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Key UM recruit says he's considering Oregon

If there is one member of the next University of Miami football recruiting class considered a must-get, have-to-have, no question "we need this guy," most experts would agree it would be Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris.

The 6-3, 172-pound signal-caller for the nation's No. 1 high school football team is one of six current Jacory_harris_actionBulls committed to the Canes. As captain and leader, he has tremendous pull with many of his teammates. Well, after taking a trip to Oregon with receiver Tommy Streeter last weekend, I caught up with Harris moments ago -- the first reporter to do so since they returned (CHECK OUT THE AUDIO) -- when I visited Northwestern's practice and spoke to Harris and several players. What did Jacory say? Something Canes fans DO NOT want to hear. Harris said he loved his trip to the Oregon so much, he is now strongly considering the Ducks. In fact, he's sent both Oregon and Miami applications for enrollment in January.

"The trip to Oregon was wonderful," Harris said. "They came out here yesterday and talked to me, [Coach Mike Bellotti] asked me about the trip and I just told him I enjoyed myself. Me and Streeter, went up there, had fun, seen the facilities and seen what they had to offer athletically and academically and you know, we really liked the program. And they will be a thought, something I'll be considering. I'm still committed to Miami, but I'll still be considering the University of Oregon too."

Harris told me he and Streeter, a receiver The U is also trying to chase down, were impressed by the facilities at Oregon and the atmosphere before the team's final game against Oregon State. Harris said he was impressed by the way the crowd responded to its hero, quarterback Dennis Dixon and said he was very impressed by the ovation Dixon was given.

"Soon as he came out, my ears started hurting," Harris said. "It was super loud. They really impressed me. I love the stadium. The stadium is built kind of weird, but it looks good. And I like that feel. The fans there are real supportive, its really a football town, that's all they have there. Oregon Ducks football and Oregon Ducks athletics."

Were there things he liked about Oregon more than UM?

"Yeah, there were a lot of things I liked better than UM. People are always going to say the facilities are better elsewhere than UM. But UM has the tradition of winning games with or without the facility. That's not going to determine where I am going to go. The fans are kind of better because of the fact that's all they have to cheer for. And the fans here if you do bad, they're going to get on you. You do bad there, they don't say too much."

Harris said among the many things he did on his visit was have dinner with Dixon, whom he said coaches were constantly comparing him to.

"He wasn't really trying to convince me to go there, but he was saying how I look very much like him from film. He said how his style of play is. He came in 6-3, 178. I'm coming in 6-3, 172. So, we basically have the same measurements. He runs a 4.48. I run a 4.52. We're kind of similar, both of us."

So, will this open things back up for Harris in recruiting?

"Yeah, I've been open. But it's just the fact I'm still committed to Miami. I don't know, that's still a place that strong in my heart, but Oregon has taken a big chunk of that away. Hopefully, I'll make the right decision."

Harris said he's going to sit down with his parents and talk things over soon. I spoke to Jacory's father, Northwestern defensive coordinator Rodney Harris, who told me "my son would first have to convince his mother to allow him to leave." Jacory said his mother mentioned that to Oregon coaches last night.

So what is UM doing to make sure it doesn't loose a huge commitment? Jacory said he spoke to coach Randy Shannon last night, whom Harris said asked him about his trip and encouraged him to "go on more visits and see other places."

"Your word is your word. And he's not worried about anything," Harris said. "I told him don't be worried about anything."

But should Hurricanes fans be worried, especially after Harris was walking around campus Thursday wearing an Oregon Ducks skully?

"I don't know," Harris said. "I've been messing with everybody today throwing up a University of Miami sign then curving it into an O. I have everybody scared. But those are just the little things I do to mess with everybody."

-- So is Harris going to end up going to Oregon? My money still says no, that he's going to stay put and go to Miami. But after hearing him speak Thursday, I definitely feel there's a chance Dixon and Oregon could sway him. Until now, I had always thought the Northwestern guys were locks.

-- As for the rest of the Bulls, I got a kick out of the way defensive tackle Marcus Forston, another key UM recruit, took to hearing Harris talk about Oregon. Forston refused to shake Harris' hand and told him, "Man, get away from me, you ain't no real Cane." Forston told me when LSU coaches attempted to visit him last week, "I pointed and told them to go home."

-- Forston told me other schools have calling him of late trying to trick him and other recruits by telling them coach Randy Shannon has only one year left on his contract. Forston and Harris both told me they've been receiving calls from UM coaches to stop the false information from spreading. I got a phone call from a UM assistant who pleaded with me and said "please put it out there that coach Shannon's contract runs through 2012. People are spreading garbage that he's only got one year left. That's bull."

-- As for Streeter, landing him at this point is not going to be easy. He said he hasn't spoken to UM coaches in a month. Although, I hear from the other end, it is because Streeter is not returning phone calls, a sign UM coaches have taken as a sign he isn't interested. When I spoke to Streeter for 10 minutes tonight, he seemed a bit brainwashed by the apparent pitches other schools are delivering. He brought up Sean Taylor, safety and how going away can be a good experience. Streeter, who has also visited Boston College, said he won't make a decision until February. But the likelihood of him ending up a Cane is tough at this point. UM coaches are going to have to work hard to convince him. Although, he also told me that the thought of winning a national championship in high school and then following his teammates to the same school is what entices him most about UM.

-- I'll have audio from all of my interviews up shortly, including an interview I did the other night with New Jersey linebacker Zach Kane, a 6-3, 215-pound senior who could become the 24th player to committ to the Hurricanes. Kane told me he plans to visit UM in January and will likely commit then.

-- I've been told UM is down to its final 10 scholarships and will attempt to more of an emphasis in the coming weeks on defensive backs. The Hurricanes are also trying very hard to sway current Illinois commitment Corey Liuget, a 6-3, 260-pound defensive end from Hialeah High. This is the early report. Check back later tonight and tomorrow for more on recruiting.


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Miami Herald Radio News (WLRN 91.3FM)

GREENSBORO, N.C. (theacc.com) - This Friday (Dec. 7) marks the 50th anniversary of C.D. Chesley's first live weekly ACC basketball telecast. On December 7, 1957, Chesley unveiled the first of his live weekly ACC TV telecasts with North Carolina's 79-55 victory over Clemson in the Tar Heels' Woollen Gym.

Its time for us to man up as fans and redefine our culture.

1. Stop booing 19 year olds or any other kids. Duke may expect success every year in basketball, but they never boo their team. So all that crap about being a committed fan and the 18 bucks you paid for a ticket endows you with the right to publically insult these kids is just that, crap.
2. Stop destroying kids on the internet when things don't go well. many live locally and the insults hurt their family and friends the same as it hurts them.
3. Act like you have common sense. This is Randy Shannons first year ever as a head coach and that in the fire pit which is Miami. He deserves a grace period of at least 2-3 years to undo the mess that was already here. Stop criticizing him and let him do his job.

We can upgrade the football team in our own way by getting behind them and supporting them. I know that this idea may be alien in Miami where its kick em when they're down and claim em when they're winning. But lets hold ourselves accountable for what WE should be doing first.

This is not about Jacory, he can do whatever makes him happy. Its about the Jacory's that may potentially come after him. Spread the word man, 'Miami fans are on the rebound!!!'

I'm a Duck fan! Just to clear up some confusion, Oregon is going after 4 QBs right now and is looking to land 2 of them. 5* Terrelle Pryor (PA), 4* Jacory Harris (FL), 4* Chris Harper (KS), and 4* Darron Thomas (TX).

Can you really blame him for not seeing the light? The spread offense fits his abilities perfectly and the depth chart looks a lot better for early playing time than Miami. Not to mention Jacory sees how Chip Kelly completely transformed Dixon. Did you guys catch an Oregon game last year? lol

It's obvious to me that if he convinces his mom to leave, then he's going to end up a Duck with his buddy Streeter.

The dude that says Miami needs leaders, not followers? WTF are you talking about? Anyone that has seen Harris' play this year knows he'll be a leader WHEREVER he goes. Try to support your local talent more and don't be so bitter.

Best of Luck to wherever Harris ends up. He'll be a hell of a QB wherever he goes.

The facilities suck because the majority of these players are black.

Posted by: Marc | December 07, 2007 at 08:42 AM
how often to do you dryclean your lily-white sheets?

If you remember, I asked you about this visit last weekend. I watched a show on espn about their facilities. Nike money talks..This is my favorite cane and he hasnt signed. How are the online classes going?

chopped liver?

vt to open our new digs?

I agree 100% with CanesFan21.

Go throw up that O in Oregon all you want. If I were Shannon, I'd rescind my scholarship offer. Enjoy that crappy program, that great weather, and all those "hot" chicks in Oregon. Sounds like fun. Who has Oregon put in the NFL, by the way? Thanks. Perfectly put by Marcus Forston...You ain't a real Cane.

Remember that we are talking about kids that's 17 yrs old. some of them don't know if they want Burger King or Mc Donalds ,for some of them it's gonna come down to the last week of recruiting before they make up there mind.And on taking visit to other schools, I say let them get the experience to travel the US and see that there other cities beside Miami. A lot of kids from Miami don't get a chance to leave the state to travel. Jacory will be at The U. If his Mother has the final answer. If Momma ain't happy then nobody is going to be happy.

The facilities suck because the majority of these players are black.

Posted by: Marc | December 07, 2007 at 08:42 AM
how often to do you dryclean your lily-white sheets?

Posted by: green | December 07, 2007 at 09:11 AM
I know its hard to accept. But if you have a better explanantion I'm open to it.


Who has Oregon put in the NFL? Last time I checked, Oregon is tied for the most active QBs in the league. Kellen Clemens was the last QB that played in the spread. Who has Miami put in the league at QB lately?

coaches game the b(c)s ...

Marc: false premise ... our 1st-class facilities

Who has Oregon put in the NFL? Last time I checked, Oregon is tied for the most active QBs in the league. Kellen Clemens was the last QB that played in the spread. Who has Miami put in the league at QB lately?

Posted by: Jimmy T | December 07, 2007 at 09:43 AM

Are you serious, dude? Are any of those QBs any good? No. Oregon is good for sending backup QBs to the NFL. Great. Vinny Testaverde is 44 and he's better than all those scrubs that you put in the NFL.

Next week Monday I got to meet with four companies on the locker room and upstairs and the big team meeting room. That’s from a lot of money. We’re trying to redo the weight room, meeting room, we’re thinking about redoing that to get it in more of an auditorium style deal. The locker room and some of the stuff upstairs, we’re going to try to redo. And next month, we’re going to live in trailers until about mid to late December until the entire spring football. Locker room and weight room -- Coach Shannon

Screw em all if dey dont wanna be canes!!

herald's barry jackson: "WQAM, incidentally, is closing in on a five-year deal to retain UM rights." FLAGSHIP

Here we go again. Qb's having second thoughts. The only thing diffrent is we are not going after only one. Randy has 2 more coming in and if harris doesnt want to be part of the U. Randy will find another one who wants to be a cane.
Now you guys dont start bashing harris because of his comments. This is the reason why some look elsewhere. People who boo arent even true cane fans.

What does this have to do with booing? This has to do with if you don't want to be a Cane, then get out. The Canes are not to be jerked around with. We put playmakers into the NFL. If you want to be a stud on the next level, you come to Miami. Period.

He is not going to Oregon so chill guys!

Fellas, calm down. Jacory is a very, very smart kid. Read between the lines and follows his recruitment and all his interviews and everything from every source. If you do, you find out that some Bulls are trying to get offers, and others are frustrated with lack of UM communication. So what better way to get UM coaches to take notice and say, he lets make sure we take care of our priorities, which to me are MNW, BT, and PJ. I don't think he goes anywhere, especially across the country.

Jacory is with us, believe me.

Marc that comment about the facilities? What exactly do you mean?

Manny - either you're having a tough time coming up with a story, you're very gullible, or you're meandering for the the majority of the people who read this blog (i.e. typical S. Fla fans who don't know crap about football and just like to bitch and moan).

The kids aren't going anywhere. How many kids can afford to see the country before college? Unless your folks are wealthy AND have the ability to leave work for weeks at a time, you're probably looking at 1-2 schools out-of-state at most. He lives in the SE US, and goes to look at a school in the NW - coincidence???. Let the kids enjoy travelling on someone elses dime and see get out of Miami for awhile. It will make it that much sweeter coming home.


Marc that comment about the facilities? What exactly do you mean?

Posted by: canechic | December 07, 2007 at 10:27 AM
I think that Jacory said it all "People are always going to say the facilities are better elsewhere than UM" There is no reason to be able to say this when facilities are based on funds. We have the funds why should be people be able to say that UM facilities are better. Jacory has seen both UM and Oregon. Does Oregon even have better facilities the UM??

"Does Oregon have better facilities than Miami?" Was that a serious question? Do some research man. Oregon has the best facilities in the nation.

First of all, those are words coming out of Jacory Harris' mouth. How is that making up a story? Wether he intends to come to Miami or not, he is saying that Oregon is in the picture and throwing up the Oregon O. And about being a real Cane. Marcus Forston is a real Cane. He's got that Cane mentality...If you're a real Cane, you wouldn't throw up another school's sign.

facilities is not the question... honestly its the style of offense.. i dont know which would be better for Harris but you got to rememeber he is goin to be a student first, and a player second... ( or at least thats how it should be)

Does Oregon even have better facilities the UM??

Posted by: Marc | December 07, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Everything in Oregon is funded by Phil Knight of Nike. What do you think?

"Does Oregon have better facilities than Miami?" Was that a serious question? Do some research man. Oregon has the best facilities in the nation.

Posted by: Duck Fan | December 07, 2007 at 10:45 AM

Don't care enough about Oregon to any homework on their facility. I'm talking football. Oregon isn't a football powerhouse. A few good years doesn't touch our tradition of championships.

Why don't we give our kids what Oregon gives theirs?

No school could ever say that they have better basketball facilities than Duke or North Carolina. They can boast comparable, but not better. Why should Oregon be able to say that what they have is better than Miami, the football powerhouse, if we are truly committed to investing in our players the way that other schools invest in their players? Because the U exploits the loyalty that these kids have to their city and to the U.

Letting Jacory fly to oregon will be a big loss for the canes. I can kinda see him following in the foot steps of Dixon.

The main thing is he has the chance to become an even bigger DADE COUNTY LEGEND if he sticks by his commitment to DA U.

I wish we could name Harris the starter today but competition is what is going to make us DA old U again.

Coach Shannon is doing it the right way by telling the recruits to take other visits because some of these kids will never get a chance to see places like they will see on trips.

In the end I think all of the kids form the west and DC will commit to Miami and then the fairy tale begins.

Everything in Oregon is funded by Phil Knight of Nike. What do you think?

Posted by: Robert | December 07, 2007 at 10:53 AM

Its not like the U hasn't made several million dollars from 5 national championships. Is their only enough left over for some upgrades? Several millionaire Alums in both football and Baseball and now in the NBA. Money aint the problem. Its lowballing these inner city kids.

You're right. Miami should have better facilities than almost every other school. But it's not just that Miami has worse facilities than Oregon...I've heard Miami's facilities don't even compare to some High School facilities in states like Texas. That's pretty sad. I don't know why Miami doesn't put money into the football program. If Miami would have, we would have never left the Orange Bowl because it would have been renovated a bunch of times, a long, long time ago. It's really sad. Obviously, being a private school has a lot to do with it and not having as many alumni as other schools but damn, man.

Miami Northwestern QB Jacory Harris visited Oregon over the weekend and got a visit from head coach Mike Bellotti yesterday.

But, despite Oregon's best efforts, Harris remains committed to Miami.

"I am still committed," Harris said. "I liked Oregon – the area, the fans, the facilities, the team, the coaches – everything. It did surprise me – I thought it would be a little boring town."

Bellotti had an interesting time when visiting Harris at school yesterday. Miami Northwestern went into lockdown while he was there.

"The school went on lockdown because of a robbery in the area," Harris said. "They said the person was running around at the school. (Bellotti) was trying to get out and they wouldn't let him out. He tried to get in the gym and they wouldn't let him in."

Bellotti may not have enjoyed that experience, but Harris says he's enjoying the recruiting process. He says he will continue to consider Oregon. But, at the same time, he says if signing day were today he'd have no problem putting his name on the piece of paper.

Harris says there's a "75 percent" chance he'll graduate early. He canceled a planned visit to Central Florida for this weekend so he could make up ground on his online workload.

He says he may take other visits if he doesn't graduate early.

"If I graduate early depends on how fast I finish these last few assignments," Harris said.

Harris says he spoke with coach Randy Shannon last night. He says Shannon isn't worried about him going elsewhere.

"Coach Shannon doesn't let all that pressure build up," Harris said. "He didn't ask me too much about (Oregon). He was just asking how I was doing."

Harris says it "would be tough" for him to pick Oregon "because of the distance, and my teammates going to Miami."

* Harris says Butch Davis visited Marcus Forston and Sean Spence, who have already taken official visits to North Carolina.

* Harris says some coaches are negative recruiting against Miami.

"Certain coaches are telling people that (Shannon has one year left on his contract)," Harris said. "We know that's not true. You have to give coach a chance."

Marc: $200,000 scholarship = exploitation?

Wichita (KS) East High School LB Arthur Brown is set to announce a college decision in just over a week.

Which means his parents won't get a chance to see the Miami campus before he announces – they had planned to take the trip to UM with him last week but were unable to after a death in the family.

Does that hurt Miami's chances?

"No, because I was there," said Brown's advisor and family confidante, Brian Butler. "We talk every day. When I was on the trip I talked to Mr. Brown eight times. And Arthur and (his brother) Bryce talked to them about it.

"The things we discussed – I told them that the coaching staff was very real and down to earth, I told them that the atmosphere was very nice, that it wasn't as fast-paced as a lot of people make it out to be. Mr. Brown was concerned about the surroundings and all those things. I just let him know where it was, told him about Coral Gables, which he's heard before as well. I just told them how they took care of us, really treated us respectfully."

If Brown does choose Miami, Butler said there's a chance the family would move to the area. Brown's younger brother, Bryce, is already a highly sought after recruit.

If Brown does pick UM and the family moves, then Bryce would be playing in UM's backyard.

The Canes are making a last-minute push to get Brown to Miami.

Coach Michael Barrow visited Brown at school two days ago, and Randy Shannon will be taking an in-home visit with the family on Sunday.

"When coach Barrow came, everything went well," Butler said. "Coach Barrow also talked to some of Arthur's teachers."

brown will end up being a cane trust me... manny u dont got nothing on me.. jk you do a tremendous work. man....

Guys, what's really bothering me is the negative recruiting this other schools are doing, telling these kids that Randy Shannon only has one year in his contract.

And the comment by Forston it seems that LSu is one of those schools.

To all prospective recruits who are considering the Canes, if you have been watching t.v. the last couple of weeks since Sean Taylor's death, have you noticed the number of great athletes the U has put into the league. Have you noticed how close the former players are to the U and to each other past or present? Where do you find that with any other school? Forget their state of the art weight rooms, their 80,000 seat stadiums, and their shinny locker rooms. Who has the most National Championships in the last 25 years? Who has played in the most National championships games during that same time span, One answer the U. All the packed houses, nice lockerrooms, and state of the art weightrooms don't win National Championships, It's you the players. Go take your visits, listen to the sweet talk and the build up they lay on you, it's no different than a car salesman, everybody thinks their product is the best, but the bottom line is the results and the results this university has achieved in a short 25 years is remarkable. The coaches may change and we may have a down year or Two, but the U will come back. Those slimball recruiters from other schools can heap all the garbage they want to on us but we have what they don't have And that's the brotherhood of the former players. Look at the N.F.L., look at all the studs the U has put into the league. You Florida guys, to me the choice is easy, this is where you belong. This place has been Q.B. U; it has been L.B. U; T.E. U; I don't have to mention the running backs at the next level. To Corey L., Brandon H., Matt P., Tommy S., this is where you belong.


College Football Field of the Year

If Miami was getting 2 star scrubs, I really doubt that their recruiting class would be ranked in the top 5 like it is everywhere (#1 on ESPN). Even if Miami loses Patrick Johnson and a couple of other guys, they are still going to have a top 5 class. I don't like what Shannon did as a coach this year but it looks, so far, like he sure can recruit.

chopped liver?

chopped liver?

chopped liver?

SPRINT: $70M campaign for UM athletics ... they heard you

When will the opponent for the season opener be known? I've emailed everyone I can in the Athletics Dept and I haven't gotten an answer on it. We need a marquee game to open up the new stadium so we can fill it up!

How about a little respect for the English language?

"The P" writes: "SURE HARRIS WON'T WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WITH OREGEON BUT HE WON'T WITH MIAMI IF SHANNON AND NIX ARE THEIR." Nice grammar. Great spelling of the word "there". And love the all-caps. It just screams, "I'M A JACKASS!!!!!"

We also have to give credit to "Canesfan21" for this gem:

"I DONT WANT HIM, IVE FRIGGIN SAID IT ONCE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN, IF UR HAVING SEXOND THOUGHTS, DONT COME!" Please explain to us what "sexond thoughts" are -- is it like a wet dream for you? Or, to put it in your language, IS IT LIKE A FRIGGIN WET DREAM 4U?

"WE DONT WANT U, U AINT THAT GOOD KID, WERE NOT GONNA WAIT ON UR ASS, WE GOT MARVE WHO WILL PROBABLY BEAT U OUT, THATS Y UR WAIVERING UR DECISION, VBECAUSE OF THE COMPEITITON!" That's really "vbrilliant" of you to "vpost" this. When you say "we", who are you referring to? Morons like you who call yourselves "real Canes"? Like others aren't?

"WELL U KNO WUT, THATS WUT DA U IS ALL ABOUT, COMPETITOON, WHOEVEER IS THE BEST PLAYER IS THE ONE WHO PLAYS, GO TO OREGON AND RTEAR UR ACL AND RUIN UR CAREER JUST LIKE DIXON UR FRIGGIN IDIOT" Well, Canesfan21, you certainly run away from the "COMPETITOON" when it comes to command of the English language. You're a real winner.

I'm officially done following all this recruiting. It is not worth the raised blood pressure. I'll check back in February and see who signed. All the best to Randy.

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