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If you can stay up late...

I'll be more than happy to do our live Q&A tonight. But you are going to have to give me more time. I know, I know. I postponed it a day already. But I just got into my hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico and still need to write a men's hoops story and get it to my editors before 10 p.m.

As soon as I'm done, I'm all yours. And I plan on answering any and all questions you've already left me -- no matter how long it takes. I'll let you know when I'm available later tonight.


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Q: Hey Manny whats up with this kid from Texas Victor Johnson?? i heard he is is very interested in Miami? Posted by: DeeCane | November 14, 2007 at 11:49 PM

A: UM has a chance. But the Canes need to beat out Oklahoma. I think a scholarship opens up if Patrick Johnson heads elsewhere.

what you didnt like my Damien Berry or Marves height question....I will ban you from San Diego i was planning to hire you as our sports anchor and this is how you treat me

Alright BG, Ron, Solar, 86, Eye on The U Crew and former Legion faithful, it is midnight. And I'm in a beautiful San Juan on the ninth floor of Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino and I haven't had one sip of rum.

It's time to go grab some and take in the ocean breeze! Come back tomorrow if you like. We'll talk more during the hoops game. 11:30 a.m. tipoff against Marist.


Well I would keep Shannon as head coach/defensive coach, Michael Barrow is a great linebackers coach, but when and if Ray Lewis retires he could help out, then have Bennie Blades and Rohan Marley help out the secondary. Jeff Feagles could coach kickers. O-Line defenitely needs Art Kehoe back, and Keep Nix for offensive coach have Bernie Kosar or Jim Kelly coach the qbs. Running backs could be coached by Otis Anderson

Hey Manny, thanks so much, enjoy your stay. Last time I was in San Juan we stayed at the Condado as well, or closet was bigger than some rooms I have stayed in. Hit the casino, I hope you win some money. Enjoy the game and go Canes!

Dream Staff

HC - Randy Shannon
QB - Bernie Kosar
WR - Curtis Johnson
TE/Special Teams - Rob Chudzinski
OLine - Kehoe (Ride or die with him cuz he's a life long Cane)
RB - Don Soldinger
Offensive Coordinator - Gary Stevens
Defensive Coordinator - Dave Wannstedt
DLine - Greg Mark
LB - Michael Barrow
DB - Mark Stoopes


what's your take on the recievers this year? can these guys just not get open? i'm not wondering why these guys aren't andre johnson caliber players, but, with the exception of darnell jenkins, the whole recieving core has made less plays this season than a roscoe parrish or sinorice moss would make by themselves in one year. what's going on?

also, how much do you think playing every home game, besides the texas a&m one, at noon before a sleepy, half-filled stadium had to do w/ the lackluster performances in those games? am i just fishing for reasons here or is this a legitimate beef?

I'd take Rob Chudzinski over Gary Stevens any day of the week at offensive coordinator....just look at the job he's doing in Cleveland.

and I would not let Wannstache come within 3 miles of city limits again.

Dorsey or Steve Walsh would be better QB's coach than Kosar. Bernie should be the new AD.

Randy Shannon should take over the Defense, IMO.

Kehoe would never come back after being fired after a 9-3 season. I think bringing Michael Irvin back is a great idea. He can get the UM kids pumped up on that real Cane (cocaine). I think UM should hire all old Hurricanes back on the staff. Rohan Marley as the special teams coordinator, I can see all the kickers high as kites. How about hiring Kellen Winslow Jr. as a SID (that is sports information director, morons) so he can handle all the interviews.
And lastly the Mark Stoops idea is actually a great idea except as the Head Coach. He really did all the adjustments for Randy during games. Plus I think Stoops is a big name in coaching, right up there with Shannon, lol. Do you not realize no one wanted this HC job last year except old dried up Criminals I mean Canes.


The UM coaches already gave you insight on who will have major roles next year. I am sure Florida, FSU, USF, UCF, LSU, Oklahoma or any other winning staff is doing the same thing. Wink Wink I heard Belichik is already thinking of who he is drafting. Randy is a loser and next year's excuse will be "we're playing a lot of young kids". Randy "Excuses" Shannon

Why don't they hire some high school coaches cause that is all you losers talk about. I am sure the old Northwestern staff need jobs!

I heard Game Day is going to Blacksburg to cover the game cause both teams matter. Oh wait that is from 2001, my bad. UM I heard your bowl is verse Boston College. Cane's fans I hope you know your team has more athletes than BC, NC & NC State but will lose or have lost against all of them. Oh yeah and more players to go in the 1st round. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The answer is your lame azz coaching staff. Those schemes are cutting edge, in 1989!

Manny...great stuff last night during the LIVE chat. You ROCK!

Enjoy Puerto Rico and see you next Tuesday night from 8-9 PM on Canespace.


Your a f*cking loser who is talking about February the season isn't over. Oh wait it is for you loser. Canes blow and you probably blow them.

Posted by: Suge White | November 14, 2007 at 09:11 PM

That's exactly why I'm talking about February. Do you have anything intelligent to say you f*cking p*ssy? If not shut your m0therf*cking mouth you f*cking coward.

Hey Manny, say hello to some of those Beautiful Puerto Rican women, I love them. I got one at home right now and I CAN SAY boy can she cook. Puerto Rican women are so nice!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what I hate? ... When the "U" gets a bad rap for everything while other schools do not even get a headline.

Here are some examples and with all these examples, please think about how the press would blow these events way out of proportion because it is the Canes:

What if Maurice Clarett would have been a Cane and done all those crimes?? They propobly would have taken the championship away from us.

What if Rhett Bomar the QB from Oklahoma played for UM and got caught taken money?

What if the shootings at Virginia Tech happened on the UM campus??? (god forbid) Coaches would have used that against us in recruiting.

What if Miami was 1-9 just like Notre Dame?

What if Reggie Bush played at the "U" and got caught taking cash him and his family??

Bernie Kosar for AD...
Smart, savvy, X Cane...
I don't think he could pullit though. I'm sure he's too busy with his new franchise.

All those freshman and soph starting next year....Randy will end up having a worse team next year. Randys tough love.....What crap is that. You cant just decide to be tough on kids that were already under your watch. Now he gets tough with these kids...What happened the past six years under his watch. Unreal....Tough Love....Randy is not dealing with kids that have drug addictions.

Suge White, your so lame dude.

Hey Manny if you are staying at Condado Plaza, beautiful place by the way, you need to go have dinner right down the street at a place called Ropa Vieja, ask the concierge they'll let you know where is at, believe me you will not regret it, and if you do go get started with the Malanga soup, best soup I've ever had.

Thanks for the response Manny! As you can tell im a Jacory fan

Talk all the sh*t you want your a loser just like your team. Saturday night while I am drinking champagne you will be beating your boyfriend after the Canes lose. Loser. The Canes blow fag and your talking recruiting like your a high school kid. Any day & any time if you think I am a coward.

I saw your post was 8:55am, it must suck waking up and having to work. Some of us don't need jobs but my new job is messing with you. Loser Tranie


I am lame, what are 15 years old calling someone lame. Everything I say is true except I thought Texas A&M would beat UM but hell there coach is getting fired. The bottom line is all you LAME cane fans talk recruiting while your LAME season is still going on. Your a joke and your team was average last year and sucks this year. All facts tool!

Talk all the sh*t you want your a loser just like your team. Saturday night while I am drinking champagne you will be beating your boyfriend after the Canes lose. Loser. The Canes blow fag and your talking recruiting like your a high school kid. Any day & any time if you think I am a coward.

Posted by: Suge White | November 15, 2007 at 03:08 PM

I know you're a f*cking coward, you f*cking p*ssy. You come here and talk all this sh*t behind a computer. I'll give you my address and my phone # and I'll kick your m0therf*cking teeth in.

I saw your post was 8:55am, it must suck waking up and having to work. Some of us don't need jobs but my new job is messing with you. Loser Tranie

Posted by: Suge White | November 15, 2007 at 03:15 PM

Not the work I do. It's an acronym and I'll be more than happy to show you what I do.

Suge White, why haven't I seen you in the past months, but in past two weeks all see u been doing is bitching and moaning about Randy and the Team. Post all the $h!t u got, but dude get a life.

suge white is such a wannabe tough guy. bragging about champagne? youve seen too many videos son. makes you sound like just another big talker who dreams big but lazes thru life intimately aware that the welfare check doesnt quite cover the high life. another internet superman.

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