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Courtside blog: UM 78, Ga. Tech 68 (F)

Bring on the ACC. I'm here at BankUnited Center for UM's ACC-opener against Georgia Tech. I'll be here to give you my thoughts during the game as well as updates. Be sure to watch the game on TV and tune into 560 WQAM if you can't get to one.

But give me your thoughts here. UM is a 5-point favorite according to Las Vegas. I'd say that's about right. Georgia Tech's 7-7 record is a bit deceiving. The Yellow Jackets have lost 6 of their 7 games by nine points or less.

- 15:52 left, Ga. Tech 6, UM 4: Canes have come out looking a bit nervous here in the early going. They are rushing a lot of shots, trying to be aggressive. A lot of the shots simply aren't falling.
- 13:18 left, GT 14, UM 4: A nervous start has now officially turned into a horrendous start. The Hurricanes haven't hit a basket since Brian Asbury sunk a jumper with 17:30 left to give UM a 4-2 lead. Tech has gone on a 12-0 run and UM has missed everything it has put up.
- 11:15 left, GT 16, UM 7: Anthony King finally ended an 0-for-10 Hurricanes drought with a score inside and a foul. It made the score 14-7. Jack McClinton has attempted one shot up to this point. Not good for your leading scorer to not even attempt more than one shot up until now.
- 7:34 left, GT 22, UM 12: The Hurricanes have scored three points of their last five points on free throws. Turnovers and bad shots are killing them. Anthony Morrow has 10 points including the last three-pointer for the Yellow Jackets.
- 5:01 left, GT 22, UM 21: Is your adrenaline pumping yet? The Canes have gone on a 11-0 run to make it a game again. Georgia Tech has helped out. First Gani Lawal was called for a technical. Then coach Paul Hewitt was T'D up. ACC basketball. The BankUnited Center is finally feeling it. Give Jimmy Graham some credit for sparking this. He had a dunk, then a couple of nice post moves for baskets to get this rally going. The Canes are starting to take advantage in the post and it's creating baskets and opportunities.
- Halftime, UM 33, GT 31: It was a frantic finish into the break. Can't say enough about how much Jimmy Graham has contributed here with his offensive rebounds and put-backs. James Dews hit back-to-back jumpers to finally put UM up with 49.6 seconds left in the half. An impressive comeback to take the lead for UM considering how poorly it played early on.

KEY FIRST HALF NUMBERS -- FG%: UM 13-35 (37%), GT 12-29 (41%). REB: GT 21, UM 20. 2nd chance points: UM 14, GT 6. Leading scorers -- GT: J. Smith 10, Morrow 10; UM: Graham 9.

- 17:30 left, UM 37, GT 31:
The Canes have clawed for two early baskets, an Asbury layup and McClinton lay-in to extend their lead a bit.
- 15:51 left, UM 41, Ga. Tech 37: Miami went 0 for 9 from three-point range in the first half and so far has missed its first three attempts from three-point range in the second. The Hurricanes had shot the ball extremely well from long-distance before today. The 10-day lay-off might have a little to do with it. But consider those numbers and the fact Miami is still winning this game, its a good sign.
- 11:55 left, UM 53, GT 45: Start sending your thank you letters to James Dews. After finally hitting a pair of baskets late in the first half, he's got the motor running. His three-pointer with 14:55 left ended an 0-13 UM 3-point draught. He's since followed it up with another three-pointer and runner to give Miami a bit of a comfortable lead. Dews leads the team with 14 points. Jimmy Graham has 11.
- 7:01 left, UM 59, GT 47: A lot of sloppy basketball in the last five minutes. Jack McClinton just looks uncomfortable out there. He's put up lots of bad shots. The story today has been the play of Jimmy Graham and James Dews. Both have hit some big shots. Let's see if the Hurricanes can hold on to this 12-point lead.
- 5:45 left, UM 63, GT 56: We are getting down to the nitty-gritty and two of UM's lightning rods today are on the bench. Graham has four fouls. Dews left with 5:52 with an apparent left leg injury. He's being looked at on the bench.
- 1:57 left, UM 71, GT 63: It looks like this one is going to come down to free throws the rest of the way -- and if UM can protect the ball and not turn it over.
- :58.5 left, UM 73, GT 63: Jack McClinton hit an important runner with 1:26 left to basically ice it. Looks like UM is going to come awaty with this game with what it was supposed to -- a 14-1, 1-0 ACC record.


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Is King starting?

Hey Manny,

Everybody knows before today that attendance has been horrible, but do you have any information on the TV ratings for the few times they have been broadcasted this year?

and I am going to go ahead and get these 2 questions out of the way before others ask.

Any new recruiting updates?

Any updates on the DC or AD?

Q: Is King starting? Posted by: PCDFromTheU | January 12, 2008 at 01:40 PM

A: According to the scoreboard here is. They have him listed alongside Dwayne Collins, James Dews, Brian Asbury and Jack McClinton.

Any word if Mosely was actually fired? I read some stuff on the message boards, but haven't seen anything concrete yet. Also, do you think not having a D-Coordinator is affecting recruiting at all? Thanks!

Q: Any word if Mosely was actually fired? I read some stuff on the message boards, but haven't seen anything concrete yet. Also, do you think not having a D-Coordinator is affecting recruiting at all? Thanks! Posted by: Mike | January 12, 2008 at 01:56 PM

A: Been hearing it for weeks. But there is no confirmation yet.

Any word yet on the Last basketball scholli .....

Is the rumor you're hearing on the WR coach about Aubrey Hill coming in from Pitt to coach the WR's

well we have given them confidence now

Hows the atmosphere there manny?

Q: Hows the atmosphere there manny? Posted by: sass80 | January 12, 2008 at 02:21 PM

A: Quiet right now. I know it is listed as a sellout. But there are a lot of empty chairs in the upper levels. I'd say there's probably about 5,500 folks here. Not the full 7,000.

Wut channel is the game on? Local channel?

The WB

Here we come!!!

Wut channel is the game on? Local channel?

Posted by: RT6 | January 12, 2008 at 02:37 PM

22 -21 got our wake up call

hows the atmosphere now? Lets go!!

hey manny navarro, how'd your blog do in december?

Haith will get em coached up at half and we will controll the 2nd

Green good to see your with us I was wondering where you were.

We're kickin' butt on the offensive boards !

hey manny , great work y dont RS become the DC ala pete carrol? how u think our defense will look next year, we seem 2 have many young talented palyers now?

Everytime we inbound after one of their baskets, they are pressing our 2 guards with 3 defenders and we can not do anything do beat that !

The place looks like it's full on TV. Just a late arriving crowd like usual.

Green good to see your with us I was wondering where you were.

Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | January 12, 2008 at 02:47 PM
napping : )

Way to finish the half !

Q: hey manny navarro, how'd your blog do in december? Posted by: green | January 12, 2008 at 02:47 PM

A: Not sure Green. The Herald has been having issues sending blog numbers our way this past month. Not sure if there is a problem with software or what.

still the 1

37-31 17m

ajc's tony barnhart: "The Big Ten, Pac-10 are playing a dangerous game of chicken: "(Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany) and Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen say they will simply withdraw from the BCS and do their own deal with the Rose Bowl if there is a move towards a 'Plus One' or a playoff. That’s fine. Let’s see how recruiting goes at those 21 schools when the rest of the gang is playing for the national championship."

Lets Go Canes! 46-38 Dews and Graham are killing it I love it, even with McClinton getting shut down we are still fighting on and winning

51-42 13m

CSS airs Hurricane Gameday with Frank Haith 11a saturdays

Whats up with Spence going to visit the Gators? Also, Having seen Ojomo practice, how does he look?


Lots of sloppy play today. We're lucky that GT doesn't have the horses to keep up.

59-47 7m

Wasn't Spence picking it up his room suite furniture and books for classes Friday?

This game is far from over..

just in time for carolina ... the bUtifUl Bank United Center adds 800 seats ...

I just heard 3 northwestern kids may not enroll early???????? Transcript problem.

Spence never went to Gainesville and wont... Ojomo won scout team defensive player of the year and guys like Jason Fox claim he has All-American potential, so I assume he has looked good

14-1, 1-0

Thanks MayCane...I didn't know you knew Spence and went to the team practices...WOW.

Great job Canes 1-0 to start the ACC. Now lets Go Seahawks!

My husband and I have only been in Miami for five years and have yet to see a Canes' sporting event. Does anyone have any idea how much tickets cost to see the game in person if you're not a student? By the way, the Canes' are looking good. If they can cut down on injuries and turnovers, the Canes will put up one heck of a fight in the ACC ratings! By the way, Vanderbilt just lost to Kentucky in 2 double overtimes - there's one less undefeated team!

MayCane was talking about Ojomo looking good in practice, not Spence, smart ass!

What's going on with the Northwestern Kids Manny? What's the hold up?

Harris, Spence and Johnson? are waiting for a online course transcript that should arrive on the friday the 18th.

They should recieve by then and be o.k for classes. If not the transcript will be in on the 21st of January (last day to register) but if they get them early that day, they should be o.k to register that same day.

Jacory said it was o.k.

Canester-nip.....are you a retard? Look at what he said and what i said?????? Oh yeah your mom wants to know if you can bring some bread home when you get off at Burger King?

U were still trying to be a smart ass. U asked a question then when it was answered U tried to be a smart ass. U might need to watch what U say to me, cause I might be your new manager at Burger King!

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