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Patchan picks... the Gators! (update)

In just a few moments -- around 1:30 p.m. -- the son of former Hurricane offensive lineman Matt Patchan will decide where he will attend college during a press conference in Tampa.

Matt_patchan_2I'm not there, but I'll be here providing a live update when the 6-7, 270-pound blue-chip lineman from Seffner Armwood announces his decision. So how am I going to find out? One of our regular bloggers, Brandon Brinkley, a grad student living in Tampa and die-hard Hurricanes fan will be there to provide the news! Cool. Now, you guys are becoming part of the process. Love it.

Stay tuned for the details shortly. Brandon tells me a few TV trucks have pulled up to Tampa Palms Country Club, where Patchan will announce his decision in front of friends and family. He'll let me know if anything else interesting develops.

Brandon Brinkley updates...
12:58 p.m. - "In my opinion I think he's going to be a Cane. There are about 20 people here in the  room, a few TV stations and reporters. His high school coaches are here and some of his family have arrived wearing UM gear. Balloons are setup in neutral orange and white colors."

1:10 p.m. - "I was talking with Anthony Reddick's brother and Eric Smith from Armwood and all the family. Matt is a lot smaller than what I thought he was. He's skinny. His uncle was saying Matt has been staying with him for the week in Key West and he doesn't even know where he's going. There are a lot of people here now, about 30-40. 1:30 is when it's supposed to happen. Matt is there in a white button shirt, jeans. He looks tall and skinny. I don't know if its from the mono he had. But he doesn't look as big as he does in pictures. His uncle just kept saying to cross our fingers. He came in and shook the hands of all Canes fans. So that's a good sign."

1:20 p.m. - "More of his Armwood teammates have arrived. Everyone is being tight-lipped about it. So, nobody knows where he is leaning."

1:26 p.m. - "I just talked to another guy who is a family friend. Matt's mom and dad have walked out. They say they don't even know."

1:28 p.m. - "I've heard from family that Matt is in the back on the phone informing UF and UM coaches where he is going. When he comes out, he'll be wearing a shirt of where he's going."

1:31 p.m. - "He's set to make the announcement in moments. As soon as he does, I'll call with the update."

1:38 p.m. - "He's a Gator. He made a couple jokes and said he was going to flip a coin. Ultimately, he said the best decision for him and his goals was to go to Florida."

1:43 p.m. - "Matt said ultimately what swung his decision was the relationship he built with the Florida staff, the strength coach, the position coaches. He said he wants to be around the best talent and he believes it is at Florida. It's funny, as soon as he announced his decision, all the Canes fans left. Now, I'm leaving too."

UPDATE... At 2:30 p.m., I caught up with Matt Patchan Sr. to get his thoughts on his son's announcement. Here is what he said...

Q: Was this Matt’s decision on his own or did you help him reach this decision?
A: I was instrumental in helping him gather information and tried to sort through what was best for him. In the end, the decision was entirely his.

Q: Did you know this morning? Did you have an inkling? When did you figure out where Matt was going?
A: When he announced it to everybody else. He actually didn’t know until about 45 minutes before. Then, before he went over and announced it he came over and whispered it in our ears and we hugged him and told him we supported him and that type of thing. We didn’t know. I don’t know how this works for other people. I don’t know the circumstances could ever be duplicated with the decision he had. Trust me, we’re not complaing. We’re thrilled our son is fortunate enough to be in this position. I don’t know if there’s ever been a recruit as torn between the two schools in making this decision. When I tell you this decision was razor-thin, it was razor-thin.

Q: Why do you think he ultimately picked Florida in your opinion?
A: I just think he thinks deep down inside in his heart this is a better choice for his decision at this time and his future.

Q: I know as a former Hurricane you probably had the Hurricanes deep in your heart and this must have been tough for you, but where did you feel Matt was best served going?
A: I think many people looking at what’s going on in college football now would clearly have to admit that Florida is further along in terms of where they are in competing for conference titles or national championships. I know that was a big factor for Matt. Other than that, I thought everything else was a push as far as the coaches and the players Miami is bringing in and the players Florida has currently. Maybe where things with his quality of life would be pretty similar. I think his decision he just processed everything and he’s going where he decided.

Q: I know as a former Hurricane you’re probably going to get some teasing from your teammates since he went to the Gators, you expecting that?
A: Oh yeah. There were some former Canes here and they’re giving it to me. Everybody knows or they should know that your allegiance is to your son’s future first and its your duty as a dad to help him through the process and do what’s best for him. There will never be a time when I will ever divorce myself from the tradition and the memories I have as a Hurricane. I’ll embrace them forever. I got so much out of them. They’re deep in my heart. They’re indelible and they’ll never go away and I love them. I would have loved to see Matthew go there too. But it’s just one of those things at this time, it just wasn’t so at this time.


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Doc Cane, I have to disagree with you on the recruiting judgement you just laid out for Randy Shannon. He is actually to me, far better at recruiting than Butch Davis was, because Butch Davis's first recruiting class looked nothing like Randy Shannons first recruiting class. This is a top five class. There is no way in hell you could tell me after the dismal season we just had that you can say that Randy Shannon is only a half step ahead of Larry Coker with this current recruiting class. I don't see why everyone is panicing because we lost PJ and MP. Look, Randy Shannon is a great ball coach, but he is not a magician, and what I mean by that is look at the decline the program was in under Coker, then in steps Randy Shannon. I don't care if Jimmy Johnson was coaching this team this season, we still would've had about the same record because we played ALOT of young guys on defense and the offense. Let it be known that Randy Shannon is a great ball coach and he is going to go down as probably the best coach to come through Miami. But you people have to give him time because you have to understand what kind of situation was handed to him(not a good deck to play with)

wow @ all the meltdowns over one 18 year old with character issues.

Ronnie G, you need to calm down man. A half step better than Coker WOW!!!! You have serious issues man. WE lose one recruit to Florida and that Shannons fault? He's only bringing in a top 5 or maybe top three class in the nation and he's one step better. Don't blame RS for putting Miami in this position, blame Coker. He was left with an all star team and reduce it tho ish in 6 years. While OS, USC were steadily getting better. Remember Randy Shannon was once one of the coveted recruits that chose play at Miami. I think he has more passion to see this team succeed than any other coach would have. Some other coach would have come here because he knows it the fasted way to the NFL. I bet thats why Donald Trump wanted Leach here, so he would get to the NFL faster. He doesn't care about this program.

t-- that was not my post-- doc cane made that post. check it out again. i agree (see above) we need to all just chill!!!

ronnie g (aka caneinatl)

your right ronnie g my apologies my post was to DOC....

Hey now that Cannon Smith's father did start FedEx how about he throws some money so we can hire a good DC or maybe some upgrades in our facilities LOL....... All of our Qb recruits have a chance but when i look at teh Job jacory has done for two years in a row especially with the level of competition in Florida to me is crazy but i do take to account Marve's stats and his accomplishments my heart is with Jacory but whoever can help us Get back to the NC is the man ill be riding for.

Some of the must gets for this years recruiting class have to be hester,harris,jones, and my favorite Nick perry....i like deandre brown but idk if hell commit to us or if he's even serious about the U

My bad man. You're right we all just need to chill. I'm mad at Patchan because of how he called the team out but didn't have the courage to come and back up his words. I personally think the team should be able to say what ever they want about him at this point. He called them out now they should call him out.

Its nice that there will be a heated competition come spring and then fall. By all accounts Taylor Cook is pretty good as well. Its kind of funny though that people say how good Marve looked on the Scout team when he couldn't take a direct snap all year.
I do believe all the posts though and reports by Manny that Marve does throw a very good ball and again they were placed in the throwing hand.

I'm more interested in seeing if J James can step it up even greater because I was not overly impressed by him this past season.

Overall I am not very optimistic about next years outlook in the W/L column I guess 8-4 and a spot in the Champs Sports Bowl would be encouraging for the 09 season.

What I'd like to see
1) A QB that establishes himself as a leader to build upon for the next 3 years. Nix and Shannon will have to pick a no. 1 and stick by him but at the same I hope at least 3 guys get to touch the ball in a game. 1/3 incoming Freshman must Redshirt

2) A D that can confuse the opposing Offense and not the opposite. Colin McCarthy will become a leader

3) A reliable kicking game

4) An encouraging crowd

5) Cheating picking 4 things at 5. Inspiring play (no UM team should lose 48-0 at home against a school more known for academic prowess than its football team)
An unexpected victory
DVD manning up the secondary
A bowl win

He will be getting his butt handed to him by Marcus Fortson and the rest of the Hurricanes soon enough.

ONCE AGAIN I must ask--and an HONEST answer would be appreciated. Of all whom have joined this conversation which ones actually went to Miami--and I'm not even talking about a degree, a little semester of matriculation will suffice--and which ones would view or have viewed it as a significant achievement to have attended a community college??

There is a reason I ask this. It should be evident from the tone of the posts.I believe that if you NEVER attended the institution that you are emotionally investing so much in that it is a lot like self abuse. You are having a fantasy about something you were never a part of. And NO--Really caring who wins a football game doesn't make you a member of the fraternity. You had to have been at the school and experienced the school as a student and with memories and achievements from the school. For all of you who attended the University of Miami--Congratulations on a Great Class and what should be a great turnaround. For you fantasizers grab another mag and slink off to el bano.

Plain and simple, the RACIST just did'nt want to play for a Black Coach. P.J. probably did'nt have the test scores or was just bought-out. Patchan will regret his decision before P.J.

Patchan is a follower not a leader.He couldnt hold Fortson or Spence's jockstrap .you will see.

t and upnorthcane-- all of us are absolutely caught up in what has become a media circus around these recruits. press conferences, rating systems, internet blogs (like this one) and reporting. college football has become such a big business that its more now (in most places)akin to the hoopla (and expectations) of the professional leagues.

i commend randy shannon, because he has stayed true to his position--TEAM!!! No primadonnas, no favoritism, no games-- the question to the recruits (and the same to the fans)--

do you want to be a cane?

if the answer is yes then know that its not about you-- its about THE "U"!!!

if you're shaky, looking for your won spotlight or gain-- get to steppin' we'll see you on our rise back to the top!!!

Matt Patchan picking the Gators over UM reminds me when offensive tackle Willy Colon picked UF over UM a couple of years back. Colon went on to have an average career just like Patchan will.

We will get the job done with the guys we have on the O line but need bigger faster players especially on offense! How many defensive guys can you recruit??? Lets just worry about offense!!!! Please

Also doesnt the hiring of West Viriginia's coach remind you guys when UM first hired Larry Coker?? Very similar hiring.

We need to speed things up with the hiring of UM's Defensive Coordinator. Any REAL news on that???

Keep the faith! Randy Shannon still has a couple of weeks left to work on his recruiting class! Miami's class is still a top five team without MP & PJ. Shannon still has a great shot at landing Harris, Jones and Liuget. I can see both Jones & Liuget signing with Miami.

Hey does anyone know what day is signing day this year? I can't wait to bring my cigars to work and rub it in all the faces of the people i work with!
Canes win ACC next year! Baby J and Coop run wild!

Patchan probably did'nt want to go up against Fortson, Regis, A.Dixon, A.Bailey and soon- to- be Cane C.Liuget in practice evryday! Did anyone log onto inside the U and see Liuget flash the U?

caneinatl i agree with what you have said 100%.....

LOl i hope that wasn't the real Manny who just posted that because that was as stupid as it gets, Your not a real cane if u didn;t attend the school or had any involvement with the institution? LOL thats ridiculous but everyone is entitled to there opinions

Back to the U..... I see us having a very exciting season obviously its too early to go out on a limb and say we will win certain amount of games i can tell you dat with fresh faces on our skilled positions on offense especially wr with Aldarius, Davon, Hankerson, Shields, Mckenzie, and Kayne.....i honestly believe that those are enuff playmakers for whoever is at qb to make thier job easier, Jarvis james will be back and explosive and graig cooper will blow people away with our improved offensive line play



Patchan Sr.
ur rights as a Cane are revoked

u r now a Gator
i wish u had never been a part of the U
i hope to never see u at dolphin stadium
and 3 yrs from now when we play UF
if u do show up
wear orange and BLUE
u traitor

u freakin turncoat !

4 real,

could you say more about your position that patchan is racist and didn't want to play for a black coach?

patchan sr says the decision was razon thin?
it was black and white

randy is black
urban is white

its alright
cause its all white !

lou vales--

once again someone is questioning other folks right/ability to be hurricane football fans. if you are a really a graduate yourself (judging from your weak argument you're not), you should know or at least appreciate the fact that the current array of the graduated and matriculated alum base is rather small for the U and even smaller when you consider those who would support the football program. the alum base includes a signficant international presence, many who are supporters of baseball or the other fubol (soccer) that 3/4 of the world prefers over our version.

you do your institution no service by attacking or calling into question others' right be claim fanship. as one poster already has eloquently articulated (on another post),folks who didn't attend the U but who still call themselves fans are the same ones who fill the stands, buy concessions and jerseys, and other parenphernalia (spelling?), advocate in the media, and a few of us-- even write checks to support a school that we may have never attended, but for whom we have great passion.

pump ya' brakes and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

caneinatl no one couldve said it better man i doubt thats Manny but that dude who posted that was ignorant as shyt..........

i know your not an analyst or nething but u seem to knw your UM football i want to get ur view on a few recruits that i personally feel will contribute such as Davon, Aldarius,( who by the way delivered a crushing blow to a LB in todays all star game) and Cj Holton ( who i think people should start talking about a lil more the kid is a hit stick)

Patchan to UF . . . as expected.
PJ to LSU . . . No suprise.

It's not the end of the world. We're still going to have a good recruiting class. GOOD but not GREAT. GOOD but NOT GOOD ENOUGH for a quick turnaround (from the abysmal depths of the dismal ACC). UM still has a LONG WAY TO GO before we return to a BCS bowl, let alone a NC.

It remains to be seen whether the UM Athletic Department has sufficient financial resources - and whether Coach Shannon has enough power of personal persuasion - to effectively recruit top players from OUTSIDE South Florida and/or enough top players from WITHIN South Florida for UM to successfully compete on the national stage againast elite programs like LSU, USC, Ohio State . . . and dare I say UF and FSU.

In the meantime let's continue to show support for our school, our coaching staff, and for the many recruits who DO want to come here. And let's also show some much needed CLASS by refraining from unneeded comments/criticisms about young men such as Matt Patchan in particular(and also PJ)who decide to go elsewhere.

There are still alot of rumors on the net that Deonte Thompson wants to transfer to UM. Is there any truth to that?


i'm in atlanta so i didn't get a chance to see these guys during the regular season. i've been following aldarius in the post season playoffs and state championship game. holton i'm getting better acquainted with during the recruiting. all the reading i've done on him (he's the kid who decommitted from fsu right), he's a heck of a hitter-- sounds like he'll fit well in the long line of tradition around great safeties in our program. i don't know much about davon, but coming out of a program like btw should serve him well.

if shannon's prototype is in effect, i'm just happy that these young men are fierce competitors and welcoming of fight they'll all be in for their positions-- like the canes of old-- if so, this spirit will transfer to the field and of course the games.

also, with this stockpiling of receivers (and qb's) i'm wondering what kind of offense nix is planning for this year? sure shannon and nix need to restock an offense devoid of playmakers, but they going to open things up a bit? multiple receivers? could go well with a nice running game-- we'll see.

whatever they do, i'm with them.

While I respect Patchan, unlike PJ, for making his decision like a man, it's impossible to forget his comments during the season.\

Don't talk up a storm if you're not gonna do something about it, Matt. Now get prepared to get your ass kicked by the Canes next year.

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!

RS has a top 5 class coming in after two crappy seasons and some of you are actually criticising him? If foolishness were gold, Manny would be King Fahad. RS and his staff have done an excellent job so far, and if one of our QB's emerge, look out.

I live in Orlando and was at the game. Its amazing how big and athletic these kids are at this age. The game itself was kind of boring, but a few guys stood out. Clemson has 2 kids (#93 and the RB Ellington) who looked real good. I was also impressed with the Harper kid from J'ville. He looks like the old time Cane backs-he can pound it inside and can get the corner. We could really use this guy.

I was a little disappointed that B. Harris did not match up with Julio. The red team threw to Jones all day, but Brandon played the opposite side. Only one Cane sighting-KW Jr and Sr strolled by me.

Remember one thing. A team rarely looks the same 4 years later. UF looks good for now, but what happens when they lose Tebow? Things can change quickly in college football.

BTW-go skins. Nice salute by Santana to 21.

Idk it might just be me but im pulling for the redskins...Theres something about that team the way they are playing is as if sean taylor is with them at all times ........I miss seeing that dude suit up every Sunday R.I.P 21 always be missed


Why don't you come back when your beloved football teams wins as many championships as us. Until then enjoy your teams ride now because it all comes to an end at some point. You are making not one significant point. You are just as ignorant as the fans you are bashing! Get a life! Stay on your teams blogs!

P.S.: Learn how to spell...realized not realised.

Dear Caneinat, Did you say "Fill the stands"?? I must ask, of what stands do you speak??? I have seen NO stands filled this year, and unless the U is contending for a NATIONAL(Not ACC) Championship I have rarely seen stands filled in the past.

AND STOP!!!!! With the small alumni base. There are close to 6 million people in a 3 county metroplex. Do you mean to tell me that you think 40,000 is a representative fan base??? I guess the 5,960,000 other people don't realize "It's a Cane kinda thing" and they don't understand".

Always harken back to immortal words of the late, great Jerome Brown when he responded to Tad Foote's tightening of academic standards by saying--and this is no joke!!---"What's he trying to do turn this into Harvard???" WOW!!!!

Sorry!! There was a sellout--The Virginia game. I apologize.

Why is everybody getting all down in the dumps over a couple of recruits, especially Patchan? If we get B.Jones along with B.Washington that would be good enough i hope. Our o-line was'nt the problem, those non-running, sack-taking stiffs we had at qb has been killing us over the past few years. Kyle could not, would not run, therefore teams would blitz him non-stop in order to make him beat them with his legs. Kirby was the exact opposite. Teams knew he would run so they stayed home in order to make him beat them with the pass. Now that we have 4 dual-threat qb's things will change much sooner than later, U can qoute me on that!

Lou Vales:

Haha! So first you say that you're not a real Cane unless you attended the University - then you come back and say that non-alumni in S.Fla. should be filling the stands!

Get it straight - you don't have to go to the U to be a true Cane. Or if you want to banish all non-alumni from being fans, get used to 10,000 in the stands, because UM alums aren't as loyal as you seem to think anyway...


cane mutiny-- thanks for handling the lightweight-- (lou vales).

mr. v, get your argument straight before you put it out there for the world to see.

btw-- (its still unclear if you're a graduate of the esteemed "U"-- not that it matters to me)-- as long as you are a lover of the "U" no matter your ilk (look it up)-- i'm down with you.


Patchan press conference notes here ...


Lou Vales, you're an idiot. Fraternity? The only ones that are in that "fraternity" are people that actually played football for Miami. So, other than those people, we're all a bunch of losers because those people are ACTUAL Hurricanes. By the way, you're bragging about what exactly? Being a loser student? lol...who cares? What the hell does that mean? You're part of the worst student body in nation. A student body that does not care about football, baseball, or basketball. If it wasn't for these other Hurricane fans, the turnout at games would be so pathetic it would probably cause the abolishment of the athletic programs. I wouldn't be bragging too much about that.

ive read most of this blog and what we fans fail 2 realize is that we do have studs here already. now we need the coaches 2 out sound gameplans 2gether. our oline was solid , we hv good rb, shields on 1side KF OR AJ on the other ryan hill in the slot. gordon at TE. MARVE or harris get COACHED UP RIGHT WE GOOD. now on d we damn sure need help on the dline 4sho. we have 3 studs comming n at that position couled withwhat we have now. WOW 5-8 STUD LB comming n colin in the middle allen bailey, we still have damien berry, jojo nichols, andy reddick, r. philips its not like we cupcakes comming n. now we need RS 2 call his own defense, and nix step up and use the TE MORE PLS. pj was after the money we know dat, MATT p saw us quit and was scared 2 come compete. manny told us not 2 expect them 2 anyway. now we need b. harris or tj byant, ben jones. we not that far we just need 2 have that fire we played with b4. the hell with the premadoona crap

Some of u on here no nothing...and I mean nothing...about football/recruiting. Coach Shannon currently holds the #1 class according to ESPN, #4 according to Scout and #5 according to Rivals. Yet some of u on here (Ronnie G) stating BS like Shannon is only a half step better than Choker.

Coach Shannon is doing a wonderful job in the recruiting fase and it will show by the 2009-2010 season. The difference in recruiting btwn Choker and Shannon is Shannon is locking down S. Florida (I know what some are thinking, how does he have a lock when Johnson left...its simple, we not gonna get em all but we've got most of em).

Whoever our QB is next year is going to go through some growing pains so we must be patient (although I know some of u will be quick to say Shannon has to go...and I call yah fake Cane fans).

Shannon had to work with a mess that Choker left behind and he is slowly but surely cleaning up that mess. We are set at LB's and WR's (and even QB) for the next 4-5 years (and we gonna keep bringin em). I would say D-line but we need at least one more stud D-linemen (if we get Liuget I might be ready to state that we pretty good at DL). I heard Regis was a stud in the East/West All-Star game on Friday night so he might be that stud (although he aint no 4 or 5 star recruit).

If we get Harris and one of those CB's from Cali we might be good to go at CB (to me, Harris is just as good as Johnson just not as tall and he doesnt have that "me me" attitude).

Our OL is set for another 3-4 years despite what some of u on here think. We have some young studs on the O-line that have 2-5 more years left (Franklin, Fox, Figueroa, Symonette, etc). Coach Shannon will bring in another 2 this year and make next year a big year for OL.

Coach knows what he's doing and I'm glad he doesn't listen to what the media and some of u on here have to say about the way he's handling his business. I'm 110% behind Coach whether he brings a NC to da U or not. I like what he's doing.

Patchan to UF was predictable. Legacies commit early. If a kid is not going to be a legacy, he waits like Patchan did. Anyway, good luck to him.

Lou Vale, it is a Cane thing, you will never understand. If you attended the University, and went to the football games, you would never be questioning the loyalty of fans like us who love and support the program even if we never attended the school. For me as a boy growing up in South Florida, it was natural to support the hometown teams. I started as a Canes fan when I was 11, when every year we HOPED for a 3 win season, and I have remained a Canes fan 39 years later. I do possess three degrees from 2 other schools other than Miami. And no, I am not a fan of my alma maters in the same way I am a Canes fan.

I have seen it all as a Canes fan. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been to more Canes games than most alumni before I moved to Virginia. My family is somewhat dysfunctional but there is one thing that every one of us agree about, we love the Hurricanes. Our spouses love the Hurricanes, and our children grow up Hurricanes fans. I am a proud Hurricane fan. So Lou, on behalf of all the true Canes fan, regardless of whether you attended the school or not, BITE ME and shut the F up about things you don't know about and can never understand.

As for the rest, we have a great recruiting class. I am confident Randy will find someone comparable to Patchan's talent with the scholarship he chose to give away. It is Matt's loss more than ours...

VaCanesFan, You may be right!! I certainly never understood Jerome Brown. Warren Sapp was borderline. Young Winslow was just out there. Melvin was cool---Poster Child for Leaving Early----. Gino was an "Elder" statesman.

You know I really give Randy a whole lot of credit. Because with Miami having evolved into a great international university and with a great strengthening of academic standards there is no way in Hell most of the pre-2004 U's could have ever got there 640 SAT Butts into Coral Gables. But Randy is doing a great job under strict guidelines---I'm sure Jerome would have disapproved!!



Who cares about what Jerome Brown said. He graduated 20 years ago! I had no problem with Tad Foote at all. He was a great president of the University, and his selection of Sam Jankovic as AD was the best choice. Sam got us into the Big East, where we should still be today. The bump up in academics did not prevent us from winning 3 more national championships so yes, Jerome Brown was wrong. Big Deal.

You are wrong about Melvin Bratton, he used up his eligiblity. This is from the University of Miami sports hall of fame:

Melvin Bratton had a standout career at the University of Miami during his FIVE seasons in Coral Gables. As a runningback and fullback, Bratton ran his way into the UM record books as well as leading the team to the 1987 national championship over Oklahoma in the 1988 Orange Bowl Classic.

During Dave Maggard tenure as AD, 1991-1993, 70% of UM football players earned their degree.

Butch Davis also emphasized the importance of academics and his Hurricanes earned recognition from the American Football Coaches Association for outstanding graduation rates in each of his six seasons.

It is obvious you know nothing about the many academic achievements before 2004, including Coker's success. I could go on and on finding stats to refute your nonsense but you are not worth the time. So BITE yourself.

How do yu explain Matt Patchan's decision being that his father played cane ball, Matt himself claimed to be a cane from is it age 7? and recently called out cane players for their poor play.

Unfortunately, I think it came down to a white or black decision. Urban being white, the Patchans gravitated to him than to Shannon, regardless of the hate between both schools. But the Patchans lack vision, patience and leadership.

The Gaturds were down, very down a few years ago and came back with the recruiting prowess of Zook. Shannon is recruiting great and needs some time to develop the talent. What makes the Patchans think the canes won't be back? This family needs a lesson in patience and leadership.

The Patchans will never be comfortable in Gaturd country if their veins truly run orange and green. Ask yourself, what Gaturd would send his son to Miami regarless of how poor a season the Gaturds may be having?

Matt's father is a racist and a traitor who should never be wellcome to the cane family. The Gaturds are a nation but canes are a family. Family before nation. Go Canes...Out.

Oh and btw, you never graduated from UM so what does that make you? A guy from Greenville SC who visits other team's websites because he has no life to stir thing up. Go away...

patchan sr. ur rights as a cane are revoked

the only UM game i wanna see u at is the UF game a couple of yrs from now and i want to see u wearing Orange and BLUE

u may be the single greatest traitor in the history of the program.

u played the greatest role in ur son going to UF
i hope he and u fail
u turned ur back on the Canes
we turn our back on you.

i wish you had never been a Cane.

ur son is a joke (yelling and screaming at the team like he had any right)

and i see where it comes from

Mr. Patchan,
You will never be welcomed at The U again!
You and your family are dead to Us...and you are a joke! Your wife and her brother are the only respectable people in your family! I hope your Matt's career ends on the first play he ever plays and his girlfriend leaves him the next day for Teabag!


I would not go that far, lol. He was deceived. But you make a good point. Meyer won with Zook's kids, like Dennis won with Jimmy's guys, and Coker won with Butch's kids. It is interesting that with the Heisman trophy winner, the coach could only lead his team to a 4 loss season. And defensively, the Gators are a mess. I think Patchan made a mistake assessing the future but I think that was the basis for the decision, not race. We will prove him wrong in a year or two. Then he will realize his mistake.

Matt Sr., go Fk yourself, loser. You call yourself a Cane but visit the gaysville campus with your son in gator gear, Your a POS and should never be seen in Coral Gables again. You didnt want your kid here, so stop the BS. You sound like PJs dad. As for Jr., I see your becoming a samller version of your loser dad. One advice, If your not going to come in and help the U, keep your mouth shut about the current players. Makes you look like an ass, wait, YOU are. Good luck with the mullet crowd, youll fit in real nice.

I've finally come to the conclusion that there are many Gator and Seminole moles who come on these blogs to make the University of Miami look like Dade South. You can't tell me that Miami alum don't have the ability to compose sentences utilizing proper syntax and grammar. The Canes I know also have mastered punctuation and have far more than a rudimentary grasp of the English language.

Just ignore these imposters who are trying to portray a prestigious institution as a manufacturer of miscreants and idiots. The U turns our doctors, dentists, educators, lawyers, accountants, economists and on and on. We don't turn out people who post on blogs with all the intellectual capacity of a drunken New Year's Eve reveler.

Let's keep these "alleged" Canes fans off of this blog. No more "I is", "There ready", "Where we're you". A photocopy of a University of Miami diploma or a copy of a transcript verifying attendance at some point in time should be a mandatory requirement. For all those fans of the U who never attended the institution there should be some documentation of financial support to the Athletic Dept or another department.

We can't have the rest of the country thinking we are idiots. Read these posts in connection with Patchan. How do you think this plays with people around the land who have an IQ in triple digits??

By the way--"I" is always capitalized. It is not a discretionary decision. Please!!!! Some modicum of intelligence!!

I realize we are not Harvard or Yale, but that does not mean we are Leon County CC or Pascagoula JC.

Lou Vales, there is a considerable amount of merit to what you are saying. The fact is, about, maybe, 10% of the average 'blog is written above a certain grade level. Do like I do; try to scan for actual, intelligible football information on these things. Most of the time, I just stop after Manny's comments. After that it goes downhill rapidly.

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