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Courtside blog: UM 75, Clemson 72 (F)

i'm at BankUnited Center for today's afternoon ACC showdown between the Canes and Clemson. I'll be here to provide my thoughts throughout the game.

I wouldn't call this a must win for Miami -- but it's awfully close. The Canes don't want to be 1-4 in the conference and 1-2 at home after today.

14:32 left, UM 14, Clemson 5: Well, this was the start UM was looking for. Anthony King and Dwayne Collins have combined for 10 points in the early going as the Canes are beating Clemson's press behind Lance Hurdle and scoring easy baskets.
11:25 left, UM 19, Clemson 12: Clemson forward Trevor Booker is down with an apparent knee injury. Doesn't look good. The Canes, however, do. Jack McClinton got the board with a three-pointer with 13:10 left. So far, Miami has done a good job defensively and getting their hands on the boards.
7:32 left, UM 24, Clemson 19: The Tigers have put together a little 7-0 run here to get right back in it.
4:54 left, UM 27, Clemson 25: Well, since going up 24-12 on an Anthony King three-point play (layup and foul), Clemson has gone on a 13-3 run.
3:20 left, UM 29, Clemson 28: Lance Hurdle just picked up his third foul. Not good.
1:15 left, UM 35, Clemson 32: Nice little stretch for UM just now. Jimmy Graham collected back-to-back blocks to save Brian Asbury's rear-end following a turnover. UM ended up scoring on a Collins dunk on the other side of the floor.

15:59 left, UM 45, Clemson 43: Dwayne Collins is playing great for Miami today. He's got 14 points and close to double-digits in boards. Unfortunatley, Miami can't seem to pull away from the Tigers.
11:43 left, Clemson 51, UM 49: Tigers have really made it tough for Miami's guards to score today with their press. While Collins (16 points) has benefitted from some easy looks, the Canes have suffered two shot clock violations already and look uncomfortable in thier offense. Clemson center James Mays has 10 points in the second half.
7:20 left, Clemson 57, UM 55: Another ACC thriller. Lance Hurdle hit a big three-pointer to cut Clemson's lead to 55-53. Brian Asbury then followed it up with a big offensive rebound and putback. The Hurricanes just aren't getting enough from Jack McClinton right now. They need him to turn it up here. Mays, who was killing UM inside in the second half, picked up a big foul (his 4th) with 9:33 left. Let's see if it helps the Canes.
3:53 left, Clemson 60, UM 57: This is going to be a tough one to swallow if the Canes can't pull this one out. They were up 12 in the first half. McClinton, where are you?
2:28 left, Clemson 63, UM 60: McClinton makes an appearance with 2:30 left -- and just in the nick of time to cut a six-point deficit to three. Canes fans might not forget about the foul Jimmy Graham picked up as time expired on the shot clock. It sent Terrence Oglesby to the line for three free throws. He swished them all.
1:07 left, UM 66, Clemson 65: Now that's what I call a Big Mac Attack. McClinton's three consecutive three-pointers has lifted UM to the lead. Wow!


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took you 7 minutes to think of that?

Slick?.....You really are hardcore.

Do anyone know if T.J Bryant or Alonzo Lawrence had a good time at the U?? The Canes are offering him a track scholarship. Will Martavious Odoms take it? i check the scout visit he didn't visit miami it seem he wont accept the track scholarship. http://miami.scout.com/a.z?s=13&p=9&c=6&yr=2008
did Brandon Moore switch his commitment from michigan to miami??

Gavin has made his decision but he will not announce it until signing day. But from the way he was talking...its all about da U baby!!!

Hey Manny,
Great job on the football recruiting so far. keep up the good work! Charleston Southern? That's bad! Then again, Michigan did lose to Applachian State last year!Coop and Baby J should have 100 yards each by halftime. What is Miami's chances of landing Brandon Harris? He would be a huge commit for the canes!

Can someone tell me what the fb schedule is? I know it hasn't officially been released and there's no dates, but just throw a n#$%@ a bone. Do we really play UF, Texas A&M, and SC-Charleston for non-conference? What's the conference look like?

FB question: If the Smith family is so wealthy then rather than "donate a facility or two" shouldn't they offer to pay Cannon's bill? Not only would that be a nice "donation" but wouldn't it free up a scholarship for another financially less fortunate student-athlete?

Posted by: Russell | January 27, 2008 at 01:28 PM

Cannon Smith earned a scholarship just like every other player. Why should he have to pay anything?

He and his family don't owe the University of Miami anything other than what comes with his scholarship: work your a$$ off in practice, earn a degree, and if you are good enough to make the field, play your heart out for that orange and green U that is on the side of your helmet, pounding your opponent into submission!

Anybody know what happened with Ben Jones? Looks like he didn't take his visit this weekend?

Da U has finally offered the DE (#45 Jonathan Jackson) from BTW a scholarship. Problem is he feels Da U waited too long. He says that he's considering Bethune Cookman, FAU & FIU. FIU leads right now. However, he could still choose to play for Da U. To me he's being a baby because Da U didn't recruit him sooner. He knows thats where he wants to be. Here's a snippet:

Last year Miami Booker T Washington High School DE Jonathan Jackson dreamed of the day he would receive a Hurricane offer.

"I would commit," he said at the time when asked what he would do upon getting a Cane offer.

But now that Jackson has an offer he says things have changed.


Jackson doesn't like the fact that Miami took so long to offer him a scholarship – he received an offer last week when a Cane coach visited his school.

"They hadn't even talked to me, recruited me before that," Jackson says.

So, instead of playing at a high profile program, he says he might instead opt to play at FIU, FAU or Bethune-Cookman.

My fault, he's #48. By the way, he's the DE dat whooped Patchan's ass all night long in the state semi-finals this year.

is the game on t.v.?

Posted by: ernie | January 27, 2008 at 01:36 PM
affiliates for U v. clemson

Its on the WB

Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | January 27, 2008 at 01:39 PM

Chevyboy79: how do you know the University of Miami offered bt's Jonathan Jackson?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A record number of readers visited U.S. online newspaper sites last year, according to figures released on Thursday, confirming the Web as one of the few bright spots for the struggling newspaper industry.

is it me or does th herald report evrythng before the SS

Posted by: U | January 24, 2008 at 07:59 PM

sunsentinel's ethan skolnick: "Finally, good luck to now-former Sun-Sentinel sports editor Brian White, who is moving on to MSNBC.com after 11 years here."

why did ex-gaturd channing crowder flee the scene of an accident ...

Thought you all may be interested in how bad things can get for a football program. The Seattle Times is running a piece on the UW football program and how corrupt it was under Neuheisal. Read and imagine if this was UM......

AP's david royse: "Florida's (public) universities have the worst student to faculty ratio in the country." AUDITORIUM

sunsentinel's bob lamendola: "The University of Miami medical school is lining up grants and private investors to help pay for a massive biotechnology research center that, if fully completed, would rival the Scripps Florida campus being built in Jupiter" COLOSSUS

We're looking strong on B. Harris...when did he remove UF from his top choices? Larry Bluestien had him leaning towards the Gators.

herald's greg cote: "I'll be surprised if (Orange Bowl farewell) tops 5,000" SURPRISE

"More than 20,000 pay respects to Orange Bowl" OUTPOURING

Thanks for that Brandon Harris interview Manny - well done.

nytimes' charlie nobles: "More than 20,000 people were at the Orange Bowl on Saturday for a final goodbye." OUTPOURING

Seattle_Canes.....good article on the Huskies. If this had happened at Miami, ESPN would've been camped out in front of the Hecht Center for months.

Wouldn't be surprised if you see the same out of UCLA in a couple of years.

a hastily arranged flag football game -- let me underline that -- FLAG FOOTBALL between Hurricane & dolphin old-timers draws a crowd. back to the future ...

working link

Canesjinkie - If wearing fatigues and a fight is as bad is gets, we are ok. Rape and attempted murder/robery takes the cake. Heck, had UW not had those two players the afternoon Miami played here the outcome may have been different!

ESPNU to televise Brandon Harris's announcement ... BIGTIME

ABC to nationally televise U v. duke 3:30p 2/2

democratic pollster dave beattie of jacksonville: "When people think of Florida, they think of Miami" SYNONYMOUS

Manny great job with doing aduio with B.Harris.

U v. marlins 3:05p 2/26 at roger dean stadium in jupiter

UM Pres. Donna Shalala to sit in 1st lady laura bush's box ; )

hey Canes FAN,
how many scholarships we have left? it seem alot of uncommitted player who visit miami have a strong interest in the U. FOR EXAMPLE
CB Alzo Lawrence is saying he love his visit and talk with RS about play time. big plus for him.

MLB Gavin hardin already made his decison and also he want for offer and RS to visit him.

DE Jonathan Jackson is down to FIU AND MIAMI.

OL BEN Jones is down to clemson and Miami.

CB Brandon Harris is down to OSU and Miami.

CB T.J Bryant love his visit at the U. he cancel FSU visit.

S Herman Davison is down to Miami and North Carolina. he will announce soon.

S Vaughn Telemaque is strong interest Miami.

RB Jaime Harper will visit FEB 1.

WR Martavious Odoms got a offer track scholarship from the U will he accept it?

TE Brandon Moore enjoy his visit at miami, no offer yet but will likely get offer because we need TE.

WR LaRon Byrd will visit Feb 1, he already got offer from the U.

DE Nick Perry will visit Feb 1, with offer from the U.

Now we have new man in the picture his name is Terrance Cody, he will visit Feb 1, will try to get offer.

and LAST PERSON IS Tommy Streeter i dont know what his problem but he have his scholarship from the U.

There is 15 names i know for fact we can't have all of this guys so how many scholarship we have left and i hope RS use the wisely beacause all this guys are good player so i am excited to see who will join the U. so what your think Canes Fan? anyone i am missing in the player checklist??

oh i forgot someone else too who really strong interest in Miami that is Corey Liguet. After RS visit him , Corey's mother told Corey you can go to The U if you want.
so that 16 player.

This is ridiculous: Um just beat Clemson, is 15-4, and Mississipi state is ranked now-recall, UM beat them also. Look at the polls, and Um only has like 9 votes or something. That to me, is incredible. The amount of dislike that the natl media has for UM. You know waht? Its the same in football.
Fuuuuu^#ck them all.
Cause its all about DaU

what is our schedule next year?

what is our schedule next year?

Q. Chevyboy79: how do you know the University of Miami offered bt's Jonathan Jackson?

A. I know bcs I have a membership with both Scout and Rivals so I get all the inside information b4 those who don't have subscriptions. Thats how I know Da U offered him a scholarship.

TJ Bryant cancelled his FSU visit? Thats huge...according to Manny's pod cast we have no chance at taking this guy from FSU.

rivals & scout parrot recruits' remarks. case in point: p(b)j. trustworthy?

look at Canes fan's exhaustive list. U can't take 'em all. sometimes, recruits fib to save face. let's see if Jonathan Jackson visits U.

the Miami herald muted its long-standing opposition to casino gambling ... INEVITABLE

Donna Shalala singled out in state of the union address for all the world to see ...

Someone tell me who we play in football next year. Conference and Non-Conference. C'mon Green I know you know this!

give me a link if you can.

The U: 8 ACC + ucf, fu, texas a & m & tbd (charleston southern?)

Thanks green, but which teams do we play from the other side of the conference? do we got Florida State again? What about Boston College?

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