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Q&A and Courtside blog: UM 85, North Florida 63 (F)

Checking in from BankUnited Center where tonight in front of 4,000 green empty chairs the nation's No. 22-ranked men's college basketball team will go for its 11th victory against North Florida. I'll be here to bring you highlights from the game.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the latest Cane developments. I'll try to answer some of the leftover questions from Tuesday's chat I didn't get to and any other new stuff you might have for me.

- Canes get off to a slow start missing their first five shots. Jack McClinton has five early points.
- As expected, Ray Hicks started for Jimmy Graham again.
- Brian Asbury did not start, snapping his 29-game streak. Coach Frank Haith went with three guards -- Lance Hurdle, McClinton and James Dews.
- The Canes are starting to pull away...
- My favorite moment so far looking up at the Jumbotron and reading: Hey Canes Fans If You Are Located In The Upper Levels Feel Free To Move Closer To The Action. Priceless.

- Brian Asbury has 11 points and Jack McClinton has 10 to lead the Canes in another blowout here.
- Haith has spent most of the night mixing his lineup, playing the new guys and trying to get them some playing time.
- Dwayne Collins has a nice job in the post tonight. He's got 11 points and a bunch of boards. Good to see more and more growth from him game to game.


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On the basketball front: Any word on what we are going to do with the 1 scholi we have left

Posted by: Hurricane Moe | December 20, 2007 at 08:25 PM
per Coach Haith, last schollie slotted for a point or shooting guard

Ya heard it here First

Posted by: RealcanesFan | December 20, 2007 at 10:14 PM


First let me say that I enjoy the work you do.

However, I find your comments about UM, and what they pat staffs quite distressful and void of the facts for a few reasons.

Point in fact, UM is paying a former basketball coach, and football coach over 1 million a year. Coker was being paid 1.6 million, this is hardly the act school who will not open the pocket book.

Case in point, UM was ready to pay Kotter about $ 400K, again, this is not a school who is not willing to pay a good coach.

Finally, Manny, I really doubt you are privy to what the staff is paid, and every time you post a comment like the one above, you are playing into the hands of the unlimited number of UM detractors in the world.

Of course, UM will not pay any price for a head coach a la Alabama, because UM is actually in the education business also.

Again, Manny, keep up the good work, and try not to unwillingly, unknowingly, help the UM haters of the world.

Rivals.com is saying Brandon Harris set his announcment day. I'm not a subscriber to Canesport or Rivals' exclusive content, so I don't know the ACTUAL DAY!!


are the hurricanes in the hunt for julio jones?

Manny said it's around 5PM.

bbrinkley in the article harris said that he will wait out til national signing day.

NSD is so far away, this is brutal...

what is the deal with patchan's announcement?



What's the deal with MP? Is he finally announcing today or was that just a rumor? If it is at 5 then it's only 1/2 an hour away and I haven't heard anything about it anywhere.


hey manny, patchan isnt going to announce today...next time u say something is gonna happen, make sure ur sources are right

Guess that was a fun rumor..

Damn...I can't take this!!!!

Someone go put an apron on and help his mom cook something!!!

Around5p.m. I heard from a reliable source from RealCanesFan who has very good info.

Posted by: Manny | December 20, 2007 at 09:41 PM

Thanx Kirby for taking the life out of Doak Campbell earlier in the year, I appreciate the move U made in that game!
I got a chance to watch some footage of longbeach polysci safety Vaughn Telemaque and this kid is the real deal. He had three picks and leveled opponents with some big hits in their championship game. Im a big Sean Taylor fan and this kid really reminds me alot of Sean. He's 6'2 180 with a long frame, has great range with the speed to cover a lot of ground quickly. Ive watched some of the other safeties that are coming in like C.J Holton, Joseph Wylie, C.J Odom and this group definetly can be something special, comparable to that unit with Ed Reed, Maurice Sikes, Marquis Fitzgerald, Sean Taylor! If they can somehow lock Telemaque down, and with the linebackers that are coming in this team could be really scary in the future!

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