruits. He knows that some are having second doubts. In reality, some recruits must be wondering if this coaches can make them better players. It seems like they don't make any adjustments. What we saw today was an embarrassment.

What do they do the whole week for game preperation? Incredible.

Forget the Insight.com Bowl

What about shields, another 4or5 star recruit,or 5 star bust?

FIRE SHANNON and CUT the whole team. They suck.

maybe hurtt should learn how to coach. Why do these guys think because they played the game that makes them a good coach. This guy was a GA at Miami and had one year of coaching experience at FIU....If Randy did not hire Hurtt, he would be unemployed this year. Does anyone actually think Miami is going to win a ton of games with 25-30 freshman playing heavy minutes. What a friggin clown. How is it Steve Spurrier can take average talent and win 7-8 games at SC but this group cant do the same at UM. Miami is going 5-7 and this guy has the balls to blame the players on the team.

alot of you arnt aware that larry cokers soft ass dameanor was what started all the losing rs dfence for the past 5 to 6 years after shiono left give him time its a great move for couch hurrt nothing is wromg with his front except injuries and haters are hating on him

This is a horrible loss, but you can't say you didn't see this coming after losing to North Carolina, Georgia Tech, and NCState. I am disappointed as all you other cane fans, but give Randy Shannon some time, and for the University please spend some money to get good assistants. I have never seen worse offensive calls in my life than by Patrick Nix. This loss hurts, but it's going to taking time for Miami to be back.

I am totally disgusted not only with the QB's and LOUSY receivers who can't get open OR catch the thing.....but also with Shalayla and Dee. We should have stayed in the Big East...and we should have stayed at the Orange Bowl. I'll NEVER come back here. (I drive 300 miles EVERY GAME from Ocala and now I am DONE....Done because we're going to Dolphin Stadium next year where you have to pay $30 per game to park....now I park at the U and get on the momorail for FREE....but next year, I'm supposed to pay at least $150/year to park? I do not think so....and President Shalayla....my days of contributing money to the "annual" fund; 4 times a year......(What is the meaningof "annual"?) are OVER!!! No more money from me when I am being coerced to pay big money t park my vehicle!!!! I"M DONE FOREVER and I believe that Dolphin Stadium next year will be a GRAVEYARD....at least I hope it is!!! Miami WILL be a 2nd rate program from now on thanks to Shalayla!!! All she cares about is the almighty DOLLAR.....I laughed my head off when she was soundly booed tonight!!!!

What in the world is Coach Shannon going to do? Like he said he can't trade em, can't bring players in off the waiver wire. All he has is Kyle Wright & Kirby Freeman. Not much to choose from. Next year they'll have Marve and three new recruits to play QB. They'll going to lose a few early but there building for the future. 2009 should be the Canes year. If we had an average QB we'll be 8-2 right now. The QB's we have not can't do the basics so how do you expect them to get deeper into the play book to run the more exotic plays. Believe in Randy Shannon and give me some time.

I agree. Yesterday was embarassing for all cane alumni and their fans but we have to be patient. Shannon is going to turn the tide, it's just going to take some time. It's not like he's hiding anybody. These are the QBs we have and the suck. They suck really, really bad. But next year we can begin to build up someone else and KW can open a hardware store or something. We WILL return to greatness. It's just going to take 2 or 3 more years. Sad but true. Sorry to see the OB go out like that...

This kind of game is exactly what fans should have expected. We all knew that Mr. Coker left the talent cupboard bare at UM.

Offensively we just have zero talent at QB. Neither of these two guys (This doesn't make them bad people) could play at William & Mary or Slippery Rock. receiver is the same way. Just no studs who want to win.

The defense is a real letdown, though not an unexpected one. These young men have kept UM in any game its been in for almost 5 seasons. They've played their hearts out only to see close games lost because our QB's complete more passes to the teams we're playing than they do to our kids.

Mr. Coker recruited players just like himself: on cruise control, no intensity, sit back and let it happen. Coaches tend to do that so the team has their personality. That makes the coaches comfortable

Randy's kids will come in talented and hungry. Looking to play, hard, smart and win. Just don't expect miracles next year. I truly believe there will be 15 to 17 freshman and red shirt freshman starting. Give him two more seasons. Then if things are not dramatically better.........

Shame on all of you posters who have written such hurtful comments about a group of fine 18-, 19-, and 20-year-old kids! I'd like to see if you could do any better. Let's not forget that these kids spend countless hours in class and study hall...and then have to hit the practice field and game meetings. And for what? So that insensitive people like you can slam them? You guys are the REAL losers!

Shame on all of you posters who have written such hurtful comments about a group of fine 18-, 19-, and 20-year-old kids! I'd like to see if you could do any better. Let's not forget that these kids spend countless hours in class and study hall...and then have to hit the practice field and game meetings. And for what? So that insensitive people like you can slam them? You guys are the REAL losers!

Hurtt;s remarks are immature and a bad reflection on his leadership. I think Randy and staff need to take a deeper look at themselves. Maybe they have beaten the team mentally before they even take the field.

Bob - if you were joking...OK.

If you weren't joking - you can kiss my brown, puckered rosebud as well.


WOW!!!! A loss is one thing but to lay down like the team did... It's inexcuseable! There are players who are not responding to the hard-nosed, tough coaching during the week and it's showing up on gameday. There were players out there on the field last night for UM. but the soft "conch salad" type players far out-weighed the "soljas" playing hard and trying to make plays. When you're consistently out of position and not sure of where you're supposed to be on the field on defense, coupled by the lack of focus and scared play on offense... Throw in the injuries and lack of competition because of depth (QB) and you get results like this. The kids they have here are not ready to accept responsibility on the field and the result of this showed against VA. The legends in the stadium became too overwhelming for most of them and the result of this showed on the field. the atmosphere of playing under the big stage, in the O.B. on last time, was too much for most of those young kids to handle and the result of this showed on the field.

Give the H.C. his one year to bring in his 20-30 kids of his own and then lets judge the result that will be displayed on the field.

Canespace SUCKS!!!

i hope were not going to be starting a bunch of freshman next year cause it will be worse than this year, but after next year watch out

The last time I looked this year's senior class was considered a Top 15 class 4 or 5 years ago. The senior class of 1984 consisted of a bunch of no names and rejects that nobody else wanted. Yet all they did was take it to Nebraska and win a national championship. You still think coaching doesn't matter? When Michael Irwin, this year's homecoming Grand Marshall, the originator of the "all about the U" phrase, decides to take a pass on the game you know there is a problem. All the top recruits in the world do not mean a thing unless you can coach them AND institute an imaginative game plan. This year's senior class where all top recruits and look what happened to their careers.
Prediction: another year like this one and Randy Shannon is gone. You see it is not really "all about the U" in Coral Gables it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$

Damn razor....!!! Did you cut and paste??? hahahaha...

In response to Bob's bitching. . . Bob, you're right, I probably nor anyone else writing on this blog could play better than some of the scrubs on these team, but I don't know that I would do worse than throw three picks and complete one pass. That, however, your idiot is beside the point, because I too can't say that I am receiving over 6 grand in scholarship money like these scrubs are. So what if they have to attend study hall and long hours of practice. Although they don't get paid directly for their lack luster performance, they get paid over 6 grand in the course of their dismall collegiate careers. Also, have you ever hear of students who are on academic scholarships? Do you know what happens to those students that do not perform? Their scholarships get yanked! So don't bring this sympathy bullshit to the table. You're probably related to one of these scrubs and that's why you feel sorry for them. You're just like one of them.

you know what....Bill Callahan brought in highly rated classes....How is Nebraska doing this year. For those that think Randy is going to get it done need to WTFU. What will all you people say next year when the team is 6-6 next year....Of course those on this board will blame coker. Coker had no part of that team last night. That team quit on the coaches...Why because they have been thrown under the bus the past few weeks.

I agree. Yesterdays debacle was on the coaches. I am starting to realize that Randy Shannon is not the coach of the future. He really has no idea what he is doing. I drive down from tampa every week to watch the same crap. It is his job to motivate the players. What about halftime adjustments. The only one i saw was the one when they turned of We Are The Champions during the halftime show. This team is pathetic. So sad. Poorly coached and no signs of change. Why even field a special teams, they haven't done anything in 4 years. Nix is awful and Tim Walton is horrible. I am a die hard canes fan and i wish i had the talent that these guys have, but if i was recruit i wouldn't play for this team. This team is mentally weak and the only real cane besides Morse is KP. That kid is a gamer and the only sure tackler we have. I feel bad for him. Ask him three years ago as the #1 prospect if he would play for the U knowing what he knows now am sure he wouldn't. Kyle summed up his career yesterday as did Lance Legless. Two kid who dont deserve to wear the same jerseys as those before them.

I say this, if the players have to compete each week for their spot which I like, than the coaches should be just as accountable, I would have to say good by to the dc, and most of the coaching staff, stoutland has done well, and the d line has many injuries but the rest, bye bye or else the competition thing is hypocritcal. The leaders should have to live by the same code as the troops. Shannon should take over as Dc a must and get a new oc.

One of the main reason why we suck so bad is because our terrible coaches have quit on the players, so in turn our players have turned on out players.Hopefully at least 3 of our caoches are fired, i will give randy one more year, but he is not a head coach.

They need to be thrown under the bus because none of these kids have heart. Kenny Phillips, Tavares Gooden, And Eric Moncur are the only kids on defense that didn't quit. Morse and Javarris James are the only offenseive players that didn't quit. Lance Leggett, KW, & KF are the biggest jokes to ever set foot on campus. You people can't blame RS for this lazy sorry bunch of sissies playing now.They are pathetic and have no business in a Canes uniform. They have taken us to an all time low, and need to be taken behingd the barn and shot. I hope they use their free 100k education to start businesses that fail, just like they failed the U of M.

What a way to send a message to recruits coach Hurtt and coach McGriff letting them know it's their job to bring the "U" back to national prominence. KW & KF please leave campus now before someone lynches you.

I usually never post on any of these sites, but now is my time to vent. I DO NOT blame Larry Coker for how bad our team played last night. This one rests squarely on the COACHING STAFF. To not even manage to score with the talent we have against a second tier Virginia team is pathetic. I have been more than supportive of RS and Co. but this one is on them 100%. Stop blaming the players, although they are partly responsible for the worst loss in over 60 years (Texas AM in the 40's). Did anyone see our D last night?! I mean, did they even show up to play?! Tim Walton has gotten his teeth kicked in EVERY GAME. Our OC cant even get our team close enough to kick a f'ing field goal. This was 100% lack luster and honestly I am really sad that is what the last game at the OB was like...

Oh also to hell with the City of Miami, I almost had my seat out the stadium last night until some douchey cop with an attitude grabbed me and told my girl if she didnt get face down on the ground he would throw her ass down (we didnt even say a word to the guy, he just felt like being a mutt)...


Sick of all U racist trying to blame the BLACK COACH when we need to blame our SORRY, WHITE QB'S!

Obviously as fans we need to give Randy Shannon time to recruit "his" players. But, yesterday's abysmal performance came down to something other than talent. It came down to execution, discipline and play calling. Blame Coker's recruits all you want but how many times do you see a left handed quarterback fake a toss right then roll left (strong side) and hit the tight end down the left sideline before you "coach" your defense to look for that play? How many times? How many times? How many times? How many times? I guess it's at least four times because that's how many times Virginia ran it to perfection.

Sick of all U racist trying to blame the BLACK COACH when we need to blame our SORRY, WHITE QB'S!

Yeah, well why is Randy telling recruits that they need to help a brother out. Get out of here with that crap. Those that wanted Randy are getting what they asked for.

I said it yesterday on here and I'll say it again, this is all Shannon's mess now, u can't blame Coker or subpar recruiting classes anymore. We were all optimistic in the Spring thinking that Shannon would at least instill the team with an attitude adjustment - being mentally prepared, motivated and playing hard - even if the wins and losses didn't reflect it. You can't tell me that UVA is 48 points better than the U and that our talent is so crappy that we can't make a tackle or score one friggin point against a mediocre team. What we have here is a trainwreck folks, I've never seen a UM team so unprepared, so unmotivated and so lost on the field. That is on the head coach, the buck stops there. I'm a big Shannon fan from his playing days, and his personal story is compelling, but I'm sorry, I just don't think he has the stuff to bring us back from oblivion. Yesterday proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. If he can't get this team up and ready to play and bust a gut for the last game at the OB, he can't coach.

that is what you get when you tell the guys playing they are no good, and tell them they will not play next yr, that is 100 percent going to lose your team and that is what happened. the coaching staff crossed the line on that and should be help accountable. there is a difference in fair competition for positions and just demoralizing the players saying they are no good.


As a former player, I agree with Coach Hurtt, the culture has to change!!! It's turned into a culture of underachievers, good players coming out of high school that for what ever reason or another lacked the discipline and mental toughness that it takes to become great players! Every great team usually has someone that you can count on to show you the way, to show yu how it's done, to make the big play when it matters most (usually an upperclassman), this team right now does not have that period, the younger guys are trying, but they aren't getting alot of help from olders guys! Pretty soon these younger players that you see trying to make a difference today, they will be the older players teaching the younger guys, the ones leading the way for the next generation of "CHAMPIONS"...

We have no Q.B.'s who can complete a pass, we have no W.R.'s who can catch the ball, I ask you how we are supposed to score. This is beyond a disgrace. The sad part about it is as bad as we are we still have more talent than the UNC's, NC State, G.T., and Virginia. every team in the ACC has gotten better every year except us.Get an offensive coorinator who has an imagination and a QB coach who can help these bums. A no name QB from North Texas State throws for 400 yards and we had three games this year where we throw for less than a hundred, with two QB's who were 4 and 5 star players.That one back offense stinks. We have a 275lb fullback and never use him on 4TH and 1. Thanks to the sorry play calling, no catching wr, and no throwing qb's we are now the worst team in the acc. Lastly, coach Shannon if you want to keep your job more than 2yrs. you need to be your own defensive coordinator. Go get Norm Chow and Gary Stevens.


Tell the fat Hurtt he blew as a player and is worse as a coach. He has a top ten pick at end but he isn"t making plays. Hurtt I remember you as a player and U sucked. Your telling high school kids to be ready to play next year, what a joke.

QB's from North Texas are throwing for 400 yards cause they have coaches with knowledge. This staff is stupid and never achieved anything. And Randy isn't a boss.

Let me guess it is Coker's fault too. Just like Oklahoma blame the QB. I didn't know the qb's play defense. Get packing Randy your days are numbered black man

Plain and simple, most everything everyone is saying is true. It's a mix of players who are used to one way of coaching, all of a sudden getting a 180 degree turn around in attitude. You think 3-4 years of being conditioned, practicing, playing a certain way are all of a sudden going to be wiped out in a few months? Is anyone using their brains here? Why would a senior all of a sudden snap of his haze? Their careers are screwed. Quite frankly, Randy Shannon has been dealt a crappy hand, and the upperclassmen cant handle his approach, and are just quitting on the team and looking to ride out their collegiate careers. So blame the coaches for instilling an attitude that these losers aren't willing to accept. When the juniors and seniors, the "leaders" on your team, dont care, your team is going to tank. So stop blaming Shannon and realize that you cant judge his methods until he gets his players. Easy to blame now, but in reality, Shannon only wants a handful of Coker's guys, and most of them he can't wait to get rid of. So Hurtt's comments are true: come on down recruits, you'll play early and win, if you're mentally tough enough.

With Coker we have steadily regressed. Remember this is the EXACT same team from last year give or take a few freshmen. Kyle and Kirby will be gone. Leggett, Charlie Jones, and both kickers will be gone. The Seniors on defense that forgot how to tackle will be gone, the juniors will be benched or they will be told to transfer. Shannon only had a few months to recruit as head coach last year and still manage to do very well. Recruiting is a great success so far this year and most likely we will get everybody we need on signing day. 4 Qb's come in next year. 5 WR. We already have studs at RB. The Oline is pretty solid this year and we will add depth. We have 4 of the top 100 DB's in the country coming in next year to play along Demarcus Van Dyke, Doug Wiggins, and possibly Kenny Philips. Our Dline was hurt most of this year and Marcus Forston will be the next Sapp/Wilfork. LB's Colin Mccarthy and Allen Bailey are good but young. We will add speed next year at LB with Sean Spence and Cookie Buchanon. And Shannon will find a KICKER AND PUNTER. Next year looks very bright. Give it time. Shannon did what he could with these phucking losers and at least we beat FLORIDA STATE. Long live the U!!!!!!

It's upsetting to see a display like last night! The fans have a right to be upset! However we got through the sanction years and we will get through this! we all got to get behind this program. Miami has a goldmine for recruits. Hell there are big time recruits in New Jersey that would love to play at the "U"! Dolphin stadium will be great if the fans make it great! Get behind the program and start supporting it! I would love to reside in South Florida and have the chance to see the Hurricanes. It's recruiting that will bring the Canes back. Randy Shannon deserves some time he is good coach that has been around Jimmy Johnson, Greg Schiano and Butch Davis. Believe me I wanted to throw my remote off the wall I was so upset that last two games! I feel everybody's pain! I do see some great potential with running the backs cooper,James and McNeal. I love Colin McCarthy he really is going to be something special(He is still learning!)I am disappointed with the wide receivers. Randy Shannon along with Patrick Nix should sit down with someone like Rob Chudzinski in the offseason to get insight into straightening out the offense. Design plays that get your playmakers the ball! Keep the faith we will be back! It could be alot worse! Just ask all the Rutgers fans in New Jersey! Trust me! Get those South Florida recruits by putting the fence up! Let's make Dolphin Stadium great! I know how tough and emotional it is now! It sucks! Pretty soon we all will be saying "It's great to be a Miami Hurricane"!

Who is clint hurtt? I'm sorry, but who are you...what did you accomplish? This guy should be doing Quizno commercials...

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