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Courtside blog: Winthrop 76, UM 70 (F)

Checking in courtside from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise where the 19th-ranked Canes are set to take on Winthrop in the MetroPCS Orange Bowl Classic.

I'll be here to provide my thoughts. So, will my homeboy George Richards over at his blog -- On Frozen Pond. George covers the Panthers for us. But he knows his Canes content better than most.

Enjoy the game. It's live on FSN and on WQAM. But if you want to vent or shake your pom-poms during the game, I invite you to do it here.

By the way, I just remembered my favorite George Richards (G-Man) moment of all time during the national anthem. 2004 Florida High School Athletic Association State Basketball Championships. National anthem ends and the PA announcer begins to talk about fans respecting the players. Its the same intro read all weekend long and by now G-Man knows it by heart. So, he shouts in his best Cartman voice: RESPECT MY AUTHORITY! The entire gym goes dead quiet and stares at two silly Herald reporters who are red-faced. That's G-Man.

- It's 7-7 after the first break with 15:27 left in the half. Winthrop looks like its frustrating UM's offense a little bit. Eagles are putting some extra pressure on the ball and forcing UM to make tough passes. Most teams come out respecting UM's inside play a little more. It will be interesting to see if UM comes out of this time out trying to push it inside and take advantage of those Winthrop players double-teamming the point.
- The Canes are struggling in their transition defense. Winthrop is really pushing the ball up the floor and Miami is struggling to get back.
- Here's the story of the first half in a nutshell: UM, the balanced undefeated team, has 10 points from Anthony King and five from Jack McClinton. That's why the Cares are losing.
- And just like that, UM puts together a 14-2 run in less than five minutes to retake the lead.
- The Canes close out the half on a 10-2 run to go up five at the break.

- Coach Frank Haith said this would be like an NCAA tournament game and so far he is right. Winthrop's 12-0 run has given the Eagles a 42-40 lead with 12:51 left to play. Miami has fallen asleep offensively again. The Canes had a 40-30 lead with 17:17 left and then got comfortable. UM is taking too many jumpers again.
- Jack McClinton has turned up his intensity. Unfortunately, his teammates aren't matching it at this point.
- It's 62-57 Wintrhop with 3:48 to play. Miami has been getting killed with the three-point shot and they aren't rebounding as well as they were in the first half. Great game though.


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62-67 1m

Manny...thanks for all the hard work. Are you surprised Kirby transferred even though he has said in the past he is a Miami guy all the way? It makes sense that he did considering he is not going to play anyway.

So what was the eventual nickname bestowed upon McClinton? The man is cool

Win 69 Mia 62 1.23 left

AK & McMoney missed FTs

win 69 Mia 63 1.15 left

Win 71 Mia 65 1.08 left

The real hurricane basketball showed up tonight. No half court offense. SLOPPY. No other way to describe the CANES

Hey CANES BB is garbage....
You are a typical piece of sh** Cane fan. Why don't you quit watching all Cane sports for all of the real Cane fans sake. Jackoffs like you are worthless and fair weather.

Win 72 Mia 65 left 51

Win 73 Mia 67 time left .31

Win 75 Mia 67 .18 left

shoot, well here's to the ACC season

Win 76 Mia 70 final

I'm not a fairweather fan, I just call it like I see it. Miami basketball is a fraud and if u can't see that, u should quit watching idiot.

Oh snap i hijack yo blog.....Thanks guys live Q and A at 8:00 with yours truly ....LOL

Right....so they are playing like crap...so we should not support them. That is not fair weather? That is the definition of fair weather. Loser.

Q: Manny, why do we even put Hurdle in? Hurdle shouldn't see the floor unless we plan on putting Nass in as well (ie: against the fluff teams).


It's obvious he is tebow slobber!!!


I couldn't agree more.

No just played poorly defensively. They weren't challenging shots and it killed them in that second half run. Given what the Canes were last year I wouldn't call them a fraud, they still need to grow, and getting into the ACC schedule will do that. Canes BB you are a jerk. They're still the Canes, and should be supported. I don't give a crap how bad they are I'll still watch.

Miami has no inside presence and yet many canes fans are so unrealistic. This team scores on garbage plays and has no direction on offense. I guess I'm not a miami fan because the basketball team sucks. Let me guess, the football had a good season this year too. HAHA.

The Canes basketball team is terrible. I encourage everybody to not watch this slop anymore. Go to the beach or something, just don't waste ur time on the basketball team, ur only going to set urself up for disappointment.

Everything you are saying about the team may be true....it is the fact that you said that this team is not worth supporting. Your words: "No need to support the basketball team."

If that is your take, then you are by definition a fair weather fan.

i hope kenny boynton didn't see that game. I think we lost him for good. At least the Hurricanes have a good knowledge bowl team

ok fine- i'm a fair weather fan.

Miami needs to forfeit their ACC games- its going to get ugly. Maybe we can get Calais out there.

Haith said this would be like an NCAA tournament game- so know we have an ideaq of how the Canes would do in the tourney. What do u guys think?

Please Canes bb is gar. post when mIAMI IS WINNING GAMES IN THE ACC! Don't just show up when they are losing. BY the way Florida would have got WHOOP if they played that Winthrop team. They look average against TEMPLE right now.

By the way WINTHROP played very aggressive and gave every team they played a hard time. This was by far MIAMI's toughest appoinent. They are no pushover team. Hell they won 79 games in the last three years. Besides Them and MIAMI will be in the NCAA TOURNEY when it is all said and done anyways.

what does florida have to do with this. They're unranked and already lost to FSU. Florida was not ranked 19th. miami is a fraud. I wish it wasn't the case, but it is. Miami has no inside game, makes sloppy passes, turns the ball over a ton, plays weak defense, and can't rebound. Miami will be awesome in ACC play.. lol

Winthrop was 6-5 going into tonight's game and they're a mid major. Miami is not a good basketball team. Did u watch the game?

Canes bb,is gar.,

U watched them struggle in one game and then calling them GARBAGE , man are U a fan or an imposter. They will rebound from this and my friend U will have to eat CROW! Yeah they need another guard to help penetrate and HAITH is bringing another one in for that. Miami just had a bad game man, that's all . Hell we were leading by ten at one point so it wasn't like we were blown out or something!

Miami will learn from this one and come back fighting for the next one. Sometimes it takes a lose like this to come back strong.

Oh yeah this team( WINTHROP) beat Gtech , lost a close one to OLE MISS( who is also undefeated ) and played everyone close so they are not scrubs by no imagination. And oh yeah I saw the whole game today and we went cold on offense in the second half and that is what killed us today. We played OK except for the cold shooting at times and the turnovers.

We need another guard? how about some big men who can score in the paint and rebound. That seems like it may be important

If miami makes more than 1 pass on any possession it usually results in a turnover. Put a fork in the Canes BB squad- they're done. Now its time to see if my canes can still play baseball. The last hope.

U talk negative early DUDE for a one lost game. I just hope the Baseball team don't fold since U have lost faith in the BB team. U might turn on them too huh.

I played baseball for the canes in 99-2001 so i'll never give up on the baseball squad. We know how to win unlike the basketball team

A real Cane dude don't give up on any of their teams. America already hate our ASS so we don't need a CANE to follow their negative and BIAS self. Besides the BB team has came along way from last year similiar on how the football team will do next year. With more play makers on both teams we will be even that much better. Imagine if we had two McClintons and two KINGS we will look STOUT don't U think. By the way both of them scored a combined 40 to 45 points tonight so that will be a win in most games!

CANES BB why don't you go Eat a fat D!!K
we win 12 games to start the season and we have 1 bad game and you say we are a fraud?? How bout you sound like an F-n GAYTURD fraud posing like a supposed Cane??? DAMN GAYTURD FRAUD GO BACK TO GAINESVILLE AND EAT A FAT REDNECK ONE

Wow CANES BB is garbage, you won two national championships as a Cane's Baseball player and yet you sound this bitter? Did you try out for the basketball team and not make it as a walk on then?

Shoot I wasn't even good enough to make my high school baseball team but you never saw me complain and bad mouth the guys who I knew were better than me.

I'll let you in on a little secret though; life goes on and hopefully you'll move onto bigger and better things. Still don't pawn those NC rings just yet.

Brian Asbury, is he a ghost or what? The Canes BB team need him to step up his game(scoring).

I hate basketball, period. Now I can just forget about it for another season.

MAN-ny! How the hell did UF basketball manage to get it's games on the local CW station coming in January??? I'm po, and can't always make it down to UM for home games, would have been Great/Amazing to have UM basketball on a local, non cable run network...... Any thoughts?

Posted by: no money | December 29, 2007 at 04:04 PM

Because thwy do suthing ur precious canes can't do



I love how much time the assholes in Gainesville have, that they can lurk on a Miami newspapers blog and instigate trouble.

CANES BB is garbage: pollsters disagree ... #19 out of 342 teams ...


I love all of you people that come out of the wood works to bash a team that is growing and is on the up and up because they loose for the first time this season. I know why you people are doing this. It is becuase you are scared. You are scared that the little private school from MIAMI may actually be able to get dominate in the third major sport. The fact is you are scared because MIAMI has dominated the last quarter century in football. No one has a better record, more national champioships and almost double the amount players in the NFL as the next closest school (fsu). You are scared because no school can shake a stick at UM Baseball. I forget the numbers but look at the amount of regionals made in a row and world series played in and another team that is stacked this year. You are scared that you see MIAMI Basketball growing to the level of their football and baseball teams. It scares you sick to your stomach that you are going to have to hear more about the dominance of the University of Miami. So go ahead and hate now because you see are Basketball team growing and getting better. Hate and be very scared of the recruiting class MIAMI is putting together for football. 2 years and MIAMI will dominate all 3 sports.


cggazette's sebastian del marmol: "... coverage of local sports and especially the University of Miami athletics will now be primarily focused in the online version of the (Coral Gables) Gazette."

I forget the numbers but look at the amount of regionals made in a row and world series played in

Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | December 30, 2007 at 08:49 AM
ncaa-record 35 straight regionals, 22 world series

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