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Rios, Graham uncertain for Thursday

The University of Miami's men's basketball team (8-0) could be without starting power forward Jimmy Graham and freshman point guard Eddie Rios when it makes its trip to Mississippi State (5-3) Thursday night.

Coach Frank Haith said Graham tweaked his ankle during practice Monday. Rios, who bruised his right thigh Saturday night against FIU, did not practice at all Monday.

Sophomore Dwayne Collins would likely replace Graham in the starting lineup. Rios, who started three games before returning to the bench against FIU, will have his minutes spelled by junior Lance Hurdle. Thursday night's game at 8 p.m. will be broadcast on FSN and on 560 WQAM.

Reminder, tonight I will host a live Q&A at 8 pm on Canespace.com. Feel free to leave questions on this forum.


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Rivals put out another article today making it sound even more like PJ is leaving. Has somehting new happened in the last few days to make this latest article anymore factual than the others. Or is this just to keep me scared.

Also on the B-Ball side of it. IF both our guys cant go. What do you see our chances as Thursday night?

Recruiting Updates:what happened with L.McCray, Patrick Johnson Status, Arthur Brown, Patchan, is any one wavering, are we swaying anyone else, whatever else U can tell us???

Oh yea and a question I asked a little while back, but I dont think you got around to answering it.

Do you have any news on the out look of the up coming baseball season?

Manny, I hear so little about the other recruited QB - from Texas(?) - how good is he? Will he be able to compete with the others? Can he win the starting job? What are his strengths?

Manny, how does the scholarships work for a JUCO player? Does it go against the 25 the U is allowed or can a JUCO player just take the spot of a player who was just released of his scholarship (Farr, Wiggens, Etc..)?


His name is taylor cook... apparently he made a good impression on a lot of people at the under-armour competition (or whatever its called) where HS kids go and get scouted... you can read more on espn.com on the college football tab...

Manny, What do you think the chances of the U landing Brown and Patchan? Do you think we can land one of these guys?

There have been rumors circulating that a big time recuit was goint to commit yesterday, Monday, but nothing happened? What do you know about this?

As canes fans do you feel we can change and become more loyal and respected by each other and other fans, I would like for you to dedicate a story for Miami Hurricanes fans, Lessons in becoming a better fan, It frustrates me how you see loyality in other teams for intance like the enterance of Vtech, their fans goin crazy , or clemson fans jumping around,it gets me hype. We cant even sell out on our last orange bowl game!!!!

Are you going to Orlando for the highschool Championship?

With 11 arrests in a year? Joiner, Harvey academic issues? Rutledge being kick off the team for drugs, Cardwell shotgun incident last yr? Why dont people hear as much negative news for the Gators? As oppose to other teams...... is it $$$$$$$$

Any news on ReggieBush and USC Incident?

Can anyone on here with a scout or rivals subscription post what the articles say about shannons "short" visit with patchan and patrick johnson's status (both on rivals website???


Do you have any idea on who is on the shortlist to succed Paul Dee as AD?

thx 4 everything you do Manny.

Hi Manny,
We haven't seen or heard a thing about Robert Marve in a month.
When was the last time you spoke to him?

Also have you heard any rumors of anything changing as far as uniform names.

Thanks as always Manny, Happy Holidays to you and the family

What will be the team's strenght next year?

Manny thanks for all the info...

1-Will Allen Bailey Switch positions this spring?
2-Any changes to who U think will be the early enrollees?



To me Jacory looking elsewhere is a sign of maturity...but will our recruit(er)'s wandering eye have a negative effect on the U's recruiting efforts?


I don't know what type of access you've had to Marve this season, but from what you've seen, how impressed are you with this kid? What do you see as his stenghts and potential weaknesses?

Manny we have 1 scholi left in Basketball this year. Have you heard anything about who if anyone we are looking at Freshman or J.C. xfer or will we save it for next year when it looks like that class is loaded


whats the link to chat I can't find it on canespace.com

Manny...Thnaks for your time tonight over at Canespace to do the LIVE chat.

You always bring us the news we can use!

Go Canes!!!


Moe...click on the link above and scroll down to 8:30 PM today to find the LIVE chat.

I spent the day at Miami Northwestern today and saw Florida assistant Doc Holiday, who came in to speak with Marcus Forston and Sean Spence. He had them to himself in Billy Rolle’s office for 10 minutes. When he left, Forston and Spence were giggling. I asked them what he said. Forston’s response was classic: “Snake eyes? He told me the same bull crap everybody else is trying to tell else. How we can start if we go to their school. How they’re doing so much better than UM. The facilities. Sean Taylor. Safety. The usual crap. I told him the same thing I told Butch Davis and North Carolina, if I can stay clear of trouble in the Pork N Beans projects, why the hell am I going to be scared to live in Coral Gables?”

I love Marcus Forston. I love Marcus Forston. I love Marcus Forston.

With 11 arrests in a year? Joiner, Harvey academic issues? Rutledge being kick off the team for drugs, Cardwell shotgun incident last yr? Why dont people hear as much negative news for the Gators?

Posted by: realCanesFan | December 11, 2007 at 04:49 PM
the gaturd's media allies sweep the dirt under the rug ... INCESTUOUS

1.8M watched the UM/univision republican debate ... EYEBALLS

zz top headlines the Orange Bowl halftime show ... PEARL NECKLACE

CSI: Miami rules the night with 14.1M viewers ... Horatio Caine

"NFL resumes funding of the Miami Project"

herald's barry jackson: "UM offered to play FAU in football in 2009 at Dolphin Stadium, but FAU athletic director Craig Angelos said it probably wouldn't happen because FAU needs a big guarantee, similar to the $900,000 it will get from Texas to play there next season." CHUTZPA

(cont.) herald's barry jackson: "UM rejected FAU's request for a home-and-home series." not our peer ... BENEATH U

sunsentinel's ted hutton: "only about 600 of the 5,100 (new orleans bowl tickets) FAU has to sell have been purchased." FOOL'S GOLD

but for strongarming unsuspecting students through obscene activity fees, unwanted florida atlantic football would go out of business ... NO INTEREST

ACC All Access spotlights Hurricane Hoops

per ESPN's andy katz, Hurricane Hoops to headline the 2008 paradise jam in the virgin islands ... YA MON

Hurricane Hotline 7p-8p ... followed by the high school gridiron report

northwestern's Marcus Forston guests on the high school gridiron report

ESPN Ombudsman: rush to judge Sean Taylor

It is obvious Patrick nix was not comfortable at calling the plays with the choices he had at QB this year, it is safe to say that was not the type of offense he wanted to run, my question is, if jacory Harris does end up signing with the U will Nix be running some type of spread offense?

I love Marcus Forston. I love Marcus Forston. I love Marcus Forston.

Posted by: Robert | December 11, 2007 at 11:38 PM

Add Micanor Regis to that lovefest. He is straight out committed and will only take Miami visit.

Yeah Baaaaby!!! canes all the away.

Manny tell Jacroy that Gators fans and FSU fans post negative comment on the blog, and we have nothing but Cane love for him at The U.

Thanks for the info on Jacory's classes. I missed you live last night.. Keep up the great work!!!

tampa & charlotte to host the ACC Championship

Major League Soccer & Major League Baseball to share the Orange Bowl site?

I watched Taylor Cook's videos on youtube. Very athletic, good arm, quick release, very accurate. This dude is pretty big. Haven't heard anything else about him.

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