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WR Travis Benjamin commits

Another high profile high school receiver has committed to the University of Miami. Belle Glade Glades Central's Travis Benjamin, a four-star Rivals.com rated recruit, said he told recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt moments ago he's chosen the Hurricanes.

"I felt like it was time -- Miami's a great fit for me," said Benjamin, who at 5-11, 165 pounds and 4.4-speed in the 40 said he hopes to not only play receiver but contribute on punt and kick returns next season. " I'm very excited to be a part of this class. I think when you put a lot of good players together you can turn things around. I want to help turn things around at The U."

Benjamin, the cousin of former Hurricane defensive back Alphonso Marshall, becomes the fifth receiver to committ to the Hurricanes joining Northwestern's Aldarius Johnson and Kendal Thompkins and Booker T. Washington standouts Davon Johnson and Thearon Collier. The Hurricanes are likely done recruiting receivers although I'm told a spot will likely be left open for Northwestern's Tommy Streeter.

Benjamin says he is qualified for UM with a 2.8 GPA and 18 ACT score and will enroll at UM in the fall.

I'll have more on this and recruiting later tonight at the basketball game.


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Awesome news Manny...Thanks for the update! How about Ben Jones? I read he's planned two visits and will be committing soon. Matt Patchan is also set to committ by the beginning of next week. I read UF got the last in-home on the 13th of this month. All of this is on Scout.com. Keep up the great work and GO CANES!

This man is awesome..Great job..Believe it or not I have seen him and he is the best in the class. whoaaaaaaa were gonna be awesome

Thats what i'm talking about. We gonna win millions of championships. its all about da U

Well Manny, you have done it again! Scoop the gellatio... good news.

TB knew to commit sooner than later. Secured his spot in this historic recruiting class...

woohoo!! Come on down, Travis....The takeover has begun!!

This kid is the best wr on the board.I saw him in state last year.you guys have NO IDEA@


NICE! Go Canes in 2008!!!

Great work Manny. This is what gets your hopes up when you see all this talent coming in. It seems like with last years class and this years class the U is going to back with in full swing. Let the titles roll. ITS ALL ABOUT THE U.

Is he a Kevin Williams/Santana Moss kinda player?? 4.4 speed..reminds me of the good ol days

This is HUGEEEEE. I know his old high school coach is at the U and the kid really likes him and Hurtt from what I hear.. but I still he was a GAYTURD lock. This is so big. Great job Shannon and Hurtt

Welcome Home Travis!!!!

Let's get this party started!

Great work Manny.


Travis Benjamin is that dude!!!


welcome to the DYNASTY!!!!

So far, only ONE OL man?

I don't get it. How can these new QBs and WRs do ANYTHING without a big, strong, nasty OL?

What's the deal? Can anyone explain it to me?

What's our backup plan if we do not land Big Matt? What happens if any of our returning (not-so-good) OL men suffer an injury next year?


PS. Regardless, this is going to be an awesome class. RS and his staff are doing a great job! But I think we still have holes that need to be plugged, especially on the OL.

alright alright, good job manny your back at full swing again i was stuck with yesterdays article the whole day today..
thats recruit number 27:

only left in my christast wish list is:

patchan: hopefully this weekend will be a U
tj bryant
Ben Joens
c.j holton
jamie harper
toby jackson
streeter: just come along with this amazing class.....
corey luiget: long shot but should have stick with us... U still have a chance doit.
Lerentee McCray: sorry your now in gayturd land... peace dude... wrong choice... we will be the best dynasty and .... we will have the first back 2 back 2 back cahmpionship team evah......

Great point nemo..

Without quality OL..we are DOA no matter how good we recruit other positions

I wish we wer playing the Gators in 2 years instead of next year.

i dont see us bad in our O line:
when we land patchan and bjones will be alright:

this is our current depht chart going to next year they will go up a class:

OT 64 Jason Fox | 6-5, 265, So., 1V
OT 76 Chris Rutledge | 6-5, 302, Jr., 3V

OT 77 Reggie Youngblood | 6-5, 302, Jr., 2V
OT 67 Tyrone Byrd | 6-5, 298, Jr., 2V

O 61 Joel Figueroa | 6-5, 322, Fr., RS
o 70 A.J. Trump | 6-3, 294, So., 1V

OL 79 Chris Barney 6-5, 340, So.1V
OL 67 Tyrone Byrd 6-5, 298 Jr. 2V

OL 74 Orlando Franklin 6-6,326 Fr
OL 53 Joe Girardi 6-2, 298 Jr. 1V
OL 66 Harland Gunn 6-2, 300 Fr.
OL 63 Tyler Horn 6-4, 290 Fr.
OL 68 Ian Symonette 6-9,356 Fr. RS
so i think will be even better with the pick ups of patchan, benjones

just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work.

figueroa, fox, franklin, gunn, horn, pipho, rutledge, symonette, and youngblood will all be returning i think.

brandon washington is already committed. i expect miami to bring in 1-2 offensive linemen. they are hoping for patchan and ben jones. i think we will be just fine with o-line.

thanks mitocallejas. you said it better than i did.

Welcome home Travis. Go Canes!!

Our WRs have to catch the ball..our QB has to throw to the correct jerseys..our OL has to open up some holes..our D..well it has to get back to being our D again, good ol reliable in your face make you wanna cry for mamma intimidation. I hope this class is the one we all look back on a few years from now as the one that finally got us back where we belong playing routinely the second week in Jan.

Thanks Manny. TOS make us pay for this info. Someone should pay you.

Our WRs have to catch the ball..our QB has to throw to the correct jerseys..our OL has to open up some holes


If we can just get another safety and OL this class will be near perfect.

boys dont worry my cousin plays for seffner and is good friends with patchan..... he told me that patchan was set on miami to become a legacy with his dad and wanted to see if other schools had something better to offer..... and so far i dont think he found that...... and ben jones will be a lock for sure he aint going nowhere.... just need to get brandon harris... vaughn telemaque.... aaorn hester..... and try to get tobey jackson to switch and the U will be rolling high and proud.... i cant wait for the season to start next year.... championships on the way

F*ck U,

Once again...get a life! Go to your teams blog and talk them up. Don't come here and show us that you have a boring life!

How about kicking/punter prospects? This is an area we need to improve at.

Rivals.com is saying Brandon Harris set his announcment day. I'm not a subscriber to Canesport or Rivals' exclusive content, so I don't know the ACTUAL DAY!!

Also...MDCane 82...I understand your concerns. However, I've read that we have the kicker from Illinois that committed last weekend and that our present kickers are making progress. It's hard to overlook how often 3 points make or break a game (NC State is a good example). Last season is last season...we all need to move on and be optimistic and more supportive for our young team. GO CANES!

Sweet...hope we land Harris today. This has to be the no. 1 class in the nation.

MD Cane 82: We signed a kicker late last week...Jake the Make.

Got cut off...anyway he's from the midwest, supposed to be great, can hit field goals from beyond 50 yds.

To you guys who are stressing about the OL, keep this in mind. When you have real playmakers all over the field, you spread the D out. That makes it easier for the OL to block, and makes it harder to blitz.

Also, a little history lesson. We played OU in the 87 OB for the NC with 4 new O linemen because of injuries and suspensions. OU was the #1 D in the land. We moved the ball all day against them with our back ups. When you have playmakers, you score. I'm not saying the OL does not matter, but give me guys like Benjamin any day. You can teach blocking-you can't teach speed.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Streeter....Tommy....look at this hit squad we are putting together! Why do you want to go waste your time at Nowhere Special U when you can be here...home.

what about the ol ? r we geting anybody soon ?

I think he is supposed to announce at 5pm today.

Matt Patchan is supposed to announce at 5pm.

Tommy Streeter needs to commit NOW. Great opportunities aren't there forever! It's ALL about the U!!!!

We need Tommy Streeter so we will have that Andre Johnson type of receiver to stretch the field and make someone actually respect our passing game because no one was afraid of Lance legget and Darnell Jenkins...Please bring on the boys from the West (Northwestern High that is)

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