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Canes land Arthur Brown (updated)

Arthur Brown is going to be a Miami Hurricane. On a local TV broadcast in Kansas, Brown, a 6-1, 225-pound five-star linebacker according to Rivals.com just announced his college choice.

"In the beginning I said it would all come down to how I feel," Brown said during the TV interview on KAKE.com. "I prayed and it was the University of Miami."

Arthur_brownBrown visited UM in November and built a special relationship with linebackers coach Michael Barrow. UM coach Randy Shannon visited him at his home Dec. 8. He chose the Hurricanes over LSU, Florida, USC and North Carolina.

"I met with a lot of the players, the coaches, we really got a good connection - that's what it was all about."

Brown becomes the sixth linebacker recruit to choose the Hurricanes, but without question the most highly touted. He joins Hollywood Chaminade's Jordan Futch (4-stars), Northwestern's Sean Spence (4-stars), Memphis' Antonio Harper (3-stars), Gulliver Prep's Brandon Marti (2-stars), New Jersey's Zach Kane (2-stars). Homestead's Marcus Robinson will likely convert from linebackerr to defensive end in college.

- Brown's younger Bryce, a junior, is a highly-touted running back recruit in the Class of 2009. The family has said it could potentially follow their eldest son to college, which means Bryce would likely enroll at a local high school.


I just got off the phone with Brown's future teammates -- Northwestern linebacker Sean Spence and defensive tackle Marcus Forston, who were both thrilled to hear the news of Brown's commitment.

Forston, who has tried to play UM ambassador since committing to the Hurricanes, said he spoke to Brown two weeks ago and encouraged him to pick Miami.

"I just told him to come own down be a part of the family, be a part of the comeback of The U," said Forston, who went to The Herald today to take his All-Dade photos.

"Arthur is good guy. He's a god-fearing guy like me and he just wants to be a part of a family. I told him I can't wait to see what we can do with him, Sean Spence, Robinson and Futch behind me. It's going to be too easy."

- I called Booker T. Washington cornerback Brandon Harris to get his take. Harris, who has UM among his finalists, told me Brown's addition would not have an affect on his decision. He said he will announce his decision on national signing day. "It's great for those guys," Harris said. "I'm excited for them. But I got to make the best decision for me in the end."


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look all those rumors, can't take no mo'

Where the hell is Manny w/ the Walton scoop! Its now on the front page of rivals that Walton is out. Manny the basketball game is over, the canes are routing Stetson...we need the scoop on this!

Stunned. Rivals headline Walton out

It's true. I've been working it. I've confirmed it. Susan is writing the story. I'm feeding it to her.

89-53 F


i'm lmao at u U fans gettin ur panties all wet over these recruits
u people are putting so much hope/expectation into these kids
wat will u do when they don't win a national championship
ur tunes will change and say shannon was a horrible recruiter and it's all his fault that the program still can't win a national championship in 2012
sounds familiar?


Do me a favor go find a woman and get a life. Seriously, bro you must have no life that you are coming on to a U of Miami blog and talking a mess of ignorant crap. Go support your team and leave ours alone. I understand you are jealous at what we have done at the U, but don't jump on us when we have been down for a couple of years. That really shows how you have 2 tiny pelotas and a little member!

we need a offense of line it dosent mater if you have a great qb if he dosent have time to throw. and how are they going to do when the have to take the snaps under center they both ran the spread offense in high school. reminds me of brock berlin will the coaches finally change the offense to suit there qb. and all you people worried about where the recruiting class ranks the class that won us our last NC was ranked in the 30's. and remember #1 kyle wright 1# ryan moore dj williams came to the U all world and got beat out by a small skinny LB from coral gables that wasn't ranked named johnathan vilma


Thanks for all the hard work you put into everything on here. To everyone else thinking that Brown's committment would make "on the fence" recruits go elsewhere...that's great then. If a player doesnt want to come to UM BECAUSE the competition for play time their FRESHMAN year is too high, then see you later. Anywhere you go you'll find competition. I know Forston, Harris, Spence, Futch, and everyone else coming in will challenge eachother and returning players on and off thefield. It's part of the game and building a competitive program. If we want to get back to winning records, conference titles, and Natitional Championships, we need depth and competition EVERY DAY. Shannon did well this year by showing seniors they WILL lose their spot to a freshman if they don't perform well in practice. The thing I admire the most about this class if their character. They seem to be God-fearing individuals with a lot of talent that don't take it for granted. So many players in the past have used UM, and other high prestige schools, as a stepping-stone to the NFL. If we don't have the good seniors returning for leadership, these guys have their chance to really step-up. I think Shannon's timing on Walton was ballsy but clever at the same time. It's balsy because so many recuits knew and liked him. It's also better to correct glitches NOW than waiting until everyones signing and there's all these assumptions. I just hope we fill that void quickly for "stability" purposes. Either way, I believe we're heading in the right direction and the recuiting is the best thing we have going for us right now. I hope Marve, Harris, and Freeman challenge eachother. I hope Spence, Futch, Brown, and the rest our LB's challenege eachother as well. But, big thing you old-school canes fans...BE PATIENT. Things don't get reversed overnight. I believe we'll see some good spurts of what's to come over the course of next season, but it will probably take a full-cycle of recruiting classes by Shannon for his image of UM to play out. We'll see...GO CANES!

dj williams came to the U all world and got beat out by a small skinny LB from coral gables that wasn't ranked named johnathan vilma

Posted by: big mo | December 18, 2007 at 01:22 AM
the denver broncos selected DJ Williams in the 1st round ...

ESPN's #1 LB


Can we please get some information on why the change was made now and if they have any candidates on their radar?

True. As soon as Arthur Brown was added, a huge crop of UM's recruits all dropped a star and/or in the rankings. Strange. Not sure if it's considered bias or not though. That's ok. I'm sure Shannon's group will perform to his expectations. These recruiting sites often get it wrong when it comes assessing talent. Sometimes they give players who turn out to be great 3 stars on signing day. We all definitely know a good group of players who were given 4 and 5 stars who ended up doing nothing major in their collegiate carrer. I feel it necessary to remind everyone THAT IT'S UNFAIR TO PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON THIS RECRUITING CLASS. I believe they are very talented and with a lot of character, but a turn-around may take a year or two. Other than that...GO CANES!

man oh man, the u is rolling.i m telling you - there s about 4 or 5 more players who are beyond awesome.they re headed as surprises to the u.this is unbelievable.let s pray for their good health.there will be shockwaves at the u soon.in a positive way fellas.can t wait. i heard some great stuff about future recruits being in the mix and being talked to.keep posted.the best and cream of the crop is all on their way.this class will go down as beyond colossal.it will be the standard for all other programs.the u is very,very,very popular and winners want to see it where it rightfully belongs.yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssgo canes.

pressure or not, these kids WANT to play in the big time- and the U is the big time, so I don't want to hear about G***D*** pressure. I had pressure when I went to college as a premed. I had pressure when I applied to med school. I had pressure when I applied to resdiencies. I had pressure during residencies and now I have pressure because all the lawyers wnat to sue me and the govt is paying me less and less each year!

Randy is settling in as the head coach and just made a huge decision firing the DC. Now a more imp. decision comes in. Who to hire. Who's out there?

The guy with the F**KU post is an idiot. Probably a hater. Probably a gator. Hey, why are all Gator qbs funny looking? And all seminole kickers fat?

Are we expecting NCAA sanctions at FSU from this cheating scandal? If not-why not? If it happened at Miami, you bet there would be a national outcry. Guaranteed!

is this true that his brother will be attending gulliver prep for his senior season??

I checked out the youtube on Arthur Brown..OMG this kid is an f'in stud!!!!

either gulliver or st. thomas i hear

Just read on Scout.com that MATT PATCHAN will be deciding this weekend and that the Gators had the last in-home visit on the 13th of this month. I beleive Manny may be right that UF will be his pick. It'd be a loss for us, but if his heart isnt in UM, we don't want him. Motivation can go further than skill in a lot of situations. We need to secure Brandon Washington and BENJAMIN JONES. Scout is saying Ben Jones just set two visits and will be deciding soon as well. It's crunch time for our OL coach and Shannon to be getting these players!!

Browns lil brother should play for NORLAND VIKINGS he would be a outstanding tailback plus there whole o-line is comin back guaranteed a state title. VIKING FAN/CANE FAN FOR LIFE

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