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If you can stay up late...

I'll be more than happy to do our live Q&A tonight. But you are going to have to give me more time. I know, I know. I postponed it a day already. But I just got into my hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico and still need to write a men's hoops story and get it to my editors before 10 p.m.

As soon as I'm done, I'm all yours. And I plan on answering any and all questions you've already left me -- no matter how long it takes. I'll let you know when I'm available later tonight.


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What is going on with recruiting, we've got all these guys taking trips, who is in? Who is out?

Hey Manny,

How bout them BULLDOGS?!!!!!!!!!!

Also what do you think about swaseys program and the fact that the team sacrifices size for a speed factor that doesn't seem like an adavntage in games, Now we are not only the smaller, weaker team when we hit the field, we are also slow. Places where speed should be a factor (special teams) we can't break one, or cover kicks fast enough.

I swear we are small, we have maybe 3 physically impressive players on the team, and under 10 guys that bench 400 pounds or better, while schools like LSU has over 40 (former wieght training coach moffit is at LSU) Your thoughts please, Thanks

any news on Streeter announcing next week?

If we were RS, you would be benched and thrown under the bus despite your usual excellent work...

So way to let us all down, you obviously dont have what it takes to be a true cane...

I remember earlier in the season Randy Shannon made a statement that the recruits did not trust the coaching staff, and then he quickly back-pedaled and said that they were learning to trust the coaches (or something to that affect). Do you think the players have any problem with any of the current coaches, and if so do you think there will be any turnover in the offseason (if so who?)?

Manny it's all good you the best of the best man. My questions what’s up with Doug Wiggins lately? Also why are Norte Dame commits solid, but Hurricanes have 5-7 soft commits? Who do you think will be a surprise commit to the canes?

Are there any "must haves" out there for the Hurricanes, or do you think this recruiting class is sufficient how it is?

how do you think Kyle will respond to the bad game he had ?

One more question for you Manny. I have read on some of the blogs that there have been rumors floating around that Marve might be thinking of transfering. At first I thought nah that has to be some hater, but now that I think about it I remember after his arrest there was supposed to be a press conference and Shannon said that Marve was going through a lot and dealing with family issues. Do you think there might be any truth to this rumor? I don't know why he would want to transfer the way people talk about him around here I half expect to see him walk across lake Osceola.

Manny...next year when the Hurricanes move to Miami Herald Field at Canespace Stadium who will be there first opponent?

The recruits are soft commits cause Randy has no history being a head coach like Weiss who has put Notre Dame in two BSC games. Oh yeah and Notre Dame hasn't any players murdered recently and I believe Notre Dames coaches have all proven backgrounds.

Manny how is the Rum?

Manny, any surprises on the recruiting?


Do you think any canes have any problems with the current coaches. Hell Yes! They hate Clint Hurtt and if any player doesn't do well Randy benches em instead of coaching them. I know of more than 6 canes looking to transfer. Randy is a poor gameday coach and doesn't put his kids in position to be successful. I think Oklahoma game proved that and the Pata thing. Everyone knew he had numerous guns for some reason but the coaches didn't know. I doubt that! Remember 2 gun incidents last season with defensive kids involved, who was the DC and I remember most of the fighters in the FIU game were defensive kids. Who was the DC in the FIU game. It is gonna get worse at Miami and when Phillips & Campbell go pro they will talk about how bad UM is now. Believe me. Randy will be exposed like his defense was last year & this year. There is a lot problems inside this program and Randy running to high school kids is a sure tell sign.

Paul Dee is retiring and no one in the Miami media has any balls to ask Randy any truly tough questions. Trust me UM was in better shape under Erickson during his drinking days. The current UM players have no respect for Randy and they showed everyone that by not playing hard against Virginia. They wanted all the old UM players that too.

manny....do you think randy makes any adjustments to the coaching staff in the off season? i would assume he's going to give nix another year to show what he can do with one of our young qb's at the helm, but it's obviously been a bit alarming how this team has regressed, specifically the defense, special teams, and wr corps. do you think walton, pannunzio, and mosely are in trouble?

and a recruiting question, out of streeter, benjamin, and hammond, who do you think rounds out the wr class?

Alright guys. I just finished up with my basketball story. I'm going to start answering questions.

By the way, did any of you check out the interviews I had with Jacory Harris and Jordan Futch last night? I posted the audio this morning before I left for the aiport.

Thoughts on that?

Manny is in Puerto Rico covering UM hoops with the football program about to take on Virginia Tech. Are you kidding me, Manny even knows UM football doesn't matter. So funny! This football program is a shame and too bad these high school recruits don't see it or there high school coaches are Randy's homies. Any kid who goes to Miami is doing themselves a disservice. Trust me! Another .500 ball club at the U. Fire this clown before it gets too out of hand.

Q: Manny, does Patchan ripping the team make it kind of difficult for him to commit when he will be teamates with most of the guys he said are "wasted schollies"?Posted by: Mike | November 13, 2007 at 07:04 PM

A: Mike I asked Jason Fox that question and basically was told off the record that if Patchan comes to Miami his future teammates are going to have a little something special in store for him. I don’t think it will make it any tougher for him thought to commit. I think Patchan is just passionate about the Hurricanes. His dad played for them. It’s the team he grew up rooting for. He just spoke his mind. I think its actually something Randy and UM’s coaches want to see more of. Guys becoming vocal leaders, not letting losses slip under the rug. Those are the guys UM is going after. The old school Canes.

Q: Manny how is the Rum? peace Posted by: solarcane | November 14, 2007 at 09:44 PM

A: Haven't had any yet. But I plan on making my way over to Camp Bacardi on Saturday for a few "taste tests."

Q: What's up Manny. Arthur Brown dropped OU last week. I also heard that he has a good relationship with guys like Patchan, PJ, and Forston. How does the staff feel about him and then consequently his brother? Posted by: SuperCooper | November 13, 2007 at 07:07 PM

A: Sup SuperCoop. Brown is a guy Miami is in the hunt for because of linebackers coach Michael Barrow. He’s the guy who has maintained the relationship with Brown, who likes the family atmosphere at UM. Thing is, I still the Canes are on the outside looking in. Brown, if I’m not mistaken, has his final official lined up for USC. And then, there is that elephant he keeps leaving in the room – Kansas State. My bet is Brown entertains the world, then decides to stay home, trying to make it cool to go to K-State.

What's up with all this talk about our recruits "thinking twice" about commiting to UM. I thought we had some solid commits. Even the soft commits seemed guaranteed. Just rumors or what?

Do you have any insight on any surprise recruits considering the U?

Is there a guy the U must have?

I heard a lot of good things about Cook? What do you think of him?

Why haven't we heard anything about Paul Dee? Isn''t he leaving? Who is gonna replace him?

Q: Forget blaming Randy for past recruiting, do you blame Randy for not trying to adapt his approach and expectations to a team that clearly can't meet them? I mean, Meyer didn't try to get Chris Leak to run the spread like Tebow does because Leak couldn't. Not that the offensive results were great, but at least the team didn't fracture and looked competent (and lucked into a national title even!). I don't fault Randy for being who he is, but doesn't he seem a bit intractable? Do you think he's lost this specific group of players? Posted by: JC | November 13, 2007 at 07:15 PM

A: I think there are simply a specific group of players on this team who cannot handle Randy’s tough love approach. Sam Shields is a perfect example. How many times has Shields gotten in trouble this season? Don’t you think he should have learned by now? How about the guys who simply can’t perform under pressure. As bad as Kirby Freeman has been, he’s basically regressed. That’s pressure. That’s Randy pressure. I talked at length this week with players about the differences between Coker and Shannon and how maybe some players feel this year compared to last year when the Hurricanes were basically in the same position. The bottomline: There are still players on this team afraid of Shannon. And when you are afraid of messing up, you don’t play at your best. Its too late for Shannon to change his ways. The bottomline is the weakest links need to go.

Manny...any injury updates for Kyle or Coop? Are the Canes gonna make any noise in the ACC in round ball this year?

What are your thoughts on Jordan Futch? He seems like a kid with a good head on his shoulders but we do not hear as much about him because he is not at NW or BTW. I will listen to that audio clip. I read he wants to play safety. Is that an option or is the U going to have him play linebacker?

Suge White must be a Seminole or Gator fan.

Suge is most likely a gay-tor fan. Chomp this Suge.

Q: What's up with all this talk about our recruits "thinking twice" about commiting to UM. I thought we had some solid commits. Even the soft commits seemed guaranteed. Just rumors or what? Posted by: 5Ringz | November 14, 2007 at 10:02 PM

A: I'm not sure if you're referring to my line of questioning in the audio interviews or not, but if you are, I simply raise that questions to recruits to see if there are any doubters. My general feeling on this is that there aren't. As bad as the season has been for UM, I think 95 percent of the current commits they have stick and sign with them.
The only current commits I have doubts about are cornerback Patrick Johnson and linebackers Ray Buchanon and Lerentee McCray. The rest of them are coming here.

Can't be a seminole. We beat them and he wouldn't be able to talk $hit. He's a GAYtor. They are a loss or so away from being in our boat.

Hey Manny,

Do you think RS could have transitioned the Canes into his rough and tough philosophy more smoothly? The lopsided losses this season may have more to do with the timid play of players afraid to mess up rather than lack of talent.

What's word on Brandon Harris? If we lose out on PJ shouldn't we charge after Brandon? Not to say that one is better than the other. He isn't commited but is he leaning towards us?

Q: Whats up Manny? How many freshman and sophmores do you think Randy Shannon will play next year? Is this just a tool he is using for recruiting? Also all the recruiting info you can give. Thanks. Posted by: da u | November 13, 2007 at 07:25 PM

A: Let’s break it down (all of this is based on my insight and conversation with UM coaches and staff)…
QB: Redshirt freshman Robert Marve will likely be the starter. Jacory Harris the backup.
RB: Sophomores Graig Cooper, Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers (likely more as a return man)
WR: Redshirt freshman Jermaine McKenzie is going to play – a lot. I’ve also been told Aldarius Johnson, Davon Johnson and Thearon Collier could all play right now if they were on the team.
OL: Sophomore Orlando Franklin will start at right or left guard alongside redshirt sophomore Joel Figueroa. Current freshmen Harland Gunn and Tyler Horne will likely spell at the other guard spot with Horne likely locked into the starting center spot.
DT: Marcus Forston and Micanor Regis would be starting for UM right now if they were there.
DE: Redshirt freshman Adewale Ojomo will absolutely be in the mix for playing time – especially if Calais Campbell leaves.
LB: The starting middle linebacker job will be open. Sophomore Allen Bailey will be the frontrunner if he is not moves to defensive end. Then you have six incoming freshman – many like Northwestern’s Sean Spence – who are more than capable of beating a sloppy Darryl Sharpton and Spencer Adkins out for playing time.
CB: Sophomore DeMarcus Van Dyke will be flanked by true freshman Patrick Johnson (if he comes).
S: Jojo Nicholas is likely good enough to be the third safety after Anthony Reddick and Lovon Ponder – assuming Kenny Phillips leaves.
K: UM is going to bring in a freshman leg. Guaranteed.
That’s how many freshman and sophomores? About 20 playing major roles on this team. That’s a lot.

Q: Manny - everyone is flapping their gums about how the Canes are losing recruits as a result of their struggles. I truly believe that those who want to come to the U to play under Coach SHannon will be here no matter what. Last time I checked, Notre Dame is 1-9, heading into a close "battle" with Duke. Yet no one is talking about them losing out on recruits. What is the difference, if any? Why is the U under pressure with recruiting but ND isn’t? Posted by: TICAL | November 13, 2007 at 07:31 PM

A: Didn’t you know TICAL that god is a Notre Dame fan? He and Regis watch games together on the weekends. Seriously, I’m not sure why Notre Dame doesn’t catch flak about their losing season. I guess because they are Notre Dame – and they are well funded. Well funded programs don’t lose recruits.

And from the "pot calling the kettle black" department...

Ohio State says bad officiating screwed them out of a national title:



Not sure if you saw the UNC Davidson game today but the Tarheels got a little scare today. Do you think this is Miami's year to make a decent run in the ACC? If so, do you think we have the talent to play with anyone in the ACC?

Q: What's word on Brandon Harris? If we lose out on PJ shouldn't we charge after Brandon? Not to say that one is better than the other. He isn't commited but is he leaning towards us? Posted by: 5Ringz | November 14, 2007 at 10:23 PM

A: UM is already charging after Brandon. They want him badly. I think the Canes are also trying very hard to land T.J. Bryant from Tallahassee Lincoln. I'd still consider PJ a UM lean. But he's got his dad in his ear, and you never know what can happen when money is involved.

Do you have a prediction on who will make up the rest of the Canes recruiting class?

Do you have any predictions on how many players that are currently on the team will leave after the season?

Q: Why don't you ask the Hurricanes what color flowers do they want on the caskets? Their season is DEAD! Posted by: Football Fan | November 13, 2007 at 07:38 PM

A: Hate to agree with you Football Fan. But you are right. UM's football season is over in my eyes. These next two games are all about trying to figure out what you have for next season and if you can finish the season with some respect.

I don't think PJ signs with the U, my understanding is his dad does'nt want him to go there, and quit letting him know. Manny hit the nail on head......$$$$$$$...daddy can smell it now.

Q: Not sure if you saw the UNC Davidson game today but the Tarheels got a little scare today. Do you think this is Miami's year to make a decent run in the ACC? If so, do you think we have the talent to play with anyone in the ACC? Posted by: Chris | November 14, 2007 at 10:26 PM

A: Miami can make a decent run, but they aren't on that upper-tier level yet. I predicted a 7th place finish prior to the season. That's likely good enough for the NIT. I think UM finishes 18-12 before the ACC tournament and 19-13 after it before goes into the NIT tournament.

Have we been going after top tight ends like Baldwin and Middleton because we have no quality players there?

Manny what would you have done differently if you were Shannon this year?

Have you ever asked the players what they think of Marve? All of the fans think he's the real deal, do the players see it too?

Q: Manny, here's the question I have. In your opinion, what grade would you give Tim Walton as the DC this year? It seems to me that there is one play each game that the defense just can't adjust to. In the FSU game is was the crossing patterns to Parker, GT it was the counter with the fullback, NCST it was the back out the backfield, and against UVA it was the pass to the TE that used the GT run action, on top of the slants and posts patterns against OU. To me, there is too much talent on this team to constantly get beat by one play every week. Walton had done a poor job this year. Talk me off the ledge. Posted by: caneluvr | November 13, 2007 at 08:12 PM

A: Couldn’t agree with you more caneluvr. Great analysis. I was thinking the same thing last week. In fact, I asked Randy a question about that on Tuesday... But while I think Walton isn’t as good as a defensive coordinator as Shannon, you have to remember he’s playing without two big pieces Shannon had last year – two first round picks by the names of Brandon Meriweather and John Beason. I know both of those guys didn’t necessarily play like first round picks, but there is no doubt they are better than what was left behind this year. That being said, Miami’s linebackers blow coverages on a weekly basis. For all the good McCarthy does in making big tackles, he’s out of position 50 percent of the time on pass plays. Tavares Gooden couldn’t do it either when he was on the outside. UM is in dire need of good linebackers and that’s ultimately why this defense has been as bad as it has been.

Q: Hi Manny… Is it against NCAA "rules" for Jacory to have a UM playbook after his season is over? Posted by: IndianapolisCane | November 14, 2007 at 08:42 AM

A: That’s a good question IndyCane. Not sure. I’ll look into it. By the way, I interviewed Harris on Tuesday. Said he’s trying hard to get into UM early. He’s taking two virtual classes – English IV honors and Economics. If he passes both before the end of November, he’s into UM. But that being said, he may go in a bit injured. He has a hairline fracture on his throwing hand and a deep cut on his knuckles from a hit he took two weeks ago in a win against Hialeah. Harris told me he is in pain and is now wearing a glove to throw passes.

Q: Have we been going after top tight ends like Baldwin and Middleton because we have no quality players there? Posted by: Dre | November 14, 2007 at 10:34 PM

A: I think coaches feel pretty good about Dedrick Epps and his potential. But there's no doubt UM is trying hard to step up its game when it comes to tight ends. I think in the long run, if Tommy Streeter were to come to Miami, that's most likely the position he would eventually get switched to. It's where he would see the field the fastest.

What's word on Tommy Streeter? Heard his father says he is coming to UM. I know he announces next week. Heard anything?

how do you think Kyle is going to step up this week in my opinion i really think everyone is going to step up

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