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My take: Jacory, recruiting, hoops, BTW and The West

I don't want to sound like a hater because nothing is worse than covering a losing team, but I'm kind of happy the Hurricanes aren't preparing for another trip to Boise or some bowl game nobody cares about. It's allowed me to zero-in on more important stories in the last of couple of weeks including the amazing runs Booker T. Washington and Northwestern, two of our local high school football programs, are putting together, the great start UM's basketball program has gotten off to, and of course everyone's favorite -- recruiting.

Obviously, nothing is more important to The U right now than that. It's more than obvious the level of talent this team has harbored the last two seasons has been simply not up to standard. And I'm being nice saying that. I'm sure most of you could come up with more colorful descriptions.

That being said, the biggest surprise to me has been the high volume of new names that have surfaced since the end of the season only two weeks ago. As U know, UM can only sign 25 in February and will push for as many as eight for early enrollment in January. Yet, lately, I've been hearing new names all the time, which makes me wonder if Miami is expecting some already committed to either not qualify or not sign with the program. Obviously, there isn't enough scholarships for everyone. But it looks to me like UM is trying to make sure it doesn't lose out on filling all of its 33 spots. By the way, the only players who will be gone, I've been told, are Dajleon Farr and Daren Daly.

- As for the latest... the Hurricanes had 22 commitments already before the season ended, a number which grew to 24 this past week before Canesport reported Sunday night that linebacker Lerentee McCray was dropping his commitment. Miami from what I've been told wasn't exactly crying over losing McCray and had actually been hoping he'd cut himself loose after some of the recent finds they've picked up including New Jersey's Zach Kane (6-3, 220), Vero Beach's John Calhoun (6-3, 225) and local boy Brandon Marti (6-0, 200). Calhoun is most likely to end up a fullback.

- If Marti and Kane, currently listed as athletes, are counted as linebackers that would currently give UM a total of five linebackers in this incoming class -- alongside Northwestern's Sean Spence, Chaminade's Jordan Futch and Memphis' Antonio Harper. Harper and Kane are middle linebackers. Futch, Spence and Marti, who I was recently told received an offer from USC, are outside linebackers. Homestead High's Marcus Robinson, who will be making trips, is expected to end up playing defensive end. Recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt told me the team was looking to land between 6 and 7 linebackers in all. The biggest and best target, Arthur Brown, hosted coach Randy Shannon at his home Sunday night in Kansas. Brown is set to announce on Dec. 17 according to Rivals.com reports. Ultimately, I've been told Brown and Spence would be considered the real gems of the linebacker class. Seeing Spence play up close several times this season I can tell you he's as talented and as smart a linebacker as I've ever seen in the county. And I expect him to be a star with the Canes.

- As for what else the Canes are going after, I've been told the focus has turned to defensive back -- including a pair of new names out in California and another safety in Jacksonville. The feel is talented Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson will be a question mark up until the end. I know Johnson has gone on the radio recently and told several fellow UM commitments he's going to be a Hurricane, but I won't believe it until I see him put on the cap and sign the scholarship papers.

- Even if Johnson goes elsewhere (it would be a huge loss), Miami still has a great shot at Booker T. Washington's Brandon Harris, who would be one of the final 25 signing and expected to arrive in the fall. I watched Harris' team beat offensive line recruit Matt Patchan and Seffner Armwood Friday night in the Class 4A state semifinals. Nobody on the field was better than those two. Harris might not have the prestige or size of PJ, but I absolutely love his heart, hustle and intensity. He made so many great plays in coverage, but it was the little things I loved too. He set a big block for BTW's first touchdown of the game, which sprung receiver Thearon Collier for a 39-yard score. Then, when his teammates on the sidelines had fallen asleep on a punting assignment, he simply ran out onto the field and filled in, blocking an oncoming rusher from getting to the punter. Longtime recruiting analyst Larry Blustein compares Harris to Antrel Rolle and I agree. Both of them were so smart, such good kids and leaders in high school. I can see Harris going to UM and having the same type of career there.

- Last week, I reported Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris' new-found interest for Oregon and I know it caused a bit of an uproar especially considering Harris is not only the most important recruit in UM's class, but also someone who has been UM all the way since he committed. Some of you ripped him on this blog for it. But personally, I don't see a reason why you would put a high school kid down for saying how he truly felt. Harris took a trip to Oregon and liked it. He has every right to. And the things he said comparing Oregon's facilities and fans to UM's are not off base. I know I've talked about the latter a few times here and how it disgusts me how some UM fans get abusive in the treatment of players. If anything Harris' comments about fans should be taken seriously. Fans should know ripping current players in front of potential recruits simply isn't good for business. Harris, by the way, isn't the only current commitment to tell me he's been bothered by the foul-mouthed criticism of players at games. Harris, by the way, engineered one of the greatest drives in high school history against Deerfield Beach last Friday night, leading the Bulls 99 yards in the final two minutes for an amazing come-from-behind win. I was told he also had two touchdown passes nullified -- one was a drop by Aldarius Johnson on what would have been an 80-yard touchdown strike and another by Tommy Streeter on a penalty. Harris has 47 touchdown passes against only 6 picks this season.

- This weekend, I'll be up in Orlando at the Citrus Bowl to watch Booker T. Washington, Northwestern and St. Thomas Aquinas play in three of the four large-school state titles games. For any of you interested, St. Thomas plays at 7 p.m. Friday. On Saturday, Booker T. plays at 1 p.m. and Northwestern plays at 7 p.m.

- Couldn't end this blog without something on UM hoops, which improved to 8-0 with its win over FIU on Saturday night. It was nice to see Canes fans show up in force, including a strong representation by the students in the upper level. Coach Frank Haith's team was up by 25 points with 9 minutes left before once again beating the press became an issue. Miami turned the ball over 9 times in the final five minutes. Freshman point guard Eddie Rios and junior forward Brian Asbury each finished with five turnovers in the game. We knew point guard was going to be an issue, but at this point I'd consider it the achilles heal of this team.

- Haith said Saturday he wants his veterans on the floor late to make sure those type of mistakes don't happen again. But with Jack McClinton playing with a splint in his left hand, I'm not sure how good he'd be having to beat double teams and traps. McClinton in my eyes shouldn't be handling the ball anyway unless its in spot duty. Miami is going to need Rios to pick up his play if they aren't going to fall victim to some late game collapses. Lance Hurdle did a nice job Saturday beating the press with his speed. But when Miami goes into hostile environments in the ACC, that's not always going to cut it. Haith knows that. His team has a stiff test Thursday at Mississippi State and a few more ACC warm-up games before conference play begins. Hopefully, McClinton will get healthy in that time and show he can handle the point guard duties or Hurdle or Rios will learn quickly. Otherwise, it will come back to haunt Miami down the road.


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Yay, I'm first!!!!!! Anywho, just wanted to be first.....

Oh yeah, I read everything you write and thanks for all the updates. (especially the updates on recruiting!!!!!!)

I don't understand how people can rip recruits for looking at all their options, I mean, it IS a life changing decision... They will most likely spend their next 3-5 years living with their choice... I am as true of a Cane fan as they come, but I can not stand these people who rip these kids who are playing for the love of the game and education instead of millions of dollars. If you want to criticize someone, go rip the 'phins.

Info no other media outlet is offering.
Thanks for the good job

Kids should have the right to make choices on where they want to go. It is a big decision... it's hard to make a decision just because you like a school, as much as I love the U, i would have a hard time playing for them right now because there seems to be so much uncertainty within the coaching staff and decisions they make.

I'm still bothered by Shannon starting Kirby to start the season... how good of an evaluator can he be? Competition is competition, but it seems like you don't just have to compete at the U but you have to get on shannon's good side to play...

he always seems to be tearing down his players and not building them up... sometimes i feel like he blames everything on the players and never takes responsibility for anything... He needs to protect his players and not use them as scapegoats for his bad coaching.

i hate to comment too much because i feel like we never see the whole picture... this season has been the worst season by far, even worse than last year... people can complain and blame coker all they want, but I think the team would of done much better this year with him... we had a lot of returning starters from last year and they all dissapeared for one reason or another... shannon, likes to play his players but it seems like he uses the players as excuses and never has anything positive to say about them... i think coaching has a lot to do with the lack of development of all the 4-5 star recruits... how can people say we have no talent when we have some of the best athletes in the nation... how do players who put up great numbers in high school all of a sudden become athletes and not football players... lack of coaching... sure players need to excute but coaches need to show them how...

i hope we get Jacory and the rest of the recruiting class... but more importantly I hope our coaches can bring out the best in the recruits and not just write them off when the team does not do well... it seems like shannon has no one else to blame and is getting rid of everybody on the team that does not like his style...

hopefully next year we can field a better team, but even with the recruits, it's hard for me to see much improvement with so many inexperienced players. i hope i'm wrong and i'm still rooting shannon, but he seriously needs to stop throwing his players under the bus, they are still kids and he is the one getting paid for their blood and sweat...

Maybe Shannon actually saw that Kirby's spring season went better than Kyles. Maybe he read defenses better. Maybe he threw fewer ints. MAybe he made more completions. MAybe he was better in the red zone. Who knows? Facts are, both STUNK!

And for you manny to say that kids are being ripped when they play poorly... that's true to some extent but NOT the whole picture. These kids are recruited for one reason: Because they can play football (or so we thought). They NOT only play football, but they came to one of the highest profile programs in the country. Winning is everything at UM. PLaying in Boise means crap. Most come here as a stepping stone for the NFL, therefore, kids or not, they are SEEKING the spotlight. If you don'tbelieve me, watch these kids when they decide to announce their college choice: It's all about the spotlight.

Therefore, if they want to play here, or at USC or FSU, orOhio State or UF, if they can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! If they don't put up, then shut up!
If you think UM fans are the only ones that boo a por effort, you've got another thing coming! You should see the things FSU fans say, or even Oklahoma fans, when things are going bad. In schools that are not used to winning, that somehow recently are in the spotlight, like Oregon, they are attracting recruits with fluff: shiny uniforms, plasma TVs in the locker rooms, beutiful campuses. Fluff. That's all it is. If a kid wnats to have a greater than not chance to play in the NFL, Um's the place. Why? Observe:

Despite our horrible last 3 years, UM STILL has more players in NFL rosters than any other school (and that even takes into consideration that UM has only won 1 NC in the last 10 years)More than Michigan, Tennessee, FSU, Oklahoma, USC, Texas, Ohio State, LSU, and UF-the winners of National Championships the last 10 years along wit the canes!

Finally, Kudos to Brock Berlin, who started in St Louis' game on sunday. It is plain obvious now to me, that Berlin had something that neither Kyle nor Kirby have (combined): heart and onions!

This is what I see from Shannon. He comes from a place where your HAVE to have self-responsibility. He played and coached on national championship teams and I think he is trying to get people to step up on their own. What I'M seeing is the team is looking for leadership on the field. GIVE HIM TIME. I like how Shannon was pulling out all the stops in some of the games by going on 4th down, fake field goals etc. As far as the fans complaining and yelling at the players that is a huge problem with the fan base here. Lets be honest, this team's fan base does have a pro-style mind set and because of it they forget these are kids 18-23 years old PLAYING FOR FREE!! I know when the team isn't doing so well you want to voice your fustration but to make it personal is wrong. IF your going to crow when your doing good you have to eat crow when your doing bad. Just my .02 cents.

Thanks for the update Manny. How are Jacory's online classes going? I believe one was Econ.

Not mention of Buchanan as a LB?

You cant blame a high school kid for looking at his options. I love the Canes and hope that Harris sticks with the U because we need a player like him. This is something that he has to live with for the next 3-5 years so I understand why he is taking trips. Plus who wouldn't go on a paid vacation for the weekend when you are going to be in the spot light. When the dust settles and he has to make a decision I believe he will be a Cane.

We, as fans, must be mindful of the way that we criticize these kids on a public forum. If you pay to see a show then you expect to see a good show, but the kids are the only amateurs on the field and should be criticized last. However, they are being coached by professionals so criticize the hell out of them first.

Yo.....as I've said before, anyone who boos or says certain things to college kids that are playing hard is a moron. Unfortunately, we have a ton of un-educated idiots that pose as Canes fans and think its a birth right to win every game. If a kid is committed to UM they think he is great and praise him.....if the kid decommits they immmediately call him a bum.....if you don't believe just read the comments this week on McCray after he pulled his decommit. Its unfortunate but we have the worst fans out there.


Thanks for reiterating this point about abusive Canes fans....

"I know I've talked about the latter a few times here and how it disgusts me how some UM fans get abusive in the treatment of players. If anything Harris' comments about fans should be taken seriously. Fans should know ripping current players in front of potential recruits simply isn't good for business. Harris, by the way, isn't the only current commitment to tell me he's been bothered by the foul-mouthed criticism of players at games."

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with showing your disgust over the product being placed on the field. It's not just the players, but also the coaching. Whether it's TW or PN or RS etc. if something is not going as expected, the paying customers (fans who paid for a ticket) have a right to object. The reason places like Oregon always cheer for their team (win or lose) is because they don't have a winning tradition. They support mediocrity.

We all want to see the Canes get back on track. Cheering for them when they are playing lousy and below their level is just our way of saying to get your head out of your arse and play to your abilities. Just one man's opinion.

I do draw the line however. There are Cane "fans" who find it necessary to go out there and belittle not only the players, but their families as well. That behaviour is disgusting. To that extent, I agree whole-heartedly with commits who dislike our fanbase. The fans that do this should be removed immediately from the premise. These fans are usually the drunk ones anyways so it works out.

I meant to say "jeering at them" instead of "cheering for them"

Thanks Manny! You have to remember that anyone can type a message that makes them sound like a U fan but they actually aren't. Could be a Gator or Sem. fan. sending that message ripping the team and recruits. Could even be a coach of another school?????? ALA Butch Davis???????

In my opinion, the Miami Hurricane football program is D-E-A-D......DOA.....Kaput......Out to lunch.....due to the lack of support they'll get at Dolphins Stadium next season AND the way that the obnoxious 'Canes fans boo their own team!!!!!! Who wants to play there when if you mess up, you get booed? These are kids for crying out loud. I was totally discusted by the other fans at the late Orange Bowl especially this past unfruitful season. Wake up, Miami!!!!!!!!!!Right now you are known as the worst sports city in the U.S............and I totally agree.....The fans in Philly boo their GROWN UP teams BUT at least they show up 70,000 strong to all the Eagle's games.....they support the Phiilies too...Miami doesn't support anything....unless they're winners and then the fans come out of the woodwork and declare their support for the team....GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!

To Back up what you and I said Jayel take a look at what Bama fans said when Marve decommit from there and came here. They went from thinking he was the next coming of Joe Nameth to good ridience and that he suxs. You read stuff like that and you just think those guys are morons. Unfortunately a majority of the fan base here never went to the school so they feel they can jump on and off the bandwagon at any time and say whatever they want.

Simmons, Surratt, Harris, Clemente? All small and fast. This program has not had a good point guard since Salmons 2001-2002, and Vernon Jennings 1999-2000. Both big point guards, who protected the ball. Not a coincidence that we haven't been to the dance since.

Dunnellon (FL) High School LB Lerentee McCray says he is no longer a Miami commitment.

But he says it's not by choice.

"Yesterday coach (Michael) Barrow called me and we made an agreement where I'm not committed anymore," McCray said.

McCray says Barrow asked him not to take any visits, but when he said he was going ahead with the visits that he was told "I'm no longer on the board."

Miami has been burned in recent years by late decommitments, so coaches are apparently taking a different approach this year.

"They didn't want me taking the visits, heard all these rumors (about a late decommitment)," McCray said.

UM already has a large number of commitments and has seemingly more on the way, and coaches apparently don't want to risk committing to a player who is not going to be there on signing day. Antone Smith, Preston Parker and Deonte Thompson are among the recent top prospects who indicated they were going to Miami only to change their minds in the final hours of recruiting.

McCray's reaction to being told UM no longer considered him a commitment?

"I was surprised," McCray said.

He says, if not for that, he would still be a Cane commitment right now.

But he also says "I don't know if I would have wound up at Miami."

McCray visited Tennessee this weekend and says "it went pretty well for the most part."

He says he will also visit Florida, South Carolina and Florida State.

McCray currently lists over 40 scholarship offers.

Where will he wind up now?

"Right now I don't know," McCray said. "I'm just trying to make the best decision for me, a business decision."

SOmething is up... is just telling you that we are not going to play around and have recruits that just want to play around with the U. For Barrow to let him this kid must have been full of sh@t, and the staff aint having it. Makes you wonder if we said the samething to PJ.I don't believe Mcray taking visits is why we cut him because most our recruits have said RS encouraged them to go on visits.Obviously Barrow felt Mcray was slipping away more and more with each visit. in conclusion Barrow is laying the smack down, this kid was simply just waiting on a Gayturd schoolie and then stab us on the back...... leave we dont need you...

Every person in this blog would always make a personal decision in a form that will always be BENEFICIAL, so why would we as hurricane fans attack a young athlete that is not even a part of the UM family. All this kid said is that he liked the place, hopefully at the end Harris decides that the best place for him would be UM, losing him would be in my mind a devastating blow for the U, because a couple of other guys from the west would follow him. I would love to see all these kids come together to the U, they would definitely win a title if not two by the time they are done, and they know if they stay together they are more than capable of doing it.

Boy do we tuRn on recruits as soon as they decommit. ONe thing i respect about MIAMI fans though is their realism towards situations and life. We are similiar to LA and New YORK we simply don't sugarcoat crap. No wonder hillbillies, and hicks have a hard time liking or adjusting to MIAMI culture or ways. We are in the SOUTH but wasn't that much part of the discrimination that has been apart of it for the past 300 years. The hate for MIAMI runs deep throughout the United States but the love of its fans are much deeper. The brotherhood is like no other in the country. This is probaly one of the only school where people from all backgrounds truly get a long. Whenever U see someone wearing that U hat or shirt it doesn't matter who U are it is all LOVE. AND THAT'S REAL!!!

SOON, We will get back on track and ALL THAT DOUBTED SHANNON AND HIS ABILITIES WILL SOON EAT A FULL BAG OF CROW.( BURNT AND ALL) I thought they'll go undefeated myself this past season but failed to realize we had the same TWO QBS THAT HAVE PUT IS IN THIS CONDITION IN THE FIRST PLACE. Now a new era and new qbs are on their way so the optimism is at all time high. New players should equal NEW RESULTS!!

This is not your typical UMhater since I live in CG and my son attends UM, but it is pathetic how a young man goes from being workshipped to being hated just because he chooses to visit another school. Those actions reflect the fact UM can only draw when they have a Great Team and they play another great Team. Otherwise nobody shows up to the game. Mr. Troutman is amazing how you praise fans for hating players that will only suggest they like other places, but then you talk about how wrong is to hate the south. Your problem however is ignorance, I bet you don't even have a high school degree. Nobody hates UM because Miami is a small player in the context of NCAA Football. Just to help you, there will be some tough times ahead for Miami. The ACC is considered one of the weakest football conferences and you can't even qualify for its championship.

Patrick Johnson has chosen UM according to my source at wearesc.com - also Herman Davidson was a ghost in the recent Pac-5 (CIF) championship, however Vaughn Telemaque had 3 picks. Pete Carroll & Steve Sarkisian were on the sidelines for that game - would've been nice to have Tim Walton or Wes McGriff out there.

Not all comments are hateful after a decommit. Kids should base their decision on the coahing staff, school and personal values.

I for one say, Good Luck McCray. You must have thought good of Miami to commit in the first place.

Barrow must have been honest with the kid though. And the kid probably said something like this ""Right now I don't know," McCray said. "I'm just trying to make the best decision for me, a business decision.""

McCray probably had a million other things to think about. He will be an asset to another school -- just not a the U.

Some people insulted Jacory Harris for talking highly about Oregon, which I do not agree with but others, including myself, were bothered by the fact that he was disrespecting Miami by throwing up the Oregon O, while this whole time he was repping the Canes. That's what pissed alot of people off. So, people reacted just as Marcus Forston did. If you're going to start repping Oregon and doing all that stuff, don't say that you're a Cane and just get outta here. Simple as that. No insults or anything like that...just leave.

Jonotahn baldwin the 6.4 talented wr from penn. make his decision today... http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_542070.html

I have to admit I am VERY disapointed in the way some of the fans have acted over the last year. I'm surprised not more of these talented 17 and 18 year olds havent already decommitted and looked elsewhere. We need to be more open and supportive over everything and not take it so personal everytime a high school seniors options to travel to look at a university that may be best for them. You dont want a player coming over and then leaving because it wasnt for them in the first place (which would throw a BIGGER monkey wrench into things). It's better if they look and settle NOW as opposed to later on. We want players that are COMMITTED. Manny, keep up the good work and way to tell it like it is. How did the in-homes with Arthur Brown and Matt Patchan go? Ultimately, I think we (most canes fans) are thinking too much about these recruits as saviors to our last 2 seasons and that much pressure on these kids isnt fair. I think a good portion can contribute off that bat, but we arent going to be 9-3 or 10-2 next year (and if we are i'll be the first to apologize). Let the kids look around and be patient.

That's right.

Evryone on this blog is partly right and partly wrong.

UM is not like anything in the SEC. It is not Ohio State. It does not have 40-50,000 students on campus and millions of alumni. It is a city university. From a highly multicultural population that is relatively low-to-middle income, highly hispanic and black, but guess what-- we all love the U. Heck, I've been in airports 2000 miles from here wearing my U colors, and somebody, some black dude will just walk by and say to me " It's all about the U" and I'll say, you know it. That's the way it is. "Our" standards are astronomic. 8-4, 9-3, not good enough. But the price for kids is, you work your butt off and you'll be champions, or at the very least be noticed and will go to the NFL.

7-5, 5-7 seasons with players touted as #1 and #8 qbs in the nation and other who were blue chippers (Charlie Jones, Lance Leggett) is a failure of effort and deserves criticism. If it's too much to bear, these kids could have gone to FIU or UCF. And despite us not putting 100,000 people in a stadium, week, in, week, out, we still support the canes. If you don't believe me, see what school sells the most paraphernalis and you'll see Um in the top 5.

The U will always be the U and our fans will always be as we are. And even if we win 3 national ch. in a row, when Duke comes to town, there will only be 35,000 people in the stadium. That's just the way it is. There's too much to do in south Florida, compared to Gainseville, Tallahassee, athens Ga, or even Columbus, Ohio.

I don't know. You can't tell me the fans at Michigan or ND are all that supportive these days. Think Alabama fans were/are all that supportive? I can't believe it's any different.

I don't think most fans feel entitled to win every game. However, the program should be doing better than 5-7 following 7-6, and getting blown out 48-0 at home. Players have to expect criticism after that.

Maybe this recruiting systems needs an overhaul. This soft verbal is nonsense. Either commit or keep it to yourself. Stop getting coaches excited your coming to the program. Or the system should be examined. Have a signing period after two months or that recruits have a chance to visit other instituions. Not until February, its too long a await.

Manny, Calhoun is from Sebastian River High, not Vero Beach High. Big difference.
Anyway you are doing a great job keeping us UM fans informed about recruiting. We all can't wait until February and then the Fall.

mann i must commend u on a GREAT JOB with this article. thanx 4 ur insight u have been slaking lately but u made uo 4 it big time with this article. is BJ really as good as A. ROLLE , rolle wsa a hell of a player at um. remember his corner blitzs with jennings playing man 2 manand THE LATE GREAT ST pvoviding support 4 the other side of the field. thats what we need again at the U. i truely hope we land A.BROWN nd Matt P. i totally agree with u that im also happy we didnt make it 2 a bowl game. we need 2 focus more on recruiting.

as 4 PJ i think he is a heck of a palyer but we need people that mean what they say. al la MATT P. now he is a man, my only conecrn is if LSU win the title kids may play bandwagon nd jump on the ship, of the tebow bandwagon but with RS closing the deal i feel a bit better

"I know I've talked about the latter a few times here and how it disgusts me how some UM fans get abusive in the treatment of players. If anything Harris' comments about fans should be taken seriously. Fans should know ripping current players in front of potential recruits simply isn't good for business. Harris, by the way, isn't the only current commitment to tell me he's been bothered by the foul-mouthed criticism of players at games."

Easy way to fix this: Don't go 1-14 throwing the ball, don't throw for 54 yds against GT.

We aren't asking for you to go 38-1 with 2 titles. We know you're capable of doing better than what we have. So here's my advise: Don't suck

Nice Aqua I agree. Not sucking would solve alot of problems.

Another week goes by and the undefeated Canes are still not ranked in the BBall polls. I'm starting to know how the mid-majors feel during football season.

Manny what are the chances randy shannon can go into matt patchan house tonight and get his name on the line come febuary

It's just my opinion, but I don't think it's fair to say some of the 'Canes football players don't have talent. I believe they all have talent, but too many of them don't have any heart.

Talent is always good, but the team that plays with a chip on its shoulder will usually win, now that the talent has been more evenly distributed among teams.

Watch what Hawaii does to the Dawgs: just like what Boise State did to Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl last January.

The Sooners were the more talented team, but Boise State felt insulted: undefeated and not considered for the national championship? They came out spoiling for a fight, and they KNEW the Sooners weren't going to win that game.

Now the Warriors are undefeated and not considered for the national championship.

Woe to the Bulldogs. They've already lost that game. The Warriors have made that decision already: might as well talk about the '09 Sugar Bowl 'cause the '08 one's foregone.

That is what I'd look for in my recruits. The player, and not his talent, decides how good he'll be. Players became 'Canes because they were winners, and the U was all about winning, until . . ..

Change the culture back to what it was, Coach Shannon: hammer down.

If Mr. C's wife (what's her name again?) wins, will she ask Shalala back?


Manny or Green,

Can either one of U get the 411 on why the Canes have yet to offer the jc stud DE Markus White? According to rivals& scout he just committed to the noles. This kid led the nation in sacks with 24.5, and said to be high on the Canes but never received an offer. The same goes for stud LB Gavin Hardin, the #1 overall player from Tenn. He also is very high on the Canes but has yet to receive an offer. How can the Canes not have use for a 6'5 240lb LB? Please tell me that the Canes have not offered these guys cause they know they might not qualify!

This is not your typical UMhater since I live in CG and my son attends UM, but it is pathetic how a young man goes from being workshipped to being hated just because he chooses to visit another school. Those actions reflect the fact UM can only draw when they have a Great Team and they play another great Team. Otherwise nobody shows up to the game. Mr. Troutman is amazing how you praise fans for hating players that will only suggest they like other places, but then you talk about how wrong is to hate the south. Your problem however is ignorance, I bet you don't even have a high school degree. Nobody hates UM because Miami is a small player in the context of NCAA Football. Just to help you, there will be some tough times ahead for Miami. The ACC is considered one of the weakest football conferences and you can't even qualify for its championship.

Posted by: GatorTime | December 10, 2007 at 11:25

gator Time,

I was wondering what post did U read that I praised people for getting on recruits. It is amazing that you are the only one that suggested that. U are childish with your slander about me telling me I don't have a high school diploma. If U read my post correctly and understood it U will see that i give CANE fans props for being REAL not bashing recruits and being a low blower like youself. And yeah the Media does hate MIAMI since you are not a real CANE fan U can't see that , U are on the outside looking IN my friend even though U live in CG.

By the way Realism doesn't always mean negative. REAL IS REAL U KNOW! Also when someone starts off by saying BOY do yall get on recruits if they decommit that doesn't necessary means I am glorifying that but only saying That they are being hard on them. But since you are so smart U can't even comprehend that. What did U score on the READING part on the ACT?

Old Skool, I know who you are, you are an FSU fan trying to appear as an UM fan, talking crap trying to look serious...we are going to get those recruits because Shannon is going to change the program and win many national titles, and they are going to the NFL AND BE SUCCESFULL, many of the recruits of USC, FSU, OU, OS, LSU might go to the NFL, but they burn out and are not succesfull, if you see the stats, only the UM recruits go to NFL and are stars wherever they go, that is why we are going to get those kids, people are going to be fans again, and UM is going to get many NC.
See ya at the dolphin stadium next year!!!

Hi Manny,
Really looking forward to the countdown.

Yo Green,

Alabama just had 2 more players arrested over the weekend bringing their arrest total to 6 since August! Alabama is also under current investigation for having 5 players obtaining and selling textbooks illeagaly. I thought I would give U the scoop Green, since Manny does not seem to care about the misdeeds of the other schools! He just helps the rest of the country bash UM. And as for U Gatortime, u said nobody hates UM cause they are small players in the context of college football. Well U are living proof that the Canes are and always will be hated on do to the fact U are on this blog! If UM is so insignificant why can't people like U keep the name Miami out of your mouths?


You say people do not hate UM because they are a small player, but you find it necessary to post things that are only your opinions that are not based in reality or fact. I am sure you are a young gator and do not realize that many gators have been saying these kinds of things for thirty years now, 5 National Championships later, almost as many as 8. The fact is, UM still has attraction, and traction with many quality recruits, and in short order they will be a player in NCAA football, then you will have a reason to make your ridiculous misinformed, venom filled claims. Perhaps you are only about seventeen years old and do not realize that UM had what is still considered to be the greatest team in history just in this decade.

Never mind, I will just say tell the truth about you. Your asinine post is motivated by the fact that UM is doing very well in recruiting, and it drives your young mind crazy. There, now you can go stew in your fantasy land.


Look at canesport whats going on with patrick johnson anyone know.

Just read online that Spurrier is considering taking Nix's spot at UM offensive coordinator. He is tired of South Carolina and its president. He wants to go back to warm weather and golf courses. I'll keep you informed. That would be a great pickup for the Canes coaching staff.

Yeah Right!!!!

Spurrier as an assistant on our staff!!!! Hell no!!! We don't need that dude coming in to change the culture of our program. I like Nix, I think he was very creative with his play calling in the begining of the season. I think the offense was purposely vanilla at the end of the season. QB limitations and all. I think we need to support Pat Nix.

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