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The Circus Is Leaving Town

Sound the alarm again! Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson does not want to be a Hurricane anymore. In the great words of my all-time favorite SNL character Matt Foley, played by the late great Chris Farley: "Well, la-dee-freakin-da!"

Can't say anyone should be surprised by this. In fact, I think Johnson, a five-star.com Rivals recruit and one heck of a cornerback, deserves some sort of an award. Maybe, Hurricane Recruit Hustler of The Year. Not once in the decade I've been covering recruiting in South Florida -- and I had a doozy with Willie Williams -- has a recruit created more of a stir/confusion among locals than PJ.

When he committed to UM in April, he flashed The U every chance he got. He told the local media everything Canes fans wanted to hear. And then he told the media from LSU everything they wanted to hear. And then he told the Florida folks the same thing. And then he told the FSU people he was going there. And then everyone wasn't sure where he was going. And then it turned into the greatest mystery in South Florida this football season.

I'm not trying to put Patrick Johnson down. After all, he's an 18-year old with a bright future, which he said today will no longer include the University of Miami. And, every kid deserves a chance to enjoy the recruiting process whichever way they see fit. Want to fool everyone? It's your right. Johnson obviously loved the limelight as did his family throughout this process.

But I hope this PJ saga will teach everyone involved a lesson.

To the fans, I hope it reminds you not to hang onto every word a teenager tells you. I hope this shows you this recruiting process -- this need to know which way a kid is leaning when he wakes up and then when goes to sleep is absurd. It ultimately means nothing until they sign a letter of intent and until they prove they have the grades and the test scores to get in.

To the kids and potential recruits who hope to follow in the footsteps of Johnson, I hope the outrage pouring out of bitter, local UM fans today will teach you that when you are in the public limelight, telling people what they want to hear and being dishonest is never good. Nobody likes liars. Johnson could have very well been a confused teenager in this whole process. His heart could have been with the Canes, but his interest in other places. But there is no need to be committed to any school if you aren't sure. It's OK to say I don't know. There certainly isn't a need to go on the radio or TV and pledge allegiance to someone when you know nothing is further from the truth. It makes you look like a liar.

The media isn't void of taking some heat here either. After all, there is a hungry machine that needs to be fed. The interest in high school recruiting is hitting all-time record highs. At The Miami Herald alone, the most read stories I've written in the past few months all pertain to the Hurricanes recruiting efforts (those Northwestern player profiles were huge hits). God knows .Com's have cashed in big-time with this recruiting talk. But I hope in some respect maybe this PJ saga will teach us all to settle down a little bit. News should only be news when something actually happens or is going to happen. I'm not perfect. I've fielded questions before on this blog about what-ifs and what-nots plenty (it's what this blog is for). But I think it's safe to say we've all gone a little overboard with recruiting -- the fans, the kids and the media. And maybe this PJ saga finally showed us all how bizarre it is.

Good luck PJ -- wherever you end up.


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Good Luck PJ. No critical words from me. You are young and have your whole life ahead.

Thanks Manny.

crap second?

Glad this saga is finally over! Join UM or get beat by UM.

This kid only wants to be told he is the greatest. Miami does not need an ego like that. He is all about himself and not about the team. I think this kid is going to get burned in the college game. Teams will run sweeps his way cause you don't have to block him....he's scared to hit anybody and teams are going to fly by him with bigger receivers than he is used to when his dad throws the all in practice.
I still think he isn't smart enough to go to UM and that is why he isn't going there. I also think that Brown getting all that attention hurt his fragile ego. This guy is a wuss. I am glad he isn't coming. Harris is a better team mate and player than he is. BYE PJ "Poor Jocker"

Well said Manny, but I have to wonder what his advisor or family is telling him. He handled this whole thing terribly. To try and play Shannon like that is disrespectful. But I guess going by the other CB Miami is targeting, RS wasn't falling for the BS

BTW, I hope he goes to FSU. That way, AJ can burn him all day long. Then say "I guess you wanted to get beat by the U"

i cant say im shocked...wish the kid the best of luck...to lsu, florida and florida state, good luck getting the truth and reality out of this kid. hes been taking up a spot on the committed list for far too long and i hope that some other cornerback didnt decide to go to UM because of this confused kid. him and his father should be ashamed and embarrassed to have put Miami players and staff through this. they should write a letter of apology to randy shannon. if he ends up and UF or FSU, i pray that UM can play him and light him up or knock him out. he goes on my list with phelon jones, deonte thompson, damon mcdaniel, and preston parker with guys wh should have been here but were more into themselves and playing games and listening to idiots from lsu, uf, and fsu who all lie about what UM really is about...go canes, randy, hold the rest of this class together, whatever it takes.

Nice job Manny. I can't remember who exactly from last year, but every year the fans go koo-koo for someone, it doesn't pan out and then people are mad. LOL


Personally I am kind of glad he is going elsewhere. Getting a five star cornerback is great and all, but with the "circus" he created by playing with the recruiting media, it made me kind of think he wasn't the type of player we need right now. Whether perception or reality he seems like a player that was focused on himself and would welcome controversy in order to make a name for himself. Plus despite all the focus on star ratings, five stars never equaled wins. It takes more than a great 40 time or athleticism to win championships. It takes hard work and dedication to team. Maybe PJ would have been a great team mate. Maybe not. Maybe he'll win three national titles wherever he ends up (he won't of course). Then again maybe he never develops into the player scouts.com and rivals.com thinks he will. Either way, good luck to him. I'm glad the rumors are over and now let's move on to getting Patchan, Harris, Jones and some of the others onto the team. Any updates for us on Patchan? What about Qauvon Taylor from Northwestern? I heard he wants to be a Cane, but is considered too small. Yet against Boone he was all over the field. Any chance he gets an offer after all?

brandon harris is the better corner and he now needs to be UM's biggest target. forget patchan also...hes playing games, get harris and let patrick johnson go look in a mirror in tally, gainesville, or baton roughe and tell himself how popular and good he is

well put except for patchan. Miami needs that guy and he has never lied about anything. He has said he is open and taking his visits. I know he is getting family pressure and probably got some hot piece of a$$ in baton rouge. Clouding his vision.

hey all....

I will be honest....PJ always struck me as the kind of kid who would transfer the second he doesn't get enough playing time....i think that we are being way too easy on him....he had a decision to make and by telling one group that you choose them and continuing to do so is irresponsible, even for an 18 year old kid....don't dismiss him because of his age...he wants to be a hot shot, then he gets to be treated as one...if he wanted to go elsewhere...decommit and take your time....no one would have held it against you....good riddance....

manny...i understand they guys are young, but they need to take responsibility for their actions....as do his parents....

Manny provides commentary and insight, Shandal just copies and pastes from other sites.

PJ's motto: Go on take the money and run! UM isn't in the pay for play business. Good riddance.

well written, it was fair and balanced

To all the committed recruits who read this. We want you and we will stand behind you %100. Thanks for not playing games and being stand up young men. Have some fun and get ready to lead the "U" back to the top.

Ref PJ. I'm stunned over this breaking news. I watched PJ on CSTV tell Tom Lemming and the show-host, the FSU LB recruit sitting next to him, and the rest of the world that he was strongly committed to Miami. We live in a world where a man's word is not bonding. This is deceitful, disgraceful, and dishonest, IF TRUE! I won't rush to judgement until he signs on the dotted line to make it official. That said, we don't need to coddle these recruits....just promise them a good education and a chance to play football if they can beat out the competition. That's called tough love.

1) Friday: PJ goes on national TV and tells another recruit go to the U or get beat by the U.

2) Sometime during the weekend coaches call him and the bidding war resumed.

3) The top three bidders: FL, LSU and FSU (all whom had "issues" with monies or favors given to family memmbers of recruits) are named by PJ as final three.

We won't give you money nor guarantee playing time. We let the NFL pay you biatch!!!

Let the kid go where he wants. I am so happy Randy isn't kissing no kids butt to get them here. I love Randy for being straight up and telling him to follow his heart. If he wanted to be a Cane he would have been a Cane. Good luck with the school you choose and hopefully you will earn immediate playing time.

call a spade a spade ... F'in LIAR

dishonest now, dishonest later ... A LEOPARD NEVER CHANGES HIS SPOTS

break a leg ... break a F'in leg ... KARMA


Nice post. BTW thanks for all the work with the interviews.


Nice post. BTW thanks for all the work with the interviews.

Im gonna miss his services, but he seems like a T.O. If we bring someone like him on at the U. He would just be a thug u player to them. I hate to wish a man bad, but PJ change your ways or you will be Maurice Clarret.


Nice post. BTW thanks for all the work with the interviews.

he's a snake. you dont need snakes on a team that's trying to get back to the top because they lie and cause problems in the lockeroom.

Funny how he left off USC from his list too. Now he is playing with LSU fans.

I strongly believe he'll end up in Gainsville. I find the comment "UM coaches not showing him love" rather funny. What does that supposed to mean? He will fit nicely there in Gainesville.

This is exactly the kind of "kiss my ass," "show me the love" recruit that Miami does NOT need!! We had too many of these chumps under Coker. Mark my words - PJ gonna' end up another bust.

Let's get some guys in here who bleed orange and green even if they have fewer stars.

Join us...or get beat by us!!

Yawn !!!!

No PJ? It's okay come on down TJ and Brandon.

No Patchan? It's okay come on down Ben Jones and Washington.

I guess everyone forgets about last years recruiting class. Mixed with this recruiting class, the U is going to be loaded with studs. So one guy turns us down, big whoop. If you look at the last few years in college football most of the players you see making huge impacts where not 5 star recruits. Its one thing to be the man on your high school team, but when you get to playing a higher quality competition its about mental toughness as much as it is ability. Thats why i love the N.Western and Booker T kids so much. They play at a high level and the seem to be strong team players instead of attention hogs. Sure Forston and Spence could have led everyone along but they didn't. They pointed to other recruiters to the door. Bring on the future.

Manny...nice work on the PJ story. I agree we need to move on and wait until next week when other important commit announcements are made. But let's also make sure that we don't lose any sleep over this whole recruiting process. I definitely will not.

Those that sign their LOI will come to UM, practice hard and play well. Those that don't will go elsewhere and face us sooner or later. Then it will be settled on the field.


86!!! You're a liar!!! You pissed yourself when you read he decommited! hahaha...

PJ is a sorry PUNK. I want you to go to FSU so we can fuk u up for 4 years pu$$y.

Your sorry Dad should get fuked over too by all the people in So Flow. More the sorry family to Tally.

good luck pj. everyone will be all the better with your decision-- including your benefactor.

passion, committment, sacrifice, speed, heart, soul, team, and love of the game. we are the U! U will never be. so be it.

manny-- glad the circus has finally left town-- i never liked clowns anyway!

We don't want anybody who isn't sure they want to be a Cane. If your heart's not in it to be a Cane, then apply elsewhere. That's the bottom line.

Either play for us or lose to us.

bye bye pj.
It was obvious this kid wanted a lot of attention, maybe too much attention. He probably is the best corner in the southeast region leaving high school, but that means little in college.
I hope him the best, but being a teenager is no excuse for being a liar. I wasn't a liar as a teenager. I didn't have a different story to tell dependent on the people I was answering or speaking too. I am glad he is off the board he has weak character.

I was so excited that Doug Wiggins signed last year... he was going to be the best cornerback ever!

He came in early in January and never made it on the field. No he is gone.

I was so excited when Willie Williams signed with Miami. He was going to be the best linebacker ever!

Where is the predator now? Jail?


PJ has some serious character issues, and those that surround him - see family - do nothing to teach him responsibility, integrity, etc.

Thanks to the "new media," I pay as much attention to High School recruiting as I do to the real news of the world. Shame on me.

PJ, you think that you are playing everyone, but what you don't realize is that you're being played even harder. It may not be this year or even during the next few years, but at some point, your antics will catch up with you, and the people that you surrounded yourself with - those who showed you some love - won't be there to pick you up.

The irony is... if you had come to the U, Randy Shannon would have treated you like a man, not like some dumb jock who he builds his contract extension on.

Money ,Grades , Not enough attention? I think I can guess which one won this battle against Miami as usual. Good luck and God Bless . thanks for the update Manny and hopefully this will be the last one on this Kid.

I knew 242 was a gaitur!!!

Good luck to him going elsewhere. I didn't really think he would end up with us although his interview the other day on tv made me think he had decided it was us. But que sera. Randy emphasizes team and there is no I or PJ in team. I am confident that Randy will find someone with comparable talent to replace his spot on the roster.

I am also not confident that Patchen will sign with us. If it was us, he would have committed by now. I just wish he would let us know so we can sign some deserving kid who wants to be here. These prima donna kids who string along multiple schools really do a number on all of them. Because other deserving kids can't wait until there is no scholarships left to commit somewhere. If I were UM, I would tell him to commit by a certain date or lose the offer. If he doesn't want to do that he probably wasn't coming here anyway. And why should his replacement on the roster be put through the agony of waiting for the scholarship offer? We don't need these kids who aren't sure they want to be here. We need kids who want to play for UM and who will take losses personally. The past few years, we had guys who didn't seem to mind losing. We need players who bleed orange and green.

That's disgraceful to BLEED orange and green on TV one day, and then turn around walk away like it's no big deal.

This type of display shows me that it wasn't meant to be - his ego wouldn't have fit in with Randy Shannon's no-nonsense policies.

Honestly - I'm PRAYING that he ends up at Florida or FSU, so Aldarius Johnson, Kendall Thompkins or Travis Benjamin can BURN him - just to let him know he made the wrong choice.
It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!


u and ur family are garbage

hope u end up back in the Hood and never play in NFL

the Arena League is too good for u.

u lying piece of C rap!

and i hope u fail

u dont deserve our good wishes

I think it will be interesting who signs the kid. And I think the NCAA should conduct a thorough investigation of the signing in light of his comments on TV the other day. Cause it sure looks like the family got paid off when a kid professes he is UM one day and signs elsewhere the next...

The NCAA is absurd with this recruiting process, the rules, players leaving early
wthout giving back the scholarship money when they go to the NFL as juniors...Also
colllege football need a playoff...

PJ you apparently dont understand what it means to be a cane
thats ok though become a nole so we can kick your a** for four straight years

you either join the U or get beat by the U
those are your only options

Just like he said the other day "Join the U or get beat by the U". I guess he rather get beat by the U. PJ U are full of your self.

The coach who does lies to you guys school on countless times by tellin them media that he wanted stability in yours program and would keep them all pieces of the coaches staff together was lied to - golly gee what a surprise that is to me! When your coach does it you looks out the other way and say he knows what he done did for a darn goody reason. When a kid still in the elevnth or grade 12 does it you raise all heck and claim he was paid off like those four doller womens on the street corners. It's not the last time Randee 'Big Badder Hypocriite' Shanon will get what he done dishes out. Good news is he will not should be around too long anyway from now on anyways. Next year the blames is falling on that man Nicks, the third year he runs out of them scapegoats like it was eggs on the holiday when you go hunt for them. When that day comes I hopes you please pick somebodies already at DaU. The bowling game comitees people apprecitate the loosing records and disqulificatons by them teams that do not walk far enough to even fill under half their stadium where theyre team does play. If there was no phoney baloney sloppee majoni stuff going on there that PJ would have been a good fit for the Canes and would have graduated from there school and would have played good as defense guy for the Canes. A recruit guy who can not seem to make up his decision in his own brain for the countries top fare wheather fans to watch him play every Saturday. Ding, ding, ding, dong, dong, dong wake up! That aint your alarm clocks ringin. Patchen is not singing for DaU. And I will gives you fare warning do not be so surprised when that Robinson or that Buchanon jumps the ship like hot coals on the grill in a early fridgin morning before the roosters crakle. Gots to go now.

what a joke who cares

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