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Time to defend myself

I know some of you have taken offense to some of the latest blogs, taken the Randy Shannon Q&A and the correction I ran yesterday as if I was trying to put down The U, make coach Shannon look bad or generate some sort of controversy.

If anyone of you know anything about me, nothing could be further from the truth. I was born in this city and have lived it in for 29 years. I grew up at the Orange Bowl. Am I a journalist? Yes. That's my job. But I also feel like a member of this community first and foremost. I love my job. I love covering the University of Miami. I love watching the kids in our neighborhoods grow up first hand, from their high school days until the day they get drafted. I consider it a privilege. I'm saddened, even to tears in some occasions, when the are tragically shot and killed the way Sean Taylor was earlier this week.

Since Taylor was shot on Monday, I've been requested -- like many other reporters who cover the Canes -- to talk about the incident. The O'Reilly Factor called. ESPN. FoxNews. Randyshannon CNN. Everybody who called wanted two things -- information on the investigation and for me to talk about "the ongoing dilemma at the University of Miami." You know what is happening. You aren't stupid. You've seen how the national media has wanted to come in here and smear The U. They want to throw more dirt on it and use Taylor as its excuse. I haven't wanted to be a part of it -- at all. I could care less about face time, fame. This story isn't about me. It's about Sean Taylor and nothing else. The only interview I did was with CNN -- and that's because they came down to the BankUnited Center, where I was covering a basketball game, to do it.

The first question thown my way: Why does this keep happening at the University of Miami? My response was simple and sounded a lot like coach Shannon's on Tuesday -- this has nothing to do with the University of Miami. There's only been one murder on this campus and that was Marlin Barnes, I told the reporter. We talked for 10 more minutes about Bryan Pata and how people around here really feel about it and how they are upset and hope Taylor's investigation doesn't last nearly as long.

On Tuesday, when Susan Miller Degnan and I spoke with coach Shannon. All I wanted to do, aside from finding out more about this team, was give him a place to defend his program. I knew what was coming. I knew what some of the people in my profession we're going to come with. So, we threw him a question so he could say what he wanted about Miami's image. He defended it. Since I was taught to do my job the right way, I wasn't about to censor anything he said. I gave it to you just like it came out of his mouth. That's my job, last I checked.

Fast forward a day, I get up and before I can even turn on my laptop, Susan is calling me. Coach Shannon's Q&A has already been edited -- without my permission -- and there is a storm brewing from Florida Gator and Ohio State fans who aren't happy with what Shannon said. In this profession, when somebody says something factually wrong, it is our responsibility to clarify it and not mislead the reader. Shannon spoke of his best friend, Walter Odom, being shot and killed in Gainesville. He "misspoke." Odom never got shot and killed in Gainesville. But he was stabbed at a party. I should have never posted it. I should have checked that fact before hand. I didn't. I was wrong. It needed to be corrected. We fixed it and ran a correction. Before that, I called UM Sports Information director Mark Pray to try to give coach a shot at correcting himself. Maybe, he got confused. Pray didn't want to make more of it, so he declined my request and said Shannon simply "misspoke."

You want to call me irresponsible for trying to fix a mistake, go ahead. But one thing you should never confuse me for is somebody trying to put this university down or trying to put coach Shannon in a position to say something wrong. If he does that on his own, that's not my fault. I can't answer for him. In the end, all he was trying to do was protect this school's image which has taken more of a beating than anyone else in America. All he was trying to do was remind people that the University of Miami isn't the only school in America who has had athletes get in trouble or get shot and killed. All he was trying to do is make sure people don't forget the only Hurricane to get into an off-the-field issue this season was freshman Robert Marve. Did he go too far to make his point? I'm sure Gator, Buckeyes and some other fans feel that way. Did he give me some misinformation about Odom? Yes.

But one thing he didn't do was censor himself. He said exactly how he felt. And all I did was report it in it's entirety, without a slant, without an agenda. I'm sorry if you guys have a problem with that. But last I checked that was my job. And that's all I'm trying to do, even if others in my line of work don't know how to do it without getting their fingers dirty.

The greatest irony here is that so many people outside of this profession complain about how quotes or comments are taken out of context. I give you the whole pie and now some of you want to take it out of context to serve your own agenda. And I'm the bad one!


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Thank you for your hoensty and keep the info coming. We all make mistakes and should not be crucified for them.

Wow I was actually first! Well that and 50 cents will get you a soda in some states.


You do a good job, much better than the rest. Don't let it get to you. It's just frustration on the side of UM alumni like myself, and fans, who are tired of the media and other schools' fans piling on everytime something happens. They are always looking for some angle to connect it to UM. Taylor was years removed from being a Cane player, yet the media insists on trying to make a conenction, anyway they can.


Brush you shoulder off man! You know the real fans in the know know where you stand. I have never doubted your loyalty nor passion for the U not 1 minute. I don't even think its that big of a deal. For all the crap we get about being ThUg U and such, you didn't hear a peep out of Coral Gables this year. But you did hear things going on at UF and FSU (I'm not sure about Ohio State). So don't sweat it bro, you're good!

Hey Manny
At last count Texas has had 6 players arrested on felony charges since June and nobody says a word about that..what do you think would have happened if that had been our Canes?


I read your posts faithfully and rarely post here, BUT I do read it. I respect your ability and honesty. It bothers me to hear/read people bash you for your openness and tell it like it is. If people don't like it DON'T READ it. Keep up the good work, keep your head up and foremost keep up giving us the insight into the U that we need and seek. Especially those of us that aren't local and count on you for current and up to date info.

My wife and I are both fans of Coach Shannon as a person, especially because of the way he has overcome the adversity of his life. He's still very young and he makes some comments that he wishes he did not make. As he becomes more use to the media he will be able to steer the conversation to just football. He's doing a fantastic job as a recruiter and I really believe that he will turn into a helluva coach. His comments indicate that he is not set in his ways and he will adjust his thinking. I think UM will have a damn good football team next year with just the Dade County players.

F(orget) the haters Manny, their everywhere man.

Don't worry about it too much Manny. The more you re-address the issue the more of a big deal you make it out to be. And it's not. I was surprised you even put on the Shannon misspoke blog because even if WAS all factually correct it still would have brought up some controversy.

After all, it isn't terribly surprising that Seminole, Gator, and Buckeye fans would be upset over what Shannon told you. As soon as I read your interview I wondered how long it'd take for that to make its way over to their blogs and stuff. If a casual fan says something negative about a rival it ignites a heated debate, but when a head coach says something it is viewed as a declaration of war since ostensibly it's part of the recruiting game. Personally I gave Shannon a pass because I figured he was frustrated and hurt over the Taylor thing. But, as he's apparently learning, even when you are frustrated you gotta rein it in and realize the impact of what you say. All those stupid Dennis Green type postgame rants came out of frustration I'm sure, but still looked bad.

So given that it's the natural response of Gator and Buckeye fans to be upset even when someone rightly points out the numerous arrests of their players etc, who cares. And Shannon is hardly the first to point out issues at these schools. UF got a lot of negative press after it's national title for arrests. OSU, especially around the Clarett time, was being well documented by the media for it's problems. And Texas recently was also highlighted by the media for being out of control this year.

I think you could have issued a short statement of correction, maybe as an aside to an overall blog entry. That's responsible journalism. And I think you are a very responsible journalist and do a great job covering the U. I'd just let the issue go, just like with what Shannon said, the damage is done, move on. (Really, it's no damage at all other than people being outraged over nothing out of blind love for a football program.)

The Gators and Buckeyes lead a life in denial and your goddamned paper should stop pandering to their requests. You are the MIAMI HERALD you Communist turds. Tell your editors to take a long walk off a short orange and green pier!

The national media, unfortunately, has been a school of piranha for too many years to count. Apparently,they get up in the morning looking for someone or something to destroy. It's their nature. The tragedy is that this attitude is spilling over to sports. But anyone who has been paying attention knows the national media's credibility is shot. They might as well give what's left of it a blindfold and final cigarette.

The Odom issue is clearly bad for Shannon, but how does that affect Ohio State. Your a reporter, Manny. Run the numbers and compare OSU's arrests and other off the field incidents such as Maurice Clarett with Miami and go back 10 years or so.

If OSU's #'s are not considerably higher than UM (and I'll bet UF and Tenn are also) I'll shut up and never defend the U again. But if they portray what I think they will show, then YOU should respond to these Buckeye fans and put it back on them. Don't defend the U, just set the record straight. Or R U scared?

BTW-Why is it when fans of UF or OSU gripe your paper moves mountains to appease them, but when UM fans challenge your paper, all we hear are crickets.


You want to defend yourself? Do this research and publish an article in the herald ASAP (not just on your blog) and forward it to ESPN/ Fox News/ The Factor etc. Its actually Canester-NIPs suggestion from the last blog. Here it goes:
Remember a few months ago Manny asked the UM fans for suggestions on what would be a good topic to report on? It was I, the Notorious N.I.P, who suggested that Manny do an article on the arrests and misdeeds on some of the top programs in the country like Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, UF, Fsu and Tennesse then compare their misdeeds to UM's to see who actually deserves the title of Thug U. It's not even close! Some of these schools had more arrest in one year than UM has had in 10 years. I practically pleaded for Manny to report this not only to the Herald but somehow get it to ESPN to silence the haters once and for all, but my plea was ignored, which is why I'm asking again, for the sake of the schools and it's loyal fans, MANNY, PLEASE WRITE AN ARTICLE ON THIS VERY TOPIC! DON'T IGNORE THIS ANY LONGER! IF YOU LOVE THE U LIKE YOU CLAIM YOU DO YOU WILL START TYPING AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS!

Posted by: Cane-ster Nip | November 30, 2007 at 01:14 AM

What is the sports editor's email?

Talk about defensive.

Where is your statement in your manifesto that balances all of the attcks on THUG U?

How is it that media-types such as yourself can't state all of the facts to make the story fair and balanced, not just a one sided op?

The media MUST (if it wants to be responsible) point out the bias that exists against UM. Sean TAylor's death had absolutley nothing to do with UM and the media, esp the Northeast media must be made to make the same stink about the thuggery that exists at other schools, not just at Um, and that murders are a bigger problem in other cities. USC, Ohio ST, UF, NAvy, Colorado, Texas, Tennesse, VT, are examples of the lack of discipline on those campuses. UM hasn't even been close lately. Itgets press because of what happen to pata and taylor. The FIU brawl argument was totally one sided against UM. Nobody pointed out how the brawl started- a UM player getting body slammed.

Bottom line is you media types are a mostly liberal bunch who think too highly of yourselves.


I know for sure Ohio St and UF's numbers are almost 5 to 10 times higher. There is a website which listed this and I have seen it a few months ago, but for the life of me, I can't find it now. I am still trying to find it. But Manny can easily run his numbers!

DanR (PhD 2000)

Great Job Manny! well said. Keep doing you job!

BTW, they (all those who are not fans of the U), are always getting their facts wrong about Us!

MANNY: Point blank you can talk about the punishment the U is taking. Defend them. Do the research. The information is there, YOU ARE A REPORTER. Take a list of the top ten or so universties for football players and list the arrests or off field incidents. You say you can't substantiate but have you tried?????????????????????????????

R.I.P. Sean Taylor..

Do the research Manny!!


Let's forget a second that it wasn't Randy Shannon who made those comments and it was someone in your office.

Would you be defending them if you found out he lied about his best friend dying? I will go out on a limb and say no.

Manny, let's face it: Shannon's comment was bizarre and as factually wrong as it gets. He doesn't know whether his BEST FRIEND was shot and killed in '89, or died of an illness in '02? That go's beyond verbal slip-up to just sounding like a nut. Journalists are paid to challenge people in power. No need to write an article about you doing what you're paid to do.

Actually Manny, I've love to see an article on the real reason why Miami can't shake it's reputation: race. Take it from a white guy who's been called a n---er lover more than once for being a cane fan. Miami is seen as a black and hispanic city, unlike Gainesville and Colombus. The national media is now made up of baby boomers who talked a good game in the 60's but now cross the street when they see a minority.

Manny, As I posted in the other spot it is incumbent on you to dismiss all credibility and get back on board. Apologize to Randy for quoting him accurately and tell him it won't happen again. Tell him that next time you will go back over his comments and run it by legal department to insure that the University of Miami will not appear in a bad light.

It'not like Randy said that he grew up next to JFK in Brookline and how they went to prep school together before they parted ways prior to WW2, but how he still lives the trauma of the day he saw John get assasinated in Gainesville, Florida and how that moment made him realize how dangerous that part of the country is----Now that would be a fabrication and not just getting confused about the cause and year of your "best friend's" death.

Cut Randy a break--He's A Cane!! Do The Cane Thing And Make It Right!!

Im tired of the country looking at the U as THUG-U Its is ridicolus look how many Ohio State players have been arrested in the past 5 years compared to US. Look how Geno Hayes got into a bar fight and got tazered, and he didnt even get suspended from a game just got moved down the dept chart. THIS IS RIDICOLUS STOP HATIN ON DA U.


Manny, I can honestly say I did not bash anybody. I just said the man made a misstake, SO WHAT? U decided to publish his interview, and all of the sudden these schools are calling the herald.
He may not have been right about it, but how many kids have been kill in the Florida games. Wheter it's in Campus or out Campus it's has to do with Florida. It's only fair to say that when people are connecting the ST's death with Miami. It seem like it happens every year with Florida wheter they play Tennesse,Georgia, or FSU.
If Meyer would have misspoken, do you think the Gainesville Sun would have done the same?

To ONLY Those Who Attended Miami--Really--, How do you feel when you read the comments?? of canes#1?? Now you realize this guy never matriculated within 900 SAT points of your campus and yet he is ASSOCIATING himself with a prestigious institution by his comments. Do you thing it might behoove you to tell him to take his "support" to Columbus, Tallahassee, gainesville or any other school in America?? And if you do feel that way why not tell him?/

The University of Miami probably more than any other quality institution in America has a collection of "Subway Alumni Miscreants" who ACTUALLY believe that they have some LEGITIMATE emotional connection with your school, and sadly canes#1 perpetuates an image that has no basis in reality.

You cane fans are incredible. If Urban Meyer or Booby Bowden said this exact same thing, you would kill him for it. Your coach at best is a piss poor liar. At worst, he is a piss poor liar that used his "best friend's" fake murder to tell recruits how unsafe Gainesville is. Keep up the good work Randy.

Hopefully in his long BS rebuttal as to why he misspoke(about something as trivial as his "best friend's" fake murder), he can inform us about the time his wife was raped in Gainesville.....or maybe the time when his kids were beaten one by one on the 50 yard line in the Swamp.....or what about that one time where Gator fans came to Miami and burned his house to the ground because he is black.

Keep up the good work cane fans. All 6 of you left will be calling for his head when he is 5-7 again next year.

Great Job, Canes #1. These guys are out to get us because they don't want to us to come back up. But we will. Randy beat all odds to be where he is at. And he will beat the Meyers, Tressels, Sabans and other snakes of the world. COUNT ON IT.

DanR (A Proud UM Alum)


How about this - I do not feel comfortable sending my sister to UF because there was a string of rapes/murders of active students on your campus in the mid-1990s. Now you can see how completely ignorant your logic is. Ah the benefits of the peon large public universities.

By the way, how about your players unloading a weapon in a crowded bar? Smart player - what was his punishment? What about Avery Atkins beating the hell out of his girlfriend and child's mother. It only took two more violations to be welcome back. Let's, of course, not forget your players doing a drive by shooting with an AK-47 on a house. Hmmm, throwing stones in glass huts much? How about Miami getting strung out for Willie Williams when the only times he got in trouble during his collegiate career/recruiting process were while hanging out with your Thug players and while at Louisville. Let's not fail to mention Channing Crowder's list of incidents.

What's funny, is that these editors BS decision overwhelmed some really well-placed arguments. The entire country wants to criticize Miami and the neighborhoods down here until it is time to lick these players assholes to line up for your school. Stay up in your tractor town, with your 2 national championships, no undefeated seasons and get shot in the balls by your uncle when he catches you knocking up your cousin.

Anyone hear anything about why Jacory is taking a visit to Oregon or about Farr transferring?


This was never said to recruits. Quit making stuff up. Shannons comments were made during a lunch conversation with Manny and the blog was a transcription of it. The actual audio of the entire conversation is on this site, including Susan's bragging about her daughter's SAT scores, lol. Maybe the Herald should investigate that, j/k.

While I do find it odd that he was mistaken about the facts of his friends death, I don't see where there is any intent or benefit from lying about something.

As this whole issue has proven, in this internet age of overzealous reporting and fanatical fans, any lie or misinformation while be quickly brought to light.

Further, Manny was actually present when Shannon made these comments, and he appears to have a pretty good relationship with him. If Manny characterizes this as Shannon having "mispoke", I'd say he his characterization carrys more weight than a group of biased internet bloggers hiding behind a pseudonym.

To all you ohio state fans in Tressels first 3 years as head coach the Associated Press search of court records reveals at least 13 incidents involving 14 football players. They had underage drinking ,drunken driving,disorderly conduct,assault,falsification of a police report to theft,robbery,felony drug abuse and carrying a concealed weapon.Some of these player at the time were quarterback Steve Bellisari,tailback Maurice Clarett,tailback Branden joe,wide receiver Santonio Holmes and quarterback Troy Smith.
This is in a article done by AP Sports Writer Rusty Miller May 6,2004.

Don't forget about their LB trying to collapse the throat of the opponent's quarterback, which should have been assault, since that is well outside of the assumed contact in playing football.

I know you taped the interview over lunch. My only question is how much did Randy have to drink during the interview? Give me a break "MY BEST FRIEND GOT SHOT AND KILLED AT UF". Your University is a joke as well as your head coach. This type of Randy Shannon BS is used to negatively recruit against UF.

See here is the problem with the rest of the world. You guys can cover all your schools mistake. Someone farts at the U and it's all over the news. You have fsu players in trouble with the law and they get to play in games. The U misses class and we bench them. If you are mad at coach RS for mentioning schools with prior problems. well too bad!! the truth hurts sometimes. Look at athlete police records at other schools and I bet ours is cleaner then 90% of them.

Manny the reasons I switched to the herald for my canes football is because you are a good journalist and a fan. I don't want news from someone who doesnt care about the U.

You guys need to back up off of Manny. It is not his fault I am a liar.

Manny don't let these haters get you down. They're just hating on you like they hate on UM but we all know you're doing a great job following the Canes. You were just doing your journalistic duty. They need to back off on their criticisms of Randy's comments when the first person to put down other schools during recruiting is that snake Meyer.

And to the moron who said I (an alumni) shouldn't want fans who aren't alumni. Are you kidding me dude? How idiotic are you? Do you really think that the only fans every college teams has are alumni? So by your logic I was not allowed to be a Canes fan while I was a kid until I was 18 because I didn't start going to UM before that and my parents aren't alumni. How stupid is that? I have been a Canes fan since I knew what football was. I love and support all the non student/alumni fans because many of them love UM and bleed orange and green just like us proud alumni. They can stand up and say whatever they want (as long as they know what they are talking about).

For all the UM haters out there remember this... The University of Miami: Better than your school since 1925... This place is private not public. We have as many people in our school as you do in your class, but we'll still kick your ass in football. We don't pay to go to the games and the stadium may be 20 minutes away, but we drink in it. We pre-game like you party. We live where you vacation. We suntan while you freeze. We party harder than you know how to. And the places we party at you've only seen on TV. We're going to the next bar while you're passing out. It's okay to be jealous. We understand your animosity. We live the life you wish you had. And of over 4,000 universities and over 119 Division I-A schools, only one is simply known as "The U"!!!

iamme- I never said UF or Gainesville is perfect. Please find in my statement where I said that UM was nothing but Thugs and UF was perfect. You are either missing the point or don't want to see it. Your coach lied about his "best friend's" fake murder to make sling mud at a rival University. I, nor anyone else, would have a problem if Shannon would have brought up the stabbing of Odoms. If it happened then it happened. Don't mix an obvious lie up with misspeaking. How many of you would know every single detail if your best friend was murdered? I rest my case.

If you do not think those comments were aimed at potential recruits then you are sadly mistaken. I realize that the comments were not made directly to them. Although if he would make such a blatent lie to a newspaper then God only knows what he says to recruits behind closed doors.Those comments were aimed at recruits and their families saying you can come to Miami, all those other places are just as bad as here.

Once again, you want to bring up UF's past troubles to cover up for your coach. Please reference and qoute my post where I ever said UF was perfect. My point is your coach using a dead friend's made up murder for personal gain. Manny can believe all he wants that Shannon misspoke, I guess nobody he knows that well has ever died.

Manny did learn a valuable lesson in all of this. I bet he never writes another article with Randy Shannon quotes in it without, gasp, checking his facts first. Oh wait, reporters are already supposed to be doing that.

Yeah, Miami's joke...Rated #52 among the top National Universities in the U.S. Small private school with annual tuition exceeding $40k per year in one of the most affluent cities (Coral Gables)in the country.

P.S. ask any recruit and they'll tell you that the only school that HASN'T negatively recruited against other schools is UM with Randy Shannon. Look at all the interviews Manny has with the NW players and other recruits and they all say the same thing. UM doesn't even talk about other schools when they recruit, they focus on themselves as it should be. It's actually one of the things the recruits like most about UM and Shannon. Next time why don't you guys posting on here find out what you're talking about before you post.

Manny, I hope you read this. I have thought about a response to give for some time this morning and I think it's an important issue pertaining to why RS "misspoke". I think we all know that RS is a very passionate human being, and I think he knows damn well what happened to his buddy. But it's a natural human tendency to over-exaggerate when trying to make a point. The media and readers (not necessarily pointing at anyone in particular) tends to hang on every single word spoken, yet most of the "misspoken" words happen because people speak words that are NOT PREMEDITATED. Think of all the apology letters that people read to the media and how politically correct they are. That's the way it would always be if people spoke words that were premeditated all the time. I'm glad people don't speak that way because the world would be pretty dull.

Also, I thought the correction to the whole thing was a bit of a "knee-jerk" reaction that unnecessary. It got blown way out of proportion. My suggestion if that happens again is to just edit it out and move on. There's no reason to rehash the past and create controversey over something so menial.

I love your stuff, Manny. Keep it up! And, GO Canes basketball (now that football is over)!


I've never brought up UF's problems or bad mouthed them. Actually, I like UF and was planning to go their out of high school on a scholarship. However, I got a full scholarship to Miami too. A full scholarship valued at $40k or a full scholarship valued at $120k, in 1990 dollars, it was an easy decision. Not to mention the comparison between Gainesville, a fun college town, or Miami, a tropical, cosmopolitan city.

I like all the Florida teams personally, and if the Cane's aren't playing, I'll always watch UF or FSU.

suspects detained ... BREAK?


Anyone who wasnt smart enough to read between the lines of the "misspoke" blog shouldn't open their fat mouths...

if any of these people had any intelligence, they would have been able to tell almost immediately that there was a lot more to it than you trying to start somerthing.

We appreciate your work and know how die hard you are, which is why we love coming to this blog. Thanks for the hard work...


Thanks for the link, Green. I hope this is true, and I hope we find out what really happened Sunday night.

Every reporter out there needs to back off and stop bashing the U. Look at Penn State this year when 3 players (2 starters) were arrested for robbery. You didn't hear about that much. And what about Notre Dame when 3 players rapped a girl about 5 years ago. There are worse things that happen at schools other than Miami. Why don't you start reporting on those schools instead of the U. All these recruits are hearing all these negative things about the U, why not tell the positive things such as how Miami are tops in the nation in graduating student athletes (Best in the ACC).

Miami herald breaks the news picked up by others

allegedly, suspects trekked from ft myers to burglarize 26 ... NOT Miami

"Today, no program is 100% clean and without off-the-field incidents by student athletes. That is how it is. Even schools that are in so called 'college-towns' have trouble, just like schools that are in Cities like the University of Miami. Read the papers and the websites to see what happens at the different schools around the country and the facts will bare this out."

I think that is what Shannon was trying to say.

Also, I think he used those schools (OSU and UF) for a point of emphasis and nothing was meant to disrespect or put those programs down. He could have said "Duke", "Texas", or "Penn State" just as easily.

Did he stretch the truth about his best friend? Probably, but people do that to express that "it is real" or they have experienced "real situations". Shannon has more death experiences than one person should have in their lifetime. However, he should have known better - what sounds good, doesn't always read good.

Let's move on! To all the haters get a life!

Those of us who read your columns/blog on a regular basis understand what went down... those who mistook your correction are doing so out of ignorance or to validate their own personal bias. I greatly appreciate all the information you provide us. Keep up the good work.

Go Canes!

Manny consistently posts the best UM news available anywhere on the web. God Bless him and Go Canes.

It would be awesome to see some figures on UM vs. Other schools when it comes to arrests, gpa, ect.

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