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Sean Taylor shooting (updated)

Another sad day in University of Miami football history. As many of you already know, former Hurricane and current Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was shot at his Palmetto Bay home early this morning by an intruder at around 2 a.m. and is currently in critical condition at Ryder Trauma Center in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The Herald is working the story hard. Since I covered Taylor since his playing days at Gulliver Prep in Coral Gables, I've been trying to find out as much information as I can through my high school connections. Here's what I've found out.

Sean_taylorAccording to family and friends, Taylor was at home with his girlfriend and their young daughter Jackie when he heard a noise in the back of the home. He went to investigate and was supposedly shot in the groin, in an area where a lot of arteries are. The gunshot by the intruder caused him to lose a lot of blood. According to my sources, the injuries sustained caused so much loss of blood, it has affected his brain and Taylor is expected to have "a long road back to recovery." My sources said Taylor's playing career is likely over.

The Washington Times blog Redskins 360 has quoted Chris Cooley saying Taylor is in a coma. "That's the word," Cooley told the Times when asked to confirm if the team was told of Taylor's condition. "Santana's mom has been with him, and the news is that he has been in surgery for like six hours this morning and in a coma right now. It's a fight right now. Everyone's prayers are with Sean. You hope for the best. He's a strong person."

UPDATE: According to reports, nothing was stolen from Taylor's home, which means this could have been an attempted murder.

Taylor, 24, has made a living jarring receivers in the secondary for the Redskins and his jersey remains as popular as ever with Hurricanes fans. But lately, he had gotten into a bit of trouble including in 2005 for waving a gun at people he thought had stolen his car. I know folks automatically assume that means Taylor was a gangster or some guy that was hanging with the wrong crowd.

But according to his cousin, Florida State safety Anthony Leon, Taylor was trying to shed those friends he grew up with in Florida City. Leon, who told me has spent his morning crying and praying from his dorm room in Tallahassee, said Taylor had "started to calm down."

"He's been trying to stay away from bad company -- especially for his daughter's sake," Leon told me. "Sean wasn't a bad guy at all. He's got his personality on the football field and off it. All he was trying to do was protect his family. And they shot him."

Gulliver assistant coach Ron Butler told me Taylor had stopped by Gulliver before the start of the season and often visited the school to speak to the team and to school administrators. Leon said he spoke to Taylor before the start of the season, "he told me just to keep trying hard, focus, that I was going to make it just like him."

Taylor was an absolute beast on the football field at Gulliver. He set a state record in 2000 when he scored 44 touchdowns in the Raiders' 2000 state championship season. He went to UM and tore it up, finishing second in the NCAA in interceptions in 2002 and making highlight reel hits on a usual basis. I was there at the beach house in the Keys the day he got drafted and I remember how happy he and his father were, hugging, celebrating. Taylor always had a confidence about himself that rubbed some people the wrong way, like if he was arrogant. I always just saw him as a kid who was proud of his accomplishments and determined to make it in life. He never seemed to have a problem with authority and he was always good to me about doing interviews when he was younger.

I just hope he makes it. The Hurricanes and this community cannot take another tragic death, especially for a guy who it appears was trying to clean up his act off the field and simply take care of his family. After what happened to Bryan Pata last year and Kevin Everett earlier this season, the Canes could use a little luck here and have Taylor get out of this OK.

"Folks around here are real shaken up," Butler said. "He's an icon around here. It's a tough day."


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My thoughts and prayers are with this Hurricane Legend!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to ST and his family!

Manny, you need to say something to your colleagues who wrote that breaking article about the ST shooting! What is the benefit of posting his address, the value of his home, and whats up with the multiple links to his off field run-ins with the NFL and police???????????

He's fighting for his life RIGHT NOW! And your paper posts almost 10 links of irrelevant and negative info about the victim! When is the madness going to stop...ITS DISGUSTING to demonize him (especially at this time).

In addition to the Pata tragedy, let us not forget Chris Campbell and Al Blades. Thank god for Kevin Everette's luck in recovery. Hopefully, Sean Taylor will see the same luck.

The press are insensitive idiots.

Unbelievable, man. Another Hurricane’s career cut short. He was getting so good, too. I wanted to have the top 2 safeties in the NFL, him and Ed Reed. This sucks. Hopefully he can live a normal life though. God help and bless Sean Taylor.

Thanks Manny! I am sure that your the best to keep us up to date on shawn's condition...

Yeah, what the heck is the Herald thinking? I know his address is public info accessible thru a particular county agency but you've got a girl and an infant now living in a $900,000 house alone with the man of the house in the hospital and you print their physical address for everyone to see? Yeah, that's real top-notch ethical reporting right there...

Taylor was the most intimdating safety I have ever seen. I hope the suspect gets shot by someone else. Eye for an eye.

Stay up Sean. You've overcome too much to let this stop you. My prayers are with you.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Sad sad day...let pray he pulls through


Sean we hope the best for U man, hopefully he makes a full recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sean and his family at this time.

All my thoughts & prayers!

Prayers to Sean, Jackie, and baby Jackie. This is horrible.

All my thoughts and prayers are with Sean and his Family. GOD help him pull through!

It's just so trajic the way this happened. I pray to GOD that he can make a full recovery. Sean you're in my mind and my HEART, I have faith that you'll pull through this.

Dose ANYONE have the latest on Sean? How is He doing?

Sean our thoughts and prayers are here in VA and the way it sounds, throughout the country!

We all just hope you get better and are able to see your daughter grow up!

I have followed many of the Canes throughout the NFL and many are stars, but you are one of the best DB's in the NFL today! No matter what happens we all just want you to get better. Maybe not to play again, just to get better!

Fight like you never have before, so you can grow old with your family!

The U forever!

VA Canes Fan!

In DC it is being reported that Sean can grip a hand when prompted and show facial expressions as of 6:30 pm. The Lord has answered our prayers. They also reported that he flat lined twice during surgery and he is not out of the woods yet but this was a very very positive sign!

GOD help Sean, Jakie and baby Jakie.Sean is indeed one of the greatest DB'S in the NFL.He is in my thoughts and heart.

Our prayers are with Sean's family and friends....

its times like then when sports mean so little...


Please put some heat on someone over there at Hecht to respond to ESPN. They are already playing the "I'm not surprised" card, inferring that Sean (like all UM players I guess) was always in trouble.

First, he was never in trouble at UM as far as I know.

Second, he's had a couple of issues since joining the league, but does that make him Tony Montana?

How can you justify even raising this issue while he's fighting for his life? They can't wait a couple of days before they start this crap? They did the same thing with Pata. Its about time someone in charge at this University stands up for this program and players, and challenges this biased reporting.

Manny, you've got the pulpit to get their attention. Why is it OK to act irresponsible when it comes to the U? Write an article and call them all out: Shalala, Dee, Shannon, etc.-get off your butts and respond.

Maybe his personal life finally caught up with him.

Be strong, Sean, be strong...

Keep us updated Manny.

I knew sean since middle school i just want to say that my thoughts will go to his family and his baby girl its never an easy thing loosing an old time friend he will be missed as a father a , a player. a son , a family memeber, a redskin, and a HURRICANE!

When are we going to take the guns off the streets? We need these kids, to grow up, and when they do, to start accepting responsibility for their lives an their families. That's exactly what Sean Taylor was begining to do by all accounts, and this happens. Too many instances now. God bless him and his family. That poor baby girl of his.

Damn, this right here put this whole season in prepective for me today. Man fuk football the U could of gone 0-11 for all i care. Im tired of young black men getting killed out here. Its not only athletes miami has become a warzone and it hurts me that another brother has to go so young. They say the good die early but i cant accept this. Last year it was BP dying right before he had a chance to better the life of his mother and today its ST dying right in front of his family. Fuk Fuk FUk this shyt got to stop. my Condolences go out to his family and friends and old teammates. your in a better place because its like hell down here any way. R.I.P in peace Sean Taylor gone but never forgotten.

Sean, as die-hard Skin's fan and Miamian at heart, I am so sad your young life had to succmb to this madness. Most of all, I feel so sorry for his young girl who never got a chance to spend time with her daddy.


I'm sick of this crap, how much more does this school and community need to endure? Marlin Barnes, Bryan Pata and now Sean Taylor. It could happen anywhere but I'm trully starting to think of S Fl with total disgust.

RIP Sean Taylor and thank you for all the positive moments you provided my friends and I on the football field.

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