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Sean Taylor RIP

He's gone. Sean Taylor passed away this morning from the gunshot wound he suffered to his groin early Monday morning. I've been working on this story since I woke up today and have had no time to share my thoughts with you. And I won't until I can get some of these stories done.

I went to Gulliver Prep today and spoke to school officials and had a 2-hour lunch with Randy Shannon along with Herald Writer Susan Miller Degnan. Lots to share. But for now, I'll leave you with a place to pour your thoughts into after this tragedy.

Reminder, tonight I'll also have a Live Q&A from 8 to 9 p.m. That is tentative. But I'll try to be here on time.


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RIP Sean... you were a warrior on the field trying to change your life off of it, who succumbed to the act of a coward.

Out, out, brief candle, life is but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.


What hurts the most is that other people take this tragedy and try to turn it into a bad image for both UM and the city of MIAMI.

One of my favorite players may he RIP.

I don't know why I get amazed at what asses the media are but here's another example.


Sign this petition and stop watching PTI or anything else that loser Wilbon does



RIP Sean Taylor #1, 26, 21

It was a privilege to play on the same field with you, to see all God's gifts you were blessed with in action. You were the greatest ever at the HS and college level. With more time you would have been the greatest ever in the NFL. I looked up to you. The attitude. The swagger. The desire to be the best. The rainbow visor. The mixed colors of wrist tape. The tape on the face-mask. The finger tape. The hits. The returns. The District Championship. Taking over games. 1. 26. 21. That was you. Who I wanted to be. You were an inspiration. I hope you can look down now and see how many lives you touched.

"I just take this job very seriously. It's almost like you play a kid's game for a king's ransom. And if you don't take it serious enough, eventually one day you're going to say, 'Oh, I could have done this, I could have done that.' So I just say, 'I'm healthy right now, I'm going into my fourth year, and why not do the best that I can?' "
-Sean Taylor

dccane, with all due respect, especially today, give it a rest, please. U remind me of the old Cubans in Miami who are always looking for communists under every rock. Nothing wrong with the article, or Wilbons opinion, or the perpective from which he gives them. Loosing ST is a tradgedy. His family is obviously in pain. Who cares whether he had turned his life around or not. He is dead. Life wasted. An unfathonable shame.

I am a lifelong Redskins fan and Miami Hurricanes fan. Sean will be missed by fans everywhere. It is so sad to see someone finally turning around his life and to have it so brutally taking away from him in an instant. He was a tremendous player and I will always remember him not just for the hits on the field, but for teaching me how fragile life is off the field. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I hope they catch the person's involved and bring them to justice. RIP SEAN TAYLOR!!!


I totally disagree with you.

Rest in peace Sean Taylor, you were more than just an amazing football player, but a great person. My prayers are with the families and friends of Sean Taylor. Playing the safety position for a D3 team here in Ohio, I looked up to Sean Taylor for many years. I wanted to be like him when I played the game of football. Through this tragic event, I have come to realize that anything can happen at any point through your lifetime, never take anything for granted, Going into my senior year next fall, Im going to not only try to become half the man Sean was on the field, but try to be as great of a man off of it too. R.I.P. Sean Taylor You will Never be Forgotten

We as fans, players, and the community as The U will always remember U as family. R.I.P. #26

God bless Sean Taylor. One of the best. Sad to see this happen.

Manny, your favorite moment of Sean's career on or off the field?

Q: Manny, your favorite moment of Sean's career on or off the field? Posted by: SuperCooper | November 27, 2007 at 06:41 PM

A: That interception in the rain against FSU. I think he ran it back for a touchdown. Tremendous play.

I know this is going to sound like grandstanding, but ST truly was my favorite CANE. Among my memories of Sean will be all the knock out hits that he delivered away from the ball. When I was in the OB, I never took my eyes off that guy, 'cause I knew at any moment he'd make a play or blast someone.

I have also cringed at the hubris of the media who can't seem to wait for the opportunity to bring up the poor decisions of a young man while Sean was fighting for his life. All we can do is honor Sean with our condolences and rise above their reckless comments.

We'll Miss You 26!

rip Sean Taylor...you'll always be my favorite cane

So manny, do you see any new commitments coming for Football.


Whats your take on certain sports writers writing negative comments about athletes like Sean Taylor the same day as their death? Seems extremely tastless and unprofessional to me.

Sean's lawyer was just on Bill O'Reilly. He has some interesting info and believes that the shooter was related to the group that Sean dealt with in 05 when he was arrested. It will be replayed at 11 pm on fox if you want to watch.

So Manny i know its very early but what is your prediction on our football record next year.

To those quick to judge...especially those of you who have never left the burbs or would never take the time to speak, to and understand and know a person cause they ain't like you...go on and do your thing...let's see how understanding they'll be when you find yourselves in a predicament. To the family of Sean Taylor, celebrate a life, I'm sure he wouldn't want to see yall down. He wasn't the type of dude to stay down. Try to make something positive out of this. He's gone but yall gotta keep livin. And to all the young men in Miami...learn from this. As HARD or as THUG as you may think you are you ain't INVINCIBLE. Life is too fragile. And believe it or not...your decisions affect way more people than just you. People you ain't even thinkin about, people you might not know. So please instead of mourning let's try learning. I love you Sean Taylor. Thank you for all the great Saturdays. The Bottom will miss you. R.I.P. #26 Taylor Fam...Stay up and GOD bless you and yours.

i don't even know what to say, i just keep staring at the same web page that i initially got the news from this morning. i don't know what i am looking for exactly but i just can't believe or don't want to believe he is gone. because of his distrust of the media most people don't have much of an idea of who he truly was. unfortunatly, it has taken this tragedy to occur in order to find out that this was a man of much good. many people will gain an appreciation for him and his good deeds and realize they judged him incorrectly. the sad thing is had he lived into adulthood many people around him would have benefited through his kindness.

Does anyone else find Ms. Garcia's story a little fishy?

I still can't believe I'm actually writing in memory of Sean Taylor. Ever since I played against him when he was at Gulliver I knew Sean was something special. He scored every time he touched the ball including one of the most amazing TD catches I have ever seen. Diving, his body parallel to the ground Superman style, into the endzone just as the ball, which I thought was overthrown by 20 yards, arrives to make the over the shoulder catch. That's when I realized we were in trouble because Gulliver had Superman on their team. On a block on an INT he destroyed one of my buddies in the hardest hit I've ever seen. The hit was so hard it broke the chinstrap on my buddies helmet and the helmet went flying 10 landing yards away. Me and my teammates stood over the helmet in awe because we'd never seen anything like it. My friend had to go to the hospital and still doesn't remember that hit to this day but after the game Sean went over to our coach and asked to make sure that #82 was ok. He was a man among boys and I am proud to have shared the field with him.

I was lucky to have enrolled at Miami the same year Sean started playing and I always looked for #26 and he never disappointed. It was great playing ball with/against him in the Wellness Center and seeing how amazing an athlete he was. Every time a pass came across the middle you held your breath because you knew he was going to make the INT or knock out the receiver. His '03 game against FSU in the rain was unbelievable. I've never seen a safety take over a game like Sean did that day and it made it that much sweeter to be wearing his jersey. I didn't even have to trash talk that day, I just pointed to the #26 on my chest and they had no reply. He was my favorite player to ever come through the U and I will continue to wear his green #26 jersey forever. Superman died today but he will never be forgotten. R.I.P Sean. You will be missed.

I have wanted all day to post somewhere, I have had this incredible sadness within me. I watched Sean Taylor play football on TV but never in person. When I lived in Lake Worth, I had a one year old when Sean started for UM, and I just never felt comfortable taking him to the games there. I watched every game I could cause he and the rest of those Canes, were as talented as it gets. I can remember Sean flying across the field to nab a Chris Rix floater or two. As a college safety, I felt there was none better.

I moved near DC in 2004. I couldn't believe my luck. Clinton Portis, Sean Taylor, then Santana Moss and Rocky McIntosh for the Skins. Sean was always a stand up guy at UM and now the media were saying he was some rogue. But no one doubted that when he stepped on the field, he was the best player on it almost every week he played.

Initially, he didn't get the credit for it. Gibbs is a Shula type guy. He wanted both the great athlete and the great person. So it took awhile for Sean to be that guy. And eventually he was, with the birth of his daughter and his natural maturation with age. Skins fans adored him again.

This year, I was psyched. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed in Baltimore, Willis Magahee added to the Ravens. Rocky becomes a starter for Skins, and they are teams full of Hurricane pride in my new hometown.

The Ravens tank behind McNair, and the skins get off to the fast start. Sean is doing great here. Then he gets hurt and the Skins play well but struggle. Everyone is waiting for Sean to come back in time for the playoffs.

And then, and I disagree with what other people say, because I believe this story is a city of Miami thing, this great player, this maturing human being, gets brutally killed in his own home while sleeping. As a former resident of Miami, I have heard this story so many times, read it in the papers, know it is true because it is Miami, and not because it makes any sense.

I was born in Jackson Memorial Hospital over fifty years ago. Sean Taylor died there yesterday. The place of my birth became the final resting place of an incredible young man. He set the state scoring record as a running back at Gulliver prep, and unselfishly switched to safety when he went to Miami and realized they needed athletes on the field. Sean Taylor could have rushed for 2000 yards but he felt his team needed him at a different position, and readily switched. He was unselfish. To read some protray him as a hedonistic human being defunct of character is painful to me and all UM fans.

I don't cry easily, but I must admit to crying more these past 24 hours than I want to admit. It has been really tough here in DC. For those Miami fans who have shown class, during this time, thank you. For you others, well, sorry, but go to hell. Sean deserved nothing less than our sincerest condolensces.

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