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Kirby Freeman leaving UM

We've wondered if he would return. Now, we know he won't. Kirby Freeman has asked the University of Miami for a release from scholarship, which means the Hurricanes will not have a veteran arm on its roster next season.

Freeman hasn't had the type of career he envisioned when he came to UM. His career numbers are ugly: 92 completions on 197 attempts, 1,311 yards, 12 touchdowns, 16 interceptions. But he'll always have that memorable game-winning drive against FSU.

I know freshman Robert Marve and Miami Northwestern High's Jacory Harris were expected to compete for the starting job anyway. But how do you feel about not having a veteran to turn to just in case?

I've been working this story for a few days and finally got the confirmation on it this afternoon. Susan Miller Degnan and Barry Jackson chipped in too. I'll have more thoughts for you later. But I figured I'd leave you a forum to pour your thoughts out.

As for Freeman, I'm hearing he could end up at Baylor, which isn't that far from his hometown of Brownwood, Texas. Freeman graduated from UM in May and has one year of eligibility remaining. But according to NCAA transfer rules, if he transfers to a Division I program he is supposed to sit out. The rule shifted for a short time last year to allow seniors who had already graduated to not have sit out the mandatory one year time frame. But the NCAA quickly went back to its old rules last January...

UPDATE... I spoke to the NCAA. Freeman would need a waiver to go to Baylor and be eligible. Getting a waiver is not easy. 


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Regardless of the results I appreciate Kirby's efforts on behalf of the U.

As we all know, sometimes things just don't work out. When they don't, it's time to move on.

I wish Kirby the best wherever he goes.

Thank God We will have a clean slate. For me - - I'd rather have a shiny, sparkling, completely inexperienced QB than one who learned to throw to the other team and did so regularly!

wish kf good luck-- did i hear that he's going to baylor?

next year's qb competition should be very interesting. nix and shannon will have their hands full trying to balance competition and esprit de corps. to be frank i'm a little nervous about nix--he wasn't all that impressive at georgia tech--especially during the reggie ball years. we'll see. at least he'll have a lot of talent to play with and beastly defensive talent supporting him.

manny, don't leave us hanging for so long. keep it coming fast and often.


I wish Kirby all the best...he may not have been what we expected, but at least he gave it all everytime he was out there and was a vocal leader....good luck kirby, thanks for being a part of the U family...

while i knew the race would be between marve and harris, i must say this now validates shannon for bringing in 3 qbs this year....i thought it was excessive, but it looks to be the smart move now, especially if cannon will switch positions....

happy holidays all....I hope everyone is there to cheer for the canes bball team in a few days...

Well, you tried Kirby. Thanks for giving us what you had, and good luck wherever you end up.

To be honest, not having a veteran quarterback to guide the youngin's doesn't worry me at all. The quicker we have new blood at every position, the better off we'll be. When you are trying to build a different culture, hangabouts often will do more harm than good.

That is the best news I have heard all year...Good riddance!!!

Keep the U tat Kirby, you will always be a Cane. Regardless of the struggles, 'the drive' at FSU to break the losing streak will always appreciated by Canes fans.

Kirby is a UM grad...he will always be one of us. Good luck kirby!Wear that U tattoo with pride.
we will always remember the FSU drive

Why do you ask this question as if Kirby was ever a starting QB? He was the worst QB in the NCAA bar none. His soft mental makeup was a cancer. He cried like a baby constantly, he was soft, whinny and couldn't hit the side of a barn.

I'm glad this guy isn't going to be around to spread his weakness to our other qb's.

he must feel like an idiot with that "U" tatoo.

Guy mentions Nix's work with Reggie Ball, I think he did a hell of job with a QB that came from a high school that ran the Wing-T. Mind you, he was more than prepared to beat us when we were 9-1 in 2005. I also think he did a helluva job with Kyle Wright this year. If the receivers held on to more balls, we might be in a bowl game.


are you pat nix? or related to him?

I wish him luck. I will remember him for his game winning drive against F$U.

Patrick Johnson was just on Tom Lemmings Generation next with Nigel Bradham (I think that was his name). He said he was solid to Miami. Nigel and Patrick got to ask each other a question. Patrick ask Nigel did he want to joinn the U or get beat by the U. GRREEEAAATT.
Also, for some reason, they said Marcus Forston may decommit?

Marcus Forston is a cane for life...
Hopefully they were just messing with people if they did indeed say that

Thanks for the FSU drive Kirby and good luck wherever you end up.

as far as Kirby goes, I wish him well, he graduated so he will always be a Cane (which is why he WONT feel stupid with the tat on his back)...

Really, I feel for him, but I am not worried about not having a "veteran" qb on our team, this isnt the pro's, and the more space there is for more incoming studs, the better...

Marcus is a solid commit. Check CSTV for the replay if you are interested in hearing the interview. So much of this recruiting drama is prefabricated to get $$$$$ and ratings.

Kirby maybe you can be a good coach one day.

Kirby is not a QB, how about TE?

Kirby could get a job at Gerber baby products testing pacifiers (for more than one reason).

Good luck to Kirby! You always played with a lot of heart kid! Hope you do well wherever you land...

Good choice going to Baylor. I know it will be hard, but if you try you can make a awful team like Baylor look even worse. If you were a true Cane you would have went to say Va. Tech so we would have a better chance to beat them. Thanks for nothing.

The things I'll choose to remember Kirby Freeman by...

Doing something Kyle Wright never did...BEAT FSU.

Best of luck Kirby and hope everything works out for the best!

Good Luck Kirby... Now time to move on guys! Let's get the freshman class ready to roll!!!

As my name implies.....

Good luck to Kirby Freeman...

He will always be remembered for leading the winning drive against FSU.


What did the quarterback situation look like in 1983?


I am an African-American that graduated from Miami Norland, not Patrick Nix. However I do know football and have attended many college and high school games in Miami and Metro-Atlanta were I now live. Stephenson High School, were Reggie Ball graduated from has always been a run-based team. Most of the schools in DeKalb County, GA and Georgia for that fact are run-based teams. Not Nix, just knowledgeable.

Kirby was all heart, just not enough brains and poise.

BUT he had one brilliant moment against our arch-rival and for that he will always be loved and remembered as True U.

Best of luck wherever you land and in all future endeavours.

Rock on....

Well - good luck to him anyway. He had a lot of heart, that was clear. He just could not perform. While the drive against FSU was great (I was there), what will stick out in my mind is 1 complete pass against NC State in the Orange Bowl (I was there too).

Let's hope that Marve, Cook, Harris, or Smith can step up - they're all talented young prospects with a lot of heart (but then again, so was Kirby)...
It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!
RIP #26

Is anyone else bothered by the "misinformation" that seems to be coming from Shannon - whether it's intentional or not? First, "no coaching changes" then - Walton gets fired. Second, "Kirby is staying for his senior year and accepts his role" then - Kirby wants to leave.

Either Shanon is messing around with the truth or he doesn't have any idea what is happening in his own program. Troubling...

True Canes Fans,

Please don't use this forum to take shots at Kirby (I hate it when posters here jump on the players). He signed here with big dreams, but it just didn't work out. The kid gave everything he had, and I'm sure he's disappointed. Show some respect for an alum. Good luck to you and your family, Kirby.

totally agree with canedagain above...i am gonna believe that randy knows exactly what he is doing and that he doesnt care what disinformation gets out; and that he only cares about what people INSIDE the program know and think. i like the sense of mystery around the program...it reminds me of a certain nfl team in the northeast with a reputation of being misleading and secretive and they are pretty good...anyhow i just think randy tried to work with kirby and talked with him; i think kirby wasnt willing to accept his role as a cheerleader next year...good luck to him, hope he wins some games and plays well at baylor.

Julio Jones just committed to the "U" my updated blog is coming!

He Beat FSU!!!!!

Kirby who? When's Matt Patchan announcing?

Looks like we got a Manny imposter alert! hahaha...

Not gonna lie, for a few seconds I thought that was really Manny - had me excited, until I realized that was ridiculous...
It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

Kirby will always be a true cane. Congrats on getting the Degree and good luck in whatever you do in life.

Why are people constantly hijaking this blog? This is a decent place for Canes news and there's always some knuckleheads out there posting nonsense. Get it together imposters

Thanx for beating FSU Kirby, you will always be a Cane. I wish you luck and hope that you find success. Now to all the Kirby hatters, Give the kid a break. I wonder how you would fare if some idiot was constantly criticizing you. Peace

Kirby Cane 2007 is one of the family. You guys who are critical, you never graduated, you are fans( maybe) not family. It's college ball guys. Kirby will go to the grave, like me, a UM alum. It's forever. Can't change. Thank you KF for being a warrior, with integrity and pride, for the Ornage and Green. It's more then just wins and losses.

Cane 1973 great post. KF is a Miami alum not like myself (UCF) and the 99% of those who post on this blog and 75% who will never receive a college degree.

It's hard to criticize an 20 yr old who was doing the best he could, but lets face it...Kirby wasn't exactly inspiring behind center (of course neither was Kyle) and we all know Kirby saw the writing on the wall for next year. The really important question to ask is does this free up another scholarship this year..and should we be making a run at another 4 or 5 star QB that might be more intrigued with the U now that Kirby is leaving??


we probably shouldn't be wasting precious space on the cane blog about gt-- but-- as far as i'm concerned, ball was an underdeveloped talent at gt. i live in atlanta and saw my share of gt games (including the heartbreakers against the u). it was clear that he had talent, but he wasn't able to break through to the next level of performance. my friends who are gt alums and fierce fans agree that he never became the play maker he could have been-- he usually did just enough to be mediocre-- and too often did enough to lose. having calvin johnson helped to cover-- one could argue that coaching/player development might be the culprit here.

the point in all of this is that nix has a lot to fix with this offense. on the real, this is his first true stint as an oc-- he was just getting started in gt before he headed south to canetown. i think he's still growing into the position-- like shannon is with the head coaching job. i'm pulling for him, just as i'm sure you are. frankly, i think we should all be prepared to accept that we're about 3-4 years away from this program returning to prominence.

out. caneinatl

btw-- norland always had some hot sisters on the track team. you know a sister last name witherspoon who's an alum of norland?

thank you mike P AND LB I couldn't have said it better.Good luck kirby good luck and GO CANES!

Good luck K. Freeman
Now all we need is for Nix to adjust the offense to all these QB's coming in because these QB's for what i see haven't taken to many snaps under center and we all know what happened with Brock if the coaches would have changed that offense for those 2 years our defense would had taken us to a title game i just hope Nix knows what to do with all this talent and change the style of the offense so these kids can shine and showcase all there talent

We are getting Julio Jones!!! No f'ing way!!!

Good luck Kirby!!! True success is giving all of the effort possible. IMO you did so...we'll always remember the FSU game!

Yo Kirby, I wish U the best of luck. Yes you had dreams of being a very successful quaterback for the U, and you worked hard, and you've done things most people are blasting you for, that they have never done, but only dream of. You've wore the helmet with the U on it, you've played in one of the most legendary stadiums ever built(The OB), and you threw passes in Doak Campbell Stadium to beat FSU. Yes I'll admit, I was one of those people who hated your performance against NC State, but like I said, you are a part of the UM Football family, not like most of the bashers. Plus you graduated from UM, which is successful in itself. Good luck on your future endeavors.

Kirby's numbers may not have been good, but he did give us some wins ie Boston College last year, the bowl game last year, the first two games of the last season and the FSU game.- I think overall, he did better then Kyle . If Kyle had stayed in we wouldda never beat FSU- he was the bigger loser- Kyle Wright playing on Sundays ? Maybe for Hamburg in the NFL Europe
just opinion

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