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Shannon "misspoke"

On Monday, Susan Miller Degnan and I had an exclusive interview with coach Randy Shannon, as he's made his way through different interviews with reporters this week.

Shannon talked about a lot of things, including the image of the University of Miami in the wake of Sean Taylor's shooting death earlier this week. Earlier today, my editors deleted a portion of that interview because it was false. The following is the direct Q&A -- word for word.

Q: I think its all because of the history…
A: But what history? My best friend Walter Odom got killed at the University of Florida, shot, when I was at school at the University of Miami.

According to Miami Herald archives, Odom was never shot or killed at the University of Florida. He was, however, stabbed at a party in Gainesville in 1989. It was two years after he was done playing as a Gator. Odom, a standout at American High who befriended Shannon in Northwest Miami, later died in 2002 from a long illness at age 36.

Just an hour ago, I asked UM Sports Information director Mark Pray if I could speak with Shannon. He said "Coach Shannon realizes he misspoke," and declined an interview request.

Shannon proceeded to make one further comment that The Miami Herald could not substantiate and felt was necessary to delete from the website regarding guns and the University of Florida. Here is the rest of that quote that had been previously deleted.

Q: But obviously though there’s kids that live off campus. But what do you tell parents about that?
A: We show them the neighborhoods. Everybody else in the country lives off campus and they still have the same problems. But their newspaper don’t beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it. I know you guys are doing your job, you got to beat us up about it. But then understand we just want a fair shot. At Ohio State, do you realize you had more things happen at Ohio State more than anything. You think we’ve been bad? Go check out Ohio State, guys who have been arrested, bar fights. Everything at Ohio State and you’d think University of Miami was angels. Florida the same...


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Hey, Manny, Is this a hit job on Shannon? Well, if ST incident affects UM, them clearly the Odom incident should affect UF too.

Second, Ohio St now is the Thug U. Go on to herald UM forum and check some posts by a "newattitude" on how many Ohio St. players have been arrested in the past 5 years and dismissed from the team. Its amazing. Shannon is right. Unsubstantiated? my foot.

Oh, by the way, UF players apparently are playing with loaded AK47s in the hallways. Besides, Gainsville is UF and UF is Gainesville. On the other hand, Miami is not UM. I know you newsguys need to sensationalize everything, but keep things in perspective man.

Oh, by the way, UF players apparently are playing with loaded AK47s in the hallways. Besides, Gainsville is UF and UF is Gainesville. On the other hand, Miami is not UM. I know you newsguys need to sensationalize everything, but keep things in perspective man.


Why don't you stick to reporting the facts and stop abusing the U. Do some research on other top programs around the country for perspective. You will find the U is in good shape. However, this conclusion wouldn't perpetuate the stigma you and the local press continue to spew in the media regarding the U. Try to be a objective professional in your reporting and not look for the sensational cheap shot. You should be assamed of your reporting.

Manny, great, great work on the Shannon Two Part Interview.

He is completely and totally on top of this situation.

And I love his REAL analysis of the U's 3-N-OUT logic, followed by so many of our juniors who get considerably less money than they could if they stayed a year.

I think CC and KP come back.

I'd say K-II and ST are the notabel exceptions.

The coverage of the tragic death of Sean Taylor by the local media and the way they insist on trying to smear the U is disgusting. I played ball with Pablo Lopez at South Miami High. He went on to play for FSU and was gunned down and died at an on campus party. Where is that coverage you "HACKS"


hat exactly is the point of this blog??

...it comes across as you going out of your way to make Shannon look bad...even though your editors deleted it you just HAVE to make sure that it gets out?

I don't get it...you sound like a jilted little girl trying hard to make her ex sound like an ass or something

usually love your stuff...but this?????
especially in the wake of the weeks events....poor poor taste

Miami is in a horrible neighborhood

Posted by: anotherfan | November 29, 2007 at 12:09 PM
who's lying now? the University of Miami resides in one of the toniest communities: Coral Gables aka The City Beautiful ... where the median home price is ... well, if you have to ask, you can't afford it : ) TROPICAL PARADISE

Hurricane Hotline 7p-9p from the raucous rathskeller ... followed by the high school gridiron report

Get off Manny's back. He reported it as is and the editor's got to the transcript and decided to make the changes -- probably protecting Randy as well indirectly.

Manny has Randy's back but the newspaper rules ultimately in this situation.

On the side though, some slants and half truths should have been deleted by their respective editors when reporting on Sean T's life. Instead, they used a broad brush of generalizations to make Sean look bad.

An exception to this is LeBatard's piece on Sean T in this newspaper.

Whoever posted that UM is in a "horrible neighborhood" is an idiot who has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Obviously that person has never seen the campus or been to Coral Gables or they'd realize how idiotic that comment was.

That's one of the downsides of the internet, anyone can hide behind a pseudonym and say anything they want, regardless of how stupid and unfactual it is. Actually, now that I think about it, it isn't limited to just the internet, I've seen plenty of similar examples recently on TV (ESPN) and even the local rags like The Herald and the Sun-Sentinel.

One thing about the Miami press I've never understood is the way they like to bring down UM. I've lived in several cities across the country, many with major Universities and their local media supports their Universities and teams.

Ouch, Michael Irving just step on my foot!!

Manny good stuff man, and also can u get more audio from the recruits that was great.

Misspoke? Those comments were lies. Nice to see Thug U keep its record intact of never having a head coach with an ounce of integrity.

Any other coach of any other school in America would be crucified in the mainstream press for something like this. Its so common at da U its not even news outside of Miami.

I hate Notre Dame as much as anyone but they fired George O'Leary for lying on his resume and that was not any way shape or form worse than this.

What does a classy program like Da U do? Coach just misspoke.

Randy is right: The FU Gators have had 13 players arrested since January, 07, and one former player die of a drug overdose. None of that is reported with the same vigor as anything that happens to a Miami player. There is a lot of hate and jealousy for the U. We are the best.

Jaxbuck: making a mountain out of mohill

Miami's REPUTATION came about in the late 80's early 90's when they became so dominant in College football and were so flamboyant about it. The Bowl game from years ago when UM dressed in Military Fatigues as they got off the plane, then the year at another bowl game where UM lined up on both sides of the other teams tunnel and as the team ran out they had to run between the Miami players lined up on both sides pointing and noding at them.
Those days Miami won games by intimidation that's where "THUG U" came from not so much the off the field troubles, UM has never been any more turbulent than any other Schools.

And yes true Ohio State is the "THUG U" of the past decade, since Butch Davis took over and continued with Larry Coker Miami has been really calm. The Pata murder is a horrible event, but the City which the College is located is one of the most violent in the US.


What exactly is the point of this blog??

Posted by: dontgetit | November 29, 2007 at 06:32 PM the gaturd & buckeye websites bombarded manny navarro & the paper's editors ... setting the record straight


Thank you for the clarification. It's gutsy for you to post this blog entry and try to get a comment from Shannon -- I can imagine other journalists having the story redacted and not following up or explaining what happened to their audience. So thanks for doing your job well.

As for the comments themselves, I'm disappointed that Randy has not acquired the media savvy to measure his words when he is not certain of something -- even if it's with "friendly" journalists. But I certainly don't think his mistake was made with any malice.

Oh, and has anyone noticed that the "journalists" who have been attributing Taylor's murder to some Miami "curse" seem to conveniently leave Kevin Everett's ordeal out of their stories? Why? Because it's inspirational and uplifting and doesn't give them another opportunity to drag Miami's name through the mud.

quibbling over details ... the thrust of Coach Shannon's argument rings true ... crime victims exist at fu & osu. INDISPUTABLE

Man up and address your lies Randy.

According to Miami Herald archives, Odom was never shot or killed at the University of Florida. He was, however, stabbed at a party in Gainesville in 1989 -- manny navarro

"misspoke" ... HAHA! That is a good one. It was an out and out lie and Shannon got caught.

a resurgent U gnaws at the grimy gaturd ... like cockroaches, coming out of the woodwork

what is the deal with Randy having 4 kids by 3 different women?

hey impostor (8:52p), immitation is the sincerest form of flattery ...

so ... to recap ... we have a coach who is a pathological liar and he is not smart enough to throw on a condom before getting dirty with the neighborhood hos

hey impostor (8:56p), imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ...

Randy Shannon stated: "At Ohio State, do you realize you had more things happen at Ohio State more than anything. You think we’ve been bad? Go check out Ohio State, guys who have been arrested, bar fights. Everything at Ohio State and you’d think University of Miami was angels."

To which I ask: got any substantiation for that slandering Randy? Or just going to add that to the ever repugnant reputation of your University?

Man up, coward.

Look people, being honest is hard work and I just can't handle the hard.

It ain't like Randy shot the President. You people need to take it easy on my good friend.

Boooring. So the guy got stabbed. It's obvious Randy wasn't trying to be malicious, when you have dozens of people in your life who are shot, stabbed, overdose, die of AIDS, I'm sure it's easy to mix them up. Especially when you have the blinders that Randy does with regards to these things.

Thanks for the comments, Bobby. You know how it is. I am just trying to make a buck so I can feed all of the illegitimate I have running around reeking havoc.

Yay, who has a good black joke?

I just wanted to say a few words in support of my good friend, Randy Shannon. He is one of the greatest people I know. He is a role model to me as I will never understand how he was able to stop at 4 illegitimate children. I only wish I had that kind of willpower.

Wish there was a way to delete some of these guys' crap responses.

YO....is the illegitimate children joke real? That would be very ironic.

Why dont you focus on other inner city crimes in towns like L.A ,CHicago,Houston,New York,Dallas etc. These horrible crimes are not just a "Miami " problem they happen in every town across the country,and to focus this crap on the university of miami is BS.

Jeffy it seems the only purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others as you're a load your mother should have swallowed.

unforgiving crackers repel fallible homeboys ...

As a graduate of the U, I am ashamed that Randy Shannon graduated from the U and can not speak correctly. Instead of going off on other programs - he needs to concentrate on winning more games. Moreover, Shannon apologist, please don't say that this years team weren't his players and give him time to recruit. He was the defensive coordinator before becoming head coach and this years defensive players were his players and the defense SUCKED!!!!


I usually like the stuff you post, but this makes no sense at all.

1. It's unethical as a reporter to try to tie Sean Taylor's death to Miami's reputation. I mean, the man didn't play another game at DA U since the 2003 season.

2. I can't blame Shannon for answering the way he did even if he "Misspoke." How many of us were involved in a heated conversation and knowing we were right, but just couldn't put it in words have ever Misspoken?

3. Manny, since you are a 305 boy, why don't you use your sources to verify Shannon's statement concerning OSU, OU, UF, UTennesse, LSU, etc, because recently these schools have been involved in more on and off the field problems than DA U? After all, Shannon is changing the culture of Miami by his policy's, but I haven't heard of any other school doing the same thing

I mean, come on, OSU has the whole Maurice Clarret thing. USC has the Reggie Bush incident. LSU Perriloux had a rough summer, but he's still on the team. UTennessee has constantly been involved with the football team brawling over a girl at a frat party. UF, where do I begin?

I can say this confidently, because I am a preachers kid; Miami is under the magnifying glass and every little thing that can be piled on to make their image fit the stereotype will be added on. However, this isn't the same Miami team that wore those fatigues. The academic level is so high that a player has to stay in the books nearly 24/7 just to maintain the minimum requirement, but there are some who have a nack for getting in trouble, just like any other school.

Until Miami gets out of the magnifying glass, we will have people trying to pin every bad situation, like Sean Taylor's tragic death, to Miami's image just to fit the stereotype. Consider the FIU brawl last year, cheap shots were taken through out the game and the refs didn't do anything to prevent any escalation from the on field problems. Then an FIU player bodyslams one of the UM players, and you expect the team to remain calm? The only person who apologized for stating "The University of Miami should close their football program" was Kirk Herbstreit. Yet, when there was a fight between the Ivy League schools no one hears about it. Not to mention when there are scandals going on like the OU, USC with Reggie Bush, and the OSU with Maurice Clarrett the media sweeps the dirt under the rug.

My question to the entire media is why the double standard for schools like USC, OSU, etc compared to MIAMI?

My question to you Manny is, why try to link the death of Sean Taylor to the University of Miami? Why ask a question that leads a man to raise his defenses at such a time as this? In addition, Sean Taylor is not Michael Vick who did not separate himself from his bad company. On the contrary, Sean Taylor distanced himself from those who would not help him become a better person, and more than likely this is why he died.

My two cents, someone was trying to send a message, but not necessarily kill him, otherwise, they wouldn't have shot him in his leg. It's my prayer that justice is served and the person(s) pay for their sins.

In summary, Manny, I still respect your work, but this was totally unethical.

Listen morons;

University of Miami is located in Coral Gables and not Miami. To make it simple, Notre Dame is not located in Notre Dame it is located in South Bend.

Get it. Is it simple enough. This is why when some recruits visit the University of Miami in Coral Gables; they leave impressed and always say that is was "NOTHING LIKE THEY WERE TOLD". (e.g. Allen Bailey)

I wish my boys at Northwestern could read, they would be outraged!

Its all abou tha U


Lets go by numbers. The most dangerous university is Virginia Tech. This is a fact, the most students killed inside the campus in the last 20 years.

Please write a piece and tell the world to not let their kids go to Virginia Tech.

At least hey have teeth.

Manny.....your reporting sucks today! I am going back to Shandel...or whatever he name is...wait..not i am not...he is horrible! Did anyone see Omar? Manny, why would you be a dick? Don't get it?


You are a pathetic excuse for a reporter. Carrying on the sterotype of the "U". Why don't you put some time into your job and write something original and true and stop living off the past. You loser.

Why is LINDA ROBERTSON still employed as a journalist??????????? She is a joke. Her calling is TABLOID REPORTER. Hey LINDA try writing something next time with a little originality and try to be such a hateful, unbaised gas bag. You loser.

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