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Courtside blog: UNC 98, UM 82 (F)

Checking in from BankUnited Center where the Canes are set to take on Carolina tonight at 9 p.m. The student section has come out in force and have been sitting for more than two hourse before tip-off. My take: It's about dang time.

I'll give you my thoughts as usual as the game progresses.

Just a couple of notes...
- I spoke to someone at UM this afternoon who tells me they expect the four Northwestern kids -- defensive tackle Marcus Forston, receiver Aldarius Johnson, quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence -- to begin class tomorrow. That being said Harris' father Rodney Harris told me yet again this afternoon he and his family had yet to hear from UM. I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow. The person I spoke to at UM also told me not to expect Jordan Futch to enroll early anymore and that Futch will likely sign up for summer classes in May.

- I also spoke to Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson this afternoon about defensive tackle Micanor Regis, who is definitely headed to UM and receiver Martavious Odoms who will visit The U this weekend. Thompson calls Regis (6-4, 300) a complete and total beast and says Miami is getting about as an athletic big man as there is. He said Regis started both ways for Pahokee and took off between 10-15 plays the whole year. Maybe we can call him the anti-Antonio Dixon.

- As for Odoms, Thompson told me Odoms has UM at the top of his list and simply wants to go to a program where he can be on the field and part of a spread-type offense. He said UM coaches have told him they are contemplating running more spread sets next season. Odoms also has South Florida and West Virginia high on his list.

- FYI, The Herald is launching a ton of recruiting coverage tomorrow for the two weeks leading up to National Signing Day. I've compiled the national, state, South Florida, Dade and Broward rankings for players and it will all be posted online along with lots of audio interviews. Aside from my interview with Blaze Thompson, I also spoke with Ohio State-bound linebacker Etienne Sabino this afternoon. Anyway, look for a ton of recruiting coverage over the next two weeks.

- I've been told Udonis Haslem, Dwayne Wade and Dorrell Wright are in the house. Haven't seen them yet. But they are supposed to be here. It's definitely a loud gym tonight, more so than I've ever experienced in covering this team for two years.

- 15:05 left, UNC 13, UM 10: Well, for those of you worried about the Canes having a hangover from Saturday's loss, they sure haven't played like it. The problem is for all the good things UM has done early, UNC still has the lead. Ray Hciks has four points to lead UM early. Ty Lawson's three-pointer gave UNC its first lead at 7-6.
- 13:44 left, UNC 15, UM 10: Just spotted Edgerrin James waiting on the sideline. Canes are turning the ball over too much here.
- 11:25 left, UNC 18, UM 13: I'd like to welcome Brian Asbury back to the team. His three-pointer with 11:45 left ended a 7-0 UNC run. Turnovers are killing UM early. Anthony King has made two bad passes that have eld to turnovers already including an inexcusable one over the head of James Dews.
- 6:14 left, UNC 29, UM 27: Miami pieced together a 10-run and took a 20-18 on a Ray Hicks lay-in with 8:35 left. An Asbury three-pointer extended UM's lead to 23-20. But UNC has climbed back ahead behind Ty Lawson, who left tread marks on Edwin Rios' back on a three-pointer and layup. Miami's big men -- Dwayne Collins and Anthony King -- both have two fouls now. Jimmy Graham limped off the court with 8:56 left after appearing to tweak his ankle.
- 3:36 left, UNC 36, UM 32: There are only so many opportunties you can give UNC before they shoot you down. The Heels just had a series where they grabbed four offensive rebounds. Eventually, Lawson went to the line and hit two free throws. Miami is hanging tough. But they aren't going to win unless they can secure boards and take care of the basketball.
- :38.1 left, UNC 44, UM 40: Whoever kidnapped the old Ray Hicks and replaced him with this new one deserves a reward. Hicks has 14 points and is pacing UM, which is doing just enough to hang with UNC.
- Halftime, UNC 47, UM 40: Well, if UM was hoping to win this with defense -- they aren't. The Hurricanes

- 14:19 left, UNC 59, UM 50: Miami simply can't keep playing at this rate. They can't run with Carolina all night. The defense has to start digging down and making stops or Carolina is simply going to run Miami off the court. Eventually, Hicks, Asbury and Hurdle are going to cool down.
- 13:01 left, UNC 64, UM 52: The more I keep watching Hansborough the more I keep picturing the character from MadTV... "I don't wanna."
- 11:36 left, UNC 66, UM 54: The Tar Heels have just so many weapons. Lawson eats you up with his speed. Hansborough is such a tough inside scorer. The Canes have played valiantly, but five points from Jack McClinton isn't going to keep Miami in this game.
- 7:44 left, UNC 73, UM 62: The Hurricanes have fought hard all game. But it feels like everytime they are on the verge of starting a run, they make a mistake, a turnover to shoot themselves in the foot.


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Green...you need to post over at Canespace too! And if you get the chance email me at host@canespace.com

Posted by: 86Cane | July 30, 2007 at 10:23 AM

Green...you crack me up! And, U work this blog HARD!!! Who are U and why do U refuse to post at Canespace?

Posted by: Soup | August 19, 2007 at 12:21 PM
aka 86Cane aka tom popadak

GREEN...why don't U join us for the LIVE chat tonight at Canespace?

Posted by: SOUP | September 04, 2007 at 09:53 AM
aka 86Cane aka tom popadak

Manny ... Your blog was really rocking today! 121 comments in a couple hours. But here's the question everyone wants to know: Who the heck is GREEN on your blog?

Posted by: 86Cane | September 04, 2007 at 08:29 PM
aka SOUP aka tom popadak

I tried to get Green to post here but he will not

Posted by: SOUP | October 01, 2007 at 05:52 PM
aka 86Cane aka tom popadak

Green...U crack me up! I don't always agree with your posts or the topics U pick to talk about, but damn, U get an "A" for effort my friend!!!

U should join us Tuesday night from 8-9 PM at Canespace when Manny does his usual LIVE chat Q&A session. See ya 'round...

Posted by: 86Cane | December 09, 2007 at 12:46 PM
aka SOUP aka tom popadak


I remember reading that "Who the heck is GREEN" comment way back. How in the hell did you find or still have a copy of that one comment from a post 4 months ago?

86Cane or Soup

What time is the Q&A tonight?

get help, sybil ... otherwise, beware the knock ... of unsmiling men ... in white coats ... with butterfly nets ... DISTURBED

green, you're f*cking wierd dude.

I don't know or care what the beef is between you and 86, but why don't you take that sh*t outside? No one here wants to hear about it and it's bad form to air your dirty laundry in public.

I hate to say this sort of thing to a fellow Cane, but show a little class.

Latest on Meyer investigation, which is getting more interesting and more proof by the minute.




Green..please keep your hostilities to yourself and off the blog. I do not wish to engage in a senseless battle with you here and tie up the blog with nonsense.

This blog, which in case you are not aware, is run by Manny Navarro, not you. It is supposed to be about UM sports, NOT about GREEN! Thank you, and have a nice day!

I don't care what anyone says, that was some funny $h!t green!

I rarely ever post but i always keep up with ALL the Cane blogs and a lot of times people get into it, but eventually it gets dropped and we keep on with the Cane talk. Just have to admit that sometimes it is entertaining.

I believe Green's anger is rooted in the fact I was not considered a lifetime Canespace member.

For every inaction there is an equal reaction...

I believe Green's anger is rooted in the fact I was not considered a lifetime Canespace member.

For every inaction there is an equal reaction...

Posted by: pb(CSHOF09) | January 24, 2008 at 02:38 PM

"FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION" i believe is what you were trying to say.

Since it was a lack of action, I took some liberties.

The SS Blog wants Green to stay on the Herald.

pb...if it would shut Green up I would gladly grant you Hall Of Fame status at Canespace!

I propose that we refer to Green by the new name of " the man of color" just as we refer to PJ as the "one who should not be mentioned here".

Manny...whachu got?

Does anyone know why A. Johnson didn't get into school with the other 3 NW boys? Please tell me he's still signing with the Canes in 2 weeks

I have never in my life seen a school that messes up more admissions issues for their football players then Miami does... I mean don't they go over with these students what they need, what they are missing, etc... AJ, Futch, Wylie, etc... This just gives other snakes like Urban Liar, Les Lie-les, etc a chance to pay them, get their girlfriends in on scholarships, etc...

I'd like to expand on Jrod's point by saying...why in the hell doesn't UM just let Aldarius Johnson in...don't they realize how much he is worth to the team and by extension the school...

UF can get players and their girlfriends in, we can't even get the players in. Aldarius has been a committement from the begining, we can even 'fix' this for him.

Stupid academic restrictions, if we want to play by the same rules as Duke, then we might as well get used to having the same record.

This Urban Meyer thing....he's just doing what he needs to do...can't hate him for that. I don't really see an issue.

I take back what I said about the Miami Admissions department at least partly.. AJ is in baby!!!

Now Shannon you have two weeks to close out this recruiting season strong... Now go out and make sure Brandon Washington, Ben Jones, Brandon Harris, Cory Liuget, TJ Bryant, Montavious Odoms, and either Jamie Harper or one of those Cali kids signs become Canes like they should, especially the one's in our back yard...

Where did you hear he was in?

AJ's in. Its on now!!!

AJ's in. Its on now!!!

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