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Kirby Freeman leaving UM

We've wondered if he would return. Now, we know he won't. Kirby Freeman has asked the University of Miami for a release from scholarship, which means the Hurricanes will not have a veteran arm on its roster next season.

Freeman hasn't had the type of career he envisioned when he came to UM. His career numbers are ugly: 92 completions on 197 attempts, 1,311 yards, 12 touchdowns, 16 interceptions. But he'll always have that memorable game-winning drive against FSU.

I know freshman Robert Marve and Miami Northwestern High's Jacory Harris were expected to compete for the starting job anyway. But how do you feel about not having a veteran to turn to just in case?

I've been working this story for a few days and finally got the confirmation on it this afternoon. Susan Miller Degnan and Barry Jackson chipped in too. I'll have more thoughts for you later. But I figured I'd leave you a forum to pour your thoughts out.

As for Freeman, I'm hearing he could end up at Baylor, which isn't that far from his hometown of Brownwood, Texas. Freeman graduated from UM in May and has one year of eligibility remaining. But according to NCAA transfer rules, if he transfers to a Division I program he is supposed to sit out. The rule shifted for a short time last year to allow seniors who had already graduated to not have sit out the mandatory one year time frame. But the NCAA quickly went back to its old rules last January...

UPDATE... I spoke to the NCAA. Freeman would need a waiver to go to Baylor and be eligible. Getting a waiver is not easy. 


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PJ Finally decommits read canesport.com

Alright, now I have to speak up. To have all of this nonsense on the entry about Kirby leaving! Who gives a f. Extra scholi. Thank you very much. Good luck to you. Now, to say the alum aren't real canes, that's plain retarded. First, mommy and daddy didn't pay my tuition. I paid through scholarships and student loans. You should try sometime. It's called an investment in your future. It's one of the reasons I'm up here in NYC raking it in. Even if mommy and daddy did pay for someone else, you're just talking out of envy.
As for low attendance, you're right that there is no excuse for people not showing to an on-campus arena to support a 12-0 team forged through heart and hard-work. They are not the most talented team on paper, but they've busted their a**es to get this far and deserve support. We didn't have that in 91-95 when I was there, and I can't believe students don't go now. Back then, I would go to a few games at Miami Arena just to support them even as they sucked. I also agree there was no excuse not to go to the OB as a student. But to call all of us the most pathetic student body. I was a fan since I was in elementary school even though no one in my family was an alum. I can't speak for now, but back in 91-95, you had a choice to get drunk and get laid or watch BB suck. You would have made the same choice (I hope). Attendance is not huge because it's not for any sport in Miami. Too many other things to do (see above). Plus, a lot of us have moved on to other cities to become the successes that UM alumni are. That seems to happen when you pay for that six-figure piece of sheepskin.
Canes forever! Class of '95!

Posted by: NYC Cane | December 29, 2007 at 04:44 PM

Let me clear something up. Not all students and alumni are like that. There are quite a few students and alumni that I know that are true Canes (probably like yourself) but overall, the people that attend Miami are from outside of the state of Florida and they do not support Hurricane athletics, as you can see by the pathetic showing to sporting events by the student body. So, while there definitely are alot of students and alumni that are true Canes, the majority are not.

And for the record, I'm not envious of anything. I did not receive my undergrad at Miami but I am pursuing my master's there. And that alone does not make me a bigger or better Hurricane than someone who never attended the University.

The Canes suck. They should be bumped down to D2 ball soon.

The Canes suck. They should be bumped down to D2 ball soon.

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