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Canes land Arthur Brown (updated)

Arthur Brown is going to be a Miami Hurricane. On a local TV broadcast in Kansas, Brown, a 6-1, 225-pound five-star linebacker according to Rivals.com just announced his college choice.

"In the beginning I said it would all come down to how I feel," Brown said during the TV interview on KAKE.com. "I prayed and it was the University of Miami."

Arthur_brownBrown visited UM in November and built a special relationship with linebackers coach Michael Barrow. UM coach Randy Shannon visited him at his home Dec. 8. He chose the Hurricanes over LSU, Florida, USC and North Carolina.

"I met with a lot of the players, the coaches, we really got a good connection - that's what it was all about."

Brown becomes the sixth linebacker recruit to choose the Hurricanes, but without question the most highly touted. He joins Hollywood Chaminade's Jordan Futch (4-stars), Northwestern's Sean Spence (4-stars), Memphis' Antonio Harper (3-stars), Gulliver Prep's Brandon Marti (2-stars), New Jersey's Zach Kane (2-stars). Homestead's Marcus Robinson will likely convert from linebackerr to defensive end in college.

- Brown's younger Bryce, a junior, is a highly-touted running back recruit in the Class of 2009. The family has said it could potentially follow their eldest son to college, which means Bryce would likely enroll at a local high school.


I just got off the phone with Brown's future teammates -- Northwestern linebacker Sean Spence and defensive tackle Marcus Forston, who were both thrilled to hear the news of Brown's commitment.

Forston, who has tried to play UM ambassador since committing to the Hurricanes, said he spoke to Brown two weeks ago and encouraged him to pick Miami.

"I just told him to come own down be a part of the family, be a part of the comeback of The U," said Forston, who went to The Herald today to take his All-Dade photos.

"Arthur is good guy. He's a god-fearing guy like me and he just wants to be a part of a family. I told him I can't wait to see what we can do with him, Sean Spence, Robinson and Futch behind me. It's going to be too easy."

- I called Booker T. Washington cornerback Brandon Harris to get his take. Harris, who has UM among his finalists, told me Brown's addition would not have an affect on his decision. He said he will announce his decision on national signing day. "It's great for those guys," Harris said. "I'm excited for them. But I got to make the best decision for me in the end."


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It's a great day to be a Cane. Great Job to the Staff and players who helped get this guy here. Please take away the "Soft Verbals" on our guys. There all going to stick now.

Yes!!! i would love to see spence moved to safety for sure i think he'd be a force there


Great get by the coaching staff...

Getting closer!

o man... good day for all canes fans...the FIU fan in me is saying thank god FIU doesnt play UM for a while... next years class looks dangerous. the cane fan in me just see's flashes of acc and NC' titles comeing soon

Congrats to Randy and the staff for landing Brown. A huge get in the eyes of many and it should be the start of landing other big names. Recruits like to be part of special classes and this is going to be one of them. It has worked for UF the past 2 years and it should work for us this year. Good job and welcome Arthur!

Not If , but WHEN Patchen says yes it will make PJ and anyone else on the fence hop on over. I cant remember a class this huge.

this is great news!! manny, i heard arthurs little bro put on a U hat at the press conference... did you hear that?

we are definitley gaining momentum!! I cant wait

Sean "Big Money" Spence and Arthur Brown. "U"!!!!!!!!! all we need now is Patrick Johnson to stop playing games and to get with the program. All I can say is UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! becuz after Jacory wins the starting spot from Rob Marve he is gonna win the damn Hesiman as a Freshmen. MARK MY WORDS Cory Harris hesiman 2008-2009. THE BEST Quaterback in the STATE as a SENIOR in high school. T-BOW aint got nothin on my dawg.Da University of Northwestern/ BTW. we ballin boy. Im in Tallahassee home of the Noles. but them boyz dont wont none, cuz we got Jay to the C. Big Marcus and Sean Money, Lil Andre Johnson and Now Arthur "I will hit u" Brown. UM till i die 305 pitbull stand up!. Rick Rosss, Trick Daddy, Dj Khaled, Randy Shannon dem Miami Northwestern Hurricanes weeee da Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great Week to be A Fan.

Guys, I saw the press conference online and Yes the little brother quickly put the UM hat on... Now we need Patchman!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Randy Shannon, Michael Barrow, ARTHUR BROWN and his family.

To the Browns: You'll love it down here!


PS. No backsliding!

you can watch the conference replay here


Does Brown start at Middle or Outside. I to saw the tele conference and his little brother put the Miami hat on as well.

Manny???? Which high School will his brother play for?

JoeCanes22: gulliver prep

HERE COMES THE BOOM....gettin arthur brown is the glue that will stick THe U class, and that my friends will get those soft commits to solidify their commitments and brown´s commit will open the door to patchan to stop thinking twice and come to the U... and other top recruits will get sway to come here and play for a special program in 2years this class will be speacial and go down as the best... beleive me we will get the # 1 recruiting class... #lb, #1dt, #1cb we not playing no more and it isnt fair no more.. .... 1 down 9 more for my christmast wish (what is yours)list: patchan, streeter,harris, travis benjamin, jamie harper,tj bryant, ben jones, corey luiget, cj holton...
darn sabino dont you wish you could be a part of this.... but you dont bleed orange good luck upstate......
oohhh i almost forgot .... take that larentee mccray you could have been part of this but you dont bleed orange either....
so what you think manny...

I'm not getting ahead of myself just yet i love our recruting class but norte dame has had the number 1 the past 2 years and they suck..But i def do believe we have much better recruiters and coaches than them and will begin to show everyone soon that we are THE U and no one can stop us...I have a bet with 10 UF fans that we will win another national title before they do anyone agree??

Hey Mr. Patchan, what are you waiting for?

My little song...

He's goin to THE U
He's goin to THE U
He's goin to THE U

To beat the orange and blue
To beat the orange and blue
To beat the orange and blue

How about you
How about you
How about you

Alrighty kids, follow Arthur's steps and come to THE U! This is the biggest and best family you could EVER be apart of...

You're comin to THE U!
You're comin to THE U!
You're comin to THE U!

Sept 6th is looking oh so much better. I know you kids are hungry so get ready to eat some meat off of that Te-bone!

I can't wait till next year when we play tebow and he has to go up against these linebackers and colin mcarthy and just our whole defense i def think we can shut him down and we will be getting anothy reddick back as well

We need patchan, brandon harris, aaron hester, victor johnson, benajmin jones, tommy streeter, jamie harper, and try to swing cj holton. if we can get these guys to join in on the fun then i guarnatee that no one in this nation will be able to stop us. oh yeah by the way that kid that plays opposite brandon harris for BTW is also sick but way under the radar. patrick johnson stick with the U and bleed for the U cause it will alwyas be a fun time in miami and come on patchan your father went to the U stand for a legacy


Mr Streeter, U got next?

Thanks Manny for the recruiting updates look for them every day thanks again

Here's your link:


Its a U thing....
U would not understand....
Got U......

Goin to the Swamp
Goin to the Swamp

To kick some Gator tail
To kick some Gator tail

And eat some Tebone
And eat some Tebone

Cause the rest of the team sucks
Cause the rest of the team sucks

Meyer is a cry baby
Meyer is a cry baby

Welcome to the south
Welcome to the south

Speed kills and you ain't got none
Speed kills and you ain't got none

But we do cause we're THE U!
But we do cause we're THE U!


Dang glad the B-ball team is doing so well. Kind of makes up for the bad football season. Next year will be a lot better.

To all the kids from NW, next year you will have the chance to prove that you had the better players than Lakeland, the more of you that come to the U, the better change you'll have to beat the Gaytors.

Do you smell what the "U" is cooking!!!!! Get ready T-butt. That bullseye keeps getting bigger and our defense is hungry!! T-bone anyone?? GO CANES!!!

Great news, its definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas... but let's not take for granted that these young studs will be True Freshman next year. The best I can hope for is they get their feet wet and not be intimidated against the Gators next season.

Looking forward to watching you on Saturdays Mr. Brown.

Go Canes

proud proud day to be a hurricane... i commend coaches shannon and barrow for an excellent job...i think brandon harris, tommy streeter, and matt pacthcan especiallly have to be a part of this class. if allof that happens and if johnson sticks to his committment, the next three years will be special for this UM team. i will be at the swamp next year with all my orange and green on also...GO CANES...but lets be realistic...this Florida Miami game next year, regardless of the recruits hanging on the fences listed above, could get really really ugly. GO CANES FOR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!

itll be ugly for them gators! have faith man

Did Tim Walton just get fired?

Am I the only Canes fan that noticed that both Rivals & Scout.com just flat out refuse to put our class in the top three? Every time a four-star or better kid committs, they strip a current committ of a star! For example: Authur Brown has been the #1 player on scout.com all season long, but as soon as he committs to the Canes, not only does he lose his #1 ranking to Julio Jones, but Brandon Washington falls from a 4-star to 3-star, Fortson falls from #2 dt prospect to #3, Jacory falls from #10 qb to #14, Aldaruis goes from #4 wr to #5, and Victor Johnson who has'nt even committed yet goes from 4-stars to 3! Just wanna know if i'm the only one that noticed that we're being hated on by these rinky-dink recruiting networks!

Lord have mercy, I just saw the press conference on Rivals and the kid looks like a well put together youngman. No doubt he will make other recruits sign up much sooner than expected. I knew when he came to visit that Coach Shannon and Mike Barrow had something up their sleeves.

This goes to show the the U is and will be back really soon.......

Now Patrick Johnson, Brandon Harris and all those soft commitments need to throw the U up as high as they can and say it loud. I am going to Miami no more visits.......
This a great day for UM. We needed somthing like this so recruits could take notice and and feel proud in their decision.

My only fear now is that this signing might make a few of the LB commits feel like there is no chance for them to play at least early.

Manny...there is a rumor going around that Shannon has fired Walton as DC? Any truth to this?

Im hearing from canesport WALTON HAS BEEN FIRED. Manny any truth to this.

its in gfermans war room.

beautiful! congrats to coach Shannon and the entire coaching staff! This class is really starting to come together! we will be back! "It's great to be a Miami Hurricane"! I look forward to next season and getting to see these young recruits on the field. In a couple of years we will be back playing for the national championship!

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

Great news Cane fans, We need another year before we can compete for a national championship. Expect us to go 7-5 or 8-4 next year. We need to be patient, I know that we've been spoiled. Coach Shannon is doing a great job, stick with him and he will lead us to the promise land.

Don't be retarded. Why would we land a top recruit, while we're on the fence for several more, and then fire our DC? That makes NO sense at all...this is obviously either a fabricated rumor to garner subscriptions to some recruiting site, or a desparate attempt by some Gaytor flamer to start some controversy.

Congratulations Mr. Brown on an excellent choice. Welcome to the family.

Canes fans, watch the video, when Brown puts the cap on his head, it will give you CHILLS!

Good recruiting day.

Jake the Make and Arthur Brown.

We land a kicker and a sticker.

FSN-FL & QAM http://wqam.com/ broadcast #22U v. stetson

23-11 8:36 left in 1st
looks empty?

904: winter break

Im hearing from canesport WALTON HAS BEEN FIRED.

Posted by: canes#1 | December 17, 2007 at 07:50 PM
the rumor originated on grassy

42-25 H

I think ive just committed to the University of Miami, were back on top baby!

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