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Sean Taylor showing good signs

I just got home from Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Ryder Trauma Center where I spoke with family and friends of former Hurricanes safety Sean Taylor, who was shot early Monday morning at his home in Palmetto Bay by intruders.

His father, Pete Taylor, said around 7:30 p.m. tonight that his son is showing good signs, responding to doctors who were asking him to squeeze his hand. He's also moving parts of his face. This is great, great news for Taylor, who was listed in critical condition this afternoon after losing a lot of blood when the artery near his groin was severed.

The fear has been that Taylor lost so much blood it would affect his brain. I'm not a doctor and nor will I pretend to be. But from my conversations with his family today and from what they were hearing from doctors, Taylor was in serious trouble. Several sources told me it did affect his brain. To what extent, we won't know until doctors release that information. I spoke to Taylor's cousin, Anthony Leon Sr. and Anthony Leon Jr., a safety at Florida State as well as his cousin Emory Williams, a defensive tackle who played at Gulliver Prep in 2004 (CHECK OUT SOME AUDIO IN OUR UM AUDIO SECTION). All of them we're pretty worried about Sean and said they were told this would be "a long road back to recovery." But they say Sean is a fighter and will pull through this.

There were dozens of family members and friends at the hospital waiting downstairs for any news including the parents of former Hurricane Antrel Rolle, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, agent Drew Rosenhaus and running back Clinton Portis. Taylor's family said they are greatful for all of the support they are receiving as well as the well wishes.

The more troubling issue for me in all this, is that it is apparent there may have been warning signs this was coming. According to our Herald reporters and police records, someone also broke into Taylor's house between 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17 and midnight Sunday Nov. 18, by prying open a front window. No one was home at the time. The burglar entered several rooms in the house, rifled through drawers, and a safe in Taylor's bedroom. The police report says it was ''unknown'' whether anything was taken. In that incident, someone left a kitchen knife on a bed in Taylor's house, according to the police report.

I'm no detective, but those are signs this may have been an attack and not just a robbery. We'll have to wait until Taylor recovers and is able to tell police who his attackers were, if he can remember and if he can describe them. Hopefully, the police will not let this case slip through its fingers the way Bryan Pata's murders remain at large.