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Q&A and Courtside blog: UM 85, North Florida 63 (F)

Checking in from BankUnited Center where tonight in front of 4,000 green empty chairs the nation's No. 22-ranked men's college basketball team will go for its 11th victory against North Florida. I'll be here to bring you highlights from the game.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the latest Cane developments. I'll try to answer some of the leftover questions from Tuesday's chat I didn't get to and any other new stuff you might have for me.

- Canes get off to a slow start missing their first five shots. Jack McClinton has five early points.
- As expected, Ray Hicks started for Jimmy Graham again.
- Brian Asbury did not start, snapping his 29-game streak. Coach Frank Haith went with three guards -- Lance Hurdle, McClinton and James Dews.
- The Canes are starting to pull away...
- My favorite moment so far looking up at the Jumbotron and reading: Hey Canes Fans If You Are Located In The Upper Levels Feel Free To Move Closer To The Action. Priceless.

- Brian Asbury has 11 points and Jack McClinton has 10 to lead the Canes in another blowout here.
- Haith has spent most of the night mixing his lineup, playing the new guys and trying to get them some playing time.
- Dwayne Collins has a nice job in the post tonight. He's got 11 points and a bunch of boards. Good to see more and more growth from him game to game.


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Do U think Allen Bailey moves to D-line with all the new speed and talent coming in at linebacker, for the good of the team?

whats up manny? man it looks like these stud recruits keep on coming in...who do u think is gonna be the next big recruit to commit to the U

I've been reading a ton of stories about Patrick Johnson. It seems that there are a lot of signs pointing to him and his dad looking for "hand outs." Howcome this stuff is never reported on? Seems like Dwayne Bowe part 2

Any mustard on the UCLA's DC to the U? Highly improbable but whats your take?

Q: Even though Darrell Scott has the U listed as a school he's interested in, are we putting any effort in trying to get him seeing how RB isn't really a high priority for us next year? Posted by: HuffyTheKidd | December 18, 2007 at 09:35 PM

A: UM is putting an effort into a running back. But it isn’t as high as a priority as other positions. The Hurricanes seem to think they have a better chance at getting Jamie Harper from Jacksonville Trinity Christian and his teammate, safety Daniel Andrews.

Q: 1) Do you think there is any chance Ed Orgeron becomes UMs DC? 2) Do you think the staff has a solid chance to land Stoops to be our new DC? 3) Is Tenuta or Van Gorder a likely replacement as DC? 4) How much are we willing to spend to attract a top-flight DC? Posted by: passitback2me | December 18, 2007 at 09:42 PM
A: 1. No.
2. No. Doubt it.
3. Van Gorder is headed to South Carolina yesterday. Tenuta is probably too expensive.
4. Not sure. But everyone knows this staff isn’t exactly rolling in the dough. I doubt UM is going to pay top dollar for anything these days.

Q: Sup Manny? Is Dolphin stadium even in the mix as a recruiting tool? Does it matter at all? Posted by: OCALACANE | December 18, 2007 at 09:49 PM
A: It is definitely being used as a recruiting tool. I remember one recruit recently talking about how cool it is going to be to play in an NFL stadium. So, it certainly isn't hurting the Canes.

Whats up Manny? Which incoming freshmen do you think will play right away or make impacts?

Q: Wad up Juan? With everyone falling all over themselves over PJ who do you see as the underdog stealing most of the praise from him when practice starts? Posted by: solarcane | December 18, 2007 at 10:00 PM

A: Brandon Harris. He’s the only kid who could potentially equal his talent and ability on the field and eclipse it off it.

Q: It is obvious Patrick Nix was not comfortable at calling the plays with the choices he had at QB this year. It is safe to say that was not the type of offense he wanted to run. If Jacory Harris does end up signing with the U will Nix be running some type of spread offense? Posted by: CANES25 | December 18, 2007 at 10:02 PM

A: Good question Canes25. Miami has always run a pro style, NFL friendly offense over the years. But considering what Harris and Robert Marve worked out of – high-octane passing offenses, you have to imagine there will be something added to the playbook to accommodate Harris and Marve. But a full blown spread offense? I doubt it. But hey. Who knows. Anything will be better than the offense UM has run the last three seasons.

Another quick question. I read somewhere today that the UCLA intermin coach, Dwayne Walker i believe, is going to be The U's next D.Cord. said it was a done deal, just waiting till after UCLA's bowl to anonuce. Any truth?

Q: 1)Carne con Papas? or Vaca Frita?
2)Dr. Pepper? or IronBeer?
3)Flan? or Tres Leches?
4)Rum? or Scotch?
Posted by: Carlos | December 18, 2007 at 10:04 PM
A: Vaca Frita, Iron Beer, Tres Leches, Rum and a cigar! Yes, I’m Cuban.

Q: What atmosphere do you see for next year at Joe Robbie (will always be 2 me) for the U games? And are they taking recruits to the stadium "selling" it and the opportunity to play in a NFL stadium? Thanks! Posted by: 904cane | December 18, 2007 at 10:11 PM

A: Yes recruits have been checking the stadium out. All positive responses too from what I hear. As for the atmosphere – it’s going to be great for two parties, the media and the players. Anytime you go from the Orange Bowl to a place that hosts Super Bowls nowadays on a regular basis you are upgrading for those folks involved. But for the fans, it’s going to feel empty and weird unless its packed to the gills for a big game. The fans will notice the difference.

hey manny, is brandon H. really that stud as advertised? now i hope nix calls the right palys for all this talent comming n, also do u feel randy should take over the d ?

Q: Do you see us landing most of our verbals? And who do you see jumping ship? Have you actually "spoken" with Randy lately? What's he up to? Thanks, and Happy Holidays! Posted by: roachcane77 | December 18, 2007 at 10:16 PM

A: Yes I do see Miami landing most of if not all of its verbal commitments. The only one I’m not expecting is Patrick Johnson. I have not spoken to Randy lately. He isn’t someone who becomes buddies with the media – even though he and I have never had a problem dealing with one another. It’s just professional – most – if not all the time. But I do talk to his underlings plenty, many who I have known for years covering the high school beat. They say he’s busy concentrating on recruiting now and building toward the future.

any word on tix sales / renewals for the new place? Is it going to be empty for the first home game? Any who we will play? I heard maybe UNC?

Thanks! Go Canes! Hope people start showing up for those B-ball games soon! (come on down Canes fans - classic!)


First and Foremost

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Thank you for all you do for those of us that are out of the area.


On the basketball front: Any word on what we are going to do with the 1 scholi we have left from this year... Any potentials for this class, JUCO's or save it until next year when there seems to be a lot of talent coming out and a lot of top recuits seem to express HIGH interest in DA U

thx for the feedback - I'll be there as much as possible! And can't wait for "that" big game.

Q: How does the Tim Walton firing affect recruiting? could it possibly be a good thing? Posted by: Bronxcane | December 18, 2007 at 10:22 PM. Q: Manny, the loss of current DC seriously mess with any recruits? I know he was close with NW boys.... Posted by: jgatsby1112 | December 18, 2007 at 10:26 PM

A: I don’t think so. I know he recruited locally and had the Northwestern and Booker T. Washington kids. But let’s break this down. Other than those guys – who many have felt were shoe-ins to pick UM – who else was he responsible for? When I asked Clint Hurtt to tell me who recruited where earlier this year, he said Walton’s other responsibilities were West Georgia and Orlando. I don’t see UM getting kids from either of those areas this year. Seems to me like his recruiting skills weren’t super or anything. Otherwise, he would have had other, more high-profile areas to be in charge of.

no one goes to the bball games cause all the students r gone on winter break, but when everyone comes back (around jan. 13) students will start to show and the games will be much more crowded


Get that -but this isnt G-Ville, the "town". Does not close down for X-Mas break. Just campus...

Just frustrating for those if us that have had to move from MIA

Burning down the old, In with the new,With the new movement, new dynasty forming, new coaches, new stadium, new championships, what should you think the fanbase be name... how about CANES COALITION!!!! I have over 75 members already!!! Heres the pledge in joining....

Cane Fans lets take an oath!!!!

Lets be better supporters....

If U can WIN,lose, Show up for games...

If U can Buy, wear, show our colors with pride...

Never bash ourselves as GROWN Men and others... Unless there fans of another team.....

Noo Booing, coaches and players,- They're still kids and students getting a college education, even some dont earn that right? and coaches they have a hard task to follow especially at the U!

Let No1 I mean no 1, talk about us or direspect us as being fans of Univ Of Miami!

We must protect this HOUSE!!!

Come on Men lets swallow our pride and do the best we can do as fans,

Lets start a new family of a new Dynasty right now, by not forgetting about the past, but moving on to future,

Every team has some fan unity going on... Texas AM 12th Man, Gators Swamp country, etc...Clemson U see their fans jumpin, Wow

Lets Call our selves the... CANE COALITION

What do you think?

I just want to bring unity.... Im tired of commentators dissin us and throwing side comments, fans argueing and fighting among ourselves, teams and fans of thiers disrespecting us, Refs making BOGUS calls!

Can't U all see that the whole world is against us...Maybe from our past of knocking and kicking and busting teams in their mouths, Talking $hit and getting unsportsmanship penalities while doing that...

Come on Guys ...Theres nothing like being a Hurricanes Fan? Don't care what nobody says!

It takes a lot to be one!!! Mind of a Dorsey, spirit of a Vilma, Passion of a Lewis, Committment of a Irvin... Im out

Canes Coalition

Q: Why is Walton the only coaching getting fired? Our special teams was putrid all year. Why isn't Pannunzio (or however it's spelled) being held accountable as well? Posted by: Cane33 | December 18, 2007 at 10:26 PM

A: The explanation I’ve received is simple -- he’s a good recruiter. And apparently that’s been his saving grace. I think ultimately, though, he did do somethings this year that worked – the fake field goal at Florida State, the return by Darnell Jenkins against UNC and the fake punts. I know UM didn’t have anyone take a return to the house and the kicking was off. But at least UM tried things and they worked this season on special teams.

Q: With the fallout at FSU, you think Miami picks up any recruits? Posted by: Eddie | December 18, 2007 at 10:28 PM

A: The Canes are working on getting Markus White, a solid DE and JUCO National Player of the Year. I think FSU could potentially lose a player or two with those suspensions and violations.

Q: Do U think Allen Bailey moves to D-line with all the new speed and talent coming in at linebacker, for the good of the team? Posted by: CoCaneMan | December 20, 2007 at 07:40 PM

A: I know Bailey wants to play middle linebacker. That's the agreement he came to Miami with. Do I potentially see him moving to defensive end because of his size and because UM is going to be loaded at LB? Let's just say I think there is a better chance of that than he ends up playing middle linebacker in college. I think he'll stick it out as long as he can before giving in to moving to defensive end.

Q: whats up manny? man it looks like these stud recruits keep on coming in...who do u think is gonna be the next big recruit to commit to the U? Posted by: Canesfan21 | December 20, 2007 at 07:42 PM

A: Here are the names to watch in the coming weeks -- OL Matt Patchan (who will announce tomorrow), OL Ben Jones, WR Tommy Streeter, RB Jamie Harper, FS Daniel Andrews, WR/TE Laron Byrd, DE Corey Liuget, CB Brandon Harris and DE Markus White (currently of FSU).

Do you think that getting rid of Walton, will have coaches on the a short leash? Now that Shannon is holding coaches accountable?

Q. Hey Manny, happy holidays. I just saw we picked up travis benjamin. Have you seen him play at all, from what I read he sounds to be really fast. Know anything about this guy?


yo manny,

did you say patchan is announcing tomorrow???

Travis Benjamin is that dude!!!


any word on the time of the patchan announcement tomorrow, if it is even happening? will there be an online video feed like arthur brown had?

Hey man, thanks for what U do, your our eyes and ears inside Canes world.

Around5p.m. I heard from a reliable source from RealCanesFan who has very good info.

hey manny,

any feeling on who that team will be at 5 pm tomorrow?

Hey Manny, whats up man? Thanks for all the work you do. Is there any truth to the UCLA DC coming to the U?

Real Canes Fan, said; its either Florida, Miami,or Lsu in the order I really think its Fla, But who knows might be another UM shocker!!! Real Canes Fan whos reliable, Thinks its UM?

Another twist to for our DC scenario. UCLA today interviewed Oregon Coach Mike Belloti for their HC spot..Thanks Manny for all your info


Do you happen to know exactly how many scholarships we have to offer this year?


what do u think?patchan to the school of his father?the school he belongs at?


what do u think?patchan to the school of his father?the school he belongs at?

Posted by: Jon29

I really think now with AB commiting, and all other recruits makeing commits for the Canes, With his father playing and getting a ring with coach Shannon, Favorite excanes and NFL player Jeremy Shockey, Patchan will be at the U, Ya heard it here First... I will be very surprised

Manny, you rock.

I love the blog, but don't get to comment that much, I've got no inside info, but I love reading the comments of everyone.

Wtith Wake or UNC being the opener, is Charleston Southern really the replacement for North Texas, I mean that is a joke. I'm not saying we sign up to play LSU or USC, but Charleston Southern, that is no way to create an atmosphere at the new stadium.

Is there any word about the sideline seating moving in once the marlins leave JRS? that is the biggest drawback about the new place. the sideline seats are so far from the sidelines. Also, will they put a big metal banner around the upper deck like they did at the OB? that noise during a night game is music to my ears.

You guys do realize that you can go to youtube and see all of our commit's highlight reels instead of buying a rivals membership right. Watching Arthur Brown's highlights is like watching faces of death! That dude is Thowed!

Manny, Asbury started, but he got pulled after one minute for taking a bad shot.

We didn't play too well today, but we still won by 20... I'll take it. The crowd today was awful though... never really got into the game. They show they can make noise with that t-shirt toss, but when the game starts up again, they all go and sit on their hands. It's frustrating as hell...

Do you see Spence possibly moving to safety with all of the other linebackers we have coming in and how undersized he is?

Do you see Spence possibly moving to safety with all of the other linebackers we have coming in and how undersized he is?

Sooners upset Gonzaga... UM to #20 perhaps?

RR fired Michigan Assistant coaches. So a DC might be available.

For those who asked about Travis Benjamin.. He's good. I played against him, and he's a very good return man. He's very quick, with good vision.

Thanks! Go Canes! Hope people start showing up for those B-ball games soon! (come on down Canes fans - classic!)

Posted by: Canes904 | December 20, 2007 at 08:23 PM
ACC opener sold out!

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