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Chilling in Boston

CHAMPIONSHIPVILLE, USA -- Hello Eye On The U Crew from up in chilly Boston. I just flew into Beantown a few hours ago for tonight's UM-Boston College basketball game. As soon as I got off the plane, not only did the temperature drop (it's in the 20s), but so did the number of losses I was carrying with me from Miami.

Good lord is Boston spoiled these days. Can you imagine what it would be like having the Heat on top in the NBA, the Dolphins with Tom Brady and another undefeated season on the brink and the Marlins as World Series champs all in the same calendar year? When I checked into my hotel an hour ago the guy at the front desk actually apologized to me -- like if someone I knew had died -- when I told him I was from Miami. Where would South Florida be right now without Frank Haith's 14-1 team?

Anyway, I'll be blogging live during the game tonight. But the Tuesday night special, Live Q&A, will have to hold off until Wednesday for obvious reasons. The Herald didn't send me up to Boston to answer questions. They sent me up here to freeze my $*% off and cover this basketball game.

I know many of you are clamoring for football news. There's a ton of hot stuff on the plate (receivers coach Marquis Mosely, recruiting and of course that defensive coordinator position) and I'll try to get to it once I get back to Miami Wednesday (I'll do another podcast Wednesday too).

EARLY ENROLLEES: Just so you know, I spoke to the folks at UM and there will not be an official announement of who actually is part of the early signing class for football until next Wednesday (Jan. 23). They have to wait until then to announce it per NCAA rules. We might or might not get access to the players then. But for now, I've been told all incoming freshman are off limits to the media. And I plan to respect that until told otherwise. That being said, I called Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris this weekend and spoke to him briefly. He informed he couldn't talk, but did confirm he and his four Northwestern teammates -- defensive tackle Marcus Forston, receiver Aldarius Johnson, and linebacker Sean Spence -- are all waiting on their transcripts (which will not be available to them *and all students in Miami-Dade until Friday). I mentioned this during a Q&A awhile back, but now I'm saying it here.

All of UM's incoming recruits have until Jan. 23 to be enrolled in classes. Harris told me he's confident he and the Bulls will be fine. The only casualty appears to be safety Joe Wylie of Boyd Anderson High in Broward, who will now have to enroll in the fall because he's a credit short of qualifying. I've been told linebackers Arthur Brown and Jordan Futch, quarterback Cannon Smith, tight end John Calhoun, fullback Patrick Hill and kicker Jake Wieclaw are all already on campus.

GOOD READ: For those of you who might have missed it, my former editor Walter Villa, now a freelance writer, wrote a good story on quarterback Robert Marve for the St. Pete Times. Check it out.


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Whats with the delay for defensive coordinator??? Signing day is almost here. Shouldnt have they made a plan beofre hiring someone, like think of possible replacements before the firing???

Excellent article on Marve, I would've never read it if you didn't provide the link..Thanks!

Excited about the QB competition, Marve's final quote is priceless.

To Manny and all the Hurricane faithful...keep your heads up, we have a good set of young talent for years to come now.. i mean look at some of our best players

Marve: Redshirt Freshman
Harris: Freshman
Coop: Soph
James: Junior
Shields: Junior
Fox: Junior
Aldarius Johnson: Freshman
Colin McCarthy: Junior
Allen Bailey: Soph
Forston: Freshman
Damien Berry: Soph
Van Dyke: Soph

So relax guys we've got some very talented but young guys..although a title is a long shot next year. these guys will develop to hopefully bring #6 home in 2-3 yrs

Get Sonny Lubick back in Miami! Then again how do yo go from scenic Fort Collins to Miami? Lubick for DC- heard it here first!


I'll take the over and its nice that you're buying into all the hype. You're calling a bunch of incoming Freshman the best players.

Gotta love Miami fans unachievable expectations.

Hey Manny,

What do you think of my projected defense for 08 (i know it's early)

DE- Courtney Harris
DT- Marcus Forston
DT- Antonio Dixon
DE- Eric Moncur

LB- Darryl Sharpton
LB- Colin McCarthy
LB- Spencer Adkins

CB- Bruce Johnson
FS- Randy Phillips
SS- Lovon Ponder

i think it's a good group despite losing KP and CC early. i would look for Phillips, McCarthy, and Moncur to be the headliners while Marcus Forston being the newcomer to watch. thanks. i can feel #6 comin-i mean look at Marcus Forston, that kid aint leaving Miami without a ring

Manny, are you doing the Q&A tonight? Think the Boston game will be close. No good question from here cept about Marve and Hankerson not talking? Think it is not true now. They may have had a spat but that is it.

Alright man, bring us the game and the win (hopefully)!!!


Do you have any news of any potential JUCO transfers headed UM's way?

Geez, rubat, didn't you read his blog? Q&A is tomorrow and he's doing a pod cast as well. Enjoy the WIN tonight Canes fans!!!

I'm really hoping Brandon Harris commits to the U. I mean he's a Miami guy. I like our chances. I think if he commits, add that with forston, spence, a johnson, harris, thompkins, arthur brown, holdon, odom, buchanon, washington...this class will be the best in recent years. Come on Harris come join the Canes on our quest to championship # 6. with all the wide right memories, the great comebacks, the great players that have come through too...we would love to have you add to the next chapter along with marve, forston, spence, james, coop, johnson, berry, mccarthy, van dyke...and the rest of the young, talented guys!

Hey Russell they're not unachievable..

Look at 2000

We had a raw QB in Ken Dorsey
All he did was produce about a 3,200 yd 26 td 5 pick season. And he looked super clutch in the big wins over FSU and VT to get the Miami dynasty sparked up again.

Many people had the canes ending up with 4 losses in 2000. the fact is Dorsey just let the game come to him. And don't say the talent was far superior to what Marve has. NOBODY knew who jeremy shockey was, wayne was coming off of an acl injury, and james jackson wasn't exactly bo jackson.

So if Marve simply manages the game..let's our talented backs james and coop get touches...and get the ball out to shields, hill, and my favorite newcomer aldarius johnson..that's all he needs to do.

but i do think our schedule is brutal with roadies against UF, TAMU, and home games against VT and FSU. but there is no rule that says a young guy can't perform. I'm sick of everyone blaming the talent...because there is always great talent at miami

All I know Manny, is Boston better enjoy this winning time now. Yeah they are on TOP but that doesn't mean it will last forever. Cane nation was on top of the world the beginning of the DECADE, now look at us. ONe thing I learned from life is that U can be so HIGH one year and DROP dead on your face the next year. Look how BRittany Spears was on top of the world when she first came out now look at her. They key to keeping from falling is to STAY HUMBLE AND HUNGRY period!

By the way GO CANES B_BALL, I know U guys are going to come back home with a W.

Hi Manny

My usual Question. Any word on who will be the third scholli for the BB team this year?

Mosley fired, Aubrey Hill por favor

Geez, rubat, didn't you read his blog? Q&A is tomorrow and he's doing a pod cast as well. Enjoy the WIN tonight Canes fans!!!

Posted by: Gennaker cane | January 15, 2008 at 07:07 PM

My Bad! Realized it as soon as I went to Canespace and read a copy of the Manny's post. Thanks for the heads up.

Sorry Manny. Will check in on the QA tomorrow!

This will be a tough game. Boston plays physical inside which Miami does too. Bet the team that edges in rebounds wins this game close. I am starting to get into this Canes BB. Hope I can catch them on cable here in the west coast.

Micheal Irvin for our new WR Coach! He would help out recruiting and he would be an amazing coach.

As far as the coaching changes, it sure looks like Mike Barrow is in Randy's ear and Randy's listening. With Barrow being in the NFL for so long and Randy being in college and being part of all those championship teams, I think they are coming to the realization that a couple of coaching upgrades were needed, and someone's getting groomed!

In Randy We Trust!

Good luck with that one megacane. Great athletes have a difficult time transitioning into great coaches. Michael Irvin had a lot of talent, but he worked harder than anyone on this blog could even imagine working.

Irvin can't expect that same work ethic from college kids, and he would get frustrated with them to no end.

I like Irvin hanging around the program, being an inspiration, but to actually coach... that is a bad idea.

It is true that Mosley is gone? Clearly, our receiving core was very dissappointing last year. It seems that if this firing is true RS is the real deal, and will not give people a chance if they can't get it together quickly. Another weak season and Nix might be next to go.

Alex, the BIG difference between 2000 and now is:
1) Dorsey started 5 to 6 games in 1999
2) He had senior receivers in Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne
3) Veteran offensive line.

We have none of that. UM was 9-3 the year before, we are coming off of 5-7. This is a rebuilding year that is going to develop a strong young cadre of players.

I'm on campus, and I've seen patrick hill (he's just as huge as advertised if not more so) john calhoun, Jake Wieclaw (who looks like he's limping a little), Arthur Brown (Prob bigger than advertised), or yeah and 3 other guys Forston, Johnson, and Spence...I haven't seen Jacory yet, but I'm keeping a lookout.

I'm on campus, and I've seen patrick hill (he's just as huge as advertised if not more so) john calhoun, Jake Wieclaw (who looks like he's limping a little), Arthur Brown (Prob bigger than advertised), or yeah and 3 other guys Forston, Johnson, and Spence...I haven't seen Jacory yet, but I'm keeping a lookout.

Anthony Reddick will start next year... He is the best safety we have.

Manny, what's up with the coordinator's and coaches. Need to make some decisions there before signing day.

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