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Courtside blog: Wake Forest 70, UM 68 (F)

I'm here in Winston-Salem for tonight's UM-Wake Forest game where the Canes will try to pick up their first ACC road win since Jan. 10 of last year.

As usual, I'll bring you my thoughts and observations throughout the game as time permits. Normally, we're scheduled for a live Q&A from 8 to 9 p.m. every Tuesday tonight. But I'm going to have to hold off on that for obvious reasons. No worries. I'll be handling the recruiting live Q&A from 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday and will even add an extended hour to make up for the hour we're losing tonight back here on the blog from 8 to 9.

So, please hold off on recruiting questions tonight. Other than the interviews I did with Brandon Harris, Taylor Cook, Tom Lemming, Larry Blustein and a few other conversations I've had with a few high school coaches, I haven't spoken to any kids. I was swamped yesterday doing the Terrell Pryor story and then my UM advance on tonight's game. The good news is, when I get back to Miami tomorrow afternoon I plan on talking to a few players of UM recruiting interest -- Corey Liuget and Tommy Streeter to name a few.

I will share this for now:
* I spoke with Liuget's coach yesterday and I think it appears real likely he's headed elsewhere despite telling a few websites UM is among his top three with Illinois and LSU. His coach told me he thinks Liuget's case to stay home hit a rough spot over the weekend wihen a friend of his was shot and killed at a 7-on-7 flag football tournament. I was told the shooting did not occur during an actual game, but in a parking lot away from the field.
* I also spoke to Jacksonville Trinity Christian's coach, Verlon Dorminey, who told me Jamie Harper intends to visit UM this weekend and he gives Miami as good a chance as any of the other finalists. You can listen to his interview it is up online already.

Alright, it's almost game-time. I've got a few things to do before tip-off. Enjoy the game.

- 15:45 left, UM 7, Wake Forest 5: Got a unique vantage point tonight. I'm right next to the UM bench and behind the basket, about five feet from the floor. Anyway, Jack McClinton made it four three-pointers in a row -- dating back to Sunday -- when he opened the game with a made three. Good to see Jack get off to a good start. That's obviously something he hasn't done enough of lately.
- 10:27 left, UM 14, Wake Forest 10: As UM kept finding a way to turn the ball over, Wake went on a 5-0 run to take a quick 10-9 lead . The Canes answered with a James Dews three-pointer and a nice basket from Dwayne Collins in the post to take a four-point lead again. Turnovers are the story so far for UM. Wake just doesn't look good. They miss a ton of shots and doesn't seem to have a player other than 7-foot center Chris McFarland who can beat someone one-on-one. At least now anyway.
- 7:22 left, UM 20, Wake Forest 20: Wake forward Chris Skeen has killed UM in this stretch, hitting a pair of three-pointers and collecting a steal and dunk. Skeen's last three-pointer answered Jack McClinton's third three-pointer of the game which gave UM a 20-17 lead. Wake started the game 3-of-18 from the field. Dino Gaudio's team is doing a good job of nullifying UM second chances like it wanted to. The Canes have one offensive rebound so far.
- 3:37 left, Wake Forest 26, UM 24: Kyle McFarland, Wake's 7-foot center, was injured in the Clemson game and there was a chance he might miss the game. Unfortunately for the Canes, Wake had a week to rest up. McFarland has definitely caused problems for UM, which can't seem to generate much inside.
- Halftime, UM 34, Wake Forest 34: Haven't see the final numbers yet, but the Canes have to be shooting the ball well. Jack McClinton has 14 points and is 4-of-5 from three-point range. The problem is Wake is just as equally hot from long distance, hitting on 6-of-11 from three-point range in the first half.

- 16:30 left, Wake Forest 46, UM 40:
Note to Canes -- can somebody guard the three-point line? Wake connected on back-to-back three-pointers by Harvey Hale and Jeff Teague to take a six-point lead. Wake is 8-of-13 in the game. Miami can't allow that and expect to win this game.
-12:48 left, Wake Forest 50, UM 46: Wake Forest's 10-0 run put them in front. But this game is starting to get a little more testy than your average ACC game. Jimmy Graham and McFarland drew double technicals after some physical play and jawing.
- 7:34 left, Wake Forest 60, UM 58: It's turned out to be another great ACC game. Brian Asbury has done a good job here in this little spurt to keep UM in the game. He's got 11 points including the last five -- a three-point play and a jumper from the free throw line. It's all going to be about defense here over the final 7 minutes. Can Miami get stops and more importantly stop getting burned by the three-point shot?
- 3:22 left, Wake Forest 67, UM 64: Anthony King only has eight points, but he's been huge in the second half, grabbing rebounds and doing the little things to create more balance inside for the Canes. Jeff Teague is playing out of his mind for Wake Forest. He's got 27 points. And Miami needs to stop him. Jack McClinton anyone? Jack has taken two shots in the second half and has 0 points.
- :30 left, Wake Forest 68, UM 68: Miami had a chance to take the lead, but Collins missed a shot inside. Now Wake has the ball and there is no shot clock.
- :2.6 left, Wake Forest 70, UM 68: Ish Smith hits the game-winner from the same spot and the same shot he did to beat Virginia Tech on Dec. 23.


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Anyone heard anything on VT?


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Coaching search begins

Names you know, never heard of, could be hearing again

We all see it coming and students are beginning to wear "N.O. HAITH More FAITH " T-shirts to the basketball games. Well,it is time to find a replacement for him.
So let us take a look at the very obvious candidates to land the job and the off-the-wall guys you would never have believed could be our next head basketball coach.

1. Anthony Grant, Virginia Commonwealth University coach.
Probably my favorite candidate for the upcoming coaching vacancy, Grant is young and energetic. He is an excellent recruiter and has enjoyed success in the early years of his head coaching career. He has had over 40 wins in less than two years as a head coach.
Grant was an assistant at Florida from 1996-2006 (Yes, that includes a national championship.) and was the leading candidate to take over the program had Billy Donovan departed for the NBA mind you, he is from Miami.

Is it time to bring Anthony Grant home and ignite the Miami basketball program with one of its own?

2. Gregg Marshall, Wichita State coach.
DUH! I think I may have read Marshall's name on message boards more than Sebastian's the last couple of years.

He has been a popular candidate for the USC job because of his great success as the coach of Winthrop, a team we lost to and has ties to the South.

3. Alex English, Toronto Raptors assistant coach.
As the director of player development with the Raptors, English will bring a ton of knowledge and experience to the collegiate level. The Hall of Famer shined not only in the NBA but also as one of the greatest athletes in college history.

4. Mike Dunleavy, Los Angeles Clippers coach.
GASP! OK, maybe he is a long shot to lure away from his hefty NBA salary, but like English, it would be great to bring a legend to Miami.

Dunleavy has over 500 wins in the NBA. That's very impressive, until you notice that he has over 500 losses as well. However, he certainly would bring experience and excitement to the basketball program.

5. Rick Barnes, University of Texas head coach.
Another shocker, I know, but if the Canes want to reach the top tier of basketball programs, look no further than Barnes not at his assistant(Haith). He has coached at Texas, Clemson, George Mason and Providence and had success everywhere. Of special note is his record at Texas (216-86) and Clemson (74-48), two traditional "football schools."

The Hurricanes already have one of the best collegiate baseball and football programs; why not add one of the best for the basketball team?

6. Bobby Lutz, Charlotte coach.
Never heard of him? In ten seasons, Lutz has led his team to five NCAA Tournament appearances and two NIT bids.

His stock is rising quickly and he may be on other athletic directors' shortlists very soon. He is another great recruiter and what many call an "x's and o's" kind of coach.

7)Frank Martin,Kansas State coach
Martin joined the Kansas State staff on April 5, 2006, after spending two seasons as an assistant coach at Cincinnati, first for Bob Huggins in 2004-05 and then for Andy Kennedy in 2005-06. He helped guide the Bearcats to a 46-21 (.686) overall record and back-to-back postseason appearances from 2004-06, including a trip to the NCAA Tournament in 2005. Among Martin’s duties with the program was the daily development of the program’s big men.Martin Alumni/coach of Miami Senior.

8)Marcos "Shakey "Rodriguez, Top highschool coach in Nation.
Rodriguez's five state championships in thirteen years as the head coach of the Miami Senior High School Stingarees boy's basketball team can earned him a shot at running a Division I hurricane squad? A rare opportunity for a coach with Sunbelt college coaching experience only and lots of baggage.

OK Hurricane fans, time to start the coaching search.

And yes, you can help Donna Shalala hire the next head coach.

All prospective coaches will be watching our basketball program through the end of the season. If we are going to lure the best coach, we need to show our support for the players and program.

Yes, the U football team is majority black...Quit saying the nonsense that that's why we are called thug U. That's nothing but irresponsible and race motivated profiling. We are called thug U because of our brash attitute and fatigues. How many big time programs are not majority black. Even the NFL is majority black. Its a recipe for success simple.

Nijacane, thats exactly why they call us thug U! It kills me when people like you are always trying to deny that racism exist, even in the entertainment world. It's a damn shame how some people have so much hatred built up towards a bunch of 17-18 yr. old kids playing football!

I thought Telemaque, S from Cali, was supposed to announce yesterday?

apparently, long beach S Vaughn Telemaque (scout #6) opted for faraway U over nearby usc ...

To green:
That'd be great if it's true. How come it hasn't gotten much publicity in Miami? I know we need corners but another good safety (#6 in nation at his position) is always a good thing.

FSN WEST airs Vaughn's taped announcement today ...

did U drop ramon the tweener for Vaughn the assassin ...

We didnt drop Ramon. He (or his mom) chose Florida. It is very nice that we didnt miss a beat. We have a ton of safeties. Three deep with seniors this year. We also got Berry/Nicholas/Campbell last year. Competition=Domination. Now we need some competition at the CB spot. I'll bet we get Harris or Lawrence next Wednesday, Shannon is a man with a plan.

We didnt drop Ramon. He (or his mom) chose Florida.

Posted by: DZ8 | January 31, 2008 at 10:47 AM
how do you know for sure ... only 1 side talks ...

I was just going off of us pulling Lerantee McCray's scholarship offer. We "dropped" him, Buchanan "chose" Florida. Everything doesn't happen exactly like we plan. Whose being NAIVE?

The funny thing is, I hear Buchanan is coming in for a visit this weekend.

you concede uncertainty ...
who's naive now, dz8?

Cant be me. I realize I dont know exactly whats going on. I hope you do know exactly what is going on, you'd be a great source.

Why would we give Buchanan a visit if he's committed to Florida? Just in case I guess.

I realize I dont know exactly whats going on.

Posted by: DZ8 | January 31, 2008 at 11:36 AM

DZ8: not to be wiseguy ... but I rely on something more meticulous than rivals, scout or manny navarro ...

Why would we give Buchanan a visit if he's committed to Florida? Just in case I guess.

Posted by: DZ8 | January 31, 2008 at 11:36 AM

May be the coaches really want him here and he wants to be here too? I heard also that he was sad that he committed to UF. One never knows when to put stock into this internet rumors. Perhaps Cryer pulled his scholarship?

Intuition: the ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.

You going with your gut makes you correct and me reading different peoples "rumors" and opinions and interviews makes me naive. You could be right because I dont know who you are, but that doesnt make me naive.

We'll find out about Buchanan and these Patrick Johnson rumors soon enough. I dont think Shannon would take someone after they chose another college. Do you remember that LB last year from USC, Tatum? Everyone was saying that he was moving in to the locker room then Shannon said "I have no idea were these rumors come from." and I never heard of Tatum again.

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