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Patchan picks... the Gators! (update)

In just a few moments -- around 1:30 p.m. -- the son of former Hurricane offensive lineman Matt Patchan will decide where he will attend college during a press conference in Tampa.

Matt_patchan_2I'm not there, but I'll be here providing a live update when the 6-7, 270-pound blue-chip lineman from Seffner Armwood announces his decision. So how am I going to find out? One of our regular bloggers, Brandon Brinkley, a grad student living in Tampa and die-hard Hurricanes fan will be there to provide the news! Cool. Now, you guys are becoming part of the process. Love it.

Stay tuned for the details shortly. Brandon tells me a few TV trucks have pulled up to Tampa Palms Country Club, where Patchan will announce his decision in front of friends and family. He'll let me know if anything else interesting develops.

Brandon Brinkley updates...
12:58 p.m. - "In my opinion I think he's going to be a Cane. There are about 20 people here in the  room, a few TV stations and reporters. His high school coaches are here and some of his family have arrived wearing UM gear. Balloons are setup in neutral orange and white colors."

1:10 p.m. - "I was talking with Anthony Reddick's brother and Eric Smith from Armwood and all the family. Matt is a lot smaller than what I thought he was. He's skinny. His uncle was saying Matt has been staying with him for the week in Key West and he doesn't even know where he's going. There are a lot of people here now, about 30-40. 1:30 is when it's supposed to happen. Matt is there in a white button shirt, jeans. He looks tall and skinny. I don't know if its from the mono he had. But he doesn't look as big as he does in pictures. His uncle just kept saying to cross our fingers. He came in and shook the hands of all Canes fans. So that's a good sign."

1:20 p.m. - "More of his Armwood teammates have arrived. Everyone is being tight-lipped about it. So, nobody knows where he is leaning."

1:26 p.m. - "I just talked to another guy who is a family friend. Matt's mom and dad have walked out. They say they don't even know."

1:28 p.m. - "I've heard from family that Matt is in the back on the phone informing UF and UM coaches where he is going. When he comes out, he'll be wearing a shirt of where he's going."

1:31 p.m. - "He's set to make the announcement in moments. As soon as he does, I'll call with the update."

1:38 p.m. - "He's a Gator. He made a couple jokes and said he was going to flip a coin. Ultimately, he said the best decision for him and his goals was to go to Florida."

1:43 p.m. - "Matt said ultimately what swung his decision was the relationship he built with the Florida staff, the strength coach, the position coaches. He said he wants to be around the best talent and he believes it is at Florida. It's funny, as soon as he announced his decision, all the Canes fans left. Now, I'm leaving too."

UPDATE... At 2:30 p.m., I caught up with Matt Patchan Sr. to get his thoughts on his son's announcement. Here is what he said...

Q: Was this Matt’s decision on his own or did you help him reach this decision?
A: I was instrumental in helping him gather information and tried to sort through what was best for him. In the end, the decision was entirely his.

Q: Did you know this morning? Did you have an inkling? When did you figure out where Matt was going?
A: When he announced it to everybody else. He actually didn’t know until about 45 minutes before. Then, before he went over and announced it he came over and whispered it in our ears and we hugged him and told him we supported him and that type of thing. We didn’t know. I don’t know how this works for other people. I don’t know the circumstances could ever be duplicated with the decision he had. Trust me, we’re not complaing. We’re thrilled our son is fortunate enough to be in this position. I don’t know if there’s ever been a recruit as torn between the two schools in making this decision. When I tell you this decision was razor-thin, it was razor-thin.

Q: Why do you think he ultimately picked Florida in your opinion?
A: I just think he thinks deep down inside in his heart this is a better choice for his decision at this time and his future.

Q: I know as a former Hurricane you probably had the Hurricanes deep in your heart and this must have been tough for you, but where did you feel Matt was best served going?
A: I think many people looking at what’s going on in college football now would clearly have to admit that Florida is further along in terms of where they are in competing for conference titles or national championships. I know that was a big factor for Matt. Other than that, I thought everything else was a push as far as the coaches and the players Miami is bringing in and the players Florida has currently. Maybe where things with his quality of life would be pretty similar. I think his decision he just processed everything and he’s going where he decided.

Q: I know as a former Hurricane you’re probably going to get some teasing from your teammates since he went to the Gators, you expecting that?
A: Oh yeah. There were some former Canes here and they’re giving it to me. Everybody knows or they should know that your allegiance is to your son’s future first and its your duty as a dad to help him through the process and do what’s best for him. There will never be a time when I will ever divorce myself from the tradition and the memories I have as a Hurricane. I’ll embrace them forever. I got so much out of them. They’re deep in my heart. They’re indelible and they’ll never go away and I love them. I would have loved to see Matthew go there too. But it’s just one of those things at this time, it just wasn’t so at this time.


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LOL...Gators. Just want to be a Cane so bad that they can taste it. The way I see it, even a broken clock is right twice a day, but a Cane is right ALL OF THE TIME. Savior your newfound, albeit short-lived glory at UF. You will be sucking our proverbial a$$ when Oscar Meyer heads to the NFL, and leaves your program broken hearted and shipwrecked. Let's see, where to go on vacation...South Beach, or Gainesville...lol, fellas, it ain't even close. Yuk it up now, you know you feel that breeze picking up from the south...

U.S. Army All-American Bowl Best Players

1. Marcus Forston, DT, Miami (Fla.) Northwestern

No one player was more consistent throughout practice all week and still had a big impact on the game. Forston made several big plays, either stuffing the run or sending it into the arms of teammates and he was a monster all week.

Forget PJ
Forget MP

Forston is the kind of player that will have more impact taking the U back to the top than both of them could have combined.

To the idiot Gayturd that writes in capital letters:




UM: 9 NCs in the 3 major sports (womens's lacrosse doesnt count).

UF + FSU= 6

do the math baby, you wouldnt understand. Its a CANE thing, and a storm is a brewing, and lame a$$ Patchan and lame a$$ PJ will be the first to regret their flip flops.

Hey guys.

A friend of mine and I were over at the practice field at UM messing around, trying to kick field goals, stuff like that. We saw a guy on the other end throwing the shit out of a football and realized it was Robert Marve. We ended up playing catch with him, and from what I can tell, he's got a powerful arm (I wasn't paying attention on one throw and got nailed in the face). A receiver came over and took over for us, but it was a cool experience, and he seems like a good guy (We're in the tenth grade, so it was cool of him to call us over to help do his drills). He also seems really hard-working, practicing alone on a Sunday night with a cast on his left hand.

He and Jacory seem like the types of players we need.
It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!

Canes4Life - I knew there was alot of bad things going on up there, thanks for the link shoqwing how sleazy Meyer is...

Everbody check out Canes4life link if U hav'nt already!

Patrick Johnson, Matt Patchan will regret this trust me!

7. Arthur Brown, LB, Wichita (Kan.) Wichita East

Brown isn't huge, but he sure is active. During the week he was flashing his speed but being too aggressive and thinking too much. In the game he let his instincts take over and he was the most dominant defender on either side.

Brown was #7 on the Rivals.com U.S. Army All-American Bowl Final Hot 11. And Forston was #1. Some one already put what they had to say about em up already but here it is again:

1. Marcus Forston, DT, Miami (Fla.) Northwestern

No one player was more consistent throughout practice all week and still had a big impact on the game. Forston made several big plays, either stuffing the run or sending it into the arms of teammates and he was a monster all week.

PJ did not make the final 11...

Why isn't every university in America a "U"?? Is Miami the only "U"?? Was there a special group of renowned scholars who met in special session and decided after much contemplation that the ideal nickname for a UUUUUUniversity would be the "U"?? Now Ohio State calls themselves "THE" Ohio State and I guess that makes them feel like they stand out. But when you choose the "U" for a "U", well, it just doesn't seem like a whole lot of thought went into it.

I'm glad that Harvard and Oxford passed on being the "U" and if a school still calls itself a "college" like Davidson should they take the next step and be the "C"??? It's times like this that I harken for the wisdom of a "Lobster" Williams or the intellect of a running back from the Lake Okeechobee area to help us answer these questions.

Johnson was bought by LSU, and Patchan is one player.

Yes, it is 2008, and the gators just lost 4 games.

UM has a great class coming in, a better class then what the gators are bringing in.

No wonder the eleven year old who types in CAPS is so upset.

Lou Vales,

Enough of the GAY SHIT ALREADY! You see nobody is responding to this dumb shit so let it go! The only reason i'm responding is to make you aware of the fact that nobody cares cause apperently you are too stupid to realize it! Also I'd like to ask on behalf of all the other bloggers and myself if you would stop wasting space on this blog, U lifeless lesbo!

I believe that if you NEVER attended the institution that you are emotionally investing so much in that it is a lot like self abuse. You are having a fantasy about something you were never a part of. And NO--Really caring who wins a football game doesn't make you a member of the fraternity. You had to have been at the school and experienced the school as a student and with memories and achievements from the school. For all of you who attended the University of Miami--Congratulations on a Great Class and what should be a great turnaround. For you fantasizers grab another mag and slink off to el bano.

Posted by: Lou Vales | January 05, 2008 at 05:54 PM

Oh, I'm sorry let me return my season tickets now, becuase I could not go to school there since I could not afford it, how stupid of me to forget that every school that sell out all of their games is because all those people went to school there not because they are real fans. (DUMD ASS)

Green ? Mommas boy?

Hope that snake oil that Mr. Meyer sold you works as well as advertised. You know that uniform's going to make you feel dirty.

WOW! Lou Vales, I sure am glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to communicate on a blog full of simpletons. We should feel privledged to have such a genius in our midst.

Why dont you try to look up the definition of FAN. I believe you would find it to be short for someone who is fanatical. Hence the emotion from those who watch Cane Football and ally themselves with the team. Dont be too hard on the "fans". Some may be overly emotional but most have good intentions especially the ones who do donate money to the institution and purchase merchandise etc..

Look Lou,

Terry Porter's flag just now hit the ground, and not one person outside of the dime a dozen, open enrollment OSU recognizes your bogus NC six years later.

You asked why other schools can't be referred to as the " U". I'll help you with this because you may have been the one in one million who could not get into osu.

The University of Miami started using this logo over thirty years ago, you jealous moron. I know you are upset that the "U" is doing so well despite the season they had, but the fact is, there has never been a program as successful as the CANES have been over the last thirty years. Deal with it!

I graduated from UM, I am a legacy, and I donate money every year to academics and the athletic department, nobody is more hurricane then I, and I am giving anyone who loves the "U" permission to consider themselves to be " subway alumni"! So go phuck yourself!

Funny, a coworker and I was talking about Pittsburg, and Najeh, and he says something and I was like yeah he is from Miami and went to the U....he said he is from Miami too, how many players do they send to the NFL, and I basically said, all....even guys who don't get drafted, get pick up as FA, make the team and stay on the team.....the work ethics are second to none....don't believe me, look around the league.....no other school can say that.....that's why "WE ARE THE U"

I wonder if Lou knows that the U is a PRIVATE school and coming from someone that actually goes to the U I'd like to say that he is right about the fan base and the crowd being small however I believe the fact that we have 12000 students at our school total and since our stadium isn't on campus it is a pain to get there. Also not everyone came to the U for the football team, it also happens to be a fine academic institution as Lou pointed out. Unlike him I am grateful for all of the fans we have all over the country. I wouldn't call them posers just because they like a schools team when they aren't a part of that school. I mean before a lot of our players play for us thats exactly what they are. So if you are going to call all of these people out you have to call out everyone of our players as well.

in a article i read ali highsmith wanted to go to um but had grade problems so lsu grabbed him up. now patrick johnson shuns all 3 florida schools for lsu. no wonder they are in the hunt so often. sure smells fishy. hear that ncaa!!!!
are their standards at lsu that low

whats the deal with Sean Spence?????????????????????????????????????????????????

I am from Miami AND went to the U and I dont think like Lou Vales so dont sweat it, he is a hater. I was a Canes fan for 18 years before I stepped foot on that campus.

However, being a student and now an alum did give me a greater appreciation for what I was cheering for. That being said, I was equally as crazed/rowdy before I ever went there.


Patchan Sr.
ur rights as a Cane are revoked

u r now a Gator
i wish u had never been a part of the U
i hope to never see u at dolphin stadium
and 3 yrs from now when we play UF
if u do show up
wear orange and BLUE
u traitor

u freakin turncoat !

patchan sr says the decision was razon thin?
it was black and white

randy is black
urban is white

its alright
cause its all white !

I love seeing you guys in a tizzy. I'm sorry (not really), but your days are over. You don't have the facilities and the on campus stadium to make a difference, and you don't even have the OB mystique (BS) to get you recruits.

Shalala castrated the U when she hired a bargain basement Randy Shannon to replace Coker. But then I guess they had no choice since no one wanted the job LOL!!!

Within 10 years UM and FIU will have switched roles. Your School cannot keep up with modern Big time College football. Within a few years you will be an afterthought.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

Dear Sea Bass, I know that the word "fan" is derived from "fanatic" and since most people tend to view "fanatics" as being intellectually stilted and blindly loyal to a cause or person--WELL, I wonder why so many people call themselves "fans"???

Wouldn't it be better to really have an emotional attachment to a university(U) OR a team and YET not become so BLINDED in your affection that you lose all sense of rationality in your comments and actions??

I choose not to be a FANatic regarding anything because as you all realize Americans and other civilized people across the world tend to view FANaticS as dangerous. I never saw myself as someone who would dwell in a cave to avoid capture or harm innocent people.

FANaticS ARE BAD!!!!!

Loyal Individuals With An Open Mind Are Good!!!


Okay, I'm done laughing at some of the posts, well done people. Yeah, we lost Pachan, so what! We have an AWESOME class coming in, and we don't even know about the surprises we may also get. They Gators got one from us, we got one from them, and took Colston from FSU, so it happens. If it ended today, we'd have a top 5 class, and the Gators not even in the top 10, so let's not freak. We're rebuilding, and it's gonna take some time. That's prbably why Pachan went UF, as they aren't in the same boat we are right now. Some of you Gators taking shots at us when we're down, that's typical. This is a CANES POST NOT GATORS, and oh by the way, we went 12-0 the year after we won the title in 01, and should've been 13-0, you guys didn't come close. So choke on that a while, lol.

Hey rogperu,
You guys won the Title with ZOOK'S boys, and didn't come close this year. It's funny we won 5 TITLES WITHOUT facilities. High tech gyms don't make champions idiot. It's the caliber of recruits, how they believe, how they react, that's what makes CHAMPIONS. Calling Shannon bargain basement is another typical STUPID Gator statement. Shannon had a top 3 defense for about 6 years running, all that with crap facilities. Canes will practice on concrete, they dont' care, and by the way, they have a BEAUTIFUL campus in a BEAUTIFUL area, with all kinds of other things to do for fun. Gainesville has 'Let's shoot the pig night, down at the Natl Guard Armory', so don't even go there, LMAO.....

Good Post Minnesota Cane. You're right, Miami's academic standards are MUCH HIGHER than MOST. Oh that can't be we're all thugs. LOL, we're smart thugs, lol. Love My Canes!!!!

Dont worry Canes Fans...your beating is coming next year! Its sad that the only smack the Canes can talk refers to years past and not the present. You are GARBAGE! UNC would never beat the Gators, and there is a reason we stole Matt Patchan and we are going to steal Brandon Harris!!!! YOU SUCK!

And dont worry about talking about how much you USE to beat up on the Gators because we play you in '08 and Tebow will put his cleats on Arthur Browns face as we walks into the end zone!!!!!

Gator Nation Baby!!!


I'll admit Miami has accomplished a lot IN THE PAST. You guys need a rearview mirror to enjoy the outlook though. Maybe a big rearview mirror, but rearview nonetheless. Miami's future is bleak and Patchan, a UM legacy, saw that. The kid looked for every reason TO BE A CANE, but couldn't do it. Shannon will never coach a team in a major bowl game...at least until he's an assistant again. Maybe Urban Meyer will hire him as an assistant in a couple of years based solely upon his decent recruiting prowess, but definitely have someone else coach up the kids. Blowout losses to Virginia of all teams. Bush league.

Randy Shannon coach at uf hahahhaaha in your dreams id bet Randy Shannon would retire from coaching before coaching at uf , and just to let you know your championships (only 2) are in the rearview mirror too!

and really the hell wiht patchan and his redneck ass


I don't think Patchan's decision is a referendum on the state of UM football. We don't need to look back, we'll have enough talent to look forward.

We don't even want to talk about the Gators, but you guys keep coming on this blog. Is your team really that boring?

95% of the posters on here should be ashamed of themselves for the idiocy posted here including the idiot Gator who has come here to taunt you. Are you guys really that easy to bait?

A kid chose to accept a scholarship to a rival school. That may be a good reason to be disappointed but nothing more. The truth is that when a kid accepts a scholarship anywhere to play DI football it is a great success story, even when it is to the "bad guys." If you cannot appreciate that then your priorities are out of whack.

At the end of the day, other good offensive tackles will choose Miami, if not this year then next. By all accounts, Miami should sign a very nice class heavily dominated by local kids. It should allow Shannon his opportunity to show that you can build it relying upon the local talent pool. So have some perspective when one or two players you wanted get away... Patchan and PJ won't be the last. It is simply the nature of recruiting.

Insofar as the comments about Patchan Sr. go, keep in mind that he did something that few if any posters here did. He played on a national title team and earned his ring through his blood, sweat and tears. The rest of you guys just detract from that legacy at University of Miami by spouting off ignorantly, angrily and impotently in the name of fandom, passion and loyalty.

I'm sure at least some of you can do better (duck).

The most insane thing that I find amusing, is the fact that you Gator fans have nothing better to do than spend time on a 'Canes Blog. You guys really need cable television, or some sort of hobbie that doesn't include cornholing your baby sister. Come to think of it, Morgantown has more of a nightlife than Gainesville, and all those hillbillies do is burn couches. Time for you all to go and watch LSU, the REAL team of the S.E.C. do their thing, wait, I'm sorry...Cable television doesn't extend to Gainesville...my apologies.

We are who you constantly try to emulate...We are the "U"

Oh, come on guys. We can't have ALL the best players. But we are getting plenty to make the other players the best players. Soon they will all be known as the best players in college football when they hold up that trophy.

Have you been listening to that swagger we have been lacking? Check out some of those kids coming in interviews. They are REAL Canes! It will simply rub off on the others.

F*ck you and Patchan SR. too, Gaytorman, for your 15 minutes of fame is about up! After tonite a new champion will be crowned making you a distant memory! The gaytor ship is sinking fast and you know it, which is why you can't stay off Canes blogs! Most of the UF players realize it too, which is why they won't stop ringing Shannon's phone off the hook begging to transfer! You guys were the defending national chumps with a heisman trophy qb but yet you lose 4 games the following season? Future ain't lookin too bright if you ask me. Just imagine what life is going to be like w/o Tebow and Harvin a year or two from now!

Green ? Mommas boy?

Posted by: A Realisst | January 07, 2008 at 09:45 AM
jonathan colon pleased momma with his college choice ... FORGOTTEN

Miami's future is bleak

Posted by: gatorfin | January 07, 2008 at 03:33 PM
NFL, TV, blue chips disagree ...

I appreciate Gatormann's thoughtful post ...

Your School cannot keep up with modern Big time College football.

Posted by: Laughin' all the way to the BCS in 09' | January 07, 2008 at 02:29 PM
how so? because you say so ... therefore, it's so ...


nobody kicks a dead dog ... like cockroaches coming out of the woodwork ... a resurgent U gnaws at the grimy gaturd ...

I agree with gatormann. We should call the moderator and ban the idiot Gator fan(that word again) who has come here to mock us.

We should have more true(fans) calling for a teenager to blow his knee out and telling a distinguished alum to go commit an unnatural and nearly impossible sex act upon himself. These are the true FANS!!!! of the U and not these gutless morons who don't realize that unless you choose the U that you are SCUM(No Pun Intended).

We are a first rate international U, but we remain defined by our actions at the old OB and nobody should ever forget it. Let the words of Jerome Brown live on--"What's he(Tad Foote)trying to do turn this into Harvard???"----Words to immortalize.

Gator fans say UM is finished, but they feel compelled to come here and celebrate signing one offensive lineman, a position that is very difficult to evaluate for success in college. I prefer not to acknowledge the kid's choice.

UM has arguably the best DL class, linebacker class, possibly the best class coming in after a very good class that is on campus right now.

Right kids, UM cannot compete, they only have players who are coming that the great urban Meyer cannot pry away from UM no matter how hard he tries.

One gator fool mentioned on campus stadiums etc. Well, guess what Einstein, USC does not have an on campus stadium, and your gators have never been a USC.

The bottom line is this, just as you said UM was finished after probation, you were wrong then, and you are wrong again. The fact is, it drives you crazy that a small private school has accomplished more on the field then your school . Deal with it, many generations of gators have experienced the same frustrations you are now, until they realized that the "U" has the NCs, and is here to stay.

This is too much fun !!! Remember you heard it from me. We will take at least 2 more of your "super" class by signing day.

I was accepted to Both UM and UF and I thank god every day of my life that I did not attend that crap ass school you are so fond of. Can't wait to hear the excuses next year when you go 5-6 again and loose to UF.

Gator by the grace of god, baby!!!!!


hey well i already know your decicion and i think that florida is your best choice! i will go there one day. and you bro the middle one bdp is frekin awesome
goodluck at florida! luv...... Cool LUTZ GIRLLLLLL

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