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What is this team good at?

I wasn't in Boston today for the end of the worst football season at UM in 30 years. I was here at home in Miami, watching Frank Haith's basketball team grow a little more.

The Canes survived 55-51, improving without its star Jack McClinton and against a team in Morgan State that is likely good enough to win the MEAC and get into the NCAA Tournament. Last year's basketball season was as dreadful as any I've had to watch. Injuries completely destroyed UM in a 12-20 campaign. Yet, still, the season somehow ended on a positive note. Miami upset Maryland and I left the ACC Tournament feeling like, man, this basketball team, if it only had some healthy players they might be pretty good.

UM's football season ended Saturday in Chestnut Hill and even though I wasn't there, I felt totally different watching Miami's football season end compared to the way UM's basketball season ended last March. When I saw Kyle Wright get smashed in the stomach one last time and his final pass fall incomplete, I tried to find a positive. I couldn't. Then, the question popped into my head. What can honestly make UM fans feel good going into next year? Last year, when Miami finished 7-6 and with a bowl win, you had something to look forward to. You had a new coach in Randy Shannon. You had a good defense with Kenny Phillips and Calais Campbell. And you had hope with 18 starters returning.

None of that will come into play next fall. The only thing UM has going for it right now is the hope its next recruiting class is balls to the wall spectacular. How much growth do you expect to see from Kirby Freeman next season? How much better will Patrick Nix's play calling be? How much better of a defensive coordinator is Tim Walton going to be after 12 games? Didn't we just watch this team regress in its final four games? What are the Hurricanes honestly good at?

Offense? Let's see, Darnell Jenkins the team's best receiver is gone. Sam Shields and Ryan Hill, talented, but will they ever stop getting into trouble? The offensive line? Morse, the guy coach Randy Shannon made an example of as true Hurricane earlier this year, will be gone. Yes, you got Orlando Franklin and Jason Fox, but where are the other superstars? Quarterback? Exactly. A redshirt freshman quarterback in Robert Marve who has a lot to prove. Running back? Javarris James had 3 yards on three carries Saturday. Graig Cooper wasn't much better. Where were the long runs everyone expected to see? Where were those Willis McGahee-type screen passes that went to the house?

Defense? Here's three numbers for you -- 48, 44 and 28. Miami finished the season with tread marks on its back, victims of the prolific offenses Virginia, Virginia Tech and Boston College have always had (I'm joking about the prolific). Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips, the team's two best players, are likely headed to the NFL. How about the defensive line? Eric Moncur and Antonio Dixon will be back, Adewale Ojomo will be a year older, but not much else to choose from. Linebackers? Gooden, the best of the group, is gone. Well, there's Colin McCarthy and... and how many times did we see guys out of position on pass plays?

Special teams? Where is the game breaker on returns? Where is the kicker who can make chip shot field goals? Matt Bosher was an average punter this season at best.

I don't mean to pick on the Canes when they are down and their season is over. I know some of you die-hards will take offense. But in a season when so much went wrong and so little happened positively, I ask you these question: What is this team good at right now? What can Miami say going into next season that it is good at? The reality is nothing. All Canes fans have right now is hope.

Hope that Robert Marve is as good as advertised and not a product of the system he was in at Tampa Plant (his predecessor, junior Aaron Murray, broke his state record with 51 touchdown passes this season).

Hope that Javarris James, Graig Cooper and Shawnbrey McNeal's poor finish to this season was a result of a downtrodden team, injuries and bad blocking.

Hope that Jason Fox, Orlando Franklin and Reggie Youngblood can stay healthy next season and anchor a very young offensive line that will feature freshmen that couldn't get on the field this year, but are supposed to be better next.

Hope that Jermaine McKenzie's neck is in good shape and those stories you hear about him in practice are true, and that Leonard Hankerson doesn't drop the ball anymore and that Hill and Shields grow up.

Hope that a tight end emerges from a group that couldn't emerge except for one game-winning catch against FSU.

Hope that Antonio Dixon's knee gets healthy, he can play more than 20-30 plays and that Adewale Ojomo really is as good as Eric Moncur was in spurts this season.

Hope that Glenn Cook can come back and play the middle, Colin McCarthy gets even better, Daryl Sharpton finally gets it and Allen Bailey doesn't get so big they need to move him to defensive line.

Hope that DeMarcus Van Dyke puts on a little more weight in muscle, Chavez Grant gets a chance to start at corner and Randy Phillips and Lovon Ponder are so good they keep Damien Berry and Jojo Nicholas off the field.

Hope that someone can finally become the game breaker UM needs on special teams.

And most importantly, hope that all of these young talented players Shannon and his staff are recruiting are not only great players, but good enough to start contributing right away.


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What is this team good at?

Right now, the answer is nothing. Sure, we can spin this all we want. But, let's be realistic, they're good at nothing. Not one aspect, one phase. Offense - nope. Defense - nope. Special teams - nope. Coaching - nope.

It's not that I'm being unfair, but let's also be clear, nothing shows promise...nothing!

Where were James or Cooper? Why did they only touch the ball a few times? Are they injured? Do they not fit into Nix's plans?

Who is a tight end? It seems they're the only ones who catch balls, but very few are thrown to them. Wide receivers? Can anyone make it down field and get open?

QB - Marve has already shown incredibly stupid instincts in the Grove. Kirby SHOULD NOT start! Frankly, given Marve's bonehead decision, I'm glad Jacory is coming. He's got game!

The O-Line, oh my. We're asking a lot if we expect freshman to standout next year.

Where's the fullback? Do we have one?

As for receivers, McKenzie may be the only hope, and we certainly have to hope the Johnsons and Streeter come.

Let's talk special teams? Oh, there's not much to talk about, except maybe that Lance Legget played there today. But then the punter and kicker have been horrible.

On the Defense... The line was weak all year, despite the rotation. Sure Calais was double teamed, but that's nothing that Maryland and other's did not overcome.

Linebackers - there's a reason why the U is trying to find so many... D'Backs - uggghhhh...

Coaching... sadly, they're all still cutting their teeth in some respect. I like Nix and want to seem him succeed, and I feel the same way about Randy. But it's hard to not understand why they can't hit receivers with passes, or why the RB's can't come out of the backfield on play action. Almost every play looks like it is in slow motion. Maybe it is the players, maybe it is not.

Next year has the potential to be miserable, but it also has the potential to be remarkable.

So in the end, what is this team good at...the prospect of being good next year.

Good post, Jonathan. The fact is that IF Randy can bring in most of the people who have commited then we should have a lot of young talent on the field next year. As dreadful as this team is, they should be able to start - or at least play a lot - right away.

That means we can't expect anything TOO great next season (as tough as that is to accept) as they'll be young and will need to develop a bit. But, realistically, if Randy can continue getting commitments like he is, and get them to stay committed in the face of this disgrace of a season and some likely struggles next season, then it will only be a matter of time til we're back in the bigtime... likely by '09.

Seems far away, but at least with Randy we are headed in a different direction now. It irks me to no end to see people starting to take jabs at Randy. This is not his team or his players, he's dealing with the end result of the horendous mess Coker left behind. Give him time, he was the perfect hire!

The U will be back... just not likely for another 2 years or so.

how can you continue to give randy a free pass. you cant pin this on coker anymore. randy has had 1 full yr with this team, and they got WORSE EVERY WEEK... no improvements. we dont have the talent we are used to, but we have a heckuva lot more talent than we showed. great coaching can overcome mediocre talent. i hope im wrong, but unlike you, i have no hope at all with randy calling the shots... this could end up being one of the worst coaching hires in football history.

and before you bash me, this does not make me less of a fan, it just makes me realistic.

Johnathan. You forget we had a QB (or two) with tunnel vision. where were the receivers and the tight ends? RUNNING FREE DOWN THE FIELD!!!! The QB was to blame for MOST of the offense's woes. No check downs, no coverage reads. sorry but 4 years in college football and that stuff should come natural. do you also realize that we only had 6 healthy D-linemen??? One of our biggest signees on the line may never play football again (Chris Perry). And lets not talk about the secondary (Reddick, Ponder most of the season). We were stuck with Willie Cooper all year. He's the 3rd string. Corners??? Grant is a sophmore, DVD is a true freshman, their role models?? Freakin Randy Phillips and Bruce Johnson ((THEY SUCK!!)) Linebackers were descimated before the season started! Cook was supposed to anchor the middle and he was lost for the season in the spring! Romeo Davis lost the first game of the year to injury! they were SENIORS!!! there was no way we could have played competitively with all those personell losses!!!

Coaching will get better with more experience. Everyone wanted Butch's head after 1997. But oh... remember that 2000 season.

All you Fair weather canes fans should be ashamed. Give Shannon time. Look at the recruits that we brought in last year and the class coming in this year. Its not the end of the world. I think Nix is calling good plays. Think of all the drops this year. The defense is running themselves out of plays because they are being aggressive. They offense has had 3 different systems to learn and the defense is in transition. Only one team wins the national championship a year. We will return. You will see a major improvement next year and 09 should be an amazing year....GO CANES...WE BELIVE

To those who have responded to my post, make note that I was responding to Manny's question. None of us are any less fans or automatically fair weather fans because we pose questions, wonder about what's going on, or fail to see any recognizeable indicator that there is progress.

Da U, you miss the point. First, let's all be clear, Coker's boys... Give me a break. Randy recruited them too, and the classes in 03 and 04 were rated high. Perhaps that is the problem, they were rated high, but failed to have the moxie that makes teams winners - look at ND - typically a top 10 recruiting team every year.

As for the injuries, they were there, but in the past, player's stepped up. That's what made the U, the U. The issues that are present run deeper than all of this hysteria about this season. Coker tore the heart out of the U ~2 years ago when he seemed to fire everyone. People, like Art, and others.

But I'm not dismissing that, I recognize that there was and is turmoil, and I appreciate that Randy wants stablity - kudos to him.

Yet how do you explain the fact that LB's were so frequently out of place? Sure there were injuuries, but can't the players get into the right place? Isn't that a coaching issue?

As for the receivers, they weren't open - that's the problem - not tunnel vision. They did not separate well, stopped route's short, ran the wrong route, etc... It's not all Kyle's fault. But he's gone and won't be in the mix next year, so it does not matter that he's had 3 O coordinators.

And, respectuflly, I don't think this was all of the QB's fault. The o-line was miserable. That's a concern, with 3 starter's graduting.

Regardless, remember, the question posted here by Manny is what is this team good at?

The question is not are we faithful or do we want to see the U play well next year or will we have a good recruiting class. It's simply what is this team good at. To that, I say nothing right now, exept the hope of next year, and that means nothing right now.

You have got to be running a fever!!! THE ANNOUNCERS WERE TALKING ABOUT IT ALL DAY!!! the receivers were wide open and the QB didn't even look their way!!! What game were you watching??? How did this team get so bad if the last head coach was "COACHING"??? HE wasn't!!!! The players ran practice and when the real hurricanes left the soft ass recruits that coker wanted didn't know how to step up and be playmakers!! the defense NEVER stuggled under Shannon. but the offense sure did under Coker (who used to be the offensive coodinator! Give me a break. And oh yes... Shannon recruited those same kids. But those kids were the ones Coker wanted! NOT SHANNON! but things will get better REEEEEEALLY SOON!

Interesting points, '86. I watched the game on ESPN. Not sure which one you watched, but it sounds like we had different commentators. Hard to comment about who was who or what anyone was doing with the dynamic duo from ESPN. For example, the femal broadcaster saw Dorrell Jenkins catch a ball, and also said the ACC championship was in Charlottesville...

As for your other comments, I think you need to re-read mine. I'm acknowledging there was an issue with Coker, but, let me ask you this, What is this TEAM good at? Forget about what you think about the Coker related issues. I'm serious, what is this team good at? I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm likely as hopeful as you are about next season, but right now, this team is not that good at anything? Did you see the missed fieldgoal? Did you see the LB's out of place? How about the blown D plays that resulted in 14 points in 2 minutes? What about the foolish pass by Kyle at the end of the half, which resulted in the 2nd TD?

86, I'm with you in terms of looking forward, seeing cultural change, and so forth, but again, I ask, what is this team good at right now? Because the potential you refer to and $2.00 should get you a cup of coffee...

check out shannons defensive stats... the got progressively worse every year if im not mistaken

Lets review two important facts about players we're losing and players coming in.

1.) The following players were seniors: Teraz McCray, Tavares Gooden, Vegas Franklin, Kyle Wright, Lance Leggett, Darnell Jenkins, Andrew Bain, Derrick Morse, and John Rochford.

2.) Rivals.com ranked our 2005 class #7 (only 2 of those players panned out), the 2006 class ranked #14 (we'll reserve judgment for another year but they are looking overrated), and our current class is ranked #19 (from what I'm hearing we're just trying to hold on to recruits we have...not trying to sign more 4-5 star recruits).

Manny, you tell me is there any reasonable hope for an 8 win season in 08? Can we expect to see Shannon bring in any new 4-5 star commitments? Do you think Tim Walton is dead weight? I've never seen such a defense return so much talent (Phillips and Campbell) and play so poorly. I don't anticipate Shannon will fire his coordinators but do you expect to see Shannon fired by the end of the 09 season if he can't get a winning season in 08 and an 8+ win season in 09?

I think we need to give Shannon 4 years. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic but I think if you compare this season with last season, one thing you can say is that Shannon/Nix put players in position to make big plays. How many more deep balls did we throw this year? Shannon was never afraid to make gutsy calls. Compare that to how coach Coker seemed to coach scared, which translated to the players on the field, and Coker/Olsen never seemed put their players in position to make big plays.

Great points Ed. I agree, and maybe that's what they did right. Shannon and Nix did put players in position to make plays. Great read!

The offensive line is good. Not where it needs to be. But good! As far as the LB's being out of place, they were all out of place all year. ony one of them should have been starting and that was Gooden. And he was supposed to be outside... They were all young (except T-good). They were playing different positions so it was only natural for them to be out of place and sometimes confused. But them getting beat in coverage is not acceptable. they're not good to play yet. RIGHT NOW... AS of the end of the game.... THIS TEAM is good at Q.B. ((on potential)) the same can be said for the Defense. RIGHT NOW... as of the end of the game. ((the potential)) of the "D" and the linebackers they have coming back and coming in. potential.

Coker never had the potential coming in, with the exception of Calais, KP, and Beason, and Rolle. And ain't it funny that they all had that leadership quality. Bro it starts with recruiting. There are not as many holes to fill as people may think. Right now.. as of the end of the season. they are better at Q.B. I would say, they are GOOD! they're good at running back. They are good at DE. They are good at DT. They are good at OT. They are good at Safety (Reddick & KP).

This year the canes are good at losing...but give them time. and lets hope shannon has more influence on the d next year.. I am most hopefull of the baby canes or current bulls.. GO Northwestern.. Canes for life

Oh and for "unbearable"... Notice the years that Cokers recruits were here, that Shannon had to coach them up to his system. They were not his type of players. Which was why the defense got worse. But he did get more out of them than they were worth.

'86 - Very interesting points. While the O did show promise at the start, it really came up short at the end. When we start converting the 3rd and 1, then I'll agree. But, remember, we're losing 3 starters on the o-line - ouch...

As for the RB's I just don't get what's going on there. James starts and then disappears. Cooper comes in and disappears. Thomas played most of the game - that's a problem.

And what about the receivers??? Wow, dropped passes - I counted 8. Blown routes... That is a problem

But I have to concur with you on the leadership issues, I think it is lacking right now. And I'm not confident that Marve is the answer. He's shown same brain pharts already. Jacory, though, shows promise - that kid has moxie and leadership skillzzz. He could be something special. I do look forward to the competition.

As for whether the team is just a few players away... I might have agreed with you at the start of the season, as most, including myself, thought a simple coaching change would make all the difference. But this team peetered out this year. Injuries, brain lapses, coaching, etc.

In fact, Shannon has acknowledged it's his responsibility and the learning curve from D coord to HC was steeper than he expected. This could be a few years... Recruits could help, but then, we've had recruits.

As for Coker, I don't forget that he was the O Coordinator before being HC, and he was almost fired that year for O issues.

I'm willing to give Shannon, Nix and crew time. Those two need at least 3 years to get a rythm and develop their system. This will not happen overnight nor will it happen within 1 year. It will take time, and, respectfully, seeing some of those players graduate is a good thing.

All the teams that beat us this year, and all the CANE HATERS can laugh now and enjoy those victories while they lasted, because what Randy Shannon is doing right now, alot of people can't see it. Look at the way he's recruiting Dade,Broward and Palm Beach counties. This hasn't been done in a very long time and thats why Miami fell off because over the years the very best in the tri-county area did not want to play for Larry Coker. Now as you can clearly see, Shannon has clearly locked up the South Florida area(the main ingredient for all those championship teams that we had). So just stay tuned and watch Randy do his thing because I garantee you that before it's all said and done, over the course of the next five years, many will tout Randy Shannon among the best who have coached at Miami. You heard it here first! Hurricane Warning 08

At least we agree on somethings. the RBs are all banged up. JJ with his ankle. And Coop may have torn something in his knee. Did you see that big brace he was wearing? Shawnbrey? I don't know. He disappeared. But they got valuable game experience. Chambers coudn't learn the blocking schemes fast enough to get on the field but he's a true freshman. We have 4 RBs (loaded. And don't worry about Marve. That happens. He's a true freshman that needed a wake up call. People are making too much out of an 18 year old kid who did something stupid (once). If it happens again, now that's the time to worry about where his head is. Besides he's a film rat according to the players and coaches. and I'm tellin ya, the T.E.'s were open all day. the comentators mentioned it everytime KW scrambled. He never understood how to look of safeties, and read blitz's alot of sacks this year was because he wouldn't go through progressions. everybody knew that. the O-line gave him time my friend and I were couting the seconds before the rush got to him. He had like four or five seconds each time. QBs have a clock in their head which is usually about three seconds to get rid of the ball. When the rush came he would take off running with his head down. Receivers were open.

I do think we're still a few players away on defense just for the sake of depth. Not really the talent issue. Our best LBs were injured for the year. and Reddick.

It's gonna be fun next year watching the team go 8-4 or 9-3. They have a good shot.

You might be wright... LOL, I mean right...

Yeah, Wright really disappointed me in terms of reads. I wonder some times if he's just plain blind, but then he does something... Still have to give the guy some credit - he hustles. Yes he holds on to it, but there are times when he has 1-2 seconds and then he is nailed. That's an O-line issue.

I do have to add, though, that the U has been with out a center since the 2002 had the championship stolen from them by those nut jobs up in oHIo.

The TE may have been open, but it doesn't matter when the ball is thrown to a WR who DROPS the ball... Ugggh... Do you remember Lester Hayes? Stick'em???

Marve may not be a head case - jury is still out on that. I was just disappointed. These kids - and that is what they are - need to realize it's just 4 years to put it all out there - not just for the U, but for yourself. I had not heard he is a film nut. That is GOOD.

One of the issues it seams has to do with players not being students of the game, per se. They have loads of talent, but lack that student football playmaker mindset.

Yes, it should be better next year, BUT, let's be clear, there was not enough in terms of tangible evidence to support that conclusion. Like you, I see the intangibles - types of players being recruited, the foundation being laid, the stablity from top down, the courage in the coaching to take risks, etc.

But, as I noted above, UNTIL we see this team regularly converting 3 and 1, we aren't there. Also, what ever happened to play action?

And does it seem to you that the players are stuck in the mud? These plays this year moved so slow. The UVA game was the best example. UVA looked soooo fast compared to the U.

In the end, though, I'm most excited to see Shannon's intent to stablize the coaching on this team. It is needed! He, Nix, and crew need time. Culture does not change overnight, and can take more than 1 year. BUT, let's not forget what good old Dennis Erickson has done out in Arizona. He changed that team immediately.

these players are Sssssssssssslow! Doug Wiggins running a 4.7??? are you kidding me??? when did a Linebacker at miami EVER get out ran by a fullback ((fIU))? DJ and Sam can ride. But I think these kids are young ((offense)) the Defense is Ssssssssslow!!! Only DVD and K.P. can run. Maybe Sharpe, but his knees have been reconstructed twice. everyone else is.... in the mud! Pleeease don't bring up Dennis Erickson! He's another Larry Coker. won two NC with Jimmys players then said screw it you guys just go out there and play! he's doing the same in Tempe with the previous coach's players

LOL - you're fun to banter with on this subject. Take care '86, and God bless.

'86, thanks for the fun tonight. I don't normally do this, but got into it tonight...

Good night one and all, and may the '08 year be a good one.



Instead of asking the question, what is this team good at, rather lets ask the question, what is this team lacking? This TEAM is lacking leardership....This TEAM is lacking ball hawks at corner back(look at the horrible play of Chavez Grant today as he should have picked off two duck balls that Matty Ice threw up today and they were caught)....We are lacking that big time true playmaker at reciever that always seems to come up with the big catch(this is a young crew of recievers so I'll give them time). This season we were lacking that FORCE at defensive tackle(I didn't see a Vince Wilfork on this team anywhere this year). We are lacking a group of linebackers that people FEAR. Even though I see promise in players such as Colin McCarthy, this was just not the typical group of dominating, tenacious, trash talking group of linebackers that I'm used to seeing. And finally, this was a team without a quarterback that just out right knows how to play the game. Kyle Wright is a quarterback that seems like he doesn't have moxie to play the position. It's as if he never developed the mechanics needed to play QB. I don't fault Randy Shannon his staff for the outcome of this season. The reason why I say this is because I believe that it is hard to turn a group of inconsistant players into a group of consistant players. There is a major difference between 4/5 star athletes and FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Look at that Miami Northwestern football team. They are not winning because they have out of this world coaching(no disrespect to coach Rolle)but they are winning because they have FOOTBALL PLAYERS, the type of players that Randy Shannon is bringing in. So in conclusion, very simply put I say, Randy Shannon is bringing in What Miami is LACKING, FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

Glad somebody brought up Chavez Grant. For the past few weeks I've noticed he is a weak spot in our defense. Any time he's ever caught my attention it has been because the offense was taking advantage of him. However, I've always been an offensive guy---do you guys think he has been playing terrible?

Chavez Grant was picked on all day today! All their crucial pass plays were thrown at Grant and he couldn't stop them. He needs a redshirt year.

When we finally fired Coker, who started destroying the dynasty Butch built as far back as 01 in the Boston College game. Any one who has followed the Canes as long as I have could see the chinks in our armor starting there. I personally felt after Coker's firing the guy to go after that no one mentioned was Brian Kelly who has won at every stop he has been at as well as put together offenses that resemble what Miami used to be accustomed to. I do not know how well he can recruit but let's face it one thing that recruits better than anything is WINNING!!!Consequentally we hired Randy Shannon and not that that will ultimatly be a bad thing because we know the man can or hope like hell he can recruit. What are we good at? It had better be recruiting because it isn't offense and it sure as hell isn't defense or special teams! As far as Randy I'm going to reserve judgement as much as I can and give him at least next year and possibly the next IF we see marked improvement. But lets look at some of his bone head mistakes
1. Starting Freeman not that Wright was great but it was 21 to 13 Sooners at halftime and instead of sticking with Wright who was hot and bring us back he decided to reinsert Freeman who couldn't stay on his feet much less complete a 5 yard out pattern. Result 51 to 13 drubbing.

2. Not having Miami up for the UNC (who I hate) game with a Former Miami Coach who rather than hold out for the Canes job which everyone know was going to be open decided to be of all things a Tarheel. We did not have any emotion at all, fell behind 27 to 0 and despite a 2nd half surge lost by 6 to a much less talented team than ours.

3. Ga Tech game we hire their own offensive coordinator, give him better players than he had at Atlanta and still lose to a team that is not as talented.

4. N.C STATE at home mind you with our destiny in our hands to play for at least the ACC title since we are already eliminated from the Nationl Title picture we start Freeman who can only complete one pass. I know Kyle was hurt but Kyle on one leg is better than what poor Kirby did. Why not start Wright get about a 20 to 24 pt lead and then rest him for UVa and VA Tech. The way we ran the ball that day no one can tell me that a hobbling Wright would not have won that game.

5. UVa game. Even with Wright we got killed by Virginia in the last game at the Orange Bowl. How do you let your team lose much less get your ass whipped like that in a game that everyone should be Jacked up for.

We did show a little fight in the last two for a while but it did not last long and subsequently lost. As for our defense we looked every bit as bad if not worse than the probation years. Our guys have taken bad angles, lost containment, blown coverages in the secondary, not stopped the run, just not hitting people hard and wrapping up. Walton really looks lost trying to make in game adjustments.

As far as special teams go please bring back the guy who had us blocking punts, returning punts and Kickoffs for easy scores.I know Randy did not want Bosher used for both kicking duties but what have you got to lose when he has got to be better than these other two ninrods that have been missing all year. And I know you need players to return punts and Kickoffs but come on it's not like we don't have players.

Offensivily DO YOU PEOPLE NOT REMEMBER GARY STEVENS? You know the guy that made Steve Walsh look like he belonged in the NFL. Kyle Wright has NFL talent just hasn't been coached like he would have had Stevens had coached him. 300 and 400 yd passing games with 4 and 5 Passing TD's would have been the norm. The running backs have not looked to have progressed week to week instead they seem to have regressed. We have more RB talent with Baby J, Coop, Shawnbrey and Lee Chambers than any team East of USC.

I like the DISAPLINE Randy Shannon is bringing which we sorely lacked under Coker.
I do feel the man needs a fair shot to get his players in there and then evaluate Randy and his staff and I agree completly with him that a successful staff needs continuity but, I do think Soldinger and Kehoe and Stevens could help us to a 10 and 2 record instead of a losing one.

their good at droping passes, and their good at making NO adjustments at halftime

their good at droping passes, and their good at making NO adjustments at halftime

their good at droping passes, and their good at making NO adjustments at halftime

At the risk of not being called a fan (I worked the Oregon/UCLA game today and still wore my U hat - while sitting in the Oregon TV truck)... I'll just say this:

This team doesn't have the born-in talent to compete, we just recruited the wrong players.

Randy Shannon should be given 4 years to prove himself, but if doesn't make a BCS bowl by that 4th year, he should be fired.

We haven't had one serious off-field incident this season and sadly, I think we're to be commended.

Although we may not have the super-talented players, they are smart and hard-working - I've been to class with most of them and they're not stupid - they want to win more than anything.

Jerrell Mabry needs to be converted from a fullback to a Bettis-style RB for next season.

We need a quarterback - can we trade for one?

Manny, what would the 'true' football experts say is wrong with this program (it's not just this year's team but, has been a problem for 4 years now!). We - the fans that post on this site - all have opinions and I am sure some are ex-players, or technically football savvy, or just very astute however; what do the insiders of coaching say are the problems? What would a Kosar/Griese/Kehoe/Olsen/Soldinger/Marino, etc. say? Why not interview several of these types and get some analytical answers. We the fans, can overstate the obvious reasons, usually from a 'too emotional' perspective. What would an intelligent, honest, non-biased, football 'insider' say is the reality of the problems and how to fix them. A pull no punches kind of insider? Obviously, no one from the current staff would do but, if you were to pick 3 of these sorts - give them time to study the subject - then interview them with pertinent, painful, probing, questions then maybe we'd have a clearer picture of what the 'real problems' are instead of everyone's lists of 50 reasons and no cohesive solutions. I'm sure you are busier than a 3 legged dog, and it's a daunting task, I know, but, it would be a huge boon to the 'Canes' fan's shattered psyche and a way to see if this current coaching staff is turning this leaky ship around or driving it further out to sea. Thank you for all of your hard work in the past!

Im not sure how much these players spent on there own time practicing together. I saw and read alot how the recievers dropped balls, ran the wrong routes and that it wasnt all KYLES fault. Back in the DORSEY years I recall hearing how much DORSEY and the recievers were always together throwing and catching on there own time outside supervised practices. The results seemed to have worked. A national title and a call away from another. Look at the NFL MOSS,SHOCKEY.ROSCOE,OLSEN,JOHNSON,FRANKS,WAYNE,WILLIS and GORE just to name some. The committment was worth it. Big Bowl games and to the pros. Good times Fun times THE U times and pro times. When next spring rolls around I would like to hear how KIRBY, MARVE,JACORY or whomever else comes in worked so hard in the offseason with recivers and backs on catching and throwing. I dont care how smart you are in the film room, nothing beats on hands experience. That rythme, that timing of knowing what each other is going to do before they do it. The past speaks for itself.
As for the off field problems you hear about. What is wrong with you young men. So many kids in high school or ju co would love to get a letter or phone call from THE "U". It would be much better reading blogs after a win about 100 plus yards rushing, 100 plus recieving or 300 yards passing then how we cant convert on 3rd and 1 or how our recievers cant hold onto the ball and run the right route followed by your off field stupidity and another lost. Your givin a dream to be on that team and a part of that school. DONT PISS IT AWAY. IT DOESNT LAST FOREVER.

Randy I would like to see more emotion out of you on the sideline. I would like to see you get into players ass when things arent going well, not standing there with your arms crossed as if your welling to just accept whatever is going on.

I will still fly my flags all around my house, keep all the magnets on my vehicles and add to the miami room in my house. Im with you guys 150%. All i ask is give me the same as a fan.


86... you blame the defensive woes on the fact that randy had to coach up larrys recruits? do you not think that randy had a major hand in recruiting those players? i have a more likely scenario for you. perhaps randys defenses were better early on due to the fact that schiano had coached them up. when he left, randy couldnt get the job done. randy is in way over his head!!!!!!!

Glenn Cook and Romeo Davis, are they coming back next year? Medical redshirts?

These past two years watching this team has been very dispressing it clearlt shows that us no recriuting the way the U suppose is really hurting our program and it is very clar that alot of players on that team do not desevre to put that U on there head but i will not name none of them but you all know who they are because they do not play the way the U suppose to play we need to get back to bringing in the fast and best player that are proud to be pat of one of the storied college football programs in the nation then we will be back were we suppose to be and judging by waht coach shannon said today in his news confernces we will be back there in the future

They are bad. No need to build the team's confidence. They need to stay in the present and stop talking and start doing. This group(coaches and players) has dug itself into a deep hole, and only hard work and dedication will get them out.

When Shannon goes back to work, he needs to compare his team(coaches and players) to every team in the top 5. The first thing is to identify the gaps(there are plenty), the second thing is to develop the players and coaches to close the gaps, and lastly get (recruit and hire) the players and coaches to close the gaps between the top 5 and Miami.

If that process doesn't take place, then the last 3 years will repeat itself.

Also, the Players have to care more about wins and losses than the Coaches. Shannon can not "will" or "scare" the players into winning games and being tougher. The coach is just that a coach, he can't tackle, catch , block, run, or throw the ball for the Players.

The coaches should ask themselves, "Did we make sure the players had the every tool(knowledge, coaching, film study, game plans, and practice repetition) necessary to win the games?" Nobody should answer that question with a yes!

Next year Shannon should not accept or make excuses. If they get beat, they get beat. There is no shame in getting beat by a better team. The shame is in not trying and remaining on the canvas when you can get up.

Just say no to Nix!!

Randy - what happened to your promises... "players will be held accountable"... and "players will be committed to the program"...

This team needs 3 solid years of good recruiting and a strong coach. I love RS, but he got out-coached by all the ex-NFL coaches (Gtech, UNC, Va).

Hope that GLEN COOK can play?

Are you kidding? Glen Cook is the worst starting middle linebacker Miami has has in 25 years. THE WORST. Hopefully, he won't be back at all.

Bailey, Sharpton and McCarthy form the BEST lb corps since Vilma, Williams and McClover.

I'm still having a hard time accepting what I saw yesterday at BC. Just so much went wrong. Its hard to point to just one thing. I am rooting for Randy Shannon and the Canes to be successful. That's what we have, and most likely for the next two or three years, that's the way its going to be at the U. The reality of today's situation is that RS and company clearly need to show more than what we saw in his first year, especially with all these so called top rated recruits coming in next year. Forget about Larry Coker and stop looking in the rear view mirror. What good does it do. I just don't see much right now to convince me that the U is heading in the right direction. It needs to be corrected ASAP. So come on Randy step up and make it happen. It CAN be done. We need you now!! As far as Kyle Wright, yes he is a clear disappointment. No doubt the coaching failed to get him up to where he needed to be. Bad decisions on his part, based upon a lack of understanding of how to play the position, just doesn't speak well for anybody in the program. Last thought (or pipe dream)...Can you imagine if somehow, someway this kid makes it to the NFL. I know it sounds wild, but who would have believed that Frank Gore would have emerged to be a premier running back in the NFL (and good for him!). Strange things do happen. Just the thought that KW actually had that kind of potential and we got nothing out of it would be almost as depressing as moving to Dolphin Stadium next year.

I just want Reddick to stay healthy. He was what we were definitely missing in the secondary.

well-written posts, Jonathan

the pain is over, we can get ready for football in a rent a stadium. miami needs an identity, a home field, like the o.b. thats history. i went to the game at chestnut hill, and in fact, miami could have won. yep. i saw emotion and good plays, on offense and defense. you cant miss a 23 yard field goal,, . but wait, the defense makes a stop of bc at miami 5 yard line with an interception in the second quarter. first play with 52 seconds left before half, trailing 7 to 0, wright rolls out and throws into triple coverage for an interception. wow, what kind of play was that, run the ball and go in at half time trailing 7 to 0, not 14 to 0. but wait, the third quarter was all miami , the defense looked great, and miami came back and scored twice. tied the game at 14 all. looking back, if miami made the field goal, and didnt throw the dumbest pass and dumbest play call with 52 seconds left, miami should have led 17 to 7 going into the fourth. the whole game would have been different going into the fourth quarter. AGAIN, the last plays of the game, wright gets tackled twice without throwing the ball, you might as well throw it up into the air and pray for luck , at least i saw signs of hope, and they did not embarass themselves. i wore my miami colors with pride, next year, just dont know , one obvious, miami needs an offensive line, where is art kehoe ?

Honestly, I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to Miami's problems. Our team has went from respectable to doormats for other teams on Saturdays. I had high hopes on Saturday to beat BC and finish the season on a high note. I thought the canes did play hard Sat but the fact is we are not that good anymore. At the beginning of the year I thought we where about a year or two away from contending but after this season I think we are about 3 or more years away if we get some strong recruiting classes. RS is in for a rough ride next year too in my opinion but who knows. I will always back the Canes even if we get worse but I think the future is bright its just going to take a bit longer to get there. Bring in the Recruits!

First of all, I just want to say that was a great column. I think the thing we're best at is being very predictable.

It seems like our first play on offence in the game was always trying to go deep.

Patrick Nix really needs to change his offensive system? Where were the Tight Ends? Aren't we Tight End University? Why was Greg Cooper not getting the ball more?

Quite honestly, I think Patrick Nix held back our talent this season.

Good thoughts, ITS ALL ABOUT THE U. As I've said, I am hoping Randy Shannon is up to the task of rebuilding. Candidly speaking, I just don't know what to expect. He, and the rest of us Canes fans, just don't have much to be enthused about to carry over from this year. Bottom line- the Canes underachieved in 2007. Moving to Dolphins stadium while the program is on a downward slide does not help. College football is meant primarily for the students, alumni, and faculty of the school...not a team representing a city. So we will have many adjustments to make for next year. I will always back the Canes. However, I also think it is fair to expect that some hard decisions will be made in the near future by the powers at the U, especially if things don't go the way we all hope and expect.

Everyone needs to pray for Sean taylor to have a quick recovery!

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