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Live Q&A postponed to Wednesday

Hate to do this to our weekly tradition, but I'm postponing our live Q&A segment until I arrive in Puerto Rico tomorrow night for the men's basketball tournament. I have a couple stories I'm working on and can't spare the time.

But feel free to leave me your questions and thoughts below so I'll have something to work with when I finally get around to it tomorrow night.

A couple observations from this week...
- I got to agree with my homeboy Shandel on the fact Canes fans and coaches are putting an awful lot of stock into next year's recruiting class (Yes, that Shandel. I'm not afraid to say it. We read each other's stuff in this business. It's part of the job to know what the other guy is saying). I know many of you are smart enough to realize this team's problems are not going to be fixed overnight. But I also know many of you are counting on next year's recruiting class to come in and turn this team around in puff of a magic. Not going to happen. This is going to be a tough stretch for UM football and you have to be ready to endure it. I don't think UM will contend for the ACC title until the 2009 season. Next year is still part of the rebuilding process.

- I know many of you have asked about how much blame Randy Shannon should get for the lack of talent on this team since he was defensive coordinator and involved in the recruiting process. Here's my take... don't blame him too much. I spoke with Canesport editor Gary Ferman today and several others close to the program in the last couple of weeks about this topic and the sense I got is that Shannon as defensive coordinator didn't spend as much time as other assistants going out recruiting. For the most part, he signed off on the defensive guys after other assistants took the first gander. Ultimately, it was Coker who signed off on kids and had the final say. After speaking to coach Clint Hurtt, my uderstanding is each coordinator -- Tim Walton and Patrick Nix -- doesn't spend a lot of time recruiting like the assistants do because they spend more time breaking down film and game-planning during the week.

- Anyway, to be fair, I asked Shannon today during his press conference what exactly his role was in recruiting and he gave me a long winded answer in which he hinted he was partially responsible for some of the bigger names on this team -- Kenny Phillips, Jason Fox, Javarris James, Anthony Reddick, Sam Shields, to name a few. But what he didn't mention were the flops on this team.