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Shannon "misspoke"

On Monday, Susan Miller Degnan and I had an exclusive interview with coach Randy Shannon, as he's made his way through different interviews with reporters this week.

Shannon talked about a lot of things, including the image of the University of Miami in the wake of Sean Taylor's shooting death earlier this week. Earlier today, my editors deleted a portion of that interview because it was false. The following is the direct Q&A -- word for word.

Q: I think its all because of the history…
A: But what history? My best friend Walter Odom got killed at the University of Florida, shot, when I was at school at the University of Miami.

According to Miami Herald archives, Odom was never shot or killed at the University of Florida. He was, however, stabbed at a party in Gainesville in 1989. It was two years after he was done playing as a Gator. Odom, a standout at American High who befriended Shannon in Northwest Miami, later died in 2002 from a long illness at age 36.

Just an hour ago, I asked UM Sports Information director Mark Pray if I could speak with Shannon. He said "Coach Shannon realizes he misspoke," and declined an interview request.

Shannon proceeded to make one further comment that The Miami Herald could not substantiate and felt was necessary to delete from the website regarding guns and the University of Florida. Here is the rest of that quote that had been previously deleted.

Q: But obviously though there’s kids that live off campus. But what do you tell parents about that?
A: We show them the neighborhoods. Everybody else in the country lives off campus and they still have the same problems. But their newspaper don’t beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it. I know you guys are doing your job, you got to beat us up about it. But then understand we just want a fair shot. At Ohio State, do you realize you had more things happen at Ohio State more than anything. You think we’ve been bad? Go check out Ohio State, guys who have been arrested, bar fights. Everything at Ohio State and you’d think University of Miami was angels. Florida the same...


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Why is anybody giving Manny grief? All he did is print what Shannon said. Manny did nothing wrong. Anybody who reads this blog knows that he is a Cane fan and is not out to hurt Shannon or the Canes. I thought the interview was great, and I knew when I read those statements that Shannon was out on a limb.

It's not Manny's fault that Shannon said some things that weren't true. Shannon may not be a great speaker, but he should know better than to say things like that. He's been dealing with the media for almost a year.

Don't take it out on Manny, not his fault.


another article blamming the U. I thought I would bring it up because the writer is some sophomore and I felt it was important for us U guys and gals to read

What Shannon said was true. As I said earlier, UF is Gainesville and Gainesville is UF. So, I will attribute anything that happens in Gainesville to UF.

Also, if I recall correctly, about 20-30 Ohio State players have been arrested in the last five years or so and Columbus is not a great place either. So, technically, Randy is not wrong.


This is further proof Randy Shannon is an idiot. Instead of actually addressing our own program's image, he attempts to deflect attention away by bringing up (false) allegations.

Sad and pathetic, he claimed his best friend was shot and killed at UF when in reality he died of an illness in Miami.

What kind of soulless human being says that? Especially now or do the Shannon apologists feel he's entitled to make claims that are beyond stupid because he had a bad life? I hate him and I am a Cane fan. We screwed ourselves, bigtime, by going the cheap route with that moron.

He will no doubt say something idiotic again to tarnish our image and inadvertently vilify us.

Its ok Shannon will be fired within 3 years. Mark my words. He is in way over his head.

and one more thought... Shannon learned a nasty trick from Coker....if all else fails, just throw them under the bus to save your ass. He did it to his own players earlier this year, losing the locker room and now he's doing it to other schools. He could have easily defended us without making the other schools look bad.

oh...and here is the quote before the edit for his stupidity:


I am all behind Randy on this one. Every since I have been at The U, Miami gets a bad rap on everything. The Media loves bashing Miami where everybody else gets a free ride. Football is a violent spoint. Many of the best players come from areas where there is a lot of violence. This is not unique to The U, but ubiquitous in football and basketball. Miami is a great school with a great football program. We have had great football players and many of them have used to football to propel their careers in athletics and other professional careers. I am glad that Randy is sticking up for the players and the program. The media just wants a story and could care less about fairness and reality.

I think the next AD at the U has to be a great one...There is so much work to be done...

This article further proves why Shannon should not be our head coach. I agree the media likes to bash the U, but don't give them reasons to do so. He is in over way over his head. He was part of the problem and will continue to be the problem until he his gone! Our season was a joke this year! Shannon needs to man up and quit if he is a real hurricane and do what is bst for the team.

In time there will be many other stories and tragedies to air out on the air and it wont be Miami. The MEDIA will reap what they have sewn. It will look humiliating for them when other crimes and stories of student athlets and former players start to pile up.


Not so fast my friend as Lee Corso will say. Wait until next year so U can eat YOUR CROW about Shannon. When he get some real players in here then and ONLY THEN the real U will represent! Like the old saying goes " WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!

Hey Mr Troutman,
Yeah another year for Shannon to run the program into the ground. He is the head coach now not a player he needs to think before speaking. Oh yeah and by the way a lot of our verbals are going to UF because they are actually winning games. Not so fast my friend the U has lost its swagger!! We should try to get a real coach like Steve Spurrier.

"WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!" - I agree that a year can make a big difference. Shannon's first year produced a losing record of 5 & 7 with his players. Why do people seem to forget that Shannon was at the U prior to this year. Those were his players on the team.

Shannon does not speak very well. Still has a lot of the hood in him. Regardless he is smart, honest and loves the "U" and will work his ass off to bring the program back. Give the man a chance. We don't need some high priced white guy from out of town to come in here and coach this team.

Shannon will recruit quality players, however he needs to upgrade his coaching staff. Too much inexperience on the staff to add to his head coaching inexperience. Walton and Nix are first time coordinators. Shannon should demote them and bring in coachs with experience. We where out coached all season.

Defense couldn't cover anyboday all year and after every blown game the same excuse of we had blown assignments was used to try to wash away the incompetence of the coaches. I have never seen a U defense look so lost.

Offense had no identity. Gimmick plays that never worked, Darnell Jenkis at QB WTF was that. Never passing the ball on the last drive against NC State, but throwing the ball an BC with less than a minute in the first half to get picked and BC to take a 14 point lead. Which one is it? Afraid to go all out for the win against NC State, but balls out at BC?

Shannon needs to not protect the incompetence at the coordinator positions or he will get fired soon.

Yo Green,

Remember a few months ago Manny asked the UM fans for suggestions on what would be a good topic to report on? It was I, the Notorious N.I.P, who suggested that Manny do an article on the arrests and misdeeds on some of the top programs in the country like Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, UF, Fsu and Tennesse then compare their misdeeds to UM's to see who actually deserves the title of Thug U. It's not even close! Some of these schools had more arrest in one year than UM has had in 10 years. I practically pleaded for Manny to report this not only to the Herald but somehow get it to ESPN to silence the haters once and for all, but my plea was ignored, which is why I'm asking again, for the sake of the schools and it's loyal fans, MANNY, PLEASE WRITE AN ARTICLE ON THIS VERY TOPIC! DON'T IGNORE THIS ANY LONGER! IF YOU LOVE THE U LIKE YOU CLAIM YOU DO YOU WILL START TYPING AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS! IF WE DON'T HEAR OR SEE A RESPONSE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS OR SO THEN WE WILL KNOW FOR A FACT YOU'VE BEEN BITTEN BY THE SUGE WHITE BUG!

Manny is a white boy loving punk. He doesn't have the balls to buck the man he works for and write this type of article. Don't hold your breath waiting for this.

Manny sold out along time ago and now we all know.

Keep on selling out Manny. You "PUNK"


Why don't you write about how UF let a drug addict "AVERY ATKINS" die of a drug overdose because they abondoned him and his problem one year after recruiting him to UF. Rich, white boy school using poor black players to make money then for themselves then turning their back on them when things get though. Urban Meyer is the present day slave master. Go ahead and send your kids to UF to be used and then thrown away with no education and nothing to live for if you don't make it to the league. Graduation rates at UF for football players is abysmal. Manny, cowboy up and write the truth you PUNK.

What the F are you mo....f'ers trying to do to Shannon. I've lost all respect for you.

What the F are you mo....f'ers trying to do to Shannon. I've lost all respect for you.

How about some equal time Manny and Susan?

Susan, as a true reporter, makes a HUGE deal when Randy confused the facts about his story that happened 18 years ago! and like a true media-type, ran with it: "he lied!he lied! see I caught him!, now I want my pulitzer"

You media types are all the same. You're init for yourself, to catch people in bad situations. This reporting about UM since the FIU brawl and on the ST murder has been grotesque at tbest. Media types no longer REPORT. Instead, they EDITORIALIZE and OPINE. Tht's not your job guys.

I've been saying it all along. The Media loves to hate on UM. Prime example is that idiot in 1996 who wrote for Si and put on the cover "Why the UM should cancel their football program" or something like that. Last year, the FIU incident. Was their as much outcry about it as the IVY league brawl when evern cops were being hit? No. Was there as much outcry the year before when Clemson and USC were involved in a brawl that was 10X worse? NO. And now to even LINK Sean Taylor's murder to UM and life in Miami is biased, unfair, sensationalistic, yellow journalism, and one sided. YOu guys should be ashamed of yourselves, or better yet, be more even handed inyour reporting.

RAndy Shannon: Get your act straight and start coaching like you've been there. Otherwise, step aside and let a real coach coach these kids.

Wow, It is amazing to me how all of you Cane fans are attacking Manny and critizing him for not sharing the "truth". The truth is that your head coach made up some terrible lies using his "best friend's" death to bash other schools to shift focus away from problems at da U? I agree that there are problems (drugs, violence, murder)everywhere but making up lies is not the best way to make your program look good.

It is not the Herald's job to verify the accuracy of quotes from a party they interview. If it was, they would never be able to quote a politician.

today's the day UM closes on Cedars Medical Center ... the University of Miami Hospital

the University of Miami Hospital

Most coach mis-speak; it happends sometime or another during their coaching career. That is a fact, simple and plane. And it is supprising that Susan Miller Degnan and Manny would release an article of this type. But I have lived long enough to know, oh too well, that "You know a friend from a foe - not by what they say but by what they do."

NEVERTHELESS, recruits usually could see a coaches character without the media's help, so that does not matter much to me anyway. But what do matter to me is that I think RS, in the wake of the ST tragidy, attempted to defend us Canes - so, he fired back at the media, the home town media, for defaming "THE U":

"Everybody else in the country lives off campus and they still have the same problems. But their newspaper don’t beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it. I know you guys are doing your job, you got to beat us up about it. But then understand we just want a fair shot."

THAT was the ESSENCE of what he was saying.
He is a competitor, but most of all he is loyal to THE CANE FAMILY. So, like any father that is loyal to his family, he defended that family. Now, they are TRYING TO DIS-CREDIT HIM for it. They (the media) are trying to punishing him for putting them(the media) out there. But I think today - Bryan said it best:

"U FAMILY.....either U love us or U hate us , there is no line between the two"

Posted by: Bryan | November 29, 2007 at 12:38 PM

I will say this, We as TRUE CANE fans should let the media know, no matter who it is, how each one of us feel about that article AND their sneaky SH!


you want something to substantiate? UF and FSU have each had more arrests in the past year then UM has had in the past 2 or 3

you want something to substantiate? UF and FSU have each had more arrests in the past year then UM has had in the past 2 or 3

you want something to substantiate? UF and FSU have each had more arrests in the past year then UM has had in the past 2 or 3

runtgers undressed ... 7-5 ... bound for the toronto bowl ... U still want the prince of piscataway?

Manny, thank you for responsible journalism. While we may not like the outcome of the edits, it's what a real reporter would do. I wish there were more like you in the profession.

this is so stupid, stop hatin on shannon

Raycom previews the ACC Championship on CBS4 & CW34(PB) 12p-1p 12/1

Cane-ster Nip,

EXCELLENT SUGGESTION! I wish someone like Manny would compile the statistics like what you suggest, instead of taking cheap shots. The statistics will clearly show, UM program has been near-perfect compared to the thugs of UF, Ohio St etc.

Manny, do it. I know it is a difficult and time consuming job. It is also risky, because the large number of UF and Ohio St. alums will come after the herald and Knight Ridder. But, in all fairness, you owe it to your blog readers after this cheap shot on Shannon. Get off you rear-end and compile the stats from a good lexis-nexis search! LOL.

Carlos and other Shannon haters, don't bring in your hatred into this. Shannon is right and he needs to be defended on this. Sean Taylor gets murdered in his own home and the media have the gall to blame the University of Miami for it? GET REAL. YES, I AM SHOUTING!!!

XM airs the ACC Championship

QAM airs the ACC Championship



IMO, It would have been better served had you not written this thread. As you know, Randy is under tremendous pressure and does not need negative attention at this crucial time before recruit signing day.... ALL Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Friends are trying to read as much as possible on all prospective colleges that are in contention.

I listened to the original audio/interview and was impressed by Randy's open candor and that he responded to both you and Susan’s rapid questions.... Sometimes in haste to give quick answers that are not prepared ahead of time, we might get confused and mix up time periods, people and locations. It's easy to do because your talking from the tip of the tongue... sometimes without thinking it thru and mistakes happen! But normally we are not investigated to be proven wrong... Many news agencies only look for something "Juicy" to talk about and that’s what Randy's last statement was all about,… per this thread:

"Shannon proceeded to make one further comment ... But their newspaper doesn’t beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it"…. This speaks volumes of how Randy perceives his position and how the media treats him..

I’m not sure about Susan but Manny,… I like what you have been doing but you need to mend fences with Randy for this reporting mistake, … that is, if you want more exclusive interviews in the future.



ho, hum ... ACC wins the 2007 ACC/big10 challenge. 9-0

pac10 asscoc. commissioner dave hirsch: "We've seen how much air time the ACC-Big Ten Challenge gets ..."

our basketball practice facility scheduled for completion fall '08 ... AWESOME

I can not understand how all of you have lost sight of what happened here.

While I can understand your (and Shannon's) desire to defend Miami's program, I can not defend out right lying.

That is what Shannon did. He bald faced lied. There is no way around it.

What team was it that got in an all out brawl with a crappy football team where they were stomping out players in groups and swinging helmets at people in the middle of a game?

What the hell are you talking about Andrea? The handling by these so called Miami papers is downright atrocious and now Manny joins their chorus. The gist of the matter is Odom stabbing has definitely got more to do with UF that Sean Taylor's shooting in his own home. That's all Shannon was pointing out. Same is with Ohio State. You think Columbus is a safe place? Go check it out.

You may be a UF Fan, but more and more UF players are turning in to thugs. The Gainsville Sun never reports anything perhaps because their editors might be shot by fans. (ala the tow yard owner who was threatned in the Joiner case). So, shut the hell up! The coal should never call the kettle black.

Manny, What is the matter with you?? You don't like being lied to and made a fool of?? Don't you realize you must subjugate your feeling to your "responsibility" to stand behind the home town team. You better crawl over to Randy right now and apologize for the indignation you demonstrated about being lied to. Don't you realize that it's a Cane kind of thing and you don't appear to get it. Now get on the phone right now and make this right with Randy so that you can keep getting exclusive interviews.

Now if Randy tells you that his childhood idol was JFK and that it was deplorable how he was assasinated in Columbus, Ohio and then died in Gainesville after being flown there for trauma care--Well, then I believe you would have cause for concern.

Always remember the quote from the late, great Jerome Brown in response to Tad Foote's efforts to upgrade the academic standards "What the heck is he trying to do turn this into Harvard??"--True quote and you can look it up. See it really is a Cane kind of thing and just because the rest of North America doesn't get it--as a beat writer for the Herald it is your responsibility to get on board.

It sure must be nice to be perfect and never have said anything remotely inaccurate or have gotten your facts mixed up about an event which occured nearly 2 decades ago.

Hey Joe, What team was it that started that fight by literally body slamming the opposing teams placeholder?

If I want an accurate representation of Ohio State's records I think one of the last places I would go is some other college's football forum. Here is what the official published court records are: There were exactly 14 players arrested in Jim Tressel’s first four years from 2000 – 2003. Of those 14 one case was dismissed, one was for speeding, one for underage drinking and five for DUI. Is this uncommon stuff on a college campus by anyone’s estimation? Of the remaining 6 two thirds (4) were dismissed from the team or did not return.

In actuality many colleges have worse records during that time than Ohio State with some averaging one arrest or more per month including Texas A&M (9 arrests in 9 months – Dailycamera.com), Penn State (10 players arrested in the 8 months between April 2003 and November 1, 2003 - Lorain Morning Journal – 10/31/03) and Arkansas (26 arrests in 6 years. - (ESPN.com 10/31/2004). In fact, the 14 arrests of Ohio State football players during this time barely exceed the number of arrests of just one of Mr. Shannon’s famous recruits. I didn’t see Mr. Shannon skewering Texas A&M, Penn State or Arkansas.

In the last two years the Ohio State football program has had two incidents: a DUI charge (Alex Boone) and a misdemeanor soliciting charge (Antonio Henton). It should be noted 1) over 70 players on this year’s team had a grade point average of 3.0 or higher during the latest quarter and 2) Ohio State has led the conference in Academic All Big 10 Honorees for the last 5 years.

Ohio State has had TWO players arrested since the beginning of 2006. TWO. And neither was a violent crime, nor a felony.

Shannon is a joke, just like his program.

Hah, BillM, How about Mr. Clarett? He is Mr. Ohio State, right? Does his misdeeds refelct on Ohio State? Why not? How about the star tight end? You know how many UM players have been arrested in the past 10 years? Less than 3, if I recall correctly. So, why blame U Miami when Sean Taylor dies in him OWN HOME shot by an intruder? That is what the UF and Ohio State scumbags are doing.

Ohio State is worse than U of Miami! Columbus is worse than Miami. You can try to cover it up all you want but don't come in here and call us Thug U. That's all we are asking for. As I said earlier, coals have no business calling the kettle black! I wish Manny would compile the statistics.

Shannon is skewering Ohio State and UF because you two scumbags are badmouthing us falsely and trying to take the local kids away. There you have it.

Dear Monty at 11:01, I'm sure you and I aren't perfect but I'm going to defend you without even knowing you by GUARANTEEING that you wouldn't get WRONG the cause of death, the place of death and the year of death of your "Best Friend".

I'm sure in actuality that you wouldn't really defend the absence of an egregious lie about verifiable events as "Perfection". This is what happens when people allow themselves to vicariously identify with the exploits of people that they don't even know with the result being a need to defend and condone actions that they wouldn't in real life.

It is pretty pathetic that the hometown newspaper caters to rival schools. Only in Miami though. Only in Miami.

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