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The No Spin Zone

I'm not really a fan of FOX's Bill O'Reilly. But there is a segment/concept on his show -- The No Spin Zone -- I see befitting for the topic related to the Patrick Johnson saga.

On my way home from today's Virginia Tech practice -- yes I'm covering the Hokies who are in town for the Orange Bowl -- I called back some of my buddies at The U who had left me a few irate messages pertaining to the Rivals.com 5-star cornerback, who announced yesterday he was no longer considering The U (I know this will be it for the PJ stuff, I promise!).

As you know, college coaches and staff members are prohibited by the NCAA from commenting publicly about potential recruits. But it doesn't mean they can't tell us how they feel off the record. Let's just say The U is steaming over Johnson. No, nobody at The U was surprised Johnson, USA Today's Defensive Player of The Year, decided to officially cross UM off its list. They are just surprised at how he has tried to spin the story. Johnson told reporters Sunday that UM "wasn't showing him enough love."

According to UM sources, it was apparently Johnson who wasn't showing UM any love. In fact, the source said UM tried on several occassions in the past month to reach Johnson on his cell phone and usually never received phone calls back. One assistant who was handling his recruiting visited Johnson at Blanche Ely High. Officials supposedly called Johnson in his classroom to tell him to meet up with the UM official after school. Johnson agreed. But according to the source, Johnson never showed or explained why he blew the visitor off.

Hurricanes fans can at least thank Johnson for this: his announcement Sunday gives UM more than a month to fill his scholarship. Tallahassee Lincoln's T.J. Bryant and Booker T. Washington's Brandon Harris may not have the size and athleticism of Johnson. But UM sources say either are more than capable of being just as good as Johnson if not better. As for Johnson, the UM source said this: "Bet the house whenever we play him the first ball is going over his head for a touchdown."

Anyway, I figured that would light U guys up. I've got my Hokies story and notes to write.

** By the way, the Hurricanes dropped out of the Top 25 in men's hoops. Can't say I'm surprised. But I will say this, UM fans shouldn't be so down on this team. Not only is Winthrop a very good mid-major, this UM hoops team in my eyes is still very good and capable of making the NCAA tournament. Are they Top 25 material? Not yet. Did they play a favorable schedule to get to 12-0? Yeah. But I really believe the chemistry and makeup of this team is good enough to win at least 20 games and push for the tournament. Winthrop was a veteran team that knew how to beat UM. And it might be a blessing in disguise for UM. The Hurricanes needed a jolt before ACC play and this might have been what they needed.

** By the way, I saw new Dolphins head-man Bill Parcells at today's Hokies practice. I had never met the Tuna before, but the dude is intimidating. He's tall, about 6-3, 6-4 and he carries around a real-life intensity. You could feel it. He spoke to the Hokies players for about three minutes about what he was there for -- basically to check them out. He said "I'm looking for some football players. No dope heads or lazy guys. Football players." Got to say it was encouraging for the Dolphins to see their head-honcho already at work.


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FIRST!!!! Yeah yeah yeah So I did it... and WHAT!!!

Manny... What's the likelihood that we land one or Both TJ and BH? Happy New Year!


wow really tells you what kinda kid he really is. Look at the way Brown and Patchan (even if he dicides to go elsewhere) handled the process like men did not mess with every school but slowly went through the process breaking every school down and choosing the best one for their future. PJ handled the process like an inmature child. I truly hope the kid will grow up in college and make a better man of himself cause the way he has handled things so far is truly a disgrace.

nobody knows what tj bryant will do he does not talk to the media and has not eliminated any schools from his list so far. We will have to wait till signing day to find out. As far as Harris goes i truly think hes a lock to go to um especially cause we only have 4-5 scholarship corners. He might get blown away at a visit but miami has the best shot

Thanks Manny.
Happy New Year!

Good stuff as usually Manny, and can't wait till we play against PJ!

In your own words PJ, "you either join the U or get beat by the U"
well PJ, get ready to learn the hard way

i dare to you to become a nole so we can burn your a** for four straight years on our way back to the top


Happy New Year, Manny! Great work, as usual.

Happy New Year Manny. It's kind of disturbing that you are covering the Hokies...I couldn't agree more about UM Hoops. They beat Providence, VCU, and Miss State all away from home. All 3 could be in the tourney this year. If you watched the game, Miami played poorly, Winthrop played out of their minds, and it was still close. If any of the people ripping basketball knew college basketball at all, they would see that this happens all the time. Look at Texas and Pitt, this very weekend! Miami is a top 25 team. Their depth up front is menacing, their 3 point shooting is among the best in the ACC, their defense this year is sufficating, and Jack McClinton is a star. The only question is point play. If they get good point play they will go 11-5 int the ACC with 24 wins. Without it, they will still get at leas 7 wins in the ACC and finish with 20 wins. Either way, I just hope the players don't read the blogs after a loss. They would have to go 30-0 to get respect.

Thanks again Manny great work all I have to say good luck to P.J.Go UofM

Great work MN!!

I would love to see this kid go to FSU so we could keep a close eye on him.


Happy new year Manny!

As for PJ, the kid has a lot of nerve to do what he did to the coaching staff. But thankfully they found out about it. Jacory is going to torch him next year!

I have a hard time believing Manny this time around. If this is the case they would have pulled his offer long time ago.

Mark my words. This kid ends up in Gainesville.

"Bet the house whenever we play him the first ball is going over his head for a touchdown."


i heard about julio jones?julios(hispanic) interseted in miami? Wat up?PJ wateva..he a broward sucker...good luck...peace.

If you're such a good reporter, why don't you find out why Um didn't go hard after Johnson? He didn't turn them down...it was the other way around. Oh yeah, that would take some real work.

You know you are getting good and getting big time when you develop obsessive HATERS.

Great work Manny. Keep up the good work.

Manny good work, Happy Happy New Year

there's no reason to expect that shannon and the crew didn't go after him hard. i wouldn't be surprised however if they got a signal indicating that he would not be a good fit for the program.

to the hater with the moniker "manny's a fraud"

at the U we don't accept applications-- only committments-- with pj his committment was shaky and questionable-- just like his character. no room for that at the U!

caneinatl-- outta here!

happy new year folks!

I have not pre-read any comments.

that being said great article. PJ is a head case it is being furthure proven. OR HE KNEW WHAT ANOTHER SCHOOL WERE WILLING TO PAY HIM, BUT NEEDED TO BE INFORMED FIRST OF HOW TO HANDLE THE SITUATION.(my conspiracy theory) Either way like most probably I hope he gose to THUG FSU so we can FCK him up for 4-5 years. (P.J. I am ashamed to live in the same city as you). Im not surprised by you because I know the getto your high school is in and which you live in.

If a recruit reads this. Sorry to go out on a boy like this. But dont Fcking lie.

I started to read comments.

I have seen a lot of Harris loving and Marve dis-like over the last 2-3 months. I am just going to say I saw the kid play in person last year in his playoffs. (because my mom went to his school (Plant) way back) I will tell you all he not only has a deep arm he hits his receivers in stride. If he pans at all he will be a Dorsey. (Do not think I screwed up that statement). Hopefully we use Harris as as Randell El (However Spelled).

maybe pj wants 2 b a cane his heart might change u never know what might happen.im from northern indiana i been following the canes since 1983,lets b patience wit everything and i really believe shannon will get the job done big time we will back on top again.this yr recruiting class look like some studs are coming in

Hey, Cane Since 1982, you sound like an idiot. Your post implies that if a kid comes from a bad neighborhood he must therefore be bad as well. Think about how stupid that sounds and then think about how many studs UM has gotten from "ghettos". My bet is the MNW guys we're trying to get now all live in tougher neighborhoods than any city Broward has to offer. These are the kind of kids who are going to turn this program around...do you want them gone because they probably don't live in a neighborhood meeting your standards? Think about your posts before putting them up for the public to read.

Manny,i was wondering "if cane coaches fill all 33 spots,but know at the same time that say 3 or 4 kids wont make the grade,can they commit to say 36 or 37 kids,then sign the one's who make it in? Or is their a limit on how many kids you can get to commit? If so,whats the limit?

Anyone with a rivals account know who the early enroll is?

Also,anybody thats angry/madd about losing one recruit isnt very knowledgeable about cane history,one player wont make or break this program especially a corner. (1)Corner is the easiest position on the field to step right in and play,meaning you dont need high ranked recruits at corner to get the job done,when we were at our best we took non-highly ranked corners like Mike Rumph,Phillip Buchannon,Alphonso Marshall etc,none of these guys were 5 star recruits and all three played in the NFL or are stll playing. (2)If the canes sign 2 or 3 corners no matter who they are they will benefit from playing behind the #1 LB and #1 DT for their whole career's,a corner is only as good as his front seven because if they get pressure a corner's job becomes that much easier. Randy stated that he only wants guys who want to be at the U,basically saying that he shouldnt have to sell himself or the school,it sells itself. Obviously PJ doesnt want to be here,and his spin to the media speaks volume's about his desire to be here,remember no matter what he says we didnt pull his scholarship so he could be here if he wanted too and thats the bottom line,getting shown love or no love for that matter shouldnt be a factor if UM was truely in his heart.

also-- who is the kid on the canesport site who is headed to prep school?


also-- who is the kid on the canesport site who is headed to prep school?


my guess is that the early commit who's coming early (rivals.com) is the kicker dude.

Jake Wieclaw. He'll be here Jan 10th and is expecting to be ready for spring,he should get a chance to prove to coaches during the spring that he's ready to kick in big-time college football,which is alot better than him coming in the fall and the coaches finding out that he isnt much of a player at that late a date. We'll know in april if this kid is any good,and if he is it seriously boosts this recruiting class because kicker isnt a position you recruit every year.

CJ Odom is reported to possibly be attending prep school. He's taken the sat/act three times and hasnt received a qualifying score. He still has plenty of time to get a good enough score,so stay tuned for further updates.

MANNY... Can't we get rid of trouble causing Bloggers like UM FANS ARE RETARDS.
His only purpose is to create havoc on the threads.

I just had a Idea... how about everybody copying his name and send nothing but lov to all of the threads in his name. I don't know if it will work but will try.

Thanks for the info.

Great job Manny,... It feels funny being different, Hmmmm , I just got all this love for the canes. It is taken more time but I'll get use to it... Go Canes!!!



thanks #1 canes fan for the update.


Hmmmm, I feel like I want to spit on something blue and orange... I know, it's a GAYturd







No prob guys. I've been reading this blog for a long time and i read for the comedic aspect of un-intelligent posts/posters,very few actual fans are informed and intelligent at the same time. And by the way,mentioning someone on the blog who is bashing the canes just fuel's their fire,they will eventually go away if you post as if they werent even there.

I believe CJ Odom from Ft. Myers will have to go to prep school. Wont have the grades to get in.

PJ is a perfect fit for the Gaytors: Talks a lot and thinks he's God Almighty. Just a typical LizardBoy.

Anyone who is hating on Manny just go to stupid shandal's blog and hate on him cuz no one is worse than shandal richardson. manny is good

Who do you guys want or think will be the next DC?
What big names are out there?

big mo, I'm not sure where I read this but I'm under the impression that UM will not be spending a lot of money on a defensive coordinator. If that is the case we wont have a big name, we'll probably wind up with a newer guy trying to make a name for himself. I'd prefer a big name but the older guys keep telling me Miami was built by no-name coaches who then became big names.

Ref: Defense Coordinator...

Ravens Coaching should be prime and available but only saw one that I liked...

Dennis Thurman Secondary Coach;
born April 13, 1956, Santa Monica, Calif.

Safety... Southern California 1974-77.

Pro defensive back for 10 years... Dallas Cowboys 1978-1985 and St. Louis Cardinals 1986.

College coach:7 years, Southern California 1993-2000.

Pro coach: Phoenix Cardinals 1988-89,

joined Ravens in 2002 as a Secondary Coach;

Thanks for the info Ed. I think somone like Michael Barrow i like him. Old school like Randy, from the program, and played in the NFL for a long time


Dennis would be a great grab as he knows coverages and would bring alot to the table, including having west coast connections

Cat-Five Cane


Good stuff Cat-five Cane

PJ will shock everyone he will have five hats on the table and put on a UM cap. This is what he wanted to be the star of the show.

So folks go easy before you scare kids away. All of you negative people who live in Miami don't even show up for the games @ the OB and love to talk about who betrayed who! I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I make sure I can get the `canes on TV every saturday.

Plus Manny keeps me informed greatly.

All I have to say is people chill out they are only kids. When all of you support the U through thick and thin then we can get mad at a recruit or two for changing his mind.

The kids coming out of DADE COUNTY should be the top priority Authur Brown was a jewel stolen from the mid-west who should excel with the boys from the bottom. PJ who knows I think he will be a HURRICANE no matter what has been said.

Ride with the U!!!!!
Or get beat by the U!

When thinking of the next DC,you have to find some evidence of what randy likes/looks for when hiring a coach. Randy probably wants a good fit,and he obviously wants someone who shares the same defensive philosophies as himself. It was evident that walton did not,plus he wasnt knowledgeable enough to make adjustments within the game to coach shannon's surprise which lead to his firing. One may use coach nix as an example,he was in his first year as a coach,he's young and has room to grow into a great coordinator,he really supported shannon's pro-style offensive approach,and he helped us in recruiting the state of georgia which is another plus. Coach Stoutland and mcgriff's hire's were very similar,they really help us recruit the northeast(stoutland) and the large state of texas(mcgriff). I wouldnt be surprised if shannon find's a solid coach out west who can help us recuit the west coast. He's gonna have to be able to coach the cover-two at an almost NFL level something walton just wasnt able to do.

With the raven's defense being as good as it has been for a long time,CFC's candidate just might get a serious look from head cane!

What position player makes the best coordinator? Who knows the defense the best as a position player? I'm sure everybody will have an opinion,but we know one thing,middle line-backers/line-backers in general usually make all the calls,meaning they usually know the defense the best out of the three levels of defense (line,backers,secondary)so i may favor someone with linebacker experience running the defense,randy was a line-backer and our defense was top's in the nation,just for example.

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