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Courtside blog: UM 66, St. John's 47 (F)

Got here a little early for the UM-St. John's game an BankUnited Center. Looks like Jack McClinton will play for the Canes tonight. He is in involved in warm-ups despite having his injured left thumb still wrapped. Good news for UM. St. John's has a very talented, young backcourt.

I'll be here for the duration of the game providing updates. If there is something you guys would like to talk about, feel free. I'm all ears.

- Canes start with Edwin Rios, James Dews, Brian Asbury, Jimmy Graham and Anthony King on the court. McClinton enters at the 16:18 mark with Lance Hurdle, Ray Hicks and Dwayne Collins. Dews was the only starter who remained in the game. His three-pointer with 16:33 to play gave Miami its first lead at 7-6.
- Some early observations: UM is getting killed inside. I'm not sure how many points St. John's has in the paint. But I don't think I've seen them hit anything from longer than 14-feet.
- McClinton made one heck of a pretty play on the break, dribbling the ball behind his back on the break and scoring on a pretty finger roll. Sweet move.
- Miami trailed 14-12 with 13:02 to play before going on a 9-0 run to grab the lead. First, Lance Hurdle hit a jumper from the wing, the Collins scored on a lay-in before McClinton had that pretty lay-up I told you about earlier. It was all capped with an Edwin Rios three-pointer at the 10:38 mark.
- Here's a great stat. Miami didn't pick up its first foul until Jimmy Graham was called for a push with 7:41 to play in the half. Amazing considering how both of these teams have been trying to score inside all game. St. John's had four fouls when UM picked up its first.
- Well, right when I throw Miami a compliment for playing foul free, they've picked up eight in the final 7:41 here in the half. After building a 29-19 lead with 5:23 to play, they've also gone scoreless. It looks to me like they are rushing far too many shots and not setting their feet. I'm sure Haith will inform them.
- Miami shot 37 percent in the first half and were outrebounded 23-16. St. John's outscored UM 16-8 in the paint.

- Miami has started the second half by going inside to their big man, King. He's scored five points in the early going to stake Miami to a 36-32 lead.
- Jimmy Graham appears to have tweaked his right foot when picked up his third foul with 15:32 to play. That's bad news for Miami because he is the team's defensive enforcer. Coaches are looking at it now.
- The momentum has clearly shifted in Miami's favor thanks to the play of Collins and King in the post. King has 11 points. Collins has 8. They are teamming up to control the middle with defense and get easier baskets. Miami settled for too many jumpers in the first half.


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Coaches said on the Miami Herald that Sam Shields been skipping classes? He couldn't get his act together since he has been at the UM, is he the next Ryan Moore or Lance Legget?

Patrick Johnson/ any other recruiting update??

Manny, who do you see making a commitment in December? What's the latest on Patchan, Arthur Brown, PJ?

Coaches said on the Miami Herald that Sam Shields been skipping classes? He couldn't get his act together since he has been at the UM, is he the next Ryan Moore or Lance Legget? Posted by: Cane Fan | December 02, 2007 at 03:53 PM

A: Shields is too talented to be like Leggett. But you are right, I've spoken to several coaches throughout the year who have told me if Shields doesn't get his act together by next season, he will be passed on the depth chart. There are too many talented receivers coming to The U next year. He's got one last chance to impress in my mind -- this spring. If he still doesn't have it together, forget about it. He will be passed on the depth chart.

Hey manny,

I thought Last year Dwayne Collins established himself as the best up and coming player for the canes and in the ACC, but why is he only getting 10-20 minutes when he should be in almost the whole game. Do you see Miami attracting any big basketball recruits like Boynton so far

Q: Manny, who do you see making a commitment in December? What's the latest on Patchan, Arthur Brown, PJ? Posted by: Cane Gus | December 02, 2007 at 04:05 PM

A: There are going to be a few guys who commit the weekend of Dec. 14-16. Miami will most definitely get its kicker, Jake Wieclaw, that weekend. I would assume a few JUCO guys as well. Right now, Miami is trying to get as many guys as it can that will be around for spring ball. That is the main emphasis.

Q: Patrick Johnson/ any other recruiting update? Posted by: Brew | December 02, 2007 at 03:56 PM

A: I haven't spoken to Pat. But I've been told by my sources Miami feels pretty good about its chances with him again. They feel if he was going to defect, he would have done it already.

I'll have some more news on recrutiing this week after I get past the Sean Taylor funeral on Monday. Its been a busy week.

I know this, Miami feels pretty confident they are going to sign a spectacular class and have a lot of players to fill in the gaps it had this year -- especially when it comes to depth.

Hey Manny
Is Jacory currently visiting Oregon. Oregon has tremendous facilities. Any chance?

No way Jacory goes across the country

Hey Manny
Watching the game on FSN. It seems the U needs a recruiter. Agree?

Q: Hey Manny, is Jacory currently visiting Oregon. Oregon has tremendous facilities. Any chance? Posted by: IndianapolisCane | December 02, 2007 at 05:21 PM

A: He is visiting Oregon. Andre Fernandez told me Jacory simply wanted to take a trip. I'll talk to him tonight and find out how it went. I'm sure the Ducks were giving him the, you can be the next Dennis Dixon pitch.

Manny...watching the game from CA on Fossports and the Canes seen to be pulling away up 10, GO CANES! I was at the USC/UCLA game yesterday and it blows my mind how USC gets these top recruits. They were unimpressive against a team they should have blown out by 35 points, the Coliseum is a dump, about as bad as the OB but they get the advantage b/c they have a jumbotron and the traffic just sucks out here, the worst in the country hands down. And the campus is in the middle of Compton, heck, I was offered weed from the guys house I parked in! As we were driving home we were keeping a watchful eye out for stray bullets. I know they have tradition and all but nothing thats any better or worse than anyone else. Why on earth PJ and Brown or any other recruit want to go to school at USC just blows me away. The chicks are smokin', I hear and see that, but there must be something in the water. Just an observation.

Hey Matt in LA . . . Have you heard that USC may be moving its games to the Rose Bowl?

What's up Manny I know it's been a tough week for you. Stay strong you provide the best canes information in the nation. I may not send comments all the time but I enjoy reading your Blog keep up the good work.

Manny looks like the basketball canes maybe headed towards a 20 win season do you think they can make the NCAA tournament this year?

Nemo...No, there is nothing in regards to moving USC football to the Rose Bowl. UCLA is already there and there would be no way USC would ever want to share a stadium w/ their archrival. It would be like Miami and FSU sharing a stadium. It would never happen! Plus, unlike the Orange Bowl, the Coliseum is on the USC campus so why move to a place thats 25 miles away? Plus in reality, they do have a distinct home field advantage, much like the Canes and the OB, or used to have anyway.

Matt: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-rose28nov28,0,4585071.story?coll=la-home-center

Hey Manny, Do you know if any of the players like to toss salad. I want them to be big and thick.

I am sorry not to give you the chance, but I was told you were small.

Hey Matt, where ya been dude?

USC gets players cause its L.A. There is not another legit school west of texas, and what recruit would not want to go stat hunting against those lame defenses in the PAC 10?

I'm cautiously optimistic about baseball-there is some pop in the lineup and we have a legit #1 starter in Erickson. We've got a killer schedule, but maybe we'll get back to Omaha.

Ciao bud, its almost time for Dexter. (Best show on the tube)


It makes me ill, as a Canes fan, to see THE Ohio State University in the national championship game. What a mediocre offering! And backing in to the NC game -- wow, what a distinction!

For all of us that DESPISE THE BUCKEYE, I propose we name this team "The Back-In Boys", or BIB'S for short (but you know they like it long).

Just let your imagination run with those visuals....

SantanaFan, you need to leave that garbarge off this blog. I am requesting that the Herald track you down via your computer's IP address. You want to play with the big dogs keep up the nonsense.

Can't somebody at The U let Shields know how to get his stuff together? We sure could use him as a leader and role model.

I was at the basketball game today, they looked pretty good. How do you think we're gonna hold up against ACC competition, Manny? Hopefully well, I'd love to see them attract some more football fans like me to the games.

Also...any word on the opponent in the opener in Dolphin Stadium? I had heard that they dropped North Texas, have they gotten a replacement?

Canes win, Canes win! 7-0 is a nice start. I'll take it. Can't believe I am saying this but maybe the football team should take a lesson here.

Hang in there Manny. You are still the king!

Basketball Game:
Loved the canes today, and I feel like our team is adjusting much better at half than ever before in Haith's tenure. I like that we have a strong inside out game (King was killing 'em, even with double coverage)....I have a feel we will get ranked in the next week or so....

Sean Taylor Vigil:
I would like to thank all of you, on behalf of the students, for coming out today....it was said numerous times tonight, but being part of the U, is like being the member of a family....UM is never far from your heart....and to lose Sean is to lose a brother...Rest in Peace....

Thanks for all the great info and hardwork U put in!!

The Commander, I embarrassed someone called PLAYTHEFRESHMAN in an argument and his response has been to imitate me. When guys get emotional about silly internet things, this is what happens.

I know its early for the Q & A, but I got one for you MANNY
Word is that Oregon is going "all out" to get one of UM's verbal committs. Apparently they are offering some that is very enticing, and it might be enough to sway the recruit. Do you know who I'm talking about? Have you heard anything about it?


Thanks for giving us hoops fans a little love. How about Anthony King? He really took over the game. I love how Haith has the entire team crashing the boards -- Graham, Collins, and King all came up big. It's clear what a difference-maker McClinton is on offense -- he does a great job of penetrating and dishing off. Without him, we seem to be prone to scoring lapses.

Other than the last 5 minutes of the first half, I thought the team played very inspired ball. Most impressive was the killer instinct they showed at the end of the game. Nice to see that from one of Miami's athletic programs.....

UM BBall got me curious... Frank Haith made an impressive playing team from relative unknowns (though I am ignorant on this) since I don't think we have any McDonald's All American recruits.

Haith: Is he that good?


Ok, so we destroy undefeated St. Johns and we get LESS votes this week in the Coaches Poll than last week....


What is the latest on our weak effort to land offensive linemen...
whats the latest Manny. stay focused on football.basketball can wait. Signing day is just around the corner!!!
los angeles

WE'RE #1!!!!!




USC gets the recruits because it has an outstanding coaching staff, the head coach has the highest winning percentage of any active coach, and the USC-UCLA game is played in front of 100,000+ screaming fans. As for the Coliseum, USC has been a tenant there for 80 years but does not control it. USC has offered $100 million for renovations in return for a long term lease. As a fallback measure, USC is negotiating with the Rose Bowl as its venue for home games. Seems that Matt in LA is not well informed.

SC gets a lot of players because they have a lot of lawyers and bail bondsmen, see Reggie Bush and a ton of other recent run ins...

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