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Courtside blog: Boston College 76, UM 66 (F)

Checking in from the Conte Forum up here in Boston where the 21st-ranked Canes are set to take on a familiar nemesis, Boston College. The Eagles have won 12 consecutive games in this series. But this is one the Canes need to win if they're going to prove they're among the elite in the ACC.

This Eagles team isn't as good as past BC teams. They don't have the toughness and size they used to have with Jared Dudley, Sean Marshall and others. It's a guard driven team. This UM team is also improved, deeper and should win this matchup. I'll take you through the game with my thoughts. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as the game progresses. It will be on live at 9 p.m. on FSN-Florida.

- Miami will be wearing their road black uniforms. The starting lineup is the same as last time out: Jack McClinton, James Dews, Brian Asbury, Dwayne Collins and Anthony King. Collins had a huge outing the last time was at BC. If he has the same type of night he did last year, Miami is probably going to win.
- 17:01 left, BC 8, UM 2: Jack McClinton's jumper with 17:17 remaining ended an 8-0 run to start the game for the Eagles who are attacking Miami in the paint and are having a lot of success. This certainly wasn't the start the Canes wanted.
- 12:55 left, BC 14, UM 4: Uhhh. What is going on here? UM has another horrendous start. The Hurricanes start the game 1 of 14 from the field. Nothing is going right. This wasn't what they needed. Dwayne Collins finally ends the draught with a hook shot with 13:07 to play in half. Feels a lot like the Georgia Tech start. But is UM going to do what it did Saturday and comeback?
- 7:12 left, BC 20, UM 10: A horrendous start became more horrendous before James Dews finally ended a 2 for 20 start from the field for the Hurricanes with back-to-back three-pointers. Miami simply hasn't looked comfortable on offense lately. ACC coaches are doing a good job scouting this team and figuring out ways to disrupt Miami's flow. That's what happens when you play in a tough conference. By the way, ESPN's Andy Katz is here watching Miami. I'll see if I can talk to him and get his thoughts on this UM team at some point.
- 3:56 left, BC 28, UM 13: So far, its the same two guys -- Jimmy Graham and James Dews -- providing the only real lift for this team. Only this time, it looks like Miami isn't going to comeback.
- Halftime: BC 36, UM 22: The good news is Miami isn't out of it. The bad news is the Canes are going to need to play out of their minds in the second half to pull this off. The Canes shot 26 percent from the field in the first half (9 of 34) and was outrebounded 20-17. Not a winning formula against the Eagles.
- More thoughts... I think this game is further evidence of how bad UM needs a true point guard. It's obvious Eddie Rios isn't ready. What's happened to Miami's offense is that opponents have figured out how to stall it, force Jack McClinton and James Dews, who are not true point guards, to keep shuffling the ball back and forth to one another. We knew this would be a problem. I think we are finally seeing it. My other observation is Anthony King always seems to struggle against shot blockers. He can't create a shot other than a long-distance jumper. That's not going to fly in the ACC. Miami may have to spend more time using Collins and Graham because they are more athletic and can create their own shots.

- 15:36 left, BC 43, UM 22: Well, it's safe to say we know how this one is going to end. Miami's shooting woes have now netted a 9 for 40 night (23% FG). Is this just a bad night? Or are the Eagles exposing the Canes? I think a little of both.
- 11:59 left, BC 48, UM 27: Miami is now 10 of 43 from the field.
- 8:33 left, BC 56, UM 40: The Canes have put on a bit of a flurry here with an 8-1 run. But it's likely too little too late.
- 5:59 left, BC 60, UM 50: Maybe I spoke too soon. The Canes are clawing back behind a three-point barrage. Jack McClinton's latest three-pointer has made it a 10-point game. The Hurricanes have been in a full-court press for almost five minutes now. They'll need to keep up this fast and furious pace to stay in it.


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Bummer about the Canes. Not their night. I was looking at the schedule and figured the Eagles would give them a tough time. Figured Miami could go into the UNC game 2-1 in ACC play, but NC State isn't a bunch of chumps. Anyway, saw the same thing happen here in Tucson when Bayless went down. Without a point guard, a mediocre shooting team can't do anything. It's so weird right now that Miami and Arizona football and basketball are on the same page. And if Miami doesn't watch out, the Arizona baseball team might be better as well. UGH!

Well , I hate that it's come to this point but it was almost inevitable. Although I hate having to rely on ESPN for the most up to date news on my favorite team, I'm learning that it is the one true source.

Manny, refuses to update his blog now that football season is over just like last year. Then when we finally get him online, he makes wise cracks at us like we're idiots for asking anything other than BB questions!

We hosted recruits this past weekend....
Not a word from manny.
ESPN is reporting that we DID in fact fire our WR coach............
Not a word from manny.
We ask him many questions when he's blogging from Boston.......
Manny answers 3.

So let me get this straight, Manny goes all the way to Boston and he can't find any time to check in with us true cane fans that are here (even during football off-season). That's pretty sad! FSU and Gator fans have a number of different beat-writers that always keep their fans in the loop.

Oh well, guess I'll just make ESPN my homepage again.

Posted by: The U | January 16, 2008 at 12:30 AM

Shut up you clown. If you want more Canes coverage, then join rivals or scout. This is a free blog. I think he's gonna take care of what pays him first. He's not going to post something just because your dumbass wants more information.

Looks like Robert's got a crush on little manito! That's cute but has no business on this blog. The My Little Pony blog might be better suited for you bobby.

Looks like Robert's got a crush on little manito! That's cute but has no business on this blog. The My Little Pony blog might be better suited for you bobby.

Posted by: The U | January 16, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Yeah, that made a lot of sense.

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