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Hurtt has message for recruits

On a night when the Hurricanes were embarrassed, UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt had a message for the many high school recruits in UM's losing lockerroom. And basically, it was this: Get your gear and get ready because you're going to play next season.

"I'd tell them hurry up and get in their mind right now that when they get here next spring or in the fall, hurry up and get your equipment fitted because they’re going to be on the field right away," Hurtt told me in a private moment.

"There’s a culture about this team we got to change. And we’re going to start with the guys with who we recruit. Not because we feel that they’re great players, but because of their mentality and the kind of players we’re recruiting. That’s the biggest thing for us and I would tell them, just make sure they hurry up and get to campus as soon as possible because they got to get fitted and ready to go. Because all of them are going to play.

I asked Hurtt why he believed these potential recruits could really changed the losing culture at UM.

"Everything is about evaluation in recruiting and the guys we’re evalutating we feel are bosses. Guys we feel are hogs, guys who are competitive. Guys, that come from winning programs and they understand what it takes to win. And that’s the reason they’re being recruited, not just because they’re great players because we believe they have a desire to win. Point blank."

It will be interesting to see what happens. UM's 48-0 loss was embarrassing. But in the brief conversations I had with recruits -- linebacker Jordan Futch and cornerback Brandon Harris (a target) -- they didn't seem to bothered. In fact, both seemed happy, like they were licking their chops and couldn't wait to get here next year. UM has to hope that feeling lasts long. The rest of the season is not going to get any easier.

Check back later tonight or early tomorrow for all of the audio I collected in the locker room including Shannon's press conference and thoughts from Darnell Jenkins, Kyle Wright, Derrick Morse and Calais Campbell.


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you all notice they beat us with one F*ing play... PA pass te wheel route... 20 yrds... thats all they did a wrinkle here and there... same play but w/ RB or run weak side w/ qb... what the canes lacked yesterday wasnt talent... it was heart. heres hoping the new recruits will have heart

Wait, Randy needs time to recruit his own players. What does that mean? He was the defensive coordinator for 6 years. I guess he did nothing then. Great job by Coker for recruiting all those 1st round defensive picks last year. No wonder why people say south florida sports fans are the worst.

last night was 1 of the worst coached games ive ever seen by a hurricane team. our DC needs 2 b fired ASAP , how can a defense b good borderline great 4 several years and now suck? the kids totally quit on us fans last night. NO QB, NO WR, NO SPECIAL TEAMS WOW how can u win a game if ur crippled by these facts b4 u play a down. we have seen these wr b so awful 4 years wow we need a change asap. the 1 bright spot is we have a good oline. besides dat wow can we get a qb a decent te, we have studs on te now but this idoit OC barely uses them. we do have a lack of talent we as fans must realize dat.

Randys needs time...Yeah time to ruin the program. Yeah Marcus Forston is going to come in as a freshman and dominate grown men. SUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Like my name says (Notindenialcane). I realize that the problems are bigger then they really are.

Where is the discipline? that team flat out quit on the coaches. How about waiting till after the season before you blast the team every week. Va Tech and BC will get that a** next.

Randys needs time...Yeah time to ruin the program. Yeah Marcus Forston is going to come in as a freshman and dominate grown men. SUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Like my name says (Notindenialcane). I realize that the problems are bigger then they really are.

Where is the discipline? that team flat out quit on the coaches. How about waiting till after the season before you blast the team every week. Va Tech and BC will get that a** next.

Hope & Possibilities:

The QB, whomever it will be, and the team overall, will be more relaxed away from the spotlight of Miami and play better at VT and at BC than at the OB. (We won at Tally.)

Shannon needs to lighten it up this week. The team is playing too tight.

Nix and Walton should be on the sidelines rather than in the upper box to fire up the players (assuming they can).

What was Shannon post game remarks?

Someone has to say it - so I will. Randy Shannon is not the coach for this program. The team reflects him on the field - it's sullen, unemotional, borderline socio-pathic and lacking in any sort of "college competitive" emotion whatsoever.

OMG even in the probation years I saw more bitter determination to "protect the house".

This bunch looks scared to do anything wrong (i.e. fear of Shannon), so they play like a bunch of pee-wee leaguers, sloppy tackling, multiple mistakes on the SAME passing route (can someone cover the damn TE drag?) - heck, I think even UV players though it was spring practice.

What a disgrace...this is not a rookie football program like those owls up the road - 21 seniors?? Where? No leadership, no fire - no nothing.

Randy Shannon needs to take his sullen killjoy monk act and leave Coral Gables - ASAP

I came all the way down here from PA to see these miserable gutless losers disgrace the U, the uniform and the OB. The old Cane players used to say, "When we ran through that smoke, it wasn't a question of IF we would win, but by how many points we would win by" Jerome Brown must be turning over in his grave. In the glory days, our warriors would NEVER have allowed this to happen. There would have been so much emotion in that locker room and on the field that they would have come out and kicked the $hit out of Virginia. Kyle Wrong, go back to Cali. Freeman go back to Texas. Lance Leggett go anywhere. You are a joke. I was behind the bench and there was NO emotion. Where is the Big Bad Canes defense? Oh yeah, INVISIBLE. I hope Tim Walton got NO sleep like I did, because I kept seeing that F'ing tight end screen pass over and over. Patrick Nix is the new offensive guru??? That's another joke. Hey Pat, did YOU ever hear of a screen pass, OR a pass play between the hash marks? I am a Cane diehard, but I hope we LOSE the next two games because these LOSERS DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN A BOWL GAME. And finally, that fat little piece of garbage "Sellout Donna" and Paul "Where's the buffet table" Dee can kiss my A$$. God Bless the OB Forever.

Honeslty, what would you do in Shannon's position? Kyle Wright is the best option at QB with or without a sprained ankle. Kirby Freeman is obviously not confident enough to lead the offense and then there's Matt Perrelli, a walk-on with practically no experience? So, who do you start?

Pretty awful situation when your best option at QB is a bum ankled, cannon armed Senior who can't get away from the defensive pass rush your fairly experienced O-line can't or just doesn't care to block. By the way if Kyle Wright has let you down, maybe you should talk to the 4-5 guys he hits right in the hands. I remember seeing him under throw some deep passes, but hell when you toss a 50 yard bomb that your "top" receiver couldn't run under you'd probably take some off your next toss up too. It's a two way street, honestly, but a lot of fans are quick to beat up on the QB.

Nix is a good OC, he just needs time to really implement his system. His game plan is most effective with a duel threat QB, much like majority of the top teams in the nation have right now. Marve and Jacory fit in well in his system. They aren't extremely fast, but they can create. Honestly if he was that bad, how did he beat our top 5 Defenses when he was the OC at Ga Tech and make it to the ACC title game last year?

As for defense, I have no comment on that. Just makes me sick.

Anyways, back to what I really wanted to say. The game last night and the entire season results from a collective product. So to blame one current player or coach is childish. Poor coaching from previous seasons lead to poor recruiting and setting up another coach for mediocracy and even failure. Coker's players didn't work out for him, how are they supposed to work for Shannon?

Butch brought in Winners like DJ Williams, "Mount" McKinnie, William Joseph, Frank Gore, etc. What was the one thing they all had in common? They were all cofident and were all winners. These guys were all great, but notice how they aren't even some of the first people that come to mind as former Canes greats.

Butches middle of the pack recruits were better than some of the top recruits Larry landed. Larry was left with championship material, Randy got left with non-bowl eligible material. I guess it's funny how Butch and the Tar Heels punched us in the face in Chapel Hill. He probably laughed behind closed doors at the talent that was across the field that day.

Wait until Shannon brings in the players he wants and needs. Confident winners who aren't afraid to work to be great, just like those former Canes greats I listed and the ones I didn't list too. He might have to break them in early, get them game time and experience so, don't be surprised if he does. Don't be surprised when he's wearing another ring a few years from now either.

Randy did recruit some of this players he has been there for over 5 years. Coordinators recruit!!! Miami was 7-6 last year probably 5-7 this year, which is average. UCF beat NC State and USF beat North Carolina it just shows how these programs are passing UM with good coaching. PLEASE know that Randy recruited & was part of the culture for years.

Morons! O'Brien at NC State is chaging the culture but his team is improving each week unlike the canes. ALSO THIS TEAM HAS GIVEN UP ON RANDY CAUSE AFTER EVERY GAME HE THROWS HIS QBS OR DBS LIKE THE OKLAHOMA GAME UNDER THE BUS. Take some responsibility Coach Shannon & quit blaming the kids. Watch Phillips & Campbell go pro and then who makes any plays for UM. Oh yeah 15 freshman will. Too funny

THE UM KIDS PROVED SOMETHING LAST NIGHT IN FRONT OF THE UM PAST GREATS. THAT THEY WANT TO EMBRASS HIM TO PROVE HIS WAY SUCKS. IMAGINE A PETE CARROLL, BOB STOOPS, OR URBAN MEYER TEAM GIVING UP ON THEM. IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. And Hurtt work at FIU who was 0-12 and now UM 5-5, just proves his word means nothing. UM is average and watch those recruits to go somewhere better.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! UM football doesn't matter any more. I love it! I guess after 3 coaches turned down this job should of been the first sign. Didn't UM fire 2 assistant coaches after going 9-3. Typical Miami people. The dolphins & fiu are winless UM has 5 wins so I guess Miami Northwestern is the best in Dade.

Nice comments Hurtt. I am sure you learned that from Randy your boy. I am sure Bowden, Osborne, Switzer & Hotlz would say that after the game. Oh wait they are white so they must have done it wrong!

Actually Hurtt is a lot like Randy. Was an average player at UM surrounded by tons of talent but now need to coach to justify there lack of talent. Blame the kids what has Hurrt ever do. Loser

Manny please be a true journalist and now ask the returning players at UM what they think of Hurrt's comments! If your not a UM homer you will ask the Head man too

Hurtt should worry about coaching this year's team and maybe work on his X's and O's instead of blaming 19/20 year old college kids. Step up to the table and improve this years team you jack-off. Sounds like Hurtt is a quitter too ... punk a$$!!

I have placed a $500 bounty on the first person to knock Shannon to the ground. Just like the late 80's ... who's up to my challenge?

Suge White,

You are a Puzzy!! Who is your team?

Miami will always matter and no team has been more successful in the last 25 years in college football... They are just down right now, but we will be back Punk Azz

I have a message for Clint Hurtt - your recruits are jumping ship! Pat Johnson decommitted, Marcus Robinson decommitted, and that's just the start. If Jacory Harris and Aldarious Johnson have any brains, they'll abandon this sinking ship as well. Watch for Robert Marve to transfer, too. Your quarterback next year - Kirby Freeman! Your backup? Who knows! Welcome back to the sewer of college football. 2, 3 win seasons for the next 10, 15 years.

I have a message for Clint Hurtt - your recruits are jumping ship! Pat Johnson decommitted, Marcus Robinson decommitted, and that's just the start. If Jacory Harris and Aldarious Johnson have any brains, they'll abandon this sinking ship as well. Watch for Robert Marve to transfer, too. Your quarterback next year - Kirby Freeman! Your backup? Who knows! Welcome back to the sewer of college football. 2, 3 win seasons for the next 10, 15 years.

Posted by: J.T. | November 11, 2007 at 11:55 PM

Patrick Johnson has not decommitted and neither has Marcus Robinson...idiot.

As much as I hate to say it....I think the coaches failed to get them ready. The players got to make plays like catch the ball, but there were so many just stupid mistakes. Case in point....following a Va touchdown the ball was kicked to us and it was clearly going out of bounds. The kid back there tried to field it at the 3 and his momentum carried him out. So we start at the 3 not the 40. That kind of mistake just defies imagination....is anyone giving these kids a basic foundation of how to play the game? I would love to see them prove me wrong and win just one of the next two games, but I am not going to hold my breath. They really should not go to bowl this year anyway...I am just too embarassed. They should instead do what the past championship teams did...work out on their own.

Oh shit. Rumor is spreading around campus like a wildfire that Robert Marve has asked to be released from his scholarship and is planning on transferring to Auburn. What next?? Manny, if you're still up and about, what do you know about this?????

Joel your a tool and please get off Randy's 80's jock. My team is who ever plays UM loser. If all these recruits are so solid then why are they still taking visits to other schools. Also loser Joel just watch ESPN do they even show UM high-lights, oh yeah they don't have any high-lights. Now go to sleep so you can wake up for your lawn service job or report to your parole officer. Like I said UM football only matters to low-lifes like you JOEL! Are you Billy Joel!

Joel, actually Nebraska has more wins over the last 25 years than UM. UM does led in arrests and drama. Oh yeah UM also leds in player's murdered! Nice stat & nice city!

Was Luther Campbell at the Orange Bowl on Saturday? Like his career UM football is all washed up too. I think Virginia just scored again oh no it was Oklahoma scoring again. Isn't Randy's fortay defense. Didn't Shannon mention last week about possible winning the ACC. Damn is he dumb. Blame your QB's for everything. Pat Nix did coach Reggie Ball too, wierd does all the QBs he coach suck. Can all those QBs be bad or is it the common thing, the coaching. Hey Shannon Phillips & Campbell will be 1st rounders next year & they got worse under you. But blame Coker! I heard Coker is the reason Virginia won. Loser cane fans look at your coaches' bio's they have no D-IA experience. Oh wait Nix coached at that power G-Tech!

I purposely leave letters & misspell words for you UM fans. Cause I know your so educated. wink wink! I bet all those former criminals I mean canes loved watching the canes on Saturday night at that dump called the orange bowl. Who would win UM vs. Miami Northwestern? Oh yeah good luck beating Va Tech & BC! Loserssssssssss!

I just was told Randy has 3 children from 3 different woman. Is this true? What a good man to lead young men. Now I know why he always blames the white man I mean the quarterbacks after games. Watch out Nix your gonna be the scapegoat after the season. Get it? Nevermind you people are stupid. Go Virginia Tech I can't wait to watch the canes get beat. Will UM score this weekend? Joel you are still a loser and quit using the free computer at your parole officer's office

Cane fans I can't wait to see you all in Orlando for UM's bowl game. That is when Northwestern plays for the state title. Your hopes are all on 17 & 18 year olds for next year. I am sure LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, USC, Ohio State are all counting on 22 freshman to win next year. Virginia just scored again!

Manny how does Hurtt know anything about recruiting he coached at FIU last year and since Coker gets blamed for all the poor recruits this year when did Hurtt recruit. And wasn't Futch kicked off his team this year. Oh yeah lets depend on him for next year. If Coker recruited all the present players what did Randy do from December til August the last six years? Oh wait Randy recruited the good players and Coker recruited the bad ones. So typical of randy not to stand up and take some accountability. Randy you set a great example Papa Smurf with all your kids

I think Miami's defensive GA is white with gold teeth and tattoos. He was hired by Randy but lets blame Coker

Sugewhite, you are one funny dude. Everything you said was dead on....Miami fans are in denial. After the other night they should be calling for Randy's head. If Randy was white everyone would be asking for his head.

Here is a coaching staff that their main selling point to dade county recruits and their parents is "you must help the brother out, we have never been in a position like this before", Miami fands got what they wanted...One of their own. Problem is they could have hired someone that actually knew how to motivate his own players. Bobby Petrino exposed Randy's defense and it has never been the same. If Miami was smart they would make a clean sweep this off-season and start from scratch...Some will say...oh we will lose recruits. That is already happening. When those NW kids go somewhere else...BLAME COKER.

We can still beat VaTech!!!! The Northwestern kids will be bring the proper attitude that will be contagious.

This team, attitude, demeanor, and overall mind-set are the left over from Larry Coker. He did not recruit well at all. First he screwed over Derrick Cruddup and he brought in players that should be playing for FIU or FAU. Randy will need 2-3 years of recruiting to get UM back on track. Talk about firing him is just stupid. Now I do agree we need to take a look at our scheme on defense. Playing man is great, but the great Tony Dungee said this “you get more picks in zone." Well why is that coach “it is because your defenders are looking at the QB and they can react to the ball instead of the receiver." Upgrades are always needed.

I am so glad this was the last game at the OB.. This is where the real canes played football. This is scared ground and was clearly evident that this team does not get or deserve such an honor. I sorry the OB didn't close one game earlier so the disgusting spectacle didn't occur. This team desreves to play parking in a Publix parking lot as they couldn't even beat a 3A high school team. Hell, if they played in the parking lot at Publix'S they would have to huddle in the handicap spaces because they are braindead. When I was at the OB I thought someone had run over a shunk, but then I realized it was just the Miami football team shinking the place up. Proplayer Stadium is a fit place for the Canes. Just think about it, the Dolphins and Canes, the 2 biggest losers and jokes in the collegiate and professional football world together.

This whole 'culture' thing cracks me up. Didn't Randy recruit before he was named head coach? If i'm correct he's been at the school for quite a few years now..

Who's Clint Hurtt?. Manny, it seems you really like this guy. The real reason he doesn't wear his Championship Ring is because he had NOTHING to do with it. All his time here he was either totally out of shape or hurt.He talks a big game, but can't back it up. He ain't Greg Mark, who was a REAL ALL-AMERICAN 3 times, and a hell of a defensive line coach. All Clint does is look for TV or paper exposure. notindenialcane you're totally right. What has Randy done the last 6 years?. Wasn't he the recruiting coordinator the last 2 years.
It's easy to blame Coker for everything bad, but guys I have news for you, he's being mentioned as Butch's offensive coordinator for next year. One more thing, how would have the press reacted had Coker
openly criticized players like Randy and Clint do?.

Ok Fu@k Fat Ass Dee and that midget President. Between the 2 of them they have brought this program to a downfall. Give Perry and Joker contract extension when no other team would have wanted them was a joke. Now you want to take us out of our home to make an extra million. here a tip. stop wasting our university money. I will not go to every game like i have for the past 12 years. i refuse to pay $20 for parking and $10 for a hotdog. You guys are all scum. I wonder how much kickback did that other liar dolphin owner give you to pocket. you guys should be investigated. I hope you all disappear forever!!

Canester, Your daddy must be al sharpton cause you whine just like him. Skin color has nothing to do with a good or bad coach. Let me go out on a limb here and assuage myself of any guilt failings. Shannon sucks!!!! BTW, I see more criticism of KW and KF than of Shannon. Get over your pathetic, oh woe is me victim mentality. Because your mind is probably always on the subject of black & white you are the real racist, and you know it.

Anybody know what the extent of COOPER's INJURY is????

I predict within one month we will all turn on each other, like the dogs we are!!!!!

"OMG even in the probation years I saw more bitter determination to "protect the house".

That says it all,

So much for Randy Shannon's disipline and no names on the jerseys, nothing working.

We lost Stoops, Kehoe, Cristobal, Curtis Johnson, Dan Werner, the list goes on and on.

We have Marquis Mosley? Fat Joe Panunizio?, Wesley McCriff?, Mr. Pick Nix? Who are these bums? Coaching helps guys!!!!

Randy is the culture! He has turned Miami into a Midwest team. Anybody who has coached knows you don't put a tightend a kick-off returner, why not Cooper at kick-off returner. No one plays man unless you can get pressure, Randy's d-line stinks and his d-line coach is a loser. And Crudup got screwed, sure is that why he an Arena2 qb now.

JOEL, where have you been all day? It is the PUZZY, remember me loser. Oh wait you must be working your low grade job or picking up cans to support your drug habit. Joel make sure you clean up after you leave Randy's office, now I know why Randy isn't married. Your his BEEEtch!

Those assistant coaches are like the who is who of coaching. Right!? No they are all nobodys cause Randy has no friends in coaching. He is a loner and runs from everything. Just like after every game he blames his players. Really standup Randy! Didn't he run from his families problems. I am sure any good parent would send there kid to him. Randy Virginia scored more points on your team than any other score in 3 seasons. LOSER!!!! Randy needs his recruits? What a joke.

Joel, at least you can speak to Randy in the unemployment line, loser!

Pat Nix SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo zbobby,


Randy Shannon did NOT recruit Warren Sapp. If you are going to post on this blog, at least have accurate facts. Pop cuchi pop op that cuchi baby ..... GO CANES

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