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Thursday's practice report

Just walked off Greentree practice field where the Canes have only one practice remaining before Saturday's finale at the OB against Virginia. Not a lot of news to share, plus I'm under the gun for two stories I'm doing for tomorrow -- a feature on UM basketball coach Frank Haith and a story on the West End Zone Crew's final game at the OB.

Here's some quick nuggets...

* Linebacker Colin McCarthy did not practice Thursday and was seen walking in around in what I would be describe as pajamas. McCarthy had his right hand and wrist taped. Coach Randy Shannon said McCarthy "just needed to see the doctor." He said he expects Colin to play Saturday night. But if he doesn't, that would be a huge loss to UM's defense.

* There still isn't a winner in the starting kicking battle. Coach Joe Pannunzio told me there is usually a winner by now. Shannon said we'll have to see who makes the winning kicks at the end of Friday's practice. Matt Bosher, Daren Daly and Francesco Zampogna are all competing.

* Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix said UM will not be doing anything special scheme-wise to protect Kyle Wright's ailing ankle and leg. He said if they have to, Wright will have to come out of the game. UM's biggest challenge Nix said will be to run the football on a tough Virginia run defense.

* Yesterday's news regarding Northwestern receiver Kendall Thompkins committing to UM was somewhat surprising. He's the Bulls No. 3 receiver and didn't really have any offers before UM. I like Thompkins, but I'm skeptical as to just how good he is considering Aldarius Johnson and Tommy Streeter draw a lot of coverage. Still, Thompkins has been putting up numbers and might be a nice diamond in the rough find for the Canes. The bigger deal -- along with the commitment from quarterback Cannon Smith (Tuesday) -- is who that means gets crossed off the recruiting list for the Canes. I'm hoping to have some answers for you in the near future.

* As for basketball, for those of you still confused -- both the women and men's seasons open tomorrow. Even though tickets say Nov. 10 -- both games were moved to Friday night as not to conflict with the final game at the OB.

* Also of note, I'll be going out to the Carol City-Edison game tonight where Chiefs coach Walt Frazier is expected to coach his final high school game. Of all the high schools greats still in the game, there isn't a more classy and old-school individual than The Conductor. He's meant a lot to the Northwest Miami-Dade community for many years. So long Coach Frazier. We'll miss you.


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First (maybe)

Great collage of musings. WHo, pray tell, are you refering to about who get's crossed out of the recruiting list?

Are these last minute offers to surprise recruits a sign that there are AWOLs from the desired list?

Manny, have there been any thoughts as to Monts playing if KW can't last the whole game? I can't imagine Monts would be any worse than KF this past weekend.

On another note, I'm excited about Cannon Smith. I've heard some good things about him in the past. He may end up being more ready to take the helm than Marve next year. Plus, I think Smith may come in as a better disciplined and more intelligent player. Who can really tell about the intangibles until game time though, right?

Cannon Smith may be more prepared...That guy got busted taking ecstacy, and he wants to come to Miami to get away from Miss. Does that sound like a problem waiting to happen. I say we wait till Harris comes aboard and see what he does. I want my fgaith in Dade County players...

Does it bother anyone else that the U is giving scholarships out to kids that werent even offered by FIU????

Great job Mannny. Whats the deal with Patrick Johnson and his level of interest?

"Does it bother anyone else that the U is giving scholarships out to kids that werent even offered by FIU????"

Just like a Cokerized fan to say that nobody else wants the guy therefore he's no good. ALl you guys do is count stars next to a kids name. If he's good enough for Hurtt and Shannon then he's good enough for me. That WHOLE TEAM is the best in the country. He plays alongside the best WR's in the country which is why we know very little of him and has chemistry wuth a QB THAT IS COMING TO UM NEXT YEAR. Phuck what FIU thinks thats why they are winless. Dumba$$.

Moss did not have any football scholarships. According to Dre UM was wrong for offering Moss.

Real genius this Dre kid...

if it's any indication, i don't think santana moss was even given a scholarship his first year (i believe). he turned out okay.

and smith got caught with ecstasy 2 years ago. not sure how far removed anyone is from being a teenager, but last time i checked, they can change overnight. besides, shannon may provide a little more of that hard-ass attitude that smith has encountered at military academy. maybe he (and his family) likes that.


Moss was a track star "Play with yourself Freshman". He went to UM on a track scholarship, Knucklehead!!!

Thompkins will be fine, looking at the 2008 graduating class, there are alot of over rated players in the recruiting process.


Kids can develop and change a lot when they are 17-18. You never can tell what will happen. I like the guy just for the fact he wanted to come to the U all along and is not afraid of the fact that there are higher rated WR in his class, including his team mate.

I like all these Northwestern boys coming to the U, hopefully Tommy Streeter is next... With all his boys committing, why hasn't he? Anyways, no matter how good this class coming in is, remember that there are a lot of freshmen from this year's class that are waiting in the wings... The U will be back... Next year they will be ranked all year, and 2009 they will compete for a championship!!


While listening to WEEI this morning (Boston sports radio), I heard Jon Meterparel, the radio voice of Boston College football, say "Miami's a cupcake" while talking about BC's ramaing games this season. Although this year that description may have some merit, I hope the canes make him eat those words when they visit in a couple of weeks....

where is Frazier going? shannon should offer him the o.c position.

Manny is Cannon really getting a "free ride"
at the U? Can't they just let him walk on? and save the dough for a needy kid? Is this NCAA rules? Remember his daddy makes $50,000,000 a year in interest and dividands alone , not counting his nominal salary of $5,000,000 a year! I am concerned that the U hasn't landed select top out of area players, Past success always included select out of staters.

Lets have some faith in RS and the recruits he is bringing in. All those stars are nice but a lot of times it comes down to heart and work ethic. If a kid is willing to give 100% and has the tools to play, you can coach him into a good player. RS expects hard work and heart out of his players so I believe he is trying to bring in recruits that understand and are willing to except that. I have total faith in RS, give him a couple of years to get his players in here and then you can review his players then. This team is still full of Cokers boys and it will take a few years to get that talent and U players back. As long as we stay in FL and bring in players who understand what the U is about we will be back on top soon. Lets whip those Cavilers tomorrow. GO CANES!!!!

See U all in the OB tomorrow for the last time. Historic day, sad day...


Virginia is going to get the same whoopin' that Texas A&M got!!!!!

Hate to hear that about C-Mac, we really need him.

I just heard Boog Sciambi saying the game won't be sold out - are you f*&^ing kidding me!?!? That's pathetic - SoFla fans straight up suck.

Oh well - I'll be there pulling for a big W. We need this game to become bowl eligible. I'm not sure how much I like our chances if we have to get a win at VT or BC. I think we get it done one last time at the old lady, under the lights, in front of a big (if not sold out) crowd.
Anyway - I'm out.


I cant believe we cant sell out the final game at the OB. I am bringing 5 friends down that have never been to an OB game. Not B/C i give a S@#T about them seeing the game but b/c I want that stadium full. EVERYONE GRAB A FRIEND WHO OTHERWISE WOULD NOT GO AND DRAG THEM THERE. WE NEED TO FILL THE OB ONE MORE TIME.

My Lady Orange Bowl I will Miss You.

Did you read the article. If Wright gets hurt or can't go all the way then the Canes are going to run the ball again. That means Freeman will probably be back in there to hand it off.

How pathetic is this strategy? On national TV, night game, last game in the OB, honoring all our past players and this team may have to resort to handing the ball off.

Come on Shannon, you have to have one kid sitting on the bench that deserves a chance over Freeman. Please don't embarass us again and over shadow this historical night.

At least take us out of the OB fighting not whimping it out with a mentally destroyed QB.

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