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Courtside blog: N.C. State 79, UM 77 (F-OT)

RALEIGH -- OK, the game is about to get underway. I'll be here with my thoughts during the game. Feel free to chime in.

- UM coach Frank Haith has gone with a small starting lineup against N.C. State's big team: Guards Lance Hurdle, Jack McClinton, James Dews with forward Ray Hicks and center Anthony King.
- 15:23 left, NCST 8, UM 5: The game started the way UM wanted. Miami took its first four shots from inside the paint, hitting three. King scored twice on post moves to put UM up 5-0. But the Canes have once again turned to taking jump shots and once again has cooled. The Wolfpack have gone on a 8-0 run and Miami is getting in early foul trouble.
- 11:45 left, NCST 16, UM 13: State 11-0 run finally ended when Ray Hicks rebounded and laid in a bad shot by Eddie Rios, who still looks uncomfortable being out there. Moment's later, Hicks dunked over Brandon Costner to make it 11-9. King has since paced Miami with back-to-back buckets. The Hurricanes have scored 12 of their 13 points inside the paint. Foul alert: James Dews and Jimmy King both have two fouls.
- 7:02 left, NCST 31, UM 19: State went on another run, this time 9-1, before Lance Hurdle's three-point play with 9:11 remaining. State has connected on four big three-pointers early in the first half and its helped open up the floor inside. For all the talk about Miami's poor shooting, the Hurricanes finally hit their first jumper with 8:23 remaining, an 18-footer by James Dews from the wing.
- 3:51 left, NCST 34, UM 23: It seems everytime Miami starts to claw back into the game, the Wolfpack hit a big three. This time after a 4-0 run, Courtney Fells hits a three with 4:20 left to extend the N.C. State lead back to 11.
- 1:18 left, NCST 35, UM 27: Wow -- that was funny. The crowd just booed loudly. The reason: Barry Manilow's concert scheduled for Sunday night in Raleigh has been postponed due to inclement weather.
- HALF, NCST 36, UM 27: The Wolfpack have connected on 5 of 9 from three-point range and are shooting 52.2 percent from the field. UM is 11 of 31 from the field and is 0-for-5 from three-point range. The Hurricanes have outrebounded State, 19-16, outscored them in the paint 14-8 and outscored State in second-chance points 6-0. Translation: Miami isn't doing so bad. They just can't hit baskets.

- 15:52 left, NCST 43, UM 35:
Miami started the half strong -- especially Hicks who has been playing out of his mind tonight. But once again turnovers and some poor outshooting is killing UM. Jack McClinton is now 2-of-9 from the field and 0-for-5 from three-point range. Hicks has six points in the second half and a team-leading 13 in the game.
- 13:12 left, NCST 46, UM 45: Miami has gone on an 8-0 run to climb right back into the game. The Hurricanes have taken turns scoring in the pos. Haith has talked for a long time about Miami becoming a post team. They look like one now.
- 10:40 left, NCST 52, UM 51: Welcome back, Jack. McClinton's back-to-back three-pointers finally gave Miami its first lead with 11:31 remaining since UM scored the first five points of the game. An interesting development a few minutes ago when Dwayne Collins picked up his second foul. Collins took a shoulder to the chest afterward from Gavin Grant. Officials didn't see it. Miami's big men are picking up a ton of fouls. That could be the story late in this game.
- 7:21 left, UM 55, NCST 54: Jimmy Graham's offensive rebound and stick-back has given UM the lead again. McClinton is starting to heat up for the Canes, who have outplayed N.C. State's big men in the second half.
- 5:11 left, UM 61, NCST 58: Lance Hurdle has fouled out. The Hurricanes had a five-point lead with 5:45 remaining.
- 3:30 left, UM 65, NCST 64: How about a shout out to former Miami Dr. Krop standout Javi Gonzalez. The freshman's three-pointer with 4:48 to play tied the score at 61. UM has now retaken the lead at 65-64 on another Jack McClinton jumper.
- 2:26 left, UM 68, NCST 66: If you don't like Jack McClinton's game, then something is wrong with you. This guy has icewater in his veins. Another big shot -- a three-pointer with 2:50 left -- to give UM the lead again.
- 1:25 left, UM 72, UM 69: How many big shots can McClinton hit? Another three to give UM the lead again. Then, Graham draws a charge on Ben McCauley before hitting one of two free throws to give UM a three-point lead.
- 17.7 left, UM 72, NCST 72: High drama in Raleigh. Canes have the ball and are now tied after Hicks made a foolish mistake fouling Gavin Grant on his way to the basket. Grant hit the free throw and the game is tied.
- End of regulation, UM 72, NC ST 72: Can't explain what happened there in the final 45 seconds except to think the Canes blew their opportunity. McClinton put up a bad three-point shot. King got the rebound then forced a bad shot. N.C. State had a chance to win, but Courtney Fells' three-pointer rattled out right before time expired. Let's see how UM handles overtime.


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CSS airs Hurricane Gameday with Katie Meier 4:30p tuesdays

CSS highlights the ING Miami Marathon

senate minority leader steve geller: "if we have seven pari-mutuels and three Indian casinos, then the area becomes a tourist destination." YES

UM D-Coordinator Bill Young: "I absolutely love the ocean. My wife loves that kind of weather ... I talked with (KU associate athletics director for major gifts) John Hadl and he told me, 'If it’s about the money, we’ll do whatever we can do to keep you.' I’m not doing this for money. I took a $20,000 pay cut to come to Kansas. It’s an opportunity to live in a part of the country that we’ve never gotten to live in."

is the Miami dade allstar game on tv? Wut time and channel??

rivals is saying that the California DB's had a great visit. Anyone know if we have a shot at landing one of these guys? Manny you hear anything?

Until we get a competent point guard we will not be a threat in the ACC. Also, the defense apears to be suspect. We seem to be making otherwise ordinary shooting teams look like sharpshooters.

Thanks Manny,

Just got a chance to listen to the most recent podcast. You're doing a great job on that, keep it rolling!

Heard Ray Lewis on NFL Countdown....Excellent!!! A million times better than Emmitt..do they teach people how to read at UF?

Manny, the Podcast rocked! How about adding insight on Coach Hill on the next one? Heck, why not interview both coaches. I think you should put any interviews regarding the Canes into your Countdown Show (copywright it or something). I love the podcast format simply cause I cause I can pause it and then check the names that you guys were throwing out -- good for getting another beer too...LOL.

...simply cause I can pause...


Anyone with a rivals account checked the story on the weekend visitors? Thanks.

Thank you Anthony King. You suck!!! That guy can be a 10 year senior and he will never change and keep making the same mistakes.

podcast exceptional, good work

Hi Manny
Did Jacory make it in?

hey robert
its college basketball
it really doesnt matter

man do i hate the pats

every week they look beatable and win

they are goin to be the most beatable undefeated team ever!

Ramon Buchanon is a Gator now.

Bill Young is coming to Miami for the "quality of life" until he orders food and no one speaks english and he gets car jacked in the garbage pile known as Miami...

I hate to tell you suge but that is everywhere now..

Melbourne (FL) Palm Bay High School athlete Ramon Buchanan took a visit to Florida this weekend intending to become a Cane. But he enjoyed the visit and now has switched his commitment. i cannot believe this. this is type a guy miami need and they didnt work hard to keep stay committ to miami. aww man another blow for us. 2 guy who was committed to miami had switch and commmitted to gators this big hurt for us

not shocked he decommited but damn that hurts this class. Patchan, buchannon, McCray all choose the gators. Throw the PJ nightmare and i hate to say this but the canes are loosing some steam down the stretch as far as recruiting. They are limping to the finish line (signing day) Hopefully RS can right the ship here in the last couple of weeks.

How does it hurt this class? You win some u lose some. we still have a top 10 class in all these so-called recruiting websites.

That sucks we're indeed limping. I hope Shannon can pull some treaks and get this back up

We knew there was a chance he would decommit. There is plenty of good news still coming from visiting recruits. There are plenty of other players who may commit over the next two weeks. There should not be any more decommittals. It is frustrating to keep losing guys to UF, but that is our competition, and until we can crack the top 25 it is a tough sell. Give RS time.

we need brandon harris, ben jones, Gavin Hardin let hope we can get t.j bryant too and Herman Davidson and also get some DE like Corey Liuget and one of these guy keith wells or nick perry. also this 2 guy here too Justin Feagin Jamie Harper. i hope RS doin his job to get this guy because we need them they will help us. what u CANES FAN THINK??????

I assume the coaches knew all along that he is not going to come here. Barrow spent two hours with him a couple of weeks ago and this was something everyone expected. Its not something that we can control, but if we develop the players we get we should be ok. Hopefully, Reddick will be a major force at the Safety Spot and we do have Berry and JoJo Nicholas too. So, we'll see.

It was the coaches who pulled the offer to the LB who went to UF. We only can worry about guys who come here and not about those who don't come.

It seems like we're backsliding! At the very least our recruiting efforts are losing momentum.

Is Shannon a CLOSER, or not? If NOT, stay tuned for a few more years of mediocrity.

We're not going to be a national power, relying mainly on local (So Fla) recruits - especially when many of the best are bound to go elsewhere (e.g., FSU, UF, USC, OSU, LSU, etc.)for a variety of reasons.

Yeah, we appear to have a "top 10" (maybe even a "top 5" class), due mainly to the large QUANTITY of recruits we are signing this year. However, in terms of QUALITY (i.e., average stars) we're ranked lower, much lower (maybe 5 or 10 from the bottom of the "top 25").

Let's hope Miami has some NSD suprises. Too many good (committed and uncommitted) recruits seem to be slipping through the cracks.

Bill Young is coming to Miami for the "quality of life" until he orders food and no one speaks english and he gets car jacked in the garbage pile known as Miami...

Posted by: Suge White | January 20, 2008 at 05:21 PM
likelier to die of boredom in dullsville ...

This whole recruiting process stinks.

Think of all the players Miami would have had if signing day was a lot earlier???

Florida just sat back with like 5 commits and is just cleaning house right now.

Its like they knew this was going to happen.

Lets face it Miami players are hard to come by now a days. Think about college atmospheres like LSU, Clemson, FL. If kids really want the college experience Miami certainly isnt it.

oscar meyer shut out in South Florida ...

LSU is a ghetto, FL stinks....really awful smell....There is nothing in Clemson.

Think about college atmospheres like LSU, Clemson, FL.

Posted by: A Realisst | January 20, 2008 at 06:46 PM

yea u right it will be nice to have Alonzo Lawrence and brandon harris it will be a good cb for miami so let pray and hope. i think harper will be good for miami who know james will go to pro next year so we have harper ready he fast and strong with power.
what u think CANES FANS??

Do you really think kids give 2 poops about college atmospheres?

Man u fake ass Cane fans need to go else where. Yah always talking negative. Number of stars really don't mean a thing but since thats how scouts and some fans view success of a recruiting class here's a break down.


2 two star recruits
10 four star recruits
6 three star recruits
8 two star recruits


3 five star recruits
3 four star recruits
16 three star recruits
4 two star recruits

ESPN.com doesnt do stars but the Canes have 11 ESPN150 recruits which makes them #1 overall...One things for sure, Scout.com seems to be tough on giving 4 stars...

Anyways, all you fake Cane fans get over ya selves. Coach Shannon is still doing a hell of a job and our recruiting class will still be one of the best. WE CAN'T SIGN EM ALL!!!

Melbourne (FL) Palm Bay High School athlete Ramon Buchanan took a visit to Florida this weekend intending to become a Cane. But he enjoyed the visit and now has switched his commitment. i cannot believe this.

Posted by: rob | January 20, 2008 at 05:55 PM
in the works for weeks if not months ... DOG & PONY SHOW

We should worry about the players we got instead of the ones we lost. These kids have to live with the decisions they make. What if Ryan Perriloux would have went to Texas instead of LSU? What if Ali Highsmith had come to Miami instead of LSU? What if Mitch Mustaine stayed at ARK. Where would Ryan Mallet be at now? Miami have plenty of 5 and 4 star recruits riding the pine.

This defensive back from California had rave reviews of his time in Miami this weekend with a couple of Cal. teammates. What is he saying about the status of all three following the visit? Might he be a Cane in the end? davison said miami is high on his list. good chance we can get him. what u think CANES FANS? U RIGHT CHEVEYBOY79 WE CANNOT SIGN ALL IT DONT MATTER THE STARS WHAT MATTER IS WE GET GUY WHO COME TO MIAMI BRING BACK THE U THAT IS PLAY FOOTBALL. WE HAD ALOT OF GUYS THAT WAS NOT EVEN A RANKED LIKE ED REED , FRANK GORE AND MORE SO IT ALL ABOUT PLAY FOOTBALL . AM I RIGHT CHEVYBOY79

If it is all about atmosphere then look at TENN. incoming class.

Luiget, Jones, Hester, Harris, Bryant, Wells, Streeter, Harper ... ON THE BOARD


Please think out your thoughts more clearly when you post and check what you are writing. The verbal and written skills you are displaying in your posts are horrible. You will thank me when later in life you realize how important this is.

If i had my picks it would be Harris, Luiget, and Jones. If the LB's and D linemen we have coming in pan out than that will take the pressure off the DB's.

ramon buchanan = tweener

knoxnews' john adams: "Former coach Ron Zook's last recruiting class at Florida was a bust. So was Meyer's first class. Of the 41 players signed in the two classes, only 13 remain at Florida."

Manny, you called it on Buchanan...

But, oh well, we'll manage without him.

To all you "Canes" worried about "stars:" Those stars are BULLSHIT. Miami has gotten by for 25 years finding kids with HEART, kids with PASSION for Miami Football. We're not looking for players who are good based on what some scout has to say from watching film. We want HURRICANES, and I trust RS and the crew to find them more than some nerd running a recruiting website.

Losing Buchanan hurts, but we have plenty more prospects ready to step up. If you decommit, you don't belong, because the types of kids we need at the U are kids who will play here come hell or high water. EITHER YOU JOIN THE U OR YOU GET BEAT BY THE U!

hey do anybody think marcus robinson will leave to another school or he will stay with us?

We can't worry about those we don't get. Ramon wants to go to Florida well erase him from our memory. Why are we worrying about 4 and 5 stars. We've always been successful with Canes not star rating. We create stars, not just get them out of high school. Forget the rest of the country let's just get the south Florida kids, I promise we'll win an NC with them. Now let's get some true canes in Here

Carolina Cane of course they care about a college atmosphere! Why do you think all these school have advantages.

Could it be that they play in front of 109,000 loyal fans in an on campus stadium!?

Or when they go to a basketball game there are more than 2,000 fans?

Dont be a fool and think that atmosphere has nothing to do with it. Read what all these recruits say. I am 100% cane fan but only time will tell with all these recruits.

I really could care less about stars. It's about hard work and them becoming stars at the U.

Last thing, Tommy Streeter is definitely not coming to the U. Guess his teammates couldn't get him to join them. I wonder why.

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