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The Circus Is Leaving Town

Sound the alarm again! Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson does not want to be a Hurricane anymore. In the great words of my all-time favorite SNL character Matt Foley, played by the late great Chris Farley: "Well, la-dee-freakin-da!"

Can't say anyone should be surprised by this. In fact, I think Johnson, a five-star.com Rivals recruit and one heck of a cornerback, deserves some sort of an award. Maybe, Hurricane Recruit Hustler of The Year. Not once in the decade I've been covering recruiting in South Florida -- and I had a doozy with Willie Williams -- has a recruit created more of a stir/confusion among locals than PJ.

When he committed to UM in April, he flashed The U every chance he got. He told the local media everything Canes fans wanted to hear. And then he told the media from LSU everything they wanted to hear. And then he told the Florida folks the same thing. And then he told the FSU people he was going there. And then everyone wasn't sure where he was going. And then it turned into the greatest mystery in South Florida this football season.

I'm not trying to put Patrick Johnson down. After all, he's an 18-year old with a bright future, which he said today will no longer include the University of Miami. And, every kid deserves a chance to enjoy the recruiting process whichever way they see fit. Want to fool everyone? It's your right. Johnson obviously loved the limelight as did his family throughout this process.

But I hope this PJ saga will teach everyone involved a lesson.

To the fans, I hope it reminds you not to hang onto every word a teenager tells you. I hope this shows you this recruiting process -- this need to know which way a kid is leaning when he wakes up and then when goes to sleep is absurd. It ultimately means nothing until they sign a letter of intent and until they prove they have the grades and the test scores to get in.

To the kids and potential recruits who hope to follow in the footsteps of Johnson, I hope the outrage pouring out of bitter, local UM fans today will teach you that when you are in the public limelight, telling people what they want to hear and being dishonest is never good. Nobody likes liars. Johnson could have very well been a confused teenager in this whole process. His heart could have been with the Canes, but his interest in other places. But there is no need to be committed to any school if you aren't sure. It's OK to say I don't know. There certainly isn't a need to go on the radio or TV and pledge allegiance to someone when you know nothing is further from the truth. It makes you look like a liar.

The media isn't void of taking some heat here either. After all, there is a hungry machine that needs to be fed. The interest in high school recruiting is hitting all-time record highs. At The Miami Herald alone, the most read stories I've written in the past few months all pertain to the Hurricanes recruiting efforts (those Northwestern player profiles were huge hits). God knows .Com's have cashed in big-time with this recruiting talk. But I hope in some respect maybe this PJ saga will teach us all to settle down a little bit. News should only be news when something actually happens or is going to happen. I'm not perfect. I've fielded questions before on this blog about what-ifs and what-nots plenty (it's what this blog is for). But I think it's safe to say we've all gone a little overboard with recruiting -- the fans, the kids and the media. And maybe this PJ saga finally showed us all how bizarre it is.

Good luck PJ -- wherever you end up.


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It Ain't All Abouts DaU!

Improve on the writing ability and we might actually situate yourself to take a college entrance exam...

Thank God thats over!!! Who are we getting to replace him?

Watch out there mistyer I know how to spell GO SEMMINOLES and our song goes daa donn daannaa na daa dooonn danaa na daaaa donnn daaaannaa naaa and that PJ may know that to also.

It Ain't All Abouts DaU!

It took me a while, and I had to call in three specialists in hyperglyphics to decode your message, but basically it confirmed what us posters know to be true. Neither you or your kid is smart enough to go to the U. So go elsewhere. We don't CARE. We want kids who can form a sentence, who can read and write. We don't want moron athletes who can't read or write. Go to Louisville, they don't care about that stuff, or UF. They will enroll your kid into a parks recreation degree program, where your kid can earn the same type of standard of living as a senior citizen volunteer.

If your kid really wants an education from a high class school, and not a pass, come to UM. But ONLY if your kid has better english comprehension than shown here. If not, please don't send him here, we demand better.

2 b honest manny has been saying 4 months dont count on PJ comming 2 da U. this kid has talent but obviously he and his dad r looking 4 favors. if u look at the NFL stats all UM players r BALLING. no other school can say that.this dude was on sum bullshitt eversince he went 2 redneck town nd shut it down. what true defensive palyer wouldnt want 2 b coached by RS. i love RS approach da hell with begging this spoiled kids come 2 daq U , THEN WHEN U CANT HACK IT U CRY. the next few years we will c how good PJ can b. i guess with the WR talent we have comming in PJ was a bit afraid.


The last thing Miami needs is more prima donnas. You come to the U to win championships and get to the Pros. If you aren't interested in that, go to UF. Go Canes.

What's funny is I've read on some other boards that he "Wants to shock everyone" and that he will try to committ to UM on signing day. First off, I don't believe it. Second, it's going to be hularious if he does try and isn't offered a scholarship. His dishonesty and family's way of handling this will shoot him in foot in the end. He's burning bridges he shouldn't and could've just left alone. Doesn't this make anyone wonder if LSU, Florida, and FSU are worrying he's going to play them for B-otches too?? I wish him the best of luck as a person, but as an athlete he HAS to change or he will suffer the consequences (Canes fan biasness aside).

Now...let's hit up Brandon Harris, TJ Bryant, Matt Patchan, and whoever RS has under his radar (I trust his ability to recruit and develope).

just wish the kid luck and lets move on. it looks like that's what the family wants is attention and the more we post about him and there more attention he gets there living up. also his parents should be ashamed of them self for letting him act the way he is acting. good luck hope everything thing goes good for its not your fault your father didn't teach you how man conduct business because that's all this is to you business.

GO CANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Ain't All Abouts DaU: who can decipher your indecipherable writing? ILLITERATE

just wish the kid luck

Posted by: big mo | December 31, 2007 at 08:28 AM
wish ill ...

the kid is of sound mind ... F'in LIAR

the kid is of sound mind ... F'in LIAR


Posted by: UM FANS ARE RETARDS | December 31, 2007 at 02:29 AM
PJ's regret ...

string along ... announce on TV ... gaturd or criminole M.O.

PJ, take your best offer $$$$$$$$ and run son. Listen to cousin McFadden, he is up to it. Why did Shannon never had a home visit with you and never called you since September? Something is fishy here, but in the end you are the one that will have to live with your decision. Good luck wherever you end up at.

thankfully, jivin' jason jackson's swan song ...

Manny provides commentary and insight, Shandal just copies and pastes from other sites.

Posted by: Manny so much better than Shandal | December 30, 2007 at 07:19 PM

EEEnough with this drama. I am about the players who want to come to the U. All these coaches jumping from school to school makes recruits have to think hard about who you are going to go play for. Randy doesnt need to lie to these kids because he knows what it takes to be the best.

Manny we need a new topic about those who want to come to the U. This kid is nothing but a memory.

So the headline reads that PJ decommitted from UM...I actually think that it should read that UM decommitted from PJ. Really, do we want personalities like this on the team? Somebody wrote previously that PJ is all about PJ. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that he's headed somewhere else. I remember the last five-star recruit who played with the candidate schools like this and who eventually chose UM: Willie Williams. And we all know how that one turned out.

Another lost for the U? I think not. Just an opportunity for a real cane to shine.

His fifteen minutes of fame are up.


GO CANES. Who cares where PJ goes? Stop calling his family garbage, leave this sort of writing for the low class gator fans. The number of stars next to a guys name does not mean he will start college ball, or be able to handle college courses. (just look at the cheaters FSU had to leave home) The CANES will be back on top through hard work. GO CANES!!!

We need to lock down a DC and recruit the heck out of Harris, Bryant, Jones, and Patchan (even though I believe he has already decided). We have a new year coming in. Let's forget about the bad and get off on the right foot for our current and incoming players at the U. We have a lot to look forward to. One thing I feel I should say is...


This should go out to those wanting Patchan especially. If he goes to UF, don't get caught up in insulting him and wishing bad luck. He hasn't toyed with everyone like PJ and has shown no clear leader in his recruitment process. If he goes to UF, which I'm personally planning on, I will move on and hope we land Jones. Same as I did when I heard PJ moved on, I concentrated on Harris (who is better in my opinion) and Bryant. Either way...be patient and don't read into things so much this new year! Everyone be safe and GO CANES!

I think that the majority of the posters have this one right. He's just a kid and has a tough decision-no hard feelings. But, I think its a good thing because this program needs to develop a "we" mindset, and PJ does not seem like a "we" guy. You can't miss what you never had, so lets just get amped up about the guys that ARE coming here.

CO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck at SC -PJ..See U in a BCS Championship game soon!


U DYN- Did you see this

head to head, shun(del)'s last 10 blogs have elicited more responses (3,900+) than ALL other s(h)unsentinel sports blogs combined ... mind you, our season ended in earnest nov 24 ... SLEEPING GIANT?

Posted by: green | December 30, 2007 at 09:21 AM

Posted by: M.H. | December 30, 2007 at 03:27 PM


Hahaha. Yeah I saw that M.H. He's one of the main reasons I never posted on Manny's blog. This guy would constantly talk bad about Shandel and kept bringing up how many hits Manny's blog would get

Posted by: The U Dynasty | December 30, 2007 at 03:34 PM

My compliments, Manny. You have been saying all along that UM should not count on getting PJ. He obviously has no character in lying on the air about attending UM. UM already has a great recruiting class if can hold on to their commitments. Let the games begin.

I am glad he is not part of the recruting class that wants to play together. Why add a bad seed to the great kids we already have? RS can tell he is a "me", not a "we" player. WE at the U dont need that. He may just become another Lamont Green, another Willie Williams or he might not. He might become good or even a great player. But he looks like a clown right now. I wish he would have signed,but am happy UM is not showing him what he wanted..."the Love".

Then this blog started to blow up again, and he doesn't really have anything bad to say anymore.

Posted by: The U Dynasty | December 30, 2007 at 03:34 PM
telling like it is ...

when about nearly half the hits came from him

Posted by: The U Dynasty | December 30, 2007 at 03:34 PM
because of me ... CLARIFICATION

you see, dynasty, exceptional bloggers worth their weight in gold ... because they attract an audience ...


Dynasty, I agree with you. Green is really annoying over at the Herald blog.

Posted by: Caneiac | December 30, 2007 at 03:36 PM
an irritant inside an oyster's shell evolves into a pearl ...

This kid is a born Gator. He is as full of **** as the rest of them.

Because thwy do suthing ur precious canes can't do



Posted by: UM FANS ARE RETARDS | December 31, 2007 at 02:29 AM

Maybe you should make your posts in English, so people could understand you, you idiot. With every one of your incoherent posts, you show everyone who the real retard is.

this is all part of a big plan to embarrass Miami's 2 main rivals and the possible National Champion. PJ and Shannon got together to plan this out.Cause why exactly would he tell RS 2 weeks ago that he was not going to the U & then after that he was bashing FSU and telling their top recruit to come to the U. Watch on Saturday out of nowhere PJ will pull out a Canes and wear and throw up the U

Forget PJ, I wanna know who the next D.Cord. is going to be. Oh why are Canes haters posting on here? Hope the Gators beat Michigan. Though it want be as impressive as APP. State going to the big house and doing it. Its funny the great gators get to play a team in there bowl game a division II A team beat. HA HA HA HA HA HA....GO CANES

Maybe you should make your posts in English, so people could understand you, you idiot. With every one of your incoherent posts, you show everyone who the real retard is.


Maybe you should make your posts in English, so people could understand you, you idiot. With every one of your incoherent posts, you show everyone who the real retard is.


Posted by: UM FANS ARE RETARDS | December 31, 2007 at 11:43 AM

Hey! All right! Who helped you write that sentence? Or did you spell check 50 times?

Whats the matter? Myer or Tebow won't let you sniff there jock?

Hey! All right! Who helped you write that sentence? Or did you spell check 50 times?


PJ is for Punk Jerk

Coach Shannon has been working hard to rebuild the program and instantces like this make his job that more difficult. To be honest I like attention as well but I would not lead someone on and then back out on one of the biggest stages.

Patrick Johnson will be a hurricane all he wants Coach Shannon to do is pick up the phone call his father and put his lips on his bumpy ass!!!!

Coach will call but he won't do any ass kissing. Instead he will call and say Pat you can wear #7 because Freeman is gone the number is yours but you still have to work to be a starter.

Canes don't worry, watch the Army Bowl on Saturday and enjoy the festivities.

I look forward to seeing these player to announce UM:

1. Matt Patchman
2. Patrick Johnson
3. Nick Perry)
4. Durrell Scott (sleeper pick)
5. TJ Bryant (sleeper pick

Talk about crybaby Canes fans...

Where was all of this talk about the wrong way to handle recruiting when DVD choose to lie all the way through his recruitment but then switch at the last minute to Miami last year?

Can't have it both ways!

Can't spell Unranked without da "U"

Mimai herald is soooooo onpoint!!! sun sentinel sucks. and they have a gator like kingjames taken up all the blogs

Thanks for bringing me up so much Green. I appreciate all the love.

it hurts to lose someone with the on-field ability of Johnson but it's clear to me there is a character issue with this kid (or worse his father) which had Shannon backing off. if it's the father..shame on him.

So, we lost PJ, maybe the best defensive prospect in the country - and certainly the best in Florida (or South Florida at the very least). And some of you think losing him is GOOD thing? Moreover, you are not at all concerned that he may sign with FSU, a team we play against each year?


I trust that Coach Shannon knows what he's doing. If, however, PJ is even half as good as (the highly rated) DJ Williams coming out of high school, losing him is not a good thing.

Then again, maybe Coach Shannon soured on the young man (and/or his dad) for good reason. If all the rumors are true, someone ought to tip off the NCAA.

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