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Courtside blog: Winthrop 76, UM 70 (F)

Checking in courtside from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise where the 19th-ranked Canes are set to take on Winthrop in the MetroPCS Orange Bowl Classic.

I'll be here to provide my thoughts. So, will my homeboy George Richards over at his blog -- On Frozen Pond. George covers the Panthers for us. But he knows his Canes content better than most.

Enjoy the game. It's live on FSN and on WQAM. But if you want to vent or shake your pom-poms during the game, I invite you to do it here.

By the way, I just remembered my favorite George Richards (G-Man) moment of all time during the national anthem. 2004 Florida High School Athletic Association State Basketball Championships. National anthem ends and the PA announcer begins to talk about fans respecting the players. Its the same intro read all weekend long and by now G-Man knows it by heart. So, he shouts in his best Cartman voice: RESPECT MY AUTHORITY! The entire gym goes dead quiet and stares at two silly Herald reporters who are red-faced. That's G-Man.

- It's 7-7 after the first break with 15:27 left in the half. Winthrop looks like its frustrating UM's offense a little bit. Eagles are putting some extra pressure on the ball and forcing UM to make tough passes. Most teams come out respecting UM's inside play a little more. It will be interesting to see if UM comes out of this time out trying to push it inside and take advantage of those Winthrop players double-teamming the point.
- The Canes are struggling in their transition defense. Winthrop is really pushing the ball up the floor and Miami is struggling to get back.
- Here's the story of the first half in a nutshell: UM, the balanced undefeated team, has 10 points from Anthony King and five from Jack McClinton. That's why the Cares are losing.
- And just like that, UM puts together a 14-2 run in less than five minutes to retake the lead.
- The Canes close out the half on a 10-2 run to go up five at the break.

- Coach Frank Haith said this would be like an NCAA tournament game and so far he is right. Winthrop's 12-0 run has given the Eagles a 42-40 lead with 12:51 left to play. Miami has fallen asleep offensively again. The Canes had a 40-30 lead with 17:17 left and then got comfortable. UM is taking too many jumpers again.
- Jack McClinton has turned up his intensity. Unfortunately, his teammates aren't matching it at this point.
- It's 62-57 Wintrhop with 3:48 to play. Miami has been getting killed with the three-point shot and they aren't rebounding as well as they were in the first half. Great game though.


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head to head, shun(del)'s last 10 blogs have elicited more responses (3,900+) than ALL other s(h)unsentinel sports blogs combined ... mind you, our season ended in earnest nov 24 ... SLEEPING GIANT?

$461M Carnival Center for the Performing Arts

"Miami city government looking for jackpot from slots approval"
jan 29


thank you for the numbers i new they were around there. Just didnt want to put something down wrong and take a beating for it.

RUMOR: Xavier Shannon to transfer to U ... like father, like son?

Am I the only Caniac that notice how both Scout & Rivals are pulling out all stops to deny UM the top class? Whenever we add a top-notch recruit, they either add a star or two to a committ from a school who's class is ranked ahead of us, or they strip a star or two from one of our committs. If U wanna see something humorous, check out UM's committ list on Scout.com and check the posistion rankings for guys like Travis B, Davon J., Thearon C and Kendall T and holla back to tell me what U think. From what I gather, they (Scout & Rivals) just refuse to give our "BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER" credit for having the top class, especially after a 5-7 season!

Who cares where they rank the recruiting class. The only thing that's important is how they perform when they get here. Coker's classes were usually ranked in the top 10, and even top 5, but they didn't perform-------------so who cares about Scout & Rivals.

According to Rivals Patrick Johnson is not a Hurricanes commit. He has eliminated Miami from his choices.

Rivals just posted that PJ is no longer a U recruit

"Johnson, a former Cane commitment, told Rivals.com recruiting analyst Mike Farrell moments ago at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that he is down to a final three of LSU, Florida and Florida State."

How could he honestly consider FSU?...I think he is buying into all the hype!

I guess PJ aint coming to da U after all. According to Rivals.com:

"After months of speculation surrounding stud defensive back prospect Patrick Johnson, the truth has finally come out: He will not be a Cane.

Johnson, a former Cane commitment, told Rivals.com recruiting analyst Mike Farrell moments ago at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that he is down to a final three of LSU, Florida and Florida State.

It was one of the crazier recruiting rides for those following Johnson."

Whether this is tru or not we will find out when he makes his final decision next saturday at the Army All-American Game. I don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to PJ...

Thank god the PJ circus has left town. Now we can get players who want to be here. I want to commend all the recruits who made there decision and have stuck with it. I wonder if any of the Miami commits will be looking to show PJ what he is going to be missing? Bring on the real Canes.

Here's why he is considering FSU. Nigel Bradham has got into his ear:

"One prospect that has been strongly on his radar is five-star defensive back Patrick Johnson. The bond between the two started to build last week in New York as both blue chip recruits were up for National Player of the Year.

"We talked a lot that weekend about a lot of different things," Bradham said. "We roomed together for four days over there in New York. He's a pretty cool guy. I'm doing everything I can to have him join me at Florida State."

Personally, I don't want anyone at da U who doesn't want to be there. If we get Harris and lose PJ I'm cool. But I wouldn't like it if we lost both of them. I thought PJ was humble but he seems to have a big head.

Oh yeah PJ, as far as saying the Miami coaches didn't show you as much intrest, they offered you a scholarship what else do you want? Scared of compitition? Oh you win with teamwork not with a bloated ego and being spoon feed. Remember PJ ITS ALL ABOUT THE U.

Like I said hope the staff makes a big push for TJ Bryant and locks up Harris and may PJ please come down with a really bad case of gonnorhea

I'm with you guys...if he doesn't want to be at the U, forget him. I can't believe he is saying that he didn't get as much attention. We made him an offer to be part of one of the most critical recruiting classes ever.

One of the main differences between us and other programs is that we are not going to beg anyone to come here. Its either win with us or lose to us.

We got N.Western and Booker T. kids coming in, the the best class of LB's in the country, CJ Holton is on board, and if all the recruits we have now stay committed I would be extemely happy.

It has seemed for a while that PJ is an attention whore. There's no believing anything he says until he makes his "official" announcement. While I don't believe he is a 'Cane, it could just as well be that he just says what he says to keep the spotlight on himself and screw with people. How else do you explain a guy going from a U commitment, to Miami not even being in his top three? Whatever. It's guys like this that make UF a top "ranked" recrtuiting class every year, then get on campus and drop kegs on people's heads and act selfishly. It's why, when the two teams have comparable talent, Miami always comes out on top. We have character, family guys who want to win together, they have whores who only care about their own egos.

So, what's the word on Matt Patchan? He was supposed to announce like a week ago, but I haven't heard anything. This is a guy that seems to be making his decision reasonably. Let's hope he comes back home to be a 'Cane.

Looks like PJ wants to get some ez grades at fsu. The warden bowden must really feed these familys a good line of bullship.

I'm somewhat hurt by his decision, but I life goes on. No one player is bigger than the program. Miami will be Miami. Hope Alderius Johnson get a shot at him. Thanx for nothing PJ

guys PJ is the next willie williams. good fucking riddance. gimme brandon harris. at least he's played ppl.

We need Brandon Harris and TJ Bryant. Maybe some California DB's coming to visit next month?? Good ridance to this BS.

As for PJ.

I'm glad we have Travis Benjamin to burn his ass again. TB was the only player to burn PJ at the combines

Because thwy do suthing ur precious canes can't do


Posted by: UM FANS ARE RETARDS | December 29, 2007 at 11:18 PM

Lol...is this in English? Nice University of Florida education.

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