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The No Spin Zone

I'm not really a fan of FOX's Bill O'Reilly. But there is a segment/concept on his show -- The No Spin Zone -- I see befitting for the topic related to the Patrick Johnson saga.

On my way home from today's Virginia Tech practice -- yes I'm covering the Hokies who are in town for the Orange Bowl -- I called back some of my buddies at The U who had left me a few irate messages pertaining to the Rivals.com 5-star cornerback, who announced yesterday he was no longer considering The U (I know this will be it for the PJ stuff, I promise!).

As you know, college coaches and staff members are prohibited by the NCAA from commenting publicly about potential recruits. But it doesn't mean they can't tell us how they feel off the record. Let's just say The U is steaming over Johnson. No, nobody at The U was surprised Johnson, USA Today's Defensive Player of The Year, decided to officially cross UM off its list. They are just surprised at how he has tried to spin the story. Johnson told reporters Sunday that UM "wasn't showing him enough love."

According to UM sources, it was apparently Johnson who wasn't showing UM any love. In fact, the source said UM tried on several occassions in the past month to reach Johnson on his cell phone and usually never received phone calls back. One assistant who was handling his recruiting visited Johnson at Blanche Ely High. Officials supposedly called Johnson in his classroom to tell him to meet up with the UM official after school. Johnson agreed. But according to the source, Johnson never showed or explained why he blew the visitor off.

Hurricanes fans can at least thank Johnson for this: his announcement Sunday gives UM more than a month to fill his scholarship. Tallahassee Lincoln's T.J. Bryant and Booker T. Washington's Brandon Harris may not have the size and athleticism of Johnson. But UM sources say either are more than capable of being just as good as Johnson if not better. As for Johnson, the UM source said this: "Bet the house whenever we play him the first ball is going over his head for a touchdown."

Anyway, I figured that would light U guys up. I've got my Hokies story and notes to write.

** By the way, the Hurricanes dropped out of the Top 25 in men's hoops. Can't say I'm surprised. But I will say this, UM fans shouldn't be so down on this team. Not only is Winthrop a very good mid-major, this UM hoops team in my eyes is still very good and capable of making the NCAA tournament. Are they Top 25 material? Not yet. Did they play a favorable schedule to get to 12-0? Yeah. But I really believe the chemistry and makeup of this team is good enough to win at least 20 games and push for the tournament. Winthrop was a veteran team that knew how to beat UM. And it might be a blessing in disguise for UM. The Hurricanes needed a jolt before ACC play and this might have been what they needed.

** By the way, I saw new Dolphins head-man Bill Parcells at today's Hokies practice. I had never met the Tuna before, but the dude is intimidating. He's tall, about 6-3, 6-4 and he carries around a real-life intensity. You could feel it. He spoke to the Hokies players for about three minutes about what he was there for -- basically to check them out. He said "I'm looking for some football players. No dope heads or lazy guys. Football players." Got to say it was encouraging for the Dolphins to see their head-honcho already at work.


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U love
forget everone else i don't have enough room in my heart to cheer for anyone else. Who would want to cheer for any one else anyways? The U all day baby, all day

Wasn't Marcus Robinson already a commit?

Guys I've been a Canes fan ever since I started watching football and I know I'm supposed to hate the Gators. However, I just don't understand why...we've played them 4 times in the last 20 years and the last time we lost to them I was 1 year old in 1985. This hardly sounds like a rivalry to me? Why is there so much hate for UF out there? I'd expect more FSU bashing since we play them every year and lose far more frequently than we do to UF. Whats the deal???

Besides I cheer for every Florida team to win---just not when they play Miami. It would speak volumes of the talent in Florida if you had UM, FSU, and UF in the top 10 and teams like USF and UCF flirting with the top 25. Besides it only makes UM better if they are the only team to defeat FSU or UF...think about it.

PS: Anybody hating on Tebow is simply jealous. When is the last time a UM quarterback was responsible for 55 TDs in a season? I don't think UM has ever done that...Kyle Wright only managed 42 TDs his entire career.

Posted by: go easy on the gators | January 02, 2008 at 06:00

Wow...please don't root for the Hurricanes anymore. If you have to ask why we hate the Gators or if you root for any other Florida teams, you have problems. You can tell you're just a casual fan.

I'm hardly a casual fan. I've seen just about every game the Hurricanes have played since I was about 7 years old. I spend the entire off season reading sites like these and counting down the days until the signing day and our season opener. I'm certainly no casual fan...I just don't get caught up in the stupidity of hating a team for no reason. Given that I wasn't even alive during the Gator Flop I have no reason to hate them...they've done nothing to spoil a UM season the entire time I've watched football.

For me a rivalry game has to be played every year. Both teams have to possess similar talent level. The recent history of the series should be around 50%-50% in w/l ratio. The teams should probably be close to each other geographically. To make the rivalry that much sweeter the loser should also lose their national title hopes. Take a look at FSU vs Miami (although not over the past few years) or OSU vs Michigan...those my friends are rivalries. UM vs UF hasn't meet many of those criteria in the past 20 years which is more than I've been watching football for as I'm only 23. Perhaps we had a rivalry with UF in the 70's (not sure wasn't alive)...but it has been quite some time.

go easy i admit those things help fuel a rivalry but not always necessary... when UF and UM play it is always a heated game w/ heros and heartbreak. they will always be a rivalry. i never really like cheering for fsu or UF unless goin up against some team... osu... that i have more hatered for.

that being said i think robert is wrong in saying you only cheer for one team. i go to FIU been a die hard cane since birth. but you have to imbrace the school you go to. that doesnt mean stop cheering for your childhood team just means cheer for your team. the only team i will cheer over the canes when they play is FIU b/c i go there... even if we lose

Umm...thanks, I think I know what a rivalry is but thanks for your definition of one. And you do not have to play every year. It has to do with the history between the 2 schools. If Miami played Notre Dame next year, that would be a huge rivalry game and we haven't played Notre Dame in forever. I guess you don't know why Miami hates Notre Dame either right? All Miami fans hate FSU and UF but we at least respect FSU. Also, no self-respecting Hurricane fan would ever root for FSU or UF. Just because you watch football doesn't mean you know football.


hate is such a strong word, don't you think? go see the movie i am legend-- reference bob marley.



hate is such a strong word, don't you think? go see the movie i am legend-- reference bob marley.



hate is such a strong word, don't you think? go see the movie i am legend-- reference bob marley.


Posted by: ronnie g | January 03, 2008 at 10:58 AM

Seen it, no effect. I hate Florida and Notre Dame.



Posted by: ronnie g | January 03, 2008 at 02:58 PM


I thought this was a blog about the U. Who is this Tebow character?

Any word on the DC? We really need to get moving on this....I would hate to have whoever it ends up being learning on the job.

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