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Key UM recruit says he's considering Oregon

If there is one member of the next University of Miami football recruiting class considered a must-get, have-to-have, no question "we need this guy," most experts would agree it would be Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris.

The 6-3, 172-pound signal-caller for the nation's No. 1 high school football team is one of six current Jacory_harris_actionBulls committed to the Canes. As captain and leader, he has tremendous pull with many of his teammates. Well, after taking a trip to Oregon with receiver Tommy Streeter last weekend, I caught up with Harris moments ago -- the first reporter to do so since they returned (CHECK OUT THE AUDIO) -- when I visited Northwestern's practice and spoke to Harris and several players. What did Jacory say? Something Canes fans DO NOT want to hear. Harris said he loved his trip to the Oregon so much, he is now strongly considering the Ducks. In fact, he's sent both Oregon and Miami applications for enrollment in January.

"The trip to Oregon was wonderful," Harris said. "They came out here yesterday and talked to me, [Coach Mike Bellotti] asked me about the trip and I just told him I enjoyed myself. Me and Streeter, went up there, had fun, seen the facilities and seen what they had to offer athletically and academically and you know, we really liked the program. And they will be a thought, something I'll be considering. I'm still committed to Miami, but I'll still be considering the University of Oregon too."

Harris told me he and Streeter, a receiver The U is also trying to chase down, were impressed by the facilities at Oregon and the atmosphere before the team's final game against Oregon State. Harris said he was impressed by the way the crowd responded to its hero, quarterback Dennis Dixon and said he was very impressed by the ovation Dixon was given.

"Soon as he came out, my ears started hurting," Harris said. "It was super loud. They really impressed me. I love the stadium. The stadium is built kind of weird, but it looks good. And I like that feel. The fans there are real supportive, its really a football town, that's all they have there. Oregon Ducks football and Oregon Ducks athletics."

Were there things he liked about Oregon more than UM?

"Yeah, there were a lot of things I liked better than UM. People are always going to say the facilities are better elsewhere than UM. But UM has the tradition of winning games with or without the facility. That's not going to determine where I am going to go. The fans are kind of better because of the fact that's all they have to cheer for. And the fans here if you do bad, they're going to get on you. You do bad there, they don't say too much."

Harris said among the many things he did on his visit was have dinner with Dixon, whom he said coaches were constantly comparing him to.

"He wasn't really trying to convince me to go there, but he was saying how I look very much like him from film. He said how his style of play is. He came in 6-3, 178. I'm coming in 6-3, 172. So, we basically have the same measurements. He runs a 4.48. I run a 4.52. We're kind of similar, both of us."

So, will this open things back up for Harris in recruiting?

"Yeah, I've been open. But it's just the fact I'm still committed to Miami. I don't know, that's still a place that strong in my heart, but Oregon has taken a big chunk of that away. Hopefully, I'll make the right decision."

Harris said he's going to sit down with his parents and talk things over soon. I spoke to Jacory's father, Northwestern defensive coordinator Rodney Harris, who told me "my son would first have to convince his mother to allow him to leave." Jacory said his mother mentioned that to Oregon coaches last night.

So what is UM doing to make sure it doesn't loose a huge commitment? Jacory said he spoke to coach Randy Shannon last night, whom Harris said asked him about his trip and encouraged him to "go on more visits and see other places."

"Your word is your word. And he's not worried about anything," Harris said. "I told him don't be worried about anything."

But should Hurricanes fans be worried, especially after Harris was walking around campus Thursday wearing an Oregon Ducks skully?

"I don't know," Harris said. "I've been messing with everybody today throwing up a University of Miami sign then curving it into an O. I have everybody scared. But those are just the little things I do to mess with everybody."

-- So is Harris going to end up going to Oregon? My money still says no, that he's going to stay put and go to Miami. But after hearing him speak Thursday, I definitely feel there's a chance Dixon and Oregon could sway him. Until now, I had always thought the Northwestern guys were locks.

-- As for the rest of the Bulls, I got a kick out of the way defensive tackle Marcus Forston, another key UM recruit, took to hearing Harris talk about Oregon. Forston refused to shake Harris' hand and told him, "Man, get away from me, you ain't no real Cane." Forston told me when LSU coaches attempted to visit him last week, "I pointed and told them to go home."

-- Forston told me other schools have calling him of late trying to trick him and other recruits by telling them coach Randy Shannon has only one year left on his contract. Forston and Harris both told me they've been receiving calls from UM coaches to stop the false information from spreading. I got a phone call from a UM assistant who pleaded with me and said "please put it out there that coach Shannon's contract runs through 2012. People are spreading garbage that he's only got one year left. That's bull."

-- As for Streeter, landing him at this point is not going to be easy. He said he hasn't spoken to UM coaches in a month. Although, I hear from the other end, it is because Streeter is not returning phone calls, a sign UM coaches have taken as a sign he isn't interested. When I spoke to Streeter for 10 minutes tonight, he seemed a bit brainwashed by the apparent pitches other schools are delivering. He brought up Sean Taylor, safety and how going away can be a good experience. Streeter, who has also visited Boston College, said he won't make a decision until February. But the likelihood of him ending up a Cane is tough at this point. UM coaches are going to have to work hard to convince him. Although, he also told me that the thought of winning a national championship in high school and then following his teammates to the same school is what entices him most about UM.

-- I'll have audio from all of my interviews up shortly, including an interview I did the other night with New Jersey linebacker Zach Kane, a 6-3, 215-pound senior who could become the 24th player to committ to the Hurricanes. Kane told me he plans to visit UM in January and will likely commit then.

-- I've been told UM is down to its final 10 scholarships and will attempt to more of an emphasis in the coming weeks on defensive backs. The Hurricanes are also trying very hard to sway current Illinois commitment Corey Liuget, a 6-3, 260-pound defensive end from Hialeah High. This is the early report. Check back later tonight and tomorrow for more on recruiting.


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Don't know if anyway posted here that Harris stated he is probably graduating early (looking better) to enroll at the U. He also said that he doesn't know where a lot of the stuff about him going towards Oregon is coming from but he reiterated he is committed to U.

Source is an article from www.InsidetheU.com (come join)

Hope that tones down the rants over here.

meant to say "Don't know if already posted here...."

paul johnson hired at georgia tech

Good luck to KPhil in the '08 NFL Draft. Hoping he has a great combine and gets picked in the top 10.

I get so tired of hearing about facilities. Listen closely. USC has some of the worst facilities in the country, yet, they get every recruit they want. UM should be no different. UM has sun, beaches and sunshine to offer recruits just like USC. If Harris,or any other Florida kid, wants to play in Eugene and see rain 125 days a year and gray cloudy skies over 200 days a year than enjoy Eugene. Yes, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful when it's sunny. Unfortunately sunny days don't come to often.

Jacory is havng fun and he should. He's a teenager that has tremendous talent. Go visit as many schools as you can! There is always going to be something that appears better on the surface, but it comes down to there is no place like home. Winning for someone elses home town will make you memorable for 2 or 3 years. Winning in YOUR home town will make you a ledgend.

well put kevin. Winning for the home town goes a long way. I am not getting on recruits for their interest in other places but i do want them to be a man of their word and finish what they have started. It starts out young U know. Some people Mature early while others mature late. I think the MNW guys show alot of that(maturity) with just their work ethic alone!

joe canes22,

U sound immature with that nonsense U are preaching. Slavery is done with dude.

"Does Oregon have better facilities than Miami?" Was that a serious question? Do some research man. Oregon has the best facilities in the nation.

Posted by: Duck Fan | December 07, 2007 at 10:45 AM

No matter how good the facilities are in oregon. They lack one thing. Production in the NFL.
People we have the same facilities Egde, Portis, Johnson, Olson, Hester, and company used and from the looks of it. they are all special.
It's not the facility but about the man in the facility.
Former pro football player Herschel Walker was legendary for his workouts.
He was said to have worked up to a 1 day total of:

1,000 dips
1,500 pull ups
2,000 sit ups
3,000 push ups
this man could work out from home if he wanted to.

Listen these coaches will knock our facilitie because they can't knock our success of players in the nfl..

joe canes22 you need to shut the hell up with your kkk talking unless you ready to give up your address.

on to the story: I feel like forget about jacory if he wants to leave then let him go. He has to make a decision on what his best for his on career. But he cant be known as a real cane because a real cane player would see how bad the canes are doing and would want to go there to help turn the program around. I Love forston for what he did because deep in is heart there is no other place for him then the U.......

What a great blog with so many insider nuggets. Keep up the GREAT work.

I was born and raised in Miami. Moved to Oregon 15 years ago. I have kids here and have been stuck here ever since.

OREGON SUCKS! DON'T MOVE HERE. THE CHICKS HAVE HAIRY LEGS AND ARMPITS. IT RAINS 24/7 AND THERE ARE NO SPORTS. As soon as my kids are grown and gone, Im otta here and heading back to Miami.

If you want more info on Oregon, feel free to email me at ssstro6@yahoo.com

beware of false prophets (faux JoeCanes22 2:24p), who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves -- jesus


Jacory is coming to Miami, guys. This is the same kid that just last week was still talking about enrolling at UM early. He's going to follow his friends and be a big time player for the Canes.

But still, all this talk he's putting up about Oregon isn't comforting. I doubt he becomes a Duck, but it could happen.

MARCUS FORSTON, however, is the kind of Cane we can count on. That's the kind of kid that no matter what mistakes he makes on the field, you know he's giving it his all because he's a REAL CANE. Can't wait to see you in orange and green, Marcus.

JoeCanes22 (or whoever you are),

You are an illiterate, pathetic excuse for a human being. And you don't know how to use an apostrophe to save your live. Go take a grammar course and then kill yourself. Rot in hell, you piece of trash.

Whoops. I meant "life", not "live". Either way, JoeCanes22 (or whoever posted that) should hit himself in the face with a hammer.

Great leaders have a mind of their own. If Jacory goes to Oregon, so be it. That is an amazing part of the country out there. Loyal fans who don't boo their own. He would be treated like a God in Eugene. Let's face it – the Cane program isn't good enough to get a free pass on local talent anymore. The days of Ray and Warren are in the rearview mirror and quickly becoming just a tiny spec.

Great leaders have a mind of their own. If Jacory goes to Oregon, so be it. That is an amazing part of the country out there. Loyal fans who don't boo their own. He would be treated like a God in Eugene. Let's face it – the Cane program isn't good enough to get a free pass on local talent anymore. The days of Ray and Warren are in the rearview mirror and quickly becoming just a tiny spec.

I lived in Oregon for 15 years and moved to Dade in 1998. I can see why a kid would want to get out of this toilet and go to a place like Eugene or Austin. If Harris went to Oregon, he would be the biggest thing since Sasquatch out there.

I lived in Oregon for 15 years and moved to Dade in 1998. I can see why a kid would want to get out of this toilet and go to a place like Eugene or Austin. If Harris went to Oregon, he would be the biggest thing since Sasquatch out there.

Posted by: Oremiami | December 07, 2007 at 04:38 PM

Toilet? lol...compared to what? Oregon? I guess the sun, beaches, clubs, and hot chicks are not for you, huh? Go back to Oregon, loser, you're making the good looking population here go down anyway.

Harris will come to Oregon to be the future of the program and win the heisman his junior year. the canes are not going anywhere anytime soon, and he sees that. GO DUCKS!!!!!!!


Hey Oregon...Trash!

Find another site to throw around your recruiting crap!

Oregon is a beautiful place to go, if you like fishing in the rain, playing in the rain, walking in the rain.... What,What? I can't hear you,... What did you say, I can't hear you, ... It's raining too hard up there..... Oh, did you get wet too ??? Man, you must be freezing with all of the snow and ice-cycles coming out of your azz!

A Canes fan...

PS... Hey Trash Bags... The Ducks must be smarter then you, as even they come down here for winter...


excuse me? it rains more in florida than it does in oregon. what are you talking about?


It comes as no surprise to me that Harris is seriously considering the Oregon Ducks. Next year, is a rebuilding year in Miami and they have a lot of holes to fill. The Miami offense has been a joke since my sophomore year at the year "U" (2004, Brock Berlin, enough said!). Why would any QB or Receiver in their right mind attend Miami? Not only do the Oregon fans treat their players well, their coaches do too. Case-in-point, Kirby Freeman sacraficed his college career to play at the "U" only to be told that the starting job next year is going to Marve, who hasn't played a game. Geez, that announcement inspires confidence. Freeman (the #8 QB prospect out of high school) could have transferred to a program that could better utilize his talents and perhaps given him a chance to play in the League, instead - what exactly will his role be on the team next year?
For all of the talk of Miami tradition, the program is in big trouble and is fading fast! 5-7 (2-6) with loses (or near losses) to some of the BCS's worst programs should have set off fire alarms at the "U". My how the mighty have fallen. At the end of the day Miami is a shell of what it used to be and finding the right mix of coaches and players to turn it around will take time. Kids no longer flock to the traditional powers because they can play on national TV anywhere now. Look at USC, prior to Pete Carol saving the program the Trojans were mired in the same mediocrity that Miami is mired in.
Why would any high schooler want to play there?
Oregon is a first rate program, with a good head coach, a ton of money (Oregon alum, NIKE founder and CEO Phil Knight has given more than $150 million to Oregon athletics!) and a city (Eugene) who love their Ducks - no matter what! Autzen Stadium is one of the best places to play a college football game (ask the GameDay folks at ESPN). Yes it does rain in Eugene, but there's no stifling, cramp inducing humidity either. Oregon in 2007 is probably 3 or 4 years ahead of the "U" right now in terms of overall talent at the skill positions and coaching.
Any QB prospect that is considering the "U" should, well - reconsider. Nix cant fix the offense, Shannon is in over his head, Dee is incompetent and Shalala needs to hire a better AD.
Next year will be more of the same, Miami will be lucky if they can get 7 wins next year. I cannot honestly say that I've seen an offense worse than whatever it is Nix is trying to do. I really cant remember when a major college football power looked so inept on offense - week in and week out. Think about it for a minute, the Canes were among the worst in the nation on offense with the #1 and #8 QB (coming out of high school) on their roster!
As for the Ducks, with RB Jonathon Stewart, WR Jaison Williams, WR Cameron Colvin, RB Jeremiah Johnson, and well, the list of offensive playmakers is just too long -- yeah Oregon might not have Miami's overall talent on defense but the Canes defense allowed the team to get blown out several times this year and last.
Oregon's worst loss of the season 16-0 to UCLA with a redshirt freshman at the helm on the road in the Rose Bowl. Oh, by the way, that same freshman (Justin Roper) became a man in the 114th annual rivarly game Ducks came up short 38-31 in double overtime, yes the future of the Ducks is bright and next year the Ducks will back in the Pac-10 race playing on ABC every weekend.
Miami, well, they will be rebuilding. Eventually the Canes will be back on top but to Harris I say, go West young man, make a name for yourself, join the DUCKS and play USC, Cal and Arizona state for the Rose Bowl --
Cant beat that!

Fortson told LSU to go home. Really smart, they go home to play for the National Championship & there D-tackle goes #1 in the NFL draft. While UM 5-7 and home for the holidays...

Forston is a true cane: Ala Jerome Brown, Vince wilfork. That's right MArcus you tell JAcory to stop the crap.

JAcory, it's alright to have a little fun, and yes' I've herard the Oregon facilities are impressive. But over there, you will always be USC's beeootch, just like DIxon was this year also. Ang guess how he got hurt and now there season is over? THE WHOLE OFfENSE REVOLVES AROUND HIM AND HE GETS POPPED EVERY PLAY! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

Don't walk to Oregon......RUN!!

Stay as far away from Da U as you can. You would be great at The Big O. You are very similar to Dixon, and you could be the next Duck to be considered for a Heisman. DO NOT THROW YOUR CAREER AWAY BY GOING TO MIAMI!!

They don't really want you anyway. They fully intend on having Robert Marve as their QB for the next 4 years, and where will that leave you? On the bench.

If Fortson wants to waste his career at Miami let him. Build you a future in Oregon.

Suge white and the duck gou are full of well, duck crap.

Kirby Freeman and Kyle wright had opportunities. Don't tell me that theyty didn't Kirby Freeman is not all there, and doesn't belong on the field, and Kyle Wright is a dumb moron, who can't read defenses. KB had the oportunity to show his "talents". He barely did anything against Marshall, and when the time came to play Ok, he showed exactly who he was: overrated at best. Ok, say, he went to the SEC to "showcase" his talent. Well, newsflash: Defenses in the SEC are not that much slower than the ACC! and as for Kyle Wright-losing games by throwing key interceptions in the red zone. How many times did he do that in his career? How many times tdid Kyle bring Um back from defeat in the 4th q? Brock Berlin did it several times. Brock Berlin was 3-0 against FSU and 2-0 against the gayturds.And don't forget-Steve Spurrier recruited Berlin.

Therefore, Jacory: Come to the place where winning is tradition. RemeberUSC, Oklahoma, Nebraska have all had down years and they came back with a fury. UM will be national champion in the next 5-6 years. You can take that to a bank in Oregon, because you may be at the receiveing end of the CAnes' fury and you will be b--slapped in front of friends and family, if Oregon ever gets to play UM.

Theres no place like home, Theres no place like home, Theres no place like home! National Championship: Yes Miami your Hurricanes are Champions again! Just like the old days I can see General Fortson and Col. Harris leading the troops to victory.

UO is top 10 program. Miami is not even TOP 25. Easy decision. Miami has Patrick Nix running the offense, that should tell Harris to pick OU.

As for Fortson, you gotta respect the guy and his passion for UM. But not to shake your QB's hand because he is considering another school is downright wrong. He's taking this UM commitment too serious. If he gets arrested or kicked off the team for any reason...I wonder if he'll bleed Green and Orange. Mr. Fortson, respect your teammates regardless of what they think.

If Randy Shannon lets Harris get away, it's on him. You just can't sell the past championships. You need to sell him the system, coaches, future, and etc. Harris has to do what's best for him and his football career.

Go Ducks! Canes... should be worried because our program up here if you didn't know is a CLASS ACT and our fans are CLASS ACTS! You want to come play AMAZING football and have FUN (fans included) you go to OREGON. We don't hate, but get behind our players when they are down. What should scare canes fans is that it will not be hard to sway Jacory's mom for the simple fact that up here in Oregon we are a family and the players are very tight with one another so the comfort knowing her son will be taken well care of and be treated right will definitely ease her worries. GO DUCKS!

Just to add our Offense is like none other in the entire game of college football and it is a Dual-Threat QBs dream to play in such an FUN offense.

We want yOu! Jacory Harris and Tommy Streeter to OREGON!

Are you kidding me with all the Oregon losers? Umm...what have you scrubs ever won? In anything? lol...get outta here and go talk sh*t to Oregon St. fans or go look for bigfoot or something. Freaking scrubs. Neither Harris nor Streeter are going there. Harris is going to Miami and Streeter is going somewhere else. Who in their right mind would go to Oregon, of all places. Look in the NFL, you losers. You want to go the NFL and be the next Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne, Ray Lewis, etc.... or do you want to go to Oregon and be the next Joey Harrington, AJ Feely, Rueben Droughns? Lol. Give me a break. Clown school with a gimmick offense.

I have to say, I was quite engrossed reading the message board attached to that article; I know every message board has stupid people, but man Miami is trying for a monopoly on them. If ever there was a fanbase that deserves having their program crash down, they are it -- duckinexile

Oregon??? After seeing how that team functioned (barely) when their backup QB took over the offense for the injured Dixon I can say for certain that the Ducks will have a worse year than the U did this year... Harris is best served taking a page from Forston's book. I'm sure Marve will lead the U just fine.

It was nice to see Brock have some success @ Cinci today.

This whole thing stinks. Every coach will tell the recuits that their program is better while the other is on way down.If you have to bash a player before he signs on the dotten line ,you dont want him. They all read this junk & I am sure they will make up their mind about where to go. No one knows where the kids will go untill then. They have a right to change their mindThere have been some who change at the last min. to go some where else,so what.Do you want some one to bash you??????????? I think not.

Sorry but maybe I missed someing. What does the tragic deathj of Sean Taylor have to do with security concer at The University of Miami???

Last Ichecked Taylor was a NFL player not a student at UM.

Foolish statements. Evenmre sad that coaches may benthis as a ploy to lure playeraway from Miami.

haha that's wat u get for beeing spoiled brats who can't handle a few bad yrs
i hope they lose all the northwestern players
i will lmao when in 4 yrs miami still can't win a weak ACC

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