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Courtside blog: UM 95, N.C. A&T 64 (F)

Checking in from BankUnited Center where the 22nd-ranked Canes jumped out to a 17-0 lead on North Carolina A&T Sunday afternoon.

I took Saturday off and now realize I probably shouldn't have. Does news ever stop leaking out of The U?

C.J. Holton, a four-star RIvals.com recruit and safety from Crawfordville Wakulla High in Florida, switched his commitment from Florida State to Miami yesterday. I know. I'm the last one to report on this. But don't I deserve a free pass? I know. No free passes at The U.

Anyway, I'm working on getting an interview with C.J. later today. But I did speak to some folks at The U about him on my way into the basketball game. Coaches are certainly excited about getting C.J., whose mother actually works at Florida State. From what I've heard, he's been on UM coaches hard to get him since UM won at Florida State earlier this year and has simply been waiting for the right time to announce the switch knowing his family would catch a lot of heat for it in Seminole country. I can tell you Canes folks felt it was important to make sure Holton's interest in The U was kept on the down-low. Although his name surfaced here and there, they never mentioned him when I asked about remaining targets.

Anyway, I'll hold off on anything more until I speak with him. As for the basketball game...

- Jack McClinton did not start. But quickly came into the game moments later. Not sure what that was about.
- UM jumped out to a 17-0 lead before you could blink in this one. Brian Asbury had a nice start scoring the first two baskets.
- Steven Rush finally scored for A&T with 14:02 left in the first half. Until then, UM had more substitutions (6) than the Aggies had points (0).
- A&T started to climb back into the game and went on a 8-0 run because the Canes started missing too many three-pointers.
- Dwayne Collins has continued to play well off the bench, providing inside scoring, defense and rebounding. He's getting better.

- James Porter's field goal with 17:05 to play cut it to 47-32 -- the closest the game has been since UM opened on a 17-0 run.
- The Canes then went on a 18-4 run to pull away again.
- Jack McClinton, who has his buddy Heat forward Dorrell Wright in the stands watching him, has 17 points. James Dews has 16. This is another impressive blowout victory for UM.


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you can have 25 commit per season we only had 17 last year which means if we have 8 kids qualify and graduate high school early they can enroll in january. which means they will count towards last years recruiting class still leaving us with 25 scholarchips for this year cause we already have the 8 solid commits that will qualify early.

hey manny,how bout julio jones,is he interested?


Manny ... quit telling your readers about your "sources". You have none, and you know it. That's not pathetic. It's lying.

Posted by: Manny's a fraud... | December 23, 2007 at 02:21 PM
relying on an unreliable poster constitutes gullibility NOT lying ...

Coach Shannon + dolphin stadium + 33 slots = BONANZA

quit Shannon... Bowl games start this week and nothing will change that fact your at home... LOSER

Posted by: Suge White | December 19, 2007 at 04:58 AM
Coach Shannon ... SURVIVOR

on X-mas, sun replays booker t's (1p) & northwestern's (7p) championship ... FARM TEAMS

booby to retire?

Merry X-mas Canes!

Merry Xmas Manny!

What number does Jacory plan on wearing at the U?

sorry guys I havent been on for the last 2 days, Started to miss you all, LOL but I have big news from a an old buddy of mine that WORKS in sports communications for ESPN.Gives me alot of news before it hits the air....

Doc Snake Eyes Holliday is really trying to get the West Va job, as u may know already?

Charlie Strong will Meet With Shannon in Company after bowl Game with Michigan! and Lsu.

Theres alot of news about Urban Meyer setting up a potential meeting with Atlanta Falcons Manager Arthur Blank.... and Other Nfl teams, Oakland, Miami etc... after the Bowl game ...
Hmmmmmm It makes sense because alot of Florida Asstants are leaving elsewere trying apply other coaching jobs. Im sure it makes you wonder why after coming off a National Chip last yr?

My resource said; that Arthur Blank is willing to break the bank for Urban Meyer extension.... Remember Urban Meyer always wanted to see if his system will work in the NFL..A life long dream of his coaching in the NFL, and is a regular contact with his mentor Bill Belichick.

This is a reliable source and there on the prowl to investigate, I 'll have futher news later guys but until then Have A Merry Christmas


Man, I have missed your ignorant comments. Keep showing us how intelligent you are! Also, the fact that you don't have a life because you keep coming onto a team's blog that you don't root for. OH!!!!! Do I smell the jealousy!

Manny, I am checking your blog from Spain!! Thanks for the hard work. Also, don´t respond to losers who question your abilities. U know who are your real fans. I am waiting for the first week of Feb when they announce the U has the no. 1 recruiting class in the nation and probably one of the best defensive recruiting classes in CF history... Go CANES!!!

Merry X-mas Manny and Canes fans everywhere! Thanks for all your hard work and the SOLID reporting. You consistently deliver real news (even if it comes from "phantom sources" ROFL). Arthur Brown, Travis Benjamin, C. J. Holton...Christmas is already here! Patchan, the Fla assistants are heading out the door and the next Hurricane storm is about to wreak havoc so please go with your heart and fulfil your destiny!

Charlie Strong to UM???? Why? He is already a D-Coordinator at a major program. Wouldn't make sense for him, unless he hates Urban. I wouldn't want him, he'd be a HC somewhere in the next 2 years.

Im in the atl and i promise U there is no way in hell Blank would hire another college coach There is no one going to games now, guess what would happen if he even thought about it so that rumor is DEAD

merry xmas manny thanks for all your work best of luck in the upcoming new year...


Check out the ESPN article on the U's disappointing. The author is a Miami hater...she says a top recruiting class doesn't guarantee a good team. Meanwhile there are other articles saying that other non-bowl teams have reason to be optimistic.

I can't wait to whip one of the southern schools and jump up and down on their f'ing symbol. Lets get this signing day over with and bring on spring practice.

Good Afternoon Manny,

I posted this on the original article's Message Board:

nice woofing Manny! "There is a buzz. Frustrated UM football fans are lighting up message boards with Hurricanes basketball talk. Attendance at home is picking up."

I don't know about lighting up the message boards or good attendance yet as you have been quoted as laughing at the jumbotron when it encourages fans to move down to better seats.

I do have a recruiting question for you though, how come Miami isn't as quick to dismiss PJ as a future cane as they were McCray? Do they fear by giving up on PJ and strongly and only going after TJ Bryant that they could possibly lose out on both?

Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays

Around5p.m. I heard from a reliable source from RealCanesFan who has very good info.

Posted by: Manny | December 20, 2007 at 09:41 PM

Real Canes Fan whos reliable

Posted by: Manny | December 20, 2007 at 09:51 PM

I have big news

Posted by: RealcanesFan | December 24, 2007 at 12:47 PM
relying on an unreliable poster reflects gullibility NOT mendacity ...

RCF forfeited his credibility when he said blank would "break the bank" on meyer. no way in hell that happens -- not after being burnt by petrino. RCF also said patchan, harris, and p. johnson were "locks"... we will be lucky to get one of these kids.

if this is the best source ya got manny, we might as well just flip coins, 50/50 chance that way.

Manny could u check with your phantom sources (a.k.a Scout.com & Rivals.com) to see if we have a chance at Julio Jones, Markus White, T.J.Bryant and Nigel Brahdam? Whattup Green? I wanted to blog on and holla at you yesterday but I could'nt type cause Suge White's momma kept trying to unbutton..I mean kept trying to unwrap my gift to her! But anyway, Happy Holidays to U Green, Suge White, Manny and all my fellow Canesters and Cane-iacs of the Cane Coalition!!!

Julio jones no, dont think we ahve a shot. TJ Bryant i would say a decent shot is mom is from miami, but if we get harris and pj then no way. Brahdam i would highly doubt it with the amount of linebackers we have now and i believe he is not waivering from his commitment from fsu. I hear that they are going after white and any defensive lineman at this point but he will be a hard get

Patchan announcement Jan 5 (Insider). Plans to enroll at school immediately after.

Maybe Randy Shannon can help his mom bake or something between now and Jan 5.

With UF starting classes on the 7th and us on the 16th, what does that mean - absolutely nothing.


Patchan to announce Jan.5

Tebow has a big willie. Urban saw him taking a piss. I know I was down there...

Gayland and its freaks!!!

Great news on PJ. According to an interview with Rivals.com he is still committed to da U. He does admit that he's listening to what coaches have to say (he mentioned LSU but didn't mention UF). I can't post the whole interview on here because it wouldn't be fair to Rivals.com, but he's a snipet:

Your thoughts on the recruiting class that Hurricanes Head Coach Randy Shannon is putting together? At the moment (Dec. 26th) is rated 4th in the nation by Rivals.com.

"I am excited about the other players that they are bringing in. We are going to have the chance to be a special team in the years to come. I can't wait to get there and I can't wait for Signing Day and to just get it done."

Do you feel like you will be apart of the resurgence of Hurricane football and do you hope you can help bring Miami back to the glory days of the past?

"I want to help put them back on the map, plain and simple. I want to help get them (Miami) back to where they were when they didn't lose a lot of football games."

If ya'll wanna see the whole interview, ya'll just have to subscribe to Rivals.com ($9.99/month), hope that helps cool yah minds bout PJ a lil. I'm 95% certain he'll be a Cane in the end of all this. The kid is just enjoying this recruiting thing.

Thanks Chevyboy79. The reason Manny can't get ant info from his phantom source is because he refuses to pay the $9.99 a month!

Manny sources are michael jordan and michael jackson. They both love the CANES

Manny sources are michael jordan and michael jackson. They both love the CANES

Posted by: manny has a ton of sources | December 27, 2007 at 08:42 AM


That makes absolutely no sense and is not even funny.

anybody,how bout julio jones?

Gaiturds are getting nervous. Their Basketball story is OVER!!! The Football MNC is history and they see the "U" being rebuilt from its foundation (Tri-state recruiting)

All they can do is trash good news bearers like Manny and other sites..

anybody,how bout julio jones?

He is not coming to the U, he didn't set up a visit.

How did the Julio Jones rumor start? He's not coming to the U.

At this point, we just need to close an OL, Harris, and Streeter. And of course do everything possible to keep commits. We're gonna be loaded.

There are UM haters on every blog...UF is hating big time, I have friends from UGA, they can't understand why kids want to come to school here, and ESPN's official line is that these recruits don't mean anything unless the coaching staff can help them develop into players. The ESPN stuff is OK, but they are in love with Charlie Weiss and his ability to recruit. I don't expect to get any love from ESPN. I think Herbstreet is the only supporter there....he's a closet UM fan IMO.

NEMO's in the house!

FYI, here are the key dates for UM's EE recruits:

Tues, Jan 8 Housing Available for Students
Wed, Jan 9 Orientation Begins
Wed, Jan 23 Last Day for Registration

As you can see, new students can appear on campus as EARLY as Tue., Jan. 8 and as LATE as Wed., Jan 23.

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